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Thread: Humanity's Best is yet to come

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    Default Humanity's Best is yet to come

    One sign says. "Give what you can afford and take what you need". A very inspiring collective act. This is what the elite is afraid of when we start looking for the welfare of each and everyone. We will be lucky to see such news in the mainstream media. There is a good chance that something similar is happening somewhere else around the world. Please share inspiring acts in your place. Mainstream media will not do it.
    "community pantries popping up all over Metro Manila, and other places in the Philippines? The idea is simple:
    On one table, you take what you need to get you through the day, for free.
    On another table, you leave what you want to give away.
    No fanfare, no photographers, no lists of who took what. In one post that went viral, a homeless man took only two oranges. “Dagdagan mo pa kuya,” alok ng ibang kumukuha din sa pantry. “Eh ito lang naman ang kakainin ko,” the homeless man replied.
    The absence of greed and agenda—this is what I find inspiring in community pantries aside from the willingness to trust. Walang nanghahakot. We have been conditioned to think it’s every man for himself especially in crises; that we turn into a bunch of savages reduced to zero. Community pantries prove this wrong. Tables and carts are left unguarded on streets.
    Sir Edward Delos Santos Cabagnot phrases it beautifully: “Much more than feeding the hungry, community pantries revitalize a culture of trust (“Kumuha ayon sa iyong pangangailangan”) and underline the inherent giving nature of Pinoys (“Magbigay ayon sa inyong kakayahan”).” The economy may be in tatters, but we look out for one another the best we can."


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