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Thread: mRNA 'vaccines', and time-traveling ETs who need our DNA

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    Default Re: mRNA 'vaccines', and time-traveling ETs who need our DNA

    I tend to sense a tone in most of the threads where people fear tech, yet when used for what some feel is a medical advancement, or a technological leap into ease of use for a device they praise it. Given what we already have, we ourselves have already eliminated many of the concerns of possible "Future" issues, that may arise.

    We can write genetic code, alter genetics ourselves, clone, and we have mastered adding technology to neurology, it seems that most just do not explore these things.. While our computers are bombarding us with advertising, based upon predictive programming based upon our habits, locations, etc... We do not see that it is in a distant way already connecting to us. And it will only progress.

    It has been more recently that families have gone from having a handful of children, to one or two. Mostly due to the women joining the workforce, or places that regulate births. Disease, genetic defects, and poor habits add to the numbers of women who will not be able to bear children in the future. And as it is, there is a rate of women that seems fairly substantial that were infertile to begin with.. And many seek help in becoming a mother already. So this is not new as well...

    There will be a split, within the race of humanity.. One part that merges with the technology... And one part who chooses to remain intact. (If given a choice).... And that will propel humanity into probably the biggest delima humanity has ever faced... as essentially it will be an altered version of humanity.. humanity 2.0 essentially.

    I would like to think that we the humans get to make that choice. While there are many working on merging with AI, I doubt it will be as fledgling as Neural Lace is, I believe we have already gotten prepped on a large scale to be "Plugged in" if you will....

    Question becomes what happens next, and do we get to keep our own autonomy to choose for ourselves which direction to take? If one merges with AI, depending on what kind, would it be passed onto their offspring?

    Genetic alterations, eugenics, and a super race has been a goal over time for many.. Let's just hope they keep humanity the mixed bag of nuts we are.. All bringing something beautiful and unique to the human experiment..

    Try to stay positive guys, lets hope they aren't targeting specific DNA... And whatever we face in the future, we do so united...

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    Default Re: mRNA 'vaccines', and time-traveling ETs who need our DNA

    Why is the predominant disposition of little green men set out to harm humanity?

    Where are the good guys that would be interested to help humanity? Is there some star trek prime directive to not interfere until certain goals are met? The bad guys; in a way, are not predisposed to avoid interference.

    The funny thing is, humanity knows right from wrong and could elevate itself quite easily without advice if it didn't ignore the sliver of humanity bent on wickedness.

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