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I really liked and understood his "unacknowledged" documentary and It laid well with me but now I'm a bit like nagh he has to charge large amounts of money. When money is involved I tend to stay away from it all. Love v money I prefer love actually. Sorry about the puns. lol.
However, I then understand he does require money to fund his ventures. But is there any other way to doing this. jo
Motivating and funding an attempt to make a respectable disclosure documentary is not cheap. Underbudget films don't get positive attention.
"As a rule of thumb, a lot of producers assume that a finished corporate production or high-quality YouTube video will cost about $1,000 per finished minute of footage. From there, you can extrapolate the final cost based on length. A 60-minute documentary will therefore cost $60,000."- https://www.wideawakefilms.com