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Thread: A Mystery for the Covid Accountants

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    Default A Mystery for the Covid Accountants

    It was brought to my attention this morning that the UK has found the way to more or less eliminate coronavirus. And Boris Johnson has confirmed the figures.

    It you look at the Worldometers site,or any other reliable Covid accounting site of your choice, you will be able to see the incredible achievement of the UK in reducing its fatalities for the first four days of May 2021 to 26 (7+14+1+4) when the total UK deaths until 30 April had been 127,543.

    So Britain under Boris Johnson has either cracked it or installed a new method of filling out death certificates. If instructions go out to the medical fraternity to avoid stating any cause of death as "Covid 19" or "coronavirus" or similar, this might have been misunderstood by physicians and account for the low returns.

    If anybody can explain it I should be grateful.

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