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Thread: Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River

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    Default Re: Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River

    The top of that beam has been purposely cut, it seems to me. Once the load bearing strength of the beam was compromised by the sabotage, the remainder of the beam sheared off. The difference in the top and the side of the beam is very obvious.
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    Default Re: Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River

    This VERY interesting piece was posted by Jeffrey Prather to his subscribers. He cites evidence that this was sabotage via an ultrasound weapon.
    SONIC, INFRASONIC, AND ULTRASONIC FREQUENCIES: The Utilization of Waveforms as Weapons, Apparatus for Psychological Manipulation, and as Instruments of Physiological Influence by Industrial, Entertainment, and Military Organisations”—“Acoustic Weapons - A Prospective Assessment”—and—“Super-Fine Sound Beam Could One Day Be An Invisible Scalpel”.

    In the opening section of this MoD document it examines an American-based company named Michael Baker International—whose headquarters is in Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania, and has nearly100 offices throughout the United States—says it has “solved some of the world’s most complex infrastructure challenges for more than 80-years with a legacy of expertise, experience, innovation and integrity”—in 1942 saw it being part of the US War Department during World War IIin 2007 saw it providing engineering, design and on-site consulting services for the $30-million Pyandzh River Bridge, which opened a trade route stretching over 1,400 miles from Karachi-Pakistan, to Almaty-Kazakhstanin 2015 saw it becoming one of the first companies to receive certification from the FAA to operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems—and in 2017 saw this company introducing what they call their Wolf Pack philosophy.

    As to why the MoD extensively examines this shadowy American defense company becomes stunningly clear when reading this document’s section on Aerospace Defence Forces (ADF) alerts over the past 48-hoursADF military experts who constantly monitor alerts received from the Lotos S1 intelligence-gathering spacecraft Kosmos 2549—and at 20:37:05 hrs +8 GMT on 11 May, saw the Kosmos 2549 intelligence satellite sending an alert that it had detected a micro burst of 20-kilohertz (20,000 hertz) ultrasound energy emanating from the North American coordinates of 35.1495° N, 90.0490° W—a location immediately identified as Memphis-Tennessee—that was followed by the Kosmos 2549 intelligence satellite issuing two other alerts, the first at 21:57:07 hrs +8 GMT on 11 May, and the second at 22:02:23 hrs +8 GMT on 11 May—both of which exactly correspond with two panicked 911 emergency calls made to police authorities in the Memphis region—the first one occurring at 13:57:07 hrs local Memphis time (1:57 p.m.) on 11 May, in which a panicked unidentified male warns about a “super critical finding” on the Interstate 40 bridge—and the second occurring at 14:02:23 hrs local Memphis time (2:02 p.m.) on 11 May, in which an ever more panicked female identifies herself as being an employee of Michael Baker International and warns the Interstate 40 must be immediately shut down.

    Following these alarming events leading to it being discovered that this vital bridge was in danger of collapse due to a mysterious break in one of its critical steel support beams, University of Memphis civil engineer Professor Adel Abdelnaby grimly stated:

    If you compare it to a body, this looks like the arteries and this is the heart of the country…So if you cut the heart of the country, it's like you are giving the country a heart attack by shutting down the I-40 bridge - because that is what connects the east and the west to the rest of the U.S”.

    Being called a “catastrophic event” that has halted all traffic at the 4th largest inland port in the United States, and has further halted more than 400 barges awaiting passage, it’s now being warned that the closure of this bridge may last for months—though most critically to note is that this bridge is one of the most vital links in the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways specifically designed to rapidly deploy US military forces throughout America during an invasion or civil war—sees it being joined by another “catastrophic event” that disabled one of America’s most vital energy pipelines and has caused massive fuel shortages—further sees both of these “catastrophic events” coming at the same time over 120 retired US Generals and Admirals wrote an open letter questioning the mental fitness of Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden and the integrity of the 2020 election—which is why this MoD document states that if the US military is planning to overthrow Biden in a coup, these are the exact types of “catastrophic events” one would expect to occur before operations of this kind are launched.

    1. Audio 1: 911 Call Memphis Bridge
    2. Audio 2: 911 Call Memphis Bridge

    Mysterious crack (top photo) in steel support beam shuts down the Hernando de Soto Bridge on Interstate 40 (middle photo) over Mississippi River in Memphis-Tennessee while raging fuel shortages (bottom photo) cripple American east coast—the result of which severely degrades the Pentagon’s ability to rapidly deploy troops and equipment needed to defend socialist leader Biden against a coup.

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    Default Re: Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River


    "See the comments below from a SOURCE on the story linked here:

    The Interstate 40 bridge over the Mississippi River has been closed after authorities said they found a crack in the span linking Arkansas and Tennessee


    My comments here:

    The placement of the pyramid next to the bridge is undeniable evidence they are strategically positioned to shut that corridor open in a heartbeat at any time. This may simply be advance warning.

    If we have a civil war the states will withdraw from the union …the Mississippi is a huge connector within the middle of the U.S.

    This may be a warning shot across the bow as they say.–Kerry Cassidy



    IMO, this was done by space-based orbital high tech scalar wave/standing wave frequency (Tesla) weaponry (aka Alien ET technologies)

    IMO, the group doing this has delivered a serious threat to all world leaders and top Intel and defense officials that if they do not play ball according to the Globalist NWO leadership group (Stop Sabbattean Frankists) the major cities of the world will be destroyed piece by piece.

    IMO, some leaders have been completely human compromised (bought off/bribed, blackmailed or induced into major felonies or capital perversions/cannibalism), some may have even been “replaced after being soul-snatched”, perhaps some cloned (no belly buttons, shorter life-spans, occasional weird glitches). Far out yes, but sad to say this technology exists and has been used for 30 years in DUMBs.

    All these events are being pre-planned, orchestrated and deployed on the larqe quantum computer associated with Google Jigsaw.

    Here are the Intel’s basic procedures which make their acts hard to identify:

    1. create ongoing inconsistency by generating numerous false and true accounts on the internet to keep people confused

    2. compartmentalize everything as much as possible into small operational groups. Feed each groups some different not essential anecdotal information that is true and some easily provably false to help discredit leaks and make leakers identified.

    3. use deniable cutouts who are associated with drug cartels, or criminal enterprises (organized crime)

    4. control top officials with very sophisticated and powerful human compromise operations, including blackmail/bribing and induction into major felony capital crimes such as pedophilia, child/human sacrifice and cannibalism.

    5. control the masses with high powered orbital and ground generated pulsed beam EMF including scalar waves, D-waves, and UHF to flash the inhaled chemtrail nano-particles that are electromagnetically treated and have passed across the blood-brain barrier..–UNDISCLOSED SOURCE "
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River

    Quote Posted by Ernie Nemeth (here)
    The top of that beam has been purposely cut, it seems to me. Once the load bearing strength of the beam was compromised by the sabotage, the remainder of the beam sheared off. The difference in the top and the side of the beam is very obvious.
    Sorry mate, I can't agree with a word you said there. You know in the past that I've remarked to you, privately, I appreciate your posts but here I fear your observations are wrong.

    The top 'cut' is not straight by any physical/mathematical measure I am aware of. If there is a flaw, a weak point, in a metal beam there is zero guarantee, or probability, that it will fail in a uniform way. Therefore the variation between the top and bottom of the shear have literally no meaning. It is like electricity following the shortest path, the strain follows the weakest path.


    As to Bill's subsequent post regarding 'Sonic, Infrasonic and Ultrasonic frequencies' I have to bow out, maintaiing an open mind.

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    Default Re: Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River

    So this was exactly what I thought was going on , there is pressure in the north american bow of the US plates- new madrid fault and snap the bridge structure shifts, did not even consider the colonial pipeline but read the rest of the link. Big full moon coming up tomorrow and CME's hitting the earth starting today for next 3 days. Wonder what that cocktail will do. Lets hope nothing.


    I-40 Bridge over Mississippi River remains Closed after Structural Crack Discovered
    May 12, 2021
    The I-40 bridge has been shut down indefinitely. The bridge is closed because of a structural infrastructure crack in the bridge. The crack was found in the “bottom side of the bridge truss” or support beam.

    ZetaTalk Prediction 5/31/2021: It is no coincidence that the I-40 was forced to close just 3 days after the Colonia Pipeline was forced to close. We predicted that the New Madrid Fault Line would start unzipping in the Gulf, near New Orleans, and thence proceed up the Mississippi. The Junta closely monitors the angle of alignment of both banks of the Mississippi to determine motion, and noted a torque or twist. The metal and concrete in bridges and pipelines cannot tolerate this before snapping or leaking, thus the Colonial was closed where it crosses at Alabama. Not 3 days later the I-40 at Memphis and Arkansas was cracking. This process will not abate.
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