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Thread: Pluto and the astrologers

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    Arrow Pluto and the astrologers

    I would even go so far as to say "let this Pluto live", it's incredible to always make Pluto guilty every time a crisis shows its nose. Pluto this,pluto that, it becomes almost "boring" to make the only one responsible for all our ills "Pluto". Are you one of those people who are starting to wake up to Pluto's astrological role in an astrological study?

    Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930, its position was at 17 ° 46 Cancer and in retro phase, in an opposition applying Saturn / Capricorn and Square applying Uranus / Aries, which makes 90 years for a revolution of Pluto today. 250 years old

    Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 its position was at 25 ° 53 Aquarius in conjunction Saturn at the trine of the Moon decreasing conjunction North Node, which today makes 173 ½ years, for a revolution of Neptune of 164 years

    Uranus was discovered on March 13, 1781, its position was at 24 ° 26 Gemini, under a T square of the Sun / Pisces of the opposition Uranus / Gemini and the conjunction Mars / Saturn / Sagittarius, which makes today 239 years for a revolution of Uranus 84 years , so since its discovery we lived 2 times the Uranus return, the 3 rd return is planned for 2031, but changes are already planned from 2030 HERE

    This reminder in memory so that you understand that "Pluto" has only 90 years of existence in our lives and has only made half of its journey in its revolution and by echo on the zodiac. Since the discovery of Pluto / Cancer, we are missing the passage of "Pluto of Aquarius" scheduled between 2023/2024, Pisces 2043/2044, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and its return to Cancer.

    The cycle of Neptune and Pluto has a revolution of almost 500 years, the previous conjunction dates from 1892 at 9 ° Gemini, that is to say at this level of study we speak of the influence of the time of a civilization.

    Since the discovery of Eris (classified as a dwarf planet, just like Ceres), Pluto in August 2006 was downgraded by astronomers in Prague, this change had no impact in the astrological practice of many astrologers, on the contrary, the he exaggeration was at its height in its use, claiming Pluto the cause of each of our anxieties, scrutinizing the least of these transits in the sky chart and making it almost guilty of our ills.

    For a decade, I put Pluto on the date, to study without "Pluto" being the systematic cause and believe me that it is possible to do a study without Pluto and strongly recommend it, that will teach you the humility in your practice of astrology and not to apprehend the psychological torpor of the “egregore” which was nourished by its energy spectrum of all the questions when Pluto is involved. At this level of understanding, Pluto becomes this kind of monster, the minotaur locked in the labyrinth, it drives you crazy and in our reality we can compare it to these two months of confinement.

    The object of this article is to awaken the conscience and not to create controversies which in astrology would tend not to put all the astrologers of agreement. Many locked up in a diktat of principles that should absolutely not be derogated from, because serving the interests of those who are arranged that "Pluto" has become the scapegoat of victims in ignorance and in morality, it is necessary to find a culprit of our turpitudes and "Pluto" was the missionary, but with his entry into Aquarius, that is likely to change ...

    Article I wrote in May 2020

    Cycle Neptune Pluto 1891/2383, in the sign of Gemini

    The transgenerational in astrology with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in retro phase (part 1)

    The transgenerational in astrology with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in retro phase (part 2)

    The transgenerational in astrology with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in retro phase (part 3)

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