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Thread: Some Fireworks over the Weekend!

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    Default Some Fireworks over the Weekend!

    At 1430 UTC (10:30 am ET) on July 3, 2021, the first X-class flare (actually an X1.5 flare) of Solar Cycle 25 was seen on the Sun.
    There were also several B and C flares, and even one M flare in the day before the X1.5 flare. You can see this series near the limb in the upper right (a clock position of about 2:00) in this daily movie in SDO's AIA 94 Å passband. These flares were also seen in the EVE on SDO and the XRS on GOES-16.
    There was no active region associated with the X1.5 flare. A large region of magnetic field that was rotating off the disk is probably the home of the flares.
    Solar Cycle 25 is starting to get more interesting!


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    Default Re: Some Fireworks over the Weekend!

    directed away from the earth
    still wondering what an earth facing x flare would do, considering the weakened protective field currently?...we are in an upwards part of the cycle, so supposedly we should see at some point as we head towards the peak of 25

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