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Thread: Dear Citizens, Today is the Day We Restore Humanity and Respect..

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    Default Dear Citizens, Today is the Day We Restore Humanity and Respect..

    Made my eyes leak a little.

    Quote Tobias Brunner 😊

    1/ "Dear citizens,
    Today is the day we restore humanity and respect to our societies. From today, we will no longer force free citizens to cover their faces with cloth masks. These masks are made to be worn for short periods of time, in sterile conditions, by trained personnel.

    2/ They are also not tightly woven enough to hold back aerosols, which are infecting people with viruses. We know they don't work now, we tried, and we admit we never thought about their psychological impact or the hygiene connected to lazy mask wearing.

    3/ Today is the day we make the promise to never impose lockdowns on you. These extreme measures were meant to halt viral spread back when we thought the transmission route was droplets.

    4/ Isolating everyone seemed like a good idea and when summer came, we genuinely thought we had defeated the virus through our discipline. We only found out about seasonality later. We could not foresee how long it would take and we are now aware of what lockdowns have done.

    5/ We apologise to all those who lost their jobs. We should not have closed your businesses. Some of you spent their lifetimes building your successes and we destroyed them.

    6/ We regret that when your dearest, your parents and grandparents, were at their most vulnerable, when all that kept them going were your visits and your faces, we kept you from them.

    7/ While you were growing up, and learnt to walk and talk and learnt to live and to love, your lives were your parents. Your Sunday visit to grandpa. Your safe place. You thought you'd watch them grow old, and sit by their side when they peacefully died.

    8/ We apologise that they went without a touch, that you didn't get to hug them. We apologise for tainting your family stories with tragedy.
    We also regret that we took decisions. Decisions about life and death.

    9/ When faced with the Covid problem, we thought it was on us to choose the dead and pick the living. We chose the teenage suicide over gran's natural death. We chose starving kids over viruses.
    If you are angry about what we've done to your kids, your are right.

    10/ We should not have sent them to school with masks, covering their faces, chaining their emotions to a Covid leaflet. We've ****ed them up. It was so wrong.
    We have killed you with fear. We have told tales of death, pretending you were all at great risk.

    11/ We have portrayed parties and hugs, loving touches as crimes. We have talked about nothing but death, and when many died, we said it was you that did it.
    This is what we have done, without perspective or proportionality.

    12/ When deaths faded, we shouted at your kids, we scorned them for mingling, we talked up the variants. We forced you all to take drugs: the innocent, who could not read. The kids, who run no risk. Those recovered. Those fit as hell.

    13/ We have done everything to inject you, everything in the world. We lost our way.
    When you go into that winter season, please forgive us first of all. Remember it's a seasonal, respiratory virus. Keep in mind all the numbers, please ask who is sick.

    14/ Please respect the healthy. They should live without fear. Please accept death, and give the care sector the chance to fulfil their mission, their reason to live. To care for the sick.
    We have been wrong, as wrong as can be. We have been cruel, and inhumane.

    15/ We have lost science. Faced with our crisis, we have chosen to divide, and we have ****ed up science. Or rather, we have ignored it like it was some madman's drunken folly.
    We have done something unimaginable. So big a human cannot comprehend it, because it is impossible.

    16/ What was beautiful, is no more. It is our sins that will live with you for the rest of your time on Earth. Forgive us, forget us, hang us on the town square. You'll never get back what we've taken.'

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