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Thread: U.K. Funeral Director explains what’s really happening in England

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    Default U.K. Funeral Director explains what’s really happening in England

    Below is a video of an interview hosted between Clive De Carle and a gentleman called John who is a funeral director here in the U.K. (his identity and business can easily be verified and confirmed but I won’t link it here)

    He explains, at the start of the ‘pandemic’ he was being handed sealed body bags and asked not to open them. He was very scared and fully on board.
    He even accepted a request by the media to film in his funeral home.

    Then as the months progressed, he realised something wasn’t quite right.

    He was seeing low amounts of Covid deaths and in general, death numbers were no different than usual years. But then on the run up to the Xmas period, himself and other undertakers locally where turning fridges off as they were continually empty.

    But then as soon as the vaccination roll out started in January, the death rates immediately soared through the roof.

    He states in his county there has been only 1 Covid death in the last 3 months but is now seeing many deaths in individuals very recently vaccinated, of all ages.
    He feels he can no longer ignore the issue and despite putting his life long career and business at risk, needs to speak out...

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