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Thread: Micah Dank- The Hidden Gospels And Astrotheology

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    Default Micah Dank- The Hidden Gospels And Astrotheology

    Micah Dank 0n Twitter @RealMisterDank https://twitter.com/RealMisterDank
    Micah Dank- Into the Rabbit Hole Series https://www.facebook.com/groups/62621...
    Micah Dank Website https://www.micahdank.com/

    His Books:

    I found his books to be sort of interesting, but his writing style turns me off a little, others love his work, so that's just me. However his interpretation of the Gospels as coded information using Astrology is fascinating. Before I had heard of Dank I had watched Ralph Ellis's videos on the ancient use of Astrology and its relationship with religion. He is a meticulous researcher (the original Anon)

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