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Thread: Long term star influences

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    Default Long term star influences

    currently POLARIS, ALPHA URSA MINOR, yellow star
    within 5 degrees from the pole 1220-3000 AD
    closest to pole 2100
    said to be saturn influence which rules science, so an era ruled by science progressively
    ..the previous pole star was a white DRACO star THUBAN
    within 5 degrees 3600-1900 BC, exact 2800 BC
    this time period corresponds with the rise of the scythian, egyptian and chinese dragon kings(bloodlines)
    serpent worship prominent
    2...east rising stars...when a star or planet passes above the equator(0 deg declination)it will rise in the east worldwide
    currently we have 2 equator stars
    SADELMELIK ALPHA AQUARIUS,yellow star, within half degree declination from equator 1962-2170,
    exact 2065..bringing in aquarius new age influence as observed by many astrologers, regardless of what brings in this influence
    a more important influence i.m.o...is the brighter blue ORION star MINTAKA
    within half degree from equator 1755-3300 AD
    closest to equator.2490 AD
    this i take to be a transcendental influence linked to what is termed ascension..spiritual awareness
    gives me hope for the time ahead
    3...sun aligned with a star at spring equinox
    apart from the 2 equator stars, which are in parallel aspect to the sun at both equinox, north and south hemisphere..there is currently no close star alignment by right ascension
    ..the last alignment was the andromeda/pegasus star ALPHERATZ, ALPHA ANDROMEDA, DELTA PEGASUS..1680-1990 within 2 degrees........ exact alignment 1830
    this i see as the unchaining of the feminine, coinciding with womens lib..
    ...in the story andromeda is bound to a rock as sacrifice to the sea monster, and is freed by perseus riding pegasus the winged horse
    ...there are other long term mutual star alignments that slowly come and go, and more localised influences depending on latitude
    ...i continue to explore the subject

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