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Thread: A bit of Ubykh music

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    Default A bit of Ubykh music

    The Ubykh nation was a tribe in Turkey, sadly it's mostly extinct now. The language they spoke has been completely lost, they did not had written records so a lot of the culture was passed down through spoken word only, and as all the people who spoke the language have passed now, most of their culture has been lost. They are around 20,000 remaining now, and most of them don't know much about the past


    A few traditions remain, here's a very beautiful one

    If that looks a bit "Russian" it's because it is, this is mostly Cossack music Both them and Cossacks had very similar musical traditions. This is Turkish music, but shares lots with Cossacks from Russia, as you can see on this other video.

    Also, on this other video you can see some of the famous core/basic Cossack dance moves that later on became incorporated or influenced modern 'Break Dance'

    Through history there are lots of times that people hated each other to death, but at least for music, there's always a very nice common understanding and peace
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    Default Re: A bit of Ubykh music

    Very stirring music, it's impossible to sit still while watching it!

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