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Thread: A change in consciousness could change our future - Truths vs lies - Simple small solutions

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    Lightbulb A change in consciousness could change our future - Truths vs lies - Simple small solutions

    Just an idea on how we have been and are creating our world.

    Today, we live in a world full of contrast between a dystopian and utopian world view. Even though their plans are opposite both, in a completely different way, have in common that there is much focus on "supposedly" getting a perfect health, a perfect functioning society & world etc.

    And especially those in power seem to be focussed on those issues.

    But there is one aspect, I think thatís been gravely disregarded. That is the effect of speaking the truth and speaking from love.

    Iíve always been aware of the effects of frequency on water and matter etc, but today when looking for an image of the most beautiful water crystal; I was confronted with that the most beautiful crystal formation is that one connected with the word truth.

    If this is the case, itís not surprising that all the lies in history and present never create a beautiful or perfect result for anyone.



    Quote Just go figure what world we could create if we all start speaking the truth.

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