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Thread: David Icke on Peak Prosperity

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    Default David Icke on Peak Prosperity


    "I want to preface this video by saying that I will interview anybody about anything. If you value learning, as I do, then you know that you have to consider all sides of every issue. Itís non-negotiable. If youíre serious about learning, then you are serious about listening especially to people with who you do not entirely or even remotely agree.

    Those who insist on not being exposed to different or uncomfortable ideas are shortchanging themselves. Learning something new is always an uncomfortable process. In fact, being uncomfortable often is my first clue that I am on the right track for learning something new or sharpening up something I didn't know quite as well as I thought I did.

    One final point; I do not consider it my role as an interviewer to convert someone to my point of view or let them know I think they are wrong about something. Quite the opposite, my job is to get them to speak as completely and as freely as I can. I always seek to ask great questions to draw people out more fully, not to put them on the defensive. Thatís how I roll, and if that works for you Ė great! Youíll enjoy my work and this channel.

    David Icke, one of the most controversial personalities of our time, has become a central figure in the UK Freedom Movement protesting ongoing lockdowns and the otherwise general medical tyranny following COVID-19ís emergence in 2020. Icke argues that the extreme overreaction by governments that weíre witnessing around the globe in reaction to COVID-19 (see Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, etc.) has little or nothing to do with public health, but is rather a well coordinated plan to clinch control and transform society as we know it. In this Brave New World of frightening technocratic dictatorship, what it means to be ďhumanĒ and have ďrightsĒ no longer applies.

    Dr. Chris Martenson

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    Default Re: David Icke on Peak Prosperity

    Nice .....
    When you are one step ahead of the crowd, you are a genius.
    Two steps ahead, and you are deemed a crackpot.

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    Default Re: David Icke on Peak Prosperity


    Chris Martenson: Welcome, everyone, to this Peak Prosperity podcast. I am your host, Dr. Chris Martenson. Our method, my method, is to explore widely and to find guests who are willing to stand alone against the consensus and share their lifeís experiences with us.

    Today, we're going to stretch that boundary for many people, but not for me. I rather enjoy speaking with people whose theories and orientations are exceptionally different from mine. Can I keep an open mind? Will I be open to changes my views? As a reminder, nobody should ever have to agree with a hundred percent of someone elseís positions to learn something from them.

    Now, letís be clear about something. itís perfectly obvious that the response of nearly the entire Western world to Covid has not been about public health or setting our resources against finding the best medical solutions. Instead, weíve seen the public health authorities and their big tech enablers shut down legitimate inquiry into everything from the lab leak hypothesis to effective off patent medicines that also happen to be safe. So none of that was about public health. Thatís obvious.

    But what was it about? Clearly, weíve seen in UK, Canada, and Australia, and the US a little bit, that itís largely been about imposing medical tyranny and a bio-police state. That too is obvious.

    So what is the agenda exactly? Here we must suppose, guess, and therefore run the risk of connecting dots into patterns that donít really exist, but thatís a risk we must take because we havenít any better options.

    Todayís guest has been invited because he was saying that weíd see the emergence of a bio-security police state, a push for transhumanism, and the loss of freedom and imposition of digital tyranny since well before Covid came onto the scene.

    Our guest today is David Icke, a controversial figure, to be sure, but one whose voice cannot simply be ignored because the BBC says so or YouTube has taken his channel down. Today, those are often signs that someone is actually someone you perhaps ought to get to know more of your attention to than not.

    David Icke is a former footballer and sports broadcaster and is often described as an English conspiracy theorist. Heís also written over 20 books on everything from environmentalism in It Doesnít Have to Be Like This to , and Human Race, Get Off Your Knees to his most recent autobiography, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind that came out in 2021. Heís also been featured in several movies including Zeitgeist in 2007 and recently Renegade. Itís fair to say heís influenced millions of people.

    David, welcome to the program.

    David Icke: Thanks very much.

    Chris Martenson: So letís start here. Our rights seem to be getting taken away almost of if they were mere privileges in much of the West, and so I mentioned three sort of monarchy states: Australia, the UK, Canada. What is going on here?

    David Icke: Well, you know, you can see the world as a series of random events, as a series of dots, and it looks a certain way. It looks very bewildering. It seems to make no sense. Why are they doing this? Why are they saying that? Why are they telling us to do this when quite clearly it makes no medical or scientific sense?

    And I have a phrase, know the outcome and youíll see the journey. And if you know what the outcome is planned to be, then these random events, these things that just happen, become very clear stepping stones to the outcome.
    And itís a long time ago now, I mean, the best part of 30 years, that I uncovered what the outcome is planned to be, and Iíve added more and more to that as the years have passed. But once you get a grasp of what the outcome is planned to be, then daily events are like putting pieces in a puzzle. They make total sense.
    All the stuff thatís happening now, it makes total sense of where the outcome is planned to go. And that is to create a centralized global tyranny in the end unelected Ė none of that seems to matter anyway Ė but technocrats, bureaucrats, and scientists, engineers, making decisions that are dictating the fine detail of peopleís lives without any public involvement at all. You look at the Covid era, thatís exactly whatís happened.

    And so itís a very simple process. If there's a few of you, and they're compared with the global population, we're talking about a network thatís a very few people. I mean, at the core of the core you get them into a single room globally, then youíve got to centralize power. Because at every stage you centralize power fewer people are dictating to more and more people, and this goes back a very long time.
    You know, once I realized this was happening, this agenda was being followed, I asked the obvious question, where did it start? And you can go back to the ancient world and pick it up. You pick it up in places like Babylon, Sumer, Egypt, coming through to the Roman Empire, coming through to the British Empire, whatever this I call global cult put its flag in the sand, headquartered itself, an empire followed. The Roman Empire, the British Empire, the European Empires in general.

    And so the whole process, if you look at it, has been a constant centralization of power which has got faster and faster the closer we got to present time. And there's a reason for that too. Because the more you centralize power, the more power you have at the center to centralize even quicker, so the momentum gets faster and faster, exactly whatís happened.

    So we started off in tribes and the people in the tribe decided what was going to happen in the tribe. Then lots of tribes are brought together in what we call nations, and now a few people at the center of the nation are dictating to all the former tribes that form that nation.

    And then, in Europe, weíve got this European Union, which is bringing all the countries together, so now a tiny few people at the center of European Union are dictating to all the countries of Europe. And this stepping stone is designed to end up with a world government, a world central bank dictating all finance, and overseeing it. Iíve been saying this since 1992 that the plan is to get rid of all cash and have a single, digital, electronic currency, and this is massively being advanced by the Covid era where they said you can get the virus off of money. They said that very early on to advance this side of the agenda.

    Like I say, once you know what the different elements of the agenda are, you can see how they all fit and how one situation, like the Covid era, can be used to push all these different elements at what is the same agenda.

    And so, you have this situation where we're moving to more and more centralization of power on a global level, faster and faster and faster. And what we call globalization Ė we even give it a name in the end, globalization, the centralization of power incessantly in every area of our lives is this cults power base advancing itself and advancing itself and advancing itself.

    And weíve reached a point now here now in the Covid era where youíve got basically the World Health Organization since all this begam dictating the narrative and the response to basically the rest of the world. And if you look at these different countries and how theyíve responded, there's one or two exceptions, one or two, they're starting to be reeled in. but you look at how these different countries have responded, and itís the same.

    You know, these Covid passports, which are nothing more than the social credit system of China being played out across the world, you can chart the preparation for those back before Covid even was mentioned. The European Union, you go back 2018, they were bringing forward the advancing of this process towards a vaccine passport.

    So in China, you have a system which has been systematically incubated, because this cult has no borders as for public consumption, itís incubated a system which has always been designed to play out across the world. A system thatís based on technology, thatís based on 24/7 total surveillance and control where if you go out into the street Ė Iíve seen documentaries where theyíve done it Ė you can be found in a couple of minutes sometimes by this technology. And this constant monitoring of your life means that they can see whether you're doing what the government wants or whether you're not.

    And so they introduce this social credit system whereby you get credits if you live your life and act like the government wants, and you get them taken away if you donít. And if you get them taken away you canít fly, you canít go on the train, you canít do the normal things in life.

    Now, play out the vaccine passports and what do they say? If you donít have one of these things, if you donít do what we say and have these fake vaccinations that donít fill the criteria of a vaccination, then you wonít be able to do the normal things of life. Itís just the Chinese system playing out, and itís been planned a very, very long time.

    See, just very quickly. We have two worlds. We have the world of the population, and that is given as best as it can be monitored and controlled, thatís given a limited amount of information about everything because through the education system itís a programming system. And all they went through the mainstream media and now the Silicon Valley giants, weíve seen it very clearly in the Covid era, there is a wall on information. They donít want the population to be informed.

    And over on this other world, the world of the cult, which is a global network of secret societies and semi-secret groups with an interlocking leadership and mission control, they are hoarding knowledge. Thatís why the secret society is a secret. Why are they secret? To keep that knowledge from the population.
    So there's a completely different timeline in understanding of technology, understanding of reality and how it works in the realm of the cult, and I'm talking the inner cores of it, not everybody whoís in a secret society, and itís kept from the population.

    And where I'm going with this is if you can tap in to this other world and uncover the information and agendas that are held there, then you can predict the future as I have many, many times. But Iíve not predicted the future, you see. What Iíve done is said, this is the future if nothing intervenes to stop it because this is what this cult is planning for the world.

    And because nothing has intervened yet to stop it, we're working on it, that future has unfolded. And people say, oh, I could predict the future. No. I predicted the agenda that was meant to become our future and has become our future.

    So then you look back at people who have been extraordinarily prophetic like Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, 1932, where he was talking about the species being procreated, not in the way that we have up until this point, but technologically, and now the technology is unfolding which he described in 1932.

    Then youíve got George Orwell in 1948 when he published 1984, and he was describing technology that was not around at that time. The telescreens and all these things which we now call Smart TVs, and they're meant to become more and more like telescreens as they advance.

    I quoted a guy who Dr. Richard Day, who was a big Rockefeller insider connected to Planned Parenthood, and he addressed pediatricians in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1969 and shocked them all Ė no one knows why he did it, but I'm glad he did for reasons that are obvious Ė and he aksed people not to take notes and turn off any recording equipment because he was going to tell them how the world was going to change. And he told them.

    In one of my books called Phantom Self, I cover what he says at length. Itís extraordinary. Heís describing the fine detail in 1969 which heís only 20 years after Orwell of whatís happened since right up to present day.

    So there is this agenda thatís playing out in this other world, and itís meant to be kept from the population in the world that we call the human society, and itís for the constant centralization of power until its in the hands of, globally, of a tiny few people. Itís to connect the human brain to artificial intelligence, so artificial intelligence becomes the human mind. You donít have to manipulate perception anymore by controlling information; your perception is going to come direct. And a stream of other things that I lay out in the books, and we could get into them as we go along if you like but are unfolding now.
    And so itís not a random situation that we're facing here; itís coldly calculated. And because of that, and Iíve used this phrase many times over the years, this is why the cult system doesnít take no for an answer. If itís one of its agendas that has to happen for this thing to play out to its conclusion, its end game, then nothingís going to stop it happening. Not exposing the nonsense of it, not exposing how ridiculous and unsupportable by the evidence and science it is. Itís going to happen.

    And so you see why this unceasing pressure continues daily for people to get fake vaccinated when there's no need for them to do that when the vaccine doesnít even claim to stop transmission and stop you catching it. And itís going down now into children where even if you believe the official story of Covid Ė I blood donít Ė then the chances of then being affected by it are basically zilch but theyíve got to have them.

    We got Pfizer now saying that in November they're going to be looking for approval to give this stuff to babies as young as six months. This is insanity. But itís the agenda, so they donít take no for an answer.

    Chris Martenson: So this outcome, and I agree with the idea that if you know the outcome you can predict the journey. I'm called a futurist. I'm not a futurist. You know what I do? I say if a baseball it throw I can tell you where itís going to land unless something intervenes, right. Unless a bird hits it midflight, we're pretty sure we know where that thing is going.

    And so one of the things that Iíd like to get your view on this Ė a lot of ways we can look at this. So one orientation I look at is Admiral Hyman Rickover gave this speech to a group of doctors in 1957 Ė heís the father of the nuclear sub Ė arguably a very, very intelligent man Ė and he said, hey, we can predict how this is going to go. Humans are going to eat into this tasty stuff called oil; we're going to expand our population; we're not going to have a real plan for how we're going to get past that at that point in time, and itís going to be a real nightmare of a problem when we get there.

    Everything he said in 1957 has played out almost perfectly. And so I do think that when you look at the Davos crowd, they say within their opening paragraph, by 2050 the worldís going to need three planets of resources, and we donít have them.

    So my orientation, looking at this from a resource standpoint, by the way, I can rotate this cube and see other faces, but when I look at that it feels like the outcome here is that somebody up high has realized for a long time that humans are going to go through the oldest organismal problem in biology which is we eat into and past our food supply Ė oil in this case Ė and then we suffer some consequences after that. You think there's any basis to that? Is this about resources, or what is this about? What is thisÖ

    David Icke: No, no, no, this is about control. Itís about control.

    Chris Martenson: But why?

    David Icke: Well, you say why, but why do psychopaths do what they do? Explain. Why do psychopaths do what they do? They do what they do because they're psychopaths. Thatís the reason the do it.

    And, you know, if there's a resource problem, like a food problem, why are they paying American farmers now subsidies to destroy their crops in the field before they turn them into food?

    Chris Martenson: Iíve been wondering.

    David Icke: And not given ______ [00:18:44] if they turn them into food. Thatís ridiculous. Thatís manufacturing a food shortage. Whatís all that about? Itís about creating a food shortage because its very simple. Dependency equals control. If I have something that you need, I have control of something that you need to survive, then you're going to do what I'm asking and what I'm saying, what I'm telling you because you want to survive. Thatís what itís about, controlling the need of survival so that people become dependent on you and thus under your control.

    Now letís look at the Covid era on that point. Iíve been making this point now since the thing started. Lockdowns are nothing to do with health. Nothing. Never were. They are designed to destroy independent business and independent livelihood the world over so that there is a dependency on the state, i.e. the cult, for survival.

    And so way back in my books, way back, I said the plan is to create a situation where people have no means to earn a living, and independent living, and one of the big elements of that is the takeover of AI, artificial intelligence, taking over what jobs they use them for.

    And then I said what they plan to do is introduce what they're calling a basic income, it would be a pittance, and you get the basic income to overcome the fact you canít earn a living anymore. But that basic income will only be paid, pittance as it is, if you do as your told, otherwise you wonít get it. I mean, hello, vaccine passports?

    And we had a precursor of this in Australia over a few years now whereby if you're on state benefits and you do not agree to have your children vaccinated according to the official schedule, then you lose benefits. This is what itís all about. Itís about control.

    So what Iíve been saying for Ė and this will put the Covid era into perspective Ė what Iíve been saying for decades is that the plan is to create a global society which after The Hunger Games movies games came out, I called The Hunger Games society because what they portrayed with a tiny elite of super wealthy and super privileged overseeing a poverty stricken population. That is Ė and by the way broken up into sectors so they couldnít communicate with each other Ė to create a united response.

    The Hunger Games society structure is where this is going, is where this is going so fast now. So the idea is that you have a tiny elite at the top of the pyramid. We even refer to this now as the one percent Ė actually, itís less than one percent if you get to the core of the core Ė and they would impose their will upon the rest of the population that is in a state of dependency for survival on that view. And in between the two, Iíve said for decades, is planned to be a police military state, a fusion of the two eventually, to both impose the will of the few on the population and to stop the population of challenging the few.

    Now, to create that point of dependency of the population, or great chunks of it on the few, you have to destroy the ability of the few, of the many, rather, to have an independent income. Because once theyíve got an independent business or they got employment at an independent business, then they have some form of freedom, some form of independence. They're not dependent on the few Ė they're doing okay, thank you very much, by themselves.

    So you need to take that ability to generate that livelihood away, so the only form of survival is dependency on the few. Thatís what lockdowns have been about. That why theyíve made no sense from a health point of view. Theyíve created enormous amounts of ill health and psychological ill health.

    But what theyíve done is destroyed the ability already of vast amounts of people to earn a living. Their businesses have gone. I know people. I have family who have spent 45 years building businesses up to see them brought to their knees by this lockdown.

    You see, this is the point. Know the outcome and youíll see the journey. When you know this is the outcome, the plan, this is what itís all about, then you look around the world and there's still Ė there's nothing like as many as there were, nothing like Ė but there's still a lot of independent people, independent business. So what does that tell you? That tells you that more lockdowns are coming, and they're going to make the excuses for them. They're going to lie, as they have from the start of this. They're going to frighten people to justify lockdowns because there's still a lot of businesses and independent incomes to destroy.

    Chris Martenson: You know, Iíve seen Justin Trudeau. Heís got this little troupe he does when heís on the campaign trial right now. He says, if you're playing along, if you get your vaccine passport, you're being a good Canadian, you can go to a restaurant, a bar, a gym. He says those three words. He never says if you donít get your vaccine passport we're going to shut down Walmart, McDonalds, Tim Hortons. Itís always a bar, a gym, or a restaurant meaning a smaller place.

    So heís targeting, specifically, he said the punishment will be meted out upon small and medium size businesses. Itís always targeted there. They never mention that they have to shut down a big business.

    David Icke: Thatís exactly in accordance with what Iíve just said. And if you look at the Amazonís and the big, big global corporations, which all in the end lock into this cult, the idea like people like Zuckerberg and Dorsey and Wachowski at You Tube and these characters at Google are actually in charge is ludicrous. Once you realize that there's this global web of secret societies and semi-secret groups that have spawned these corporation to dominate the areas that they operate in, then you realize that some guy like Zuckerberg is not going to be the one thatís behind it; the cults behind it.

    Amazonís a good example. They bring these Ė well, let me just go back one step, and letís look at the internet. The internet was created on military technology. DARPA, the technological arm of the Pentagon claims credit for the foundation of the internet, and the plan was to create a situation where the internet was the central pillar of human society. Everything came from it.

    But to reach that point, you had to have the free flow of information because if the internet was censored like it is now, it wouldnít have caught on like it did. So freedom of expression, oh, yeah, thatís great. You can talk to people around the world, and free expression is great. But that was for building it up.

    At the same time, they received funding, these corporations. So you had, for instance Amazon like I say, and they were able, like Uber, all these organizations, to go for a long, long, long time making big losses. But there's always funding for them. And when youíve got limitless funding, and you're competing against other organizations that do not have limitless funding, then what you're going to do is you're going to dominate the market more and more and more like Facebook. If there's opposition, well, weíll just buy them.

    And so to build up your Facebooks and your Twitters and your YouTubes and all these people, you had to do the same as they did with the internet. You had to have the free flow of information because if Facebook started out now with the censorship it has now, it never would have got what its become.

    So you move forward to the point, in both cases, one, where the internet is the central pillar of human society, and itís irreversible. And these mega corporations, seed-funded by the cult, have reached points of near monopoly where they can start playing the real agenda that was the agenda from the start.

    So suddenly the free flow of information becomes faster and faster and now hysterical levels of censorship. Because the idea was to get all communicate onto the internet where it could be censored algorithmically, without even human input once the codes are written, to get the mainstream media as was before increasingly onto the internet and unravelling its ability to operate off the internet.
    You look at the media now, the mainstream media what it was, and itís struggling with advertising, with income, and the internet is becoming the center of everything. So now youíve got these mega corporations operating through the internet, the forms of communication, your Twitters and your You Tubes and your Googles fixing their search engine and your Facebooks, and now they're in a position where they're going to decide what you can see and what you canít see, which is whatís happening.

    Then youíve had, interestingly, Amazon started out doing what? Books. And itís expanded into anything that moves now, but itís created a near monopoly on the distribution of books, of the selling of books, and now you're starting to see what can be sold through Amazon and what canít because thatís the plan as well.

    Once you reach this monopoly Ė so many independent publishers have gone out of business because of Amazon Ė you reach this point where well, who else you going to go to? Right? No, no. So now weíve got near monopoly power. Now we're going to start censoring books at the same time they're censoring everything else. So itís been a fishing line out, and then a fishing line in. Pull them in with the free flow of information and then pull it back with increasingly hysterical censorship.
    And I said years ago in the books, the plan is Ė I mean, how pathetic is this is the Covid era Ė and I'm talking way back that this was in the books Ė the plan is to create a situation in which no one will ever see anything that the system doesnít want you to see or hear. And thatís why there's been this movement of communication almost in totality now onto the internet because then it can be controlled in terms of what you see and what you donít see.

    Chris Martenson: Now, I want to turn this to what we can do about it. I articulate problems a lot, but I only care about solutions. So what I love in researching this finding out about all the things you said about how people are gaining control of this.

    So one of their main tools, besides this ignorance that they're going to hoist upon us all by controlling what we see, is fear. This period right now, I know people who are so desperately terrified of Covid, of whatever Ė I saw a really cute little video that articulated it as a mass psychosis. And then a mass psychosis is something that can be instilled by leadership if they want to by pressing fear buttons, get people down to their fear centers, and then they're very much more easily controlled. You can give them ideas, all of that.

    This looks to me Ė first A) would you agree that this is an episode of fear and control as one of their levers but B) once you recognize that, how do you life yourself from that?

    David Icke: Well, I donít think looking for solutions is a good idea. I think looking for the cause of the problem is the wise thing to do because if you can identify the cause of a problem and youíve removed the cause, the problem must disappear. You're not trying to find a way to overcome it, you're deleting it because you're deleting the cause.

    And the cause of the few controlling the many throughout human history has been the acquiescence of the many to the few. Look at any point in human history, any culture, and youíll see this process of the few controlling because the many they control give their power to the few.

    Because, you see, authority has no power. It doesnít. It has no power because there's not enough of them. You know, we're talking about getting on for eight billion people being manipulated and being directed along this road where the worldís being taken. And the number of people actually doing it Ė I say at the core of the core you get them into a single room, but letís go further out, letís include all the law enforcement, letís include all the military, letís include all the government administrators, and you're still looking at a tiny number of people compared with the population thatís being controlled.

    And how this works is real simple. It a process of imposition and acquiescence right the way down the pyramid hierarchy that runs the world, runs countries. They all work in the same way. Itís like a hologram. They way this cult works is holographic. Every part of the whole works the same as the whole.

    So youíve got the global web manipulating on a global level, and then in each country youíve got subsidiary webs answering to the global web whose job it is to impose the will of the global web upon their country of influence. And thatís why you can create a situation like the Covid response where virtually everyoneís responding in the same way. This is the process that the structure because you need a structure if you're going to make this happen, through which it works.

    So if you imagine a pyramid, a hierarchical pyramid in a country and globally, and at the top of the pyramid is a tiny few people, ultimately the inner core of this global cult, and they impose their will, their agenda, what they want to happen, on the level below them, which then acquiesces to that imposition and imposes it on the level below them. And very soon, after youíve come down from that pyramid peak, you're meeting levels of the hierarchy that have no idea there is a cult, have no idea there's any coordination. All they're doing is being told what to do by what they perceive to be their superiors and then imposing that on the level below them. And so it comes down the pyramid, imposition acquiescence, until youíve reached the bottom of the pyramid where the global population are.
    And if we acquiesce to the impositions of government, law enforcement, et cetera, upon us at the level we operate, then we complete a circuit. We complete a circuit of imposition and acquiescence between the tiny few you get in one room and the global population through imposition acquiescence.

    And so the answer is shouting us in the face, and you can look at it just from the basic mathematical level of it, numbers. We have to stop acquiescing and cooperating with our own enslavement. If governments say do this or whatever, then we ask the question, is it justified? Is it justified? Does it make sense? Whatís the motivation? Who benefits from me doing what they're telling me to do?

    And if those answers are itís about controlling me and my family, itís about imposing a tyranny upon me and my family, well, you donít do it. You donít do it. And what youíve raised about fear is why they donít do it. Donít do it in a sense of donít refuse to acquiesce because they fear the consequences of not doing what authority tells them.

    And this is a program that is systematically downloaded into people from the earliest age as very small kids. And you go to school, and youíve only been on the planet for three or four years, and now suddenly you're sitting at a desk, and an authority figure representing the state is telling you when you can be there, when you have to be there, when you can leave, when you can talk, when you can eat, when you can go to the toilet. They're telling you what you must believe or you're a disruptive influence in the classroom if you donít.

    You could start to see the carrot and stick of going with what you're told and acquiescing to it and challenging what you're told and not acquiescing to it. And this process of obeying authority becomes a reflex action in so many people. Weíve seen it in the Covid era. And, you know, people have got these compartmentalized minds where youíll talk to them and say yeah, governments lie. So why are you believing them about this then? Oh, the media, oh, you never believe what you read in the paper. So why are you believing it?

    There's a whole perceptual download going on into people through repetition of the same thing, and if you accept that repetition and just subconsciously absorb it, it becomes your conscious opinion. And what you call your opinion is nothing more than the download into your subconscious and conscious mind of this repetition of a narrative.

    So you will have noticed, I'm sure, I see it all the time when people tell you, whoíve bought the narrative of Covid, they tell you what their opinion is. Iíll tell you what my opinion is on this; Iíll tell you what I think is going on. And what comes out of their mouth is basically the official narrative word for word which theyíve called their opinion, but actually itís not. They're just repeating the statements of authority.

    And so, you know, if we're going to bring an end to this, weíve got to take control of our perceptions back. Weíve got to stop downloading our conclusions and come to them ourselves because this is what is happening, and this is why there's such a difference, such a clear difference between those who bought the narrative unquestioningly, those that go with it because they donít agree with it but they're frightened about doing anything about it, and contract that with those that are awakening to it, who can see it, who are refusing to cooperate with it. Of course, they're a minority compared with here, but they're a significant and growing minority, and the difference is their perception.
    What happens with your people that just believe whatever they're told is they donít come to conclusions? Their conclusion is the start of the process, so this is whatís happening. And therefore the information will be molded to confirm the conclusion. Whereas people who think for themselves, they look at the information and then conclude what they think is happening from the information. With the downloaders, the conclusion is the start of the process.

    So you talk to a woke mind about unicause [PH] global warming, as itís called, you talk to a woke mind about Covid, and their conclusion, which is immovable, will never be changed by information. The conclusion is what it is, the information is almost irrelevant, the conclusion is what matters.

    Whereas other people, they listen to information, the hear information, and they say oh, hold on a minute, I didnít know that. Maybe my conclusion about whatís going on was not quite right if thatís true, and their conclusions move as they process information. This is the difference between those who bought the Covid era hoax and those who are questioning it and refuse to cooperate with it.

    So the awakening people are showing the answer to this. Itís noncooperation with your own enslavement, and itís getting the hell informed about the subjects that are affecting your life so you have some control over your conclusions.

    What is happening? You know, there have been whistleblowers in the national health service, nurses, et cetera, in Britain, and theyíve described how doctors, or what we call consultants in Britain, the top doctors, have had this jab themselves and had no idea what was in it. And they're pumping this stuff into their patients and getting a payment to do it from the government, and extra ten pounds, by the way, for every child they do, and they have no idea whatís in it. And the people are coming up and rolling their sleeve up, they have no idea whatís in it. And their kids are getting it, and they have no idea whatís in it thatís going in their kids.

    There's someone locally here, a mother, whoís asked if she was going to let her 12 year old, which theyíve now got down to here Ė it just started this week Ė in fact, started today Ė she was asked if sheís going to let her 12 year old have the jab. And her reply was, I'm leaving it to him. I mean, so if you Ė this is the point Ė this is a big, big point Ė the biggest point, the biggest difference between this group and the awakening group Ė self-respect. Self-respect.

    If you have self-respect, you are not going to acquiesce with your own enslavement because youíve got the self-respect. Itís not going to happen. Youíve got the self-respect to say hold on a minute, I'm not just going to believe authority because of what it tells me, I'm going to check it out. Thatís self-respect.

    When you concede your self-respect, then you do what the government tells you and authority tells you without question, and you donít check out what they tell you to see if it stands up to scrutiny.

    And if you look at it, because itís all a psychological game, I mean, in Britain the scientific advisory groups to the government on this Covid hoax, they're dominated by behavioral psychologist. This is a behavioral psychology operation, not a health operation. Itís manipulating perceptions so people behave the way you want them to.

    And so you look at the number of people in positions of political power around the world who can only be described as bloody morons. Youíve got one in America, Biden. I mean, for all his flannel, Fauci is not the brightest man ever to walk the earth. You look at Gates, heís not the brightest man either. You look at Johnson in Britain, complete idiot. Macron in France, ditzo. You look at the Premiers of Australia that have imposed that fascism like Daniel Andres in Victoria and the one in New South Wales, they're complete idiots. I mean, Queensland too. I mean, where they get them from I don't know, but they get them.

    What is that saying? Because they're not running the show. They're just front people. What they're doing is putting moronic people in positions of power because if you can see the moronic, and who couldnít Ė advanced minds people obviously canít Ė but you still do what they say, you have conceded your self-respect. This guys a moron. This oneís a moron, but I'm still going to do what they say because they're authority. Theyíve got a title, so I'm going to do what they say.

    And this is the reason too because itís all psychological. Masks are all psychological. People think well, you know, itís so obvious that what we're being told to do, the social distancing and the masks and all these things, the vaccines, itís obvious this is nonsense. What are they telling us to do this for? It makes no sense. And what about the contradictions? They said do this, and then they do that, and then they said do that again. Itís crazy, yeah.

    But they want you to see that. They want you to see. They're not hiding it. They donít want to hide it. They want you to see it. And I'm not talking about the people playing it out, I'm talking about the inner core thatís running this psychological SYOP on the world. They want you to see the contradictions, the nonsense, the unscientific baloney. Because if you can see it and you're told to do that nonsense by a moron and you still do it, you got no self-respect left whatsoever.

    And you take self-respect out of the human personality youíve got submission. Submission remains the other side of self-respect. Deletion. And if you look at every tyranny thatís been overturned throughout human history, itís been overturned by people with self-respect, that wonít have it, that wonít just acquiesce without question.

    Chris Martenson: It sounds like you're describing bootcamp for if you join the Marines or the Royal NAVY, right. The first thing they do is they strip you down. They take your self-respect. Is that not true?

    David Icke: Exactly. Iíll tell you what. I did an enormous amount of research into mind control from 1996 right across the millennium and for years afterwards. A lot of it was done in America, and a lot of it surrounded this horrific mind control program that came to light in the 70s called NK-Ultra. Iíve met and talked to so many people who were survivors. Great numbers didnít survive, of course, NK-Ultra.

    Then I was watching a documentary on the training Ė it was in Britain Ė of elite troops. We call them the parachute regimens and things like that, the elite of the elite, as they call them. And I'm watching NK-Ultra mind control. I'm watching these people are put on NK-Ultra mind control techniques because they want them to be unquestionably obedient. Thatís what they want. Ď

    Go into this situation where there's no reason for it, and you're going to be in great danger, even if something happens that we want to happen, it wonít make any bloody difference to where we are in this situation where we are in this conflict, but you're going to go. And they go, and they get killed and oh, they're a hero.

    You know, my father told me a lot when I was a kid growing up. He was in the medical Corp during the war, during the second world war. He served in Italy and North Africa and other places. And he would tell me about these, again, moronic people who came from good, wealthy backgrounds, so they got the offices jobs, and the rest of the people just had to do what they told them.

    He told me one story. He said, this guy was so unbelievably dangerous to the troops because he was like a general, but he was utterly incompetent, that he came in not feeling well one day Ė this was in North Africa Ė and he said we put on the diagnosis probably TB. And so when that happened, he said, they sent you back to Britain, Blitiers [PH] they used to call it, to be treated. But he never had TB, but they had to get him out because he was killing people with his incompetence.

    And so you see this process or this structure all the time of incompetent, moronic people in positions of power because they are acquiescent themselves to that which is behind them which is driving this agenda.

    And with the NK-Ultra, the techniques that have been used on the population, that I saw used on those troops in that documentary in the Covid era are NK-Ultra.

    I was contacted in 2020 by a lady called Cathy OíBrien. Cathy OíBrien is very, very well known in mind control circles. She wrote a book called Trans: Formation of America, Trans: Formation of America about her experiences in NK-Ultra, an elite part of NK-Ultra where sex slaves were provided for rich and famous people like father George Bush and the Clintons and Dick Cheney, et cetera, in that period that she was there called Project Monarch.

    And she was describing to me, she said, I just want to remind you that in NK-Ultra they used masks. Cathy gave birth to a child, Kelly, in captivity in NK-Ultra. Iíve met Kelly. Iíve met Cathy many times. And she said that they forced Kelly, from the age of two, to wear a mask because it was part of the dehumanization process of NK-Ultra mind control. It was to deny enough oxygen to the brain so it didnít develop as it normally would, and Iíve seen neurologists talking out about this and the effect on the brain of masks, especially in young children and youngsters in general because of the growing development period demands lots of oxygen which can be devastating to the body and the brain if you donít get enough.

    And it was to basically be a symbolic gag silencing them, dehumanizing them, taking away their sense of an individual personality. Now, you walk down the street when the masks are going, and they want to bring them back. Talking about it here now already. I mean, I donít wear a mask. Iíll die first. No way. But you walk past people, and you might know them, but you donít recognize them, and itís just dehumanizing.

    And the people that have been pushing these masks in Britain are behavioral psychologists because they know the effect that itís having. And she pointed out that the NK-Ultra program didnít end. It just carried on under other names. Itís gone on ever since, and that one of the victims of it was Michael Jackson. One of the reasons his strange behavior. He was subjected to terrible levels of mind control, a lot of it based on _____ [00:54:36].

    And she pointed out, what was Michael Jackson famous for doing for a long period? Wearing masks, wearing a mask. Itís all part of this effect on the psyche. And so you have masks introduced, justified by ďCovidĒ which have holes far bigger than viral particles anyway if you believe in viruses, and so if you sneeze or cough, they're going to come through. Itís just a waste of bloody time, but itís not because itís about changing the psyche. Itís nothing to do with health.

    And this is whatís going on. Itís all mind control. Itís all psychological manipulation. And itís to bring the population into a state of what we call nodding dog acquiescence so that you never question anything, you donít challenge anything, you just do what you're told. And if you take away the awakening who have stood up to this, and you look at the people who have bought it unquestionably, and thatís what they are, they're just nodding dogs. The government says do something or presses enter, and they respond.

    Chris Martenson: I want to talk now about this awakening because I do agree that there are obvious psychological profiles being developed and run and things like that. We know about that because a couple of psychologists, I believe in Britain, apologized, and said, oh, we're so sorry that we participated in this, but there's a behavioral unit there. They have nudge units is what they call them in Australia.

    Chris Martenson: Yeah, they call them nudge units here. In Britain itís called the Behavioral Insights Team itís called in Britain. And its nickname is the nudge unit.

    Chris Martenson: The nudge unit. Yeah, so we have those. Those are a matter of open discussion. For anybody listening, if you want to look into this further, the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was also an NK-Ultra, well known to be an unwilling participant if you will. He was pushed through the NK Ultra program, so itís a very real thing.

    But I want to talk about this awakening. From your vantage point, are there more people waking up now?

    David Icke: Oh, my God, yes. You know, because Iíve been doing this for 31 years now, and so I remember what it was like 31 years ago. I mean, there was virtually no one you could get to take interest in any of this. Virtually no one. I I came to America even as late as 1996, and I was talking in peopleís front room. I spoke near Chicago once and eight people turned out. This is what you were dealing with even in 1996.
    And so when people are relatively new to this, say all people should be waking up quicker, well, we all want that. But when I compare with what is happening now with what was happening then, I mean, it bears no resemblance whatsoever. I mean, enormous numbers of people are waking up.

    I was walking down the street in Britain in the 1990s, and I was being laughed at by people. People would point me out as the mad, crazy man. And now they stop me in the street and ask me about whatís going on, the same people. There has been this great awakening which really has happened, to a large extent, because Ė well, first of all, when youíve been saying for 30 years somethingís going to happen, it happens, well, that gives you credibility. What else have you said thatís going to happen?

    But more than that, the Covid era is when the manipulation, for those who in any way have a brain cell anyway, has been the time when this came out of the shadows into the room where we could see it. And you know, for all this period, right up to the Covid era really, except for those people who have been looking for it and seeing it, itís all happened in the shadows, and thatís just another term for subconscious. Itís all happened in the subconscious, and the conscious mind has not been aware of it. To the conscious mind, the things happening in the world are all random events. They arenít connected at all. Because the manipulation has been coming from the subconscious, what we call the shadows. Itís not been in the awareness of the conscious mind.

    But in the Covid era, because they're now running for home, they're now going full blast with their anger, they have to enter the room because, you know, you can only manipulate under the radar up to a certain point. I mean, you can go a long way down that road, and they have. But there comes a time when your manipulation to transform society in a certain way, what they're calling The Great Reset, has to physically happen where people can see it. You're no longer manipulating and moving this bit and moving this piece and then this piece. You are actually transforming the world of the seen, the world of the conscious mind, and thatís whatís happened in the Covid era.

    And it just shows the level of perceptual manipulation that there are vast numbers of people that still canít see it even though itís been presented to the arena of the conscious mind. But lots of people have, and they can see that this is not a game, and itís not a theory. Itís real because itís happening before their eyes.

    This is what is getting a lot of so far vax people, fake vax people, to actually move into this awakening group. Because whatís been happening Ė this is what always happens Ė is you have a script, and there are elements of the script that need to play out. So if itís not in the script to have masks at this point, then Fauci will say there's no need for masks. But when it comes to the point in the script where they want to play the masks out, then suddenly masks are necessary to save you from Covid. So they lie all the way.

    So theyíve got a test called the RTPCR test, which is not testing for the SARS-C V 2. But they claim it is, and when you test positive, you're called a case. So what they say at the start is if we're going to go back to normal, which is the carrot thatís never designed to go back to normal, then you must get tested. Everyone must get tested. Oh, yeah, well, weíll get tested then. Well, but the more people test with the test not testing for the virus, the more people are going to test positive, going to be called a case, and the authorities are going to use that number to say we need to go further away from normal, not nearer to it. And then they say the same with masks and all that stuff, and then they come around to the fake jab.
    And this is what is starting a lot of people who have been jabbed saying well, hold on a minute here, but no further, is they say okay, go back to normal this, the carrot, everyoneís going vaccinated. And so you have two jabs, and thatís what you need. Go back to normal. And we are going to give you incentives; free beer, free donuts, free entry to a lottery, which is all about health, of course. So yeah, we believe in your health. Have a donut for having the jab. I love it. Iíll have a beer.

    And so youíve got the incentives, and then youíve got the stick. Well, if you donít have the jab, you're not going to be able to do this, that, and the other and have a normal life. And so people, for various reasons, either they just believe what they're told, so they do it, or they think well, I donít really want it, but I canít do this, that, and the other, I better have it. And they get the two jabs.

    And then they say, well, actually you need a booster. Like I say, in Israel they're talking about the forth. And what are they saying in Israel? I said back in 2020 they would do this. They're saying in Israel, you have had two jabs, and youíve got your green pass, your vaccine passport? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, well, if you donít have the third one within six months you're going to lose your green pass, your vaccine passport which means you're going to be in the same position the non-vax-ed are, and youíve had two of them. And this is the idea.

    You look at some of these vaccine passports and theyíve got sections for more and more jabs in them. I mean, hello? And so a lot of jabbed people are now looking at this and saying, hold on a minute. You said if we did this we got back to normal. We didnít. If we did this weíd go back to normal. We didnít. we got two jabs, we go back to normal? We're not. And I canít do, unless I have more jabs, what the unvaccinated canít do. So I had these things for no reason. And the pennies are starting to drop in more and more of those people and not leastÖ

    Chris Martenson: Not for no reason, David. These vaccines harm people. They actually harm people. There was a little local like ABC affiliate here in the US put up a very unfortunate Facebook post and they said, hey, if you're unvaccinated and been harmed by Covid weíd like your story. They had 220,000 responses on it, and almost all of them were people saying, no, I donít know anybody that fits that category, but my aunt just died after having the jab, or my uncle started bleeding out his nose, and it couldnít be stop.

    So these vaccines, like I know more people who know people who have been harmed by the vaccine than from Covid. Thatís what I know personally in my life.

    David Icke: Well, when I said for no reason, I mean, for no reason in terms of going back to normal. But, of course, the jabs are not for no reason. They're for no reason health wise except for destroying it.

    I mean, when your putting synthetic genetic material into a body Ė I mean, how do you think thatís going to work out? Self-replicating synthetic genetic material Ė I mean, how do you think thatís going to work out? Any idea? Of course itís going to be a disaster. Because itís self-replicating, itís going to be a cumulative disaster. The more of the boosters you have, the more of the impact on the body, itís messing with the messaging system of the body. I mean, the body is in balance and healthy because the communication system of the body is healthy, the communication from the brain to the genetic structure and vice versa. When thatís in balance like a computerís communication system is in balance, the computer is working.

    But when you throw it out of kilter, like with a computer virus or something, or mRNA, fake vaccines, then once your communication system starts breaking down, it can manifest as endless disease, disharmony, because the communicate is not happening. Itís like the virus on your computer, the communicate goes haywire, so does the communicate. It wonít work anymore.

    And itís the same principle. Iíve kind of been on this case, really concentrate on this area in the last few weeks. And the number of people who are dying and having life changing effects from these fake vaccines is absolutely fantastic.

    I saw a 16 year old girl in America the other day talking about the fact that sheíd been devastated, her health had been devasted, by having this fake vaccine, but no one in the medical profession will agree that the vaccine caused it. They says itís psychosomatic. Sheís having these shakes because sheíd succumb to stress or something and needs to see a mental professional she was told.

    And then this moronic, again, neurologist she saw said that even though yeah, itís psychosomatic, you need to see a mental professional, she said, but, you know, I have seen more of these cases since the vaccine rollout. And then she was asked, well, why do you think you're seeing more cases? And she said, well, itís because there's so much stress about this vaccine itís all psychosomatic.

    I mean, itís unbelievable, the idiocy that we're seeing unfolding in all these different professions. But where I'm going is that she was told what was wrong with her, eventually, was that the communicate had gone haywire from the brain and through the central nervous system and therefore she was having these bodily movements that she couldnít control. Well, thatís messing with the messaging system of the body. We havenít seen nothing yet. And there are deeper levels of this. There are deeper psychological and energetic levels of this.

    Do you know Rudolf Steiner, a hundred years ago Ė he was obviously behind the Steiner schools, Waldorf education itís also called I think, and he was a very, very enlightened man, and he had a lot of connections into the system as well. And he said a hundred years ago that they were planning, what he called the materialists, were planning a vaccine eventually that would be given to babies at birth and would disconnect their five sense mind from their other levels of consciousness and it would isolate people in the five sense, and they would be literally only able to perceive what they perceived to be the materialist world and not other levels of awareness which is absolutely vital to have to get a fix on this world because the five sense will only give you a certain experience and understanding of it. You need other levels of conscious in the perceptual process, otherwise you are just a baby in arms to the system.

    And what we're now seeing with Pfizer, talking about November, is we got down to six months now they're talking about giving this fake jab. And they want to give it as early as possible after birth. And, you know, when you look at these people like Reiki healers and people like that that work with the other energetic levels of the human entity, and some of them are saying that when they worked on the energetic fields of people before they had the jab and afterwards they're totally different. There's a disconnect between the different levels of being after the jab and before which fits the kind of Ė well, it doesnít fit. Itís exactly what Steiner predicted.

    I have talked to a lot of people whoíve said about workmates, loved ones, people they know, they're not the same person anymore since theyíve had this jab. The word that comes up more than once, to say the least, is vacant. They look vacant. Itís like no one home.

    And so I think we are going to see multiple, multiple effects of this fake vaccine. And there are multiple effects that were planned. I keep seeing doctors talking about unintended consequences of the fake vaccine. They're not unintended. They're absolutely intended.

    What we're looking at is a massive [PH] population program on one level and those that survive a genetic transformation from the biological state that weíve always known to a much more synthetic state which fits in with the sort of things that Husky was talking about. Thatís what we're looking at.

    This is not a game. Itís not a phase that eventually will end. This is the cult running for home. And we need to face that and realize that the power is with us but only if we use it.

    Chris Martenson: So letís, as we Ė and by the way, this has just been a fabulous interview. Thank you so much for your time. I want to direct people to your website. And Iíd like to know what you think, if you have advice for people who are listening. So we know the people who have already awakened and there's lots of them, and they're growing. There are the people who probably never will be reached, but for those people on the fence, whatís the message for them? How do we encourage people to think for themselves as it were?

    David Icke: Well, first of all, recognize the historical, endless, constant, incessant confirmations that authority lies. Itís always done it. So why would they suddenly tell you the truth now about this?

    Then ask the question who benefits? Who benefits from all of this? Donít people that want freedom and justice and the right to free opinion, to freedom of lifestyle, do they benefit from this? No, no. Those that want to destroy all that benefit from this. Who benefits from all the small and medium size, and even some big businesses that arenít cult businesses going under, those that won the giant corporations?

    Who benefits is the question? Who benefits from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it is a great line, and it points you to the real villain time and time again.

    So ask these questions. But once youíve asked them and found answers that give you a fix on whatís really happening, stop cooperating with it. One things for certain, and itís guaranteed, if you cooperate with fascism, you cooperate with tyranny, youíll get tyranny. You will get what you will take.

    You know, Iíll give you a quick example. There are fantastic people in Australia who are pushing back against this under the most enormous intimidation from these fascistic states in Australia and the federal government. But there's not enough of them yet. And so youíve seen whatís happened in Australia across their winter up to present time. Very clear extreme levels of fascism, beyond anything the Naziís did in some ways in terms of lockdown, not being able to leave your house, have been imposed.

    So if you take it, they will give it because their agenda is to do to the world what theyíve done to Australia. And yet, in Britain, they announced last week they were going to introduce vaccine passports at the end of September. Two days later they withdrew it, and now they say that they're not going to do it until the end of September. Now, they are going to come back again. As the number of fake vaccine deaths increase and increase and increase, and they're going to, they are, they're going to be blaming this on Covid and variants to hide the fact that itís the bloody vaccine thatís causing it.

    They're going to use that fear to come back again with the vaccine passports, with the mask, with the lockdown, In fact, the UK government has said well, thatís their plan B. Well, no, itís your plan A, and you know it is.

    But the point I'm making is, they made a decision last week, they donít think they can get away with vaccine passports in Britain at the moment as things stand because there's been a lot of pushback here. I mean, there are marches in London every month. There's another one this Saturday which I'm going to where hundreds of thousands of people take part, and there's big pushback.

    You know, in the spring of 2020 when people were just buying, you know, we're all going to die scenario, anyone that was protesting was picked off immediately. There were so few. But now the police will go in, arrest them and all that stuff. But now the police just have to stand aside because the numbers are so vast there's nothing they can do.

    And this is making the point that they will give what you will take. If youíll take it, theyíll give it because they want real extreme stuff, real extreme fascism. And if we acquiesce to it, thatís what weíll get, as simple as that. And if you think itís bad now, and it bloody well is, what kind of world are your kids going to live in? and your grandkids?
    Beyond anything, we say now, so why would you just sit there with your mouth zipped and sitting on your hands acquiescing to this? This is backbone time. This is grow a pair time because the way that this human society is going depends on the noncooperation with this in the next two years. It absolutely does. I'm not a pessimist on it. I'm optimistic. But optimism needs to be supported by action. And itís not going to write itself. We have to write it. I think we will, but weíve got to get started in a much bigger way and now.

    Chris Martenson: I agree. I'm reminded of a Nietzsche quote which is, ďNo price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself.Ē

    David Icke: Here, here. Here, here. Okay, you people that have chosen to have this fake vaccine for reasons of not questioning it, do what I'm told, do you own yourself? Of course not. And if you donít own yourself, someone else owns you.

    And, you know, another aspect of this which is Ė Iíve written about in books before going, of course, a long way back, is the plan to change the nature of the human body to the point where you can patent it and own it. I think there was a case went through the Supreme Court in America, as I recall, where they tried to patent the elements of the body, and it was knocked down because you canít patent an actual thing. That was basically the judgment.

    But if you change the natural thing with non-natural stuff, synthetic stuff, then you can claim that actually you're doing something thatís not natural, thus you can patent it, and thatís been in the agenda for a long, long time.
    This is exaclty the same principle as your Monsanto GMO where they changed the nature of the plant, the crop, and then they patent it, and you have to buy it from them because they own it. Even though it started out natural, you flicked it with unnatural stuff, genetically modified, now you can patent it, and you can own it. They want to do that with the body.

    To understand the scale of whatís going on is to understand the true evil that we're dealing with. My definition of evil is the absence of love. And when you pull love out of everything, so it becomes this black hole without love, thatís what we call evil. These people are evil. I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for them, I do. I mean, they wake up every day and realize they're still them. It must be a nightmare.

    But this is the state of consciousness if you can call it that that we're dealing with. So if people say well, no, theyíd never do that. No, no, no. no, no, no, you would never do that. They would do it and get off on it. I mean, you look in the eyes of these people. The eyes really are the window on the soul. I look in the eyes of Fauci. I look in the eyes of Gates. I love in the eyes of local Chris Whitty here whoís Chief Medical Officer driving the policy like Fauci is in America. And I look at the Daniels Andrewís. I look at the Klaus Schwabís, the World Economic Forum. Look in their eyes. There's not a soul on the other side, Iíll tell you that. So who are these that.

    Chris Martenson: Remember, rules for thee, not for me in this crowd. We had our governor of California eating out with all of his friends maskless. And of course in the UK I think we had Matt Hancock shagging the Secretary all while telling people they couldnít touch, they couldnít hug, they had to be very, very afraid. So thatís always the tell in this thing too.

    Chris Martenson: This guy Matt Hancock, Iíve done a lot of research on this, people like _____ [01:28:06] and a journalist called Jacquie Deevoy [PH] in this country, a proper journalist in this. And Matt Hancock mass murdered enormous numbers of old people in the spring of 2020. You can show the data. He ordered, mass ordered, a drug called Midazolam, which is an end of life sedative drug which is used by some states in the execution process. He ordered enormous supplies. He got two years supply from France in.

    The did this in America in some states and in New York big time. They said, well, this Covid is going to be so bad weíve got to clear the hospital beds, so get everybody out of the hospital that you think you can. So enormous amounts of old people who were not in the hospital with Covid; they were in the hospital because they were ill and because they were old. They were in the hospital; they must have been in a bad state.

    They were moved into the care homes, which is a bit of a misnomer in the Covid era, and they were given Midazolam and things like morphine, but Midazolam dominated.
    And you see, when you see the prescriptions of Midazolam, they absolutely go through the roof in this period where enormous amounts of old people died in the care homes. And Iíve seen unimpeachable documentation of some of the levels of prescriptions of Midazolam or doses that were given that would kill and elephant, and they called that the Covid first wave.

    In America they used a drug imposed upon the hospitals by Fauci called Remdesivir to do the same, to create the first wave. Many thousands of people died because of Remdesivir which destroys organs, particularly the kidney function, and so people fill up with water and the lungs fill up with water, and they call it Covid 19. And Fauci well knew as a doctor in America Ė heís done a fantastic amount of research on this Ė knew that this Remdesivir would do that, and it would kill people.
    Because there have been trials where Remdesivir was for Ebola treatment where Remdesivir affected people so badly in the trials they took it out of the trial. And then he says, well, you got to use to for Covid.

    This is the level of psychopathy that we are dealing with. These people have no soul. And if you look at the traits of psychopaths, the top two traits are lack of empathy and lack of compassion. And if you donít have empathy Ė Iíve called for decades empathy the failsafe mechanism of human behavior. If you can have empathy, you put yourself in the feeling of those your affecting, then thatís a failsafe mechanism because you have an emotional consequence for what you're doing to them.

    When you have no emotional consequence because you donít have empathy, there's no limits to what you will do because you have no downside. You have no impact emotionally on what you do.

    We talked earlier about NK-Ultra. Kids put through enormous, fantastic traumas in NK-Ultra to split their mind into different compartments. You're going to have empathy and do that to a kid? No way. This is what we're dealing with. And when people grasp the scale of evil we're dealing with, they will start to grasp actually what we're facing.

    Chris Martenson: Thatís a difficult process for people to really face I think. Itís hard to imagine. But because we donít have the frame of reference for it, you know. The only way I can sort of connect with it is the same level of care that I think about when I put an ant trap on the counter is probably the same amount of care that Fauci says when he says give these people Remdesivir.

    David Icke: Exactly right. Thatís a very good analogy. They donít see us in anything more than vermin terms. So what happens to us, whatís it matter? They're very, very sick people. But at the inner core, they're not stupid. Well, they're stupid because of the consequences long term of their actions, but they're not intellectually stupid.
    And the one thing they understand is how the human psyche works, and they know if they press button A theyíll get response B. Thatís how they're doing it. Itís not that they're all powerful. They're not. They have to manipulate us to give our power to them. Thatís where their power comes from. And because they understand how the psyche works, thatís how the manipulate us to give our power to them because they have none unless we give it to them. If we donít, then they become impotent.

    Someone comes out of the White House or Downey Street and says weíve had a discussion, and this is whatís going to happen. If enough people say we're not doing it, we're not doing that, whereís their power? Their power is in use saying I think itís ridiculous. I think itís crazy. I think itís outrageous. I think itís political crap thatís gone mad, but Iíll still do it. Thatís where their power comes from. We stop that, game over.

    Chris Martenson: Well said, very well said. David, fantastic interview. Thank you for the work you're doing in the world. If people want to follow you, where do they find you?

    David Icke: Well, I hope no one will follow me. This is how we got into this mess, following people. But if people want to see what I'm saying and the information to back it up then they go to davidicke.com. Thatís the hardware that the news is put into context every day and videos galore there. New ones all the time.

    And then there's Iconic which is like an alternative Netflix which covers all the different alternative subjects, not just conspiracy, everything with documentaries and series and what else? I just actually recorded a series on The Nature of Reality, thirteen parts, which is going to be on Iconic pretty soon.

    And I'm doing a live stream, buy the way, on Iconic on November 6th called Where From Here? Itís going to be six hours of how did we get into this mess, and how do we get out of it. Because get out of it we will, but weíve got to have some real commitment to do it.

    Chris Martenson: Fantastic. Well, I'm looking forward to that. Thank you for your work in the world. You're a very busy man, obviously, so thank you for your time today. And God speed.

    David Icke: Pleasure.
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    Default Re: David Icke on Peak Prosperity

    Itís brilliant to see PP have David Icke on the program. I couldnít be happier.

    Thank you, Exomatrix TV for the transcript!

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    Default Re: David Icke on Peak Prosperity

    Yes, thank you Exomatrix TV. Some of us really need closed caption or sub titles so having that transcript is very helpful!

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    Default Re: David Icke on Peak Prosperity

    Wow. Brilliant and inspired. Great for Chris Martenson, too. He was really, really listening, and he's a super-smart guy with a lot of people who (in turn) listen to him carefully.

    I usually multitask when I'm playing video interviews, because there's just so much I need to keep up with. (And also so much else to do!) But here I stopped everything and just paid very close attention.

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    Default Re: David Icke on Peak Prosperity

    Just completed reading the transcript. Will watch the complete interview later with my spouse.

    Incredible interview of David, and his summary of where things are now and why: brilliant.

    If I had time now, I would act as editor and issue a rev 2 of that transcript, fixing some errors such as NK-ULTRA to MK-ULTRA. But easy to understand what was intended, really appreciate the work that went into rev 1.
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    Default Re: David Icke on Peak Prosperity

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)

    Wow. Brilliant and inspired. Great for Chris Martenson, too. He was really, really listening, and he's a super-smart guy with a lot of people who (in turn) listen to him carefully.

    I usually multitask when I'm playing video interviews, because there's just so much I need to keep up with. (And also so much else to do!) But here I stopped everything and just paid very close attention.

    Me too Bill, I'm normally multitasking in some way when I listen to stuff.

    I went down to the beach near my new flat, and spent over an hour reading the transcript, and really taking it in. Such a profoundly bang on and measured take on where we're at, and how it has come to be.

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    Default Re: David Icke on Peak Prosperity

    Thank you Elainie!! Fantastic interview!

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    Bill Ryan (27th September 2021)

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