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Thread: How I Personally Stopped the Abductions and Negative Synchronicities

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    Talking How I Personally Stopped the Abductions and Negative Synchronicities

    11 months ago (it feels like 11 years ago), I was on my laptop browsing through anti-COVID stuff. This was about two months after a NDE (near death experience) which left me broke, with no income, no mode of transportation, and no apartment. I was living at my girlfriend’s apartment, trying to rebuild my life from scratch - and I was NOT having a good time!

    To make things even worse, I was extremely disillusioned with society and I could not comprehend how people were not seeing through the blatant misinformation being peddled with regards to COVID. That was one thing. Even worse, I hated and could not understand how people were not standing up for the things they knew were right. Every other person you talked to was “sick of the masks” and had a hunch that they might not be doing anything, yet everyone conformed and was too scared to take theirs off in public places where they were not technically required (such as the grocery store). Then you had the idiots wearing theirs alone, outside, in the grueling humidity of the south, which basically broke my brain at the time because it was so foolish.

    Overall, everywhere I looked, I saw complacency, cowardice, or insanity, which only intensified my feelings of extreme depression and explosive anger towards my personal life circumstances.

    Then, randomly, while browsing r/nonewnormal on Reddit (before it was banned), something strange happened to me. I saw a link to montalk.net in one of the comment sections and time seemed to stand still. We will call this “The Moment”.

    For the next 72 hours after The Moment, I experienced superhuman awareness. I literally -- LITERALLY, AND I MEAN LITERALLY -- could not think about the past or future. My girlfriend would try to talk to me and I simply could not “think” in the traditional sense. My reply to basically anything she said was, “I understand that you are trying to have a conversation with me, but I simply cannot venture into the past or future right now.” I could really only answer yes/no questions. I was *completely* present and it was totally effortless. Which was cool, but also unnerving because I could sense the beingness of non-humans in a way that I never had before.

    In a practical sense, I was able to read and comprehend the entirety of montalk.net, which is a TON of content, in the span of 48 hours. To clarify, this was before I had done any esoteric work whatsoever. I was vaguely familiar with the concept of synchronicity but that was about it. I was shocked that I was understanding this type of stuff so easily and fluidly.

    Abductions Begin

    The Moment happened around 5 PM if memory serves. That night, I experienced my first conscious recollection of an abduction...
    • I came to my senses and I was bent over on a table, and someone was asking me, “Are you ready, [First Name]?” I wasn’t, and I didn’t like this situation at all, but I found myself answering yes. To my recollection, they inserted a needle into my testicles. This is the moment where I would have woken up if it were a simple dream.
    • Once that was done, someone said “we’re going to go over here now and wait for the client”. I didn’t want to go, but I found myself going anyway. It didn’t feel as if I had any control of whether I actually went or not.
    • Once the client showed up, the client led *me* to another room, which I thought was strange. Shouldn’t I be dictating where we go?
    • The “client” and I go to a room, where the client shines an intensely bright light directly into my eye. I remember thinking: “this should be hurting me really badly, but it’s not”. All the while, the “client” is talking to me about basketball while doing a bunch of weird **** with my eyes -- putting drops in them, etc. I HATE basketball (too much scoring to be remotely interesting), so this was also strange. In no dream would I ever hold an extended conversation about basketball.
    • The “client” leads me back to the same waiting area, and I ask if we’re almost done. Someone tells me that we’re waiting on someone else.
    • This other “person” comes in and sits across from me, but at a different table, so I wasn’t looking directly at him. I attempt to look directly at him but I simply can’t. All I can sense is a massive energy source where this voice is coming from. There seems to be no human “form” to it. The voice is talking to me, and I can’t remember exactly what was said (were words even used?), but the essence of it was trying to get me to think in a certain way (negatively, limiting). The entire time, I’m trying to resist, and thinking “why the **** have I not woken up yet,” but I can’t do anything about it.
    • Finally, at long last, I woke up. And the same day I read about aliens on montalk.net, I’m like--did I really just get abducted?

    At the time, I thought it was kind of cool. Just the idea of there being more than our five senses was something to behold. (I now realize thinking like this only increases your likelihood of abduction)

    Things got more intense from here. I was introduced to esoteric content beyond montalk.net which I devoured and internalized. Highs were extremely high and my lows were extremely low. I honestly felt as if I was being warred over by things beyond the scope of my perception. On one end, I discovered materials via synchronicity that led me to become sober, celibate, and vegan, which made overall life pretty damn good, especially because I was cultivating my “Real I” via esotericism. I was used to being a depressed drug addict who ate nothing but fast food, so this newfound energy was hard to manage, but definitely overall good. I also had a Kundalini awakening while this was going on. My third eye and crown chakra were ON FIRE for about two days. I felt as if my third eye was going to burst out of my skull and I was actually somewhat concerned that it would. During this experience, the room I was in was pitch black with all blinds closed, and a floating ball of light appeared on my wall, drifted lazily along for about 10 seconds, then went away. Totally inexplicable. I now believe this was a UFO or something along those lines as it mimics other abductees’ experiences with seeing UFOs.

    But then when I did get a negative thought, the anger etc. was so explosive that I basically could not handle it. Negative synchronicities were popping up constantly in an attempt to get a rise out of me. Lots had to do with COVID insanity, but others were more benign, like people just constantly screaming at me from their car windows while I was walking along.

    All during this, I felt as if I was getting abducted constantly at night. I did make notes of my dreams but things were just crazy. I was somewhat afraid of going to bed at night if I’m being perfectly honest. The “dreams” were just so ****ed up, but then I would awaken to an awesome (if exasperating) waking life. I pondered what to do to stop the nighttime happenings and the answer from my intuition was clear: maintain awareness. I began meditating in a yin rather than a yang fashion, where I tried to stay laser-focused on the idea of the darkness behind my eyelids and consciously shut out all other thoughts. (I am aware that there are other ways to meditate besides this and shutting out all conscious thought is not always ideal, but I wanted to seamlessly move from waking to sleeping while maintaining awareness)

    The major wrench in their plans

    In one of these nighttime happenings, the “dream” went like this:
    • I was in a restaurant, waiting
    • Someone would come get me from the restaurant and lead me to a variety of other rooms
    • Once I was done, I would get on the phone with someone and he would ask me questions. My answers were always along the lines of “not so good…”, “he’s not doing great…”, “he’s having a lot of problems…”
    • I would go back to the restaurant and wait
    • This loop continued a few times

    Then, while on the phone with the man, he asked me a question about my “friend” and I suddenly came to my awareness and said “wait, who are we talking about again?”

    This is where things got ****ing weird.

    In the dream, I took the receiver away from my ear. On the other end of the line, something was screaming, but not in a human voice. It was like a mechanical scream. Impossible to describe, really. But after three seconds or so, I “woke up”. I was NOT supposed to “wake up”...

    Ladies and gentlemen, when I “woke up”, I was in a state of complete awareness. No one has EVER woken up like this, even if you’ve woken up abruptly. It was as if I hadn’t even been sleeping.

    Even more, I could FEEL MY PHYSICAL BRAIN BEING COMPLETELY ACTIVATED. Remember when Windows XP desktop machines used to freeze? And make that overheated noise and you could literally tell it was working at 100% capacity? That is how my physical brain felt, but I didn’t feel overheated. I just felt as though my brain was in the process of literally being programmed as quickly as possible, and I had interrupted it somehow. Once again, it’s impossible to describe, because just like I had never heard the mechanical scream before, I had never felt any sensation like this before. But this sensation was in fact physical.

    Immediately when I “woke up”, a voice said “RUN” and I BOLTED OUT OF MY ROOM and into the bathroom, which I have never done in my entire life. I did so because I could sense “shadow beings” (for lack of a better word) surrounding me as I laid down. In the bathroom, I turned on all of the lights and it took about five minutes to calm down and for my brain to go back to normal. While in the bathroom, I thought I might have still been dreaming because my brain felt so weird.

    After this experience, the negative experiences died down for me drastically. My dreams went from bad to amazing. One time, I woke up and cried tears of joy for two hours straight. While healing trauma, negative feelings did still surface, but nothing artificially induced like it had been before that particular dream. Negative synchronicities also starting becoming less and less common because rather than reacting mechanically, I had my awareness with me and could realize what was happening, then laugh.

    All of this, combined with my esoteric work, has made my life do a complete 180 in the span of just 11 months. I had basically been depressed, anxious, and angry my entire life, whereas I no longer feel those emotions really ever. My awareness is sharp, I recognize the hyperdimensional nature of the universe, and my "Real I" is quite developed, at least compared to where it used to be.

    It has been a completely insane time period for me though, especially those first couple months there.

    Moral of the story

    To stop abductions or cut down on their frequency, I found it helpful to:
    1. Maintain razor-sharp awareness while falling asleep. If you can “catch” them in the act, they will stop, at least for a time. This was most important for me.
    2. Fall asleep sober. You cannot maintain awareness while you fall asleep if you are not sober. If you cannot fall asleep sober, it is likely because you are addicted to something that helps you fall asleep (e.g. people think weed helps them fall asleep when in reality they cannot fall asleep without weed because they are addicted to weed). If you can’t fall asleep in general, it’s probably because you don’t exercise enough and/or you drink caffeine.
    3. Be sober throughout the day. Lingering effects from drugs will make it harder to fall asleep with awareness.
    4. Before going to bed, imagine golden light filling your physical body and your entire room.
    5. Consciously state to Creation that you do not consent to be abducted tonight and you will do everything in your power to come to awareness during your abductions if they happen.
    6. Understand that the "good guys" will never abduct you, so getting caught up in the web of lies regarding "who are the good guys / who are the bad guys" will not serve you. It will only confuse you.

    Check out montalk.net/resources for some good esoteric resources. The Stellar Man and the Gnosis trilogy are both must-reads. In fact, the entire montalk.net website is a must-read, as is veilofreality.com.

    I also wrote this so that someone reading it might not feel so insane if similar things are happening to them - dreams, negative synchs, etc. Because I can tell you without a doubt that I felt absolutely out of my mind when this stuff was going on!

    I will likely not reply to or even check this thread, so PM me if you want to talk about anything related.

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