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Thread: 1933 UAP Retrieval under Mussolini (& Other Italian Cases)

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    Default 1933 UAP Retrieval under Mussolini (& Other Italian Cases)

    In this interview MAX MOSZKOWICZ interviews PAOLO GUIZZARDI (the Italian ICER representative).

    He discusses the documented 1933 UAP retrieval under Mussolini.

    Also, the 2005/6 case in Sicily which lasted for weeks involving the helicopter damaged (possibly by a UFO), houses & plants set on fire, residents evacuated, and microwave radiation traced to 60km out at sea. (photo evidence).

    Also the 1979 case involving a military aircraft & UFO near Treviso airport (photo evidence).

    & More...
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    Default Re: 1933 UAP Retrieval under Mussolini (& Other Italian Cases)

    ICER member Paolo Guizzardi was on That UFO Podcast and said some very interesting things. He spent a lot of time with Lue Elizondo during his trip to San Marino so I’m sure that’s where he got some of his information.

    The episode is currently for premium subscribers but will be available for everyone in the next few days. Also, this is not a pro-Trump post. What Guizzardi describes is clearly just a side-effect.

    Here’s the most interesting part, in my opinion:
    My opinion of what is happening now in the US is due to the actions of president Trump. Not because he was interested in the subject and wanted disclosure to happen, not at all. But what he did is that he removed a lot of top officers in the military and intelligence. So if this is true in the military/intelligence complex, that have always been two factions - one pro-disclosure and the other against disclosure.
    The faction that was against disclosure has always been the majority, the vast majority so that no disclosure could ever happen. If this is true, then what president Trump had done has actually sprung the door open for the, until now, the minority which was in favor of disclosure so that they could finally start acting. So in my opinion, nowadays with have the duo of Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon who are the two frontmen of this, while we have a number of high level officers, top level officers in service, in the military/intelligence community who are those who make this process of disclosure possible. And I say process because now it’s almost 2 years that it’s been going on and we can see that, judging by how things developed starting from December 19th, 2017, we can see and we can understand that indeed there is a plan for this. It is not something that is happening just by chance.
    This is my opinion, but not just my opinion that there is a plan for disclosure, of course gradual process of disclosure, and they are acting according to this plan. Very likely I suppose in a few months we will see something more. I dare to foresee that maybe the next important event under the development of this plan could be the fact that the US government takes into consideration the possibility that these devices are actually ET, ET-made devices. Or the the extraterrestrial hypothesis, the ETH, is actually being considered by the US government. This is my forecast.
    Edit: I’m really starting to enjoy triggering cynics. Keep it coming.

    Edit 2: NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and the Galileo Project’s Avi Loeb are both speaking at an event about UAP and extraterrestrial life on November 10th.
    From the description:
    Space is the new frontier for humanity. NASA is planning a new generation of exploration, scientists are debating the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and military planners are developing weapons for space warfare. What does this “space rush” mean--at a moment when billionaires are launching private spaceships, and the Director of National Intelligence has released a report assessing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena? As we look toward the heavens, what does the possibility of life “out there” mean for our religious life?
    Guests at the 2021 Ignatius Forum include NASA Administrator and former Senator Bill Nelson, astronomer Avi Loeb, and theologian and astrophysicist David Wilkinson. David Ignatius of the Washington Post leads this wide-ranging discussion on our common future in space, and whether we’re alone in this vast universe.

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    Default Re: 1933 UAP Retrieval under Mussolini (& Other Italian Cases)

    This made me laugh.
    Quote UAP Retrieval
    You don't retrieve a phenomenon. You retrieve an object.

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