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Thread: COP26: Fossil Fuel Industry has Largest Delegation at Summit

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    Default COP26: Fossil Fuel Industry has Largest Delegation at Summit

    Link to full article on BBC 08 Nov 2021 :- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-59199484

    There are more delegates at COP26 associated with the fossil fuel industry than from any single country, analysis shared with the BBC shows.

    Campaigners led by Global Witness assessed the participant list published by the UN at the start of this meeting.

    They found that 503 people with links to fossil fuel interests had been accredited for the climate summit.

    These delegates are said to lobby for oil and gas industries, and campaigners say they should be banned.

    "The fossil fuel industry has spent decades denying and delaying real action on the climate crisis, which is why this is such a huge problem," says Murray Worthy from Global Witness.

    "Their influence is one of the biggest reasons why 25 years of UN climate talks have not led to real cuts in global emissions."

    About 40,000 people are attending the COP. Brazil has the biggest official team of negotiators according to UN data, with 479 delegates.

    COP26: Time to sober up
    What are top polluters doing to cut emissions?
    Life where it's too hot to work, too hot to sleep
    The UK, which is hosting the talk in Glasgow, has 230 registered delegates.


    Now that this is exposed, WILL THINGS CHANGE ??

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    Default Re: COP26: Fossil Fuel Industry has Largest Delegation at Summit

    I was involved with the power industry many years ago. In reality modern coal fired power stations are extremely efficient and hardly emit any pollution these days.

    Governments will use the tax system (me and you) through 'emmission credits' where costs will be passed onto to the consumer. Governments will then misappropriate funds to suibsidise these so called green energies. Its all a pschological mind game to transfer more wealth to the few - Agenda 21 / 2030.

    The real threat is pollution and misappropriation of government spending. Overer 70% of global pollution, which kills millions each year, is from 100 global corporations. They own governments and control the regulations and laws surrounding pollution. The UK Government spends about £12bn/40,000 deaths on pollution abatement and at least £15bn on counter-terrorism/ virtually no deaths - howerver they claim to have prevented many attacks - rather like using covid cases to jusitify a pandemic.

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