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Thread: Saturn square uranus, exact by right ascension 10th nov

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    Default Saturn square uranus, exact by right ascension 10th nov

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    ...the saturn square uranus has never gone out of aspect by right ascension measure, and we move to the final exact square 10th november
    ..it is clear that protest against saturnist control measures have been ongoing throughout, mostly unreported by saturnist controlled media.
    this final square has uranus parallel blue/white pegasus stars, with saturn aligned with white deneb..saturn scores low on ashtaka varga, meaning negative saturn manifesting through the zionist controlled U.N. tool, the W.H.O...zionists with saturn day as holy day...as many have observed its all about control, as is the other U.N. group the I.P.C.C. which is also uniting to push more draconian measures, with more science fiction swallowed by the masses, who are fed dumbed down simplistic science fiction and blatant fearmongering lies.
    ....uranus stops to go direct mid jan in time for the yearly capricorn solar ingress
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