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Thread: Fake News, Hoaxes, Misinformation, Programming, Orchestrated Operations

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    Default Fake News, Hoaxes, Misinformation, Programming, Orchestrated Operations

    Please post [if you dare] any news stories you deem false, fraudulent, fake, [stating the obvious]

    wars, weaponized climate ... the real internet ''free-speech'' [and chong] type conspiracy type ideas.

    Adults who are literate know the MAFIA isn't just a ''theory'' groups really do conspire to break laws, divine law, and criminal laws ...

    who [without being there] can verify a story is true, 1v'e seen such convincing evidence submitted by ''whistle blowers'' ... the Heimdalls of this age.

    Remember the film ''Our Man Flint'' a group controls climate/weather ?

    post your wackiest idea ...
    seen a flying saucer from closer then 20 feet?
    do you know how to build one ?

    please go at it here!

    ill be watching

    being in-formation [to be ''in form'' = conform]
    Mr. in4mation
    Mrs. in4mation
    Miss in4mation
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