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Thread: Jupiter moving into Aquarius

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    Default Jupiter moving into Aquarius

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    jupiter queueing to edge back into sidereal aquarius aligned with orange deneb adige
    ..jupiter has been handicapped fallen in capricorn with badly positioned(ashtakvarga)saturn, unsupported by all the inner planets, so at its worst, sucking jolly jupiters energy like a black hole..
    ..this will have changed by 1st dec as jupiter will be nicely placed in aquarius with room to grow away from the dour/grave gravity of saturn
    ..from aquarius jupiter gives full vedic aspect to sidereal leo, gemini and libra and of course neptune in aquarius..
    ..all the difficult saturn has caused pessimism and even fear(death) in the sphere of religon. of course jupiter in aquarius with neptune brings back new age idealism with confidence
    ..i wouldnt be surprised to see more cyclic declarations of imminent certain ascension being declared ...regardless, a change of mood, as santa claus(jupiter)gets back his sleigh from repair, in time for some jolly xmas cheer
    ...coinciding on 1st december, neptune goes direct
    ....on 13th april jupiter passes over neptune a once in 13 year event
    cue for disney music 'when you wish upon a star'
    certainly a good time for meditation, mystical states and idealistic optimism and hope, more so for those with charts supporting this, it could be deception and or disillusionment at the other extreme and a mix of both for most
    ...neptune goes into pisces for next summer...retro in the autumn and back again feb 2023 for 14year
    ...last time this happened 1857-1871, it coincided with the impressionistic period, monet etc, and also the height of spiritualism's popularity
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    Arrow Re: Jupiter moving into Aquarius

    I share with you my Version this time of Jupiter in Aquarius in the Tropical zodiac

    The transition from "Jupiter to Aquarius" is to express socially humanitarian qualities, usually pairing with out-of-frame originality.

    Jupiter entered Aquarius through the great gate, due to its conjunction with Saturn at the time of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020 and subsequently its square with Uranus. We can say that this led to a controlled revolt. Jupiter will pass into Aquarius fairly quickly before taking its first steps in Pisces to begin its retro phase at 2 ° in this sign.

    Jupiter's pre-retro phase: March 27 (22 ° 20 Aquarius) to June 19, 2021 (02 ° 11 Pisces)
    Retro phase of Jupiter: from June 20 (02 ° 11 Pisces) to October 18, 2021 (22 ° 20 Aquarius)
    Jupiter's post-retro phase: October 19 (22 ° 20 Aquarius) to January 9, 2022 (02 ° 11 Pisces)

    For a few days, we have entered the Jupiter Retro Loop, but also a gradual estrangement of Jupiter from Saturn, so a Jupiter with more maneuvering walking with a handicap than Saturn in Aquarius can possibly cut the rug out from under him. . Which means that Jupiter in Aquarius will not be as proficient in these big social projects. So, this passage in Aquarius will have for Jupiter that it will have to cooperate with time.

    Jupiter will be for several weeks in the frame of Saturn and Neptune

    Saturn in its retro phase in square with Uranus
    Neptune in Pisces after its square with Mars, then Venus, retro Mercury, the Sun

    A framework weakens so that dreams become an obvious reality, thus a period of great social uncertainty in the months to come ...

    Jupiter with your Sun sign (from the book "mini encyclopedia of astrology" Olenka De Veer)

    Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Aquarius: More selfless than preoccupied with material benefits. Inner aspirations, ideas, human relationships come to the fore, before success ...
    Sun in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius: Not always satisfactory for material matters. Various problems and unexpected complications that lead to reversals of situations ...
    Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius: Selfless or always ready to help friends. These will be helpful and helpful in return ...
    Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Aquarius: Human, family or social relationships play a big role in the development of destiny ...
    Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius: Believes that anything can be successful for him, often wrongly, because sumptuous tastes or too big business involves taking too much financial risk ...
    Sun in Virgo and Jupiter in Aquarius: Taste for teamwork. Good achievements in anything related to research, medicine, inventions or the use of the skills of others ...
    Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius: More inclined to aesthetic or spiritual joys than financial achievements. Possible chance encounters or by unforeseen circumstances ...
    Sun in Scorpio and Jupiter in Aquarius: Mistakes, or is deceived with the greatest stubbornness, which does not suit his finances or his work ...
    Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aquarius: Wide views and a selfless soul. The spirit world attracts more than financial success. Help or protections for friends .
    Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aquarius: Rather detached from the goods of this world or giving more importance to the ideas or the study of the human being ...
    Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius: Human warmth that attracts sympathies, favors or followers. Unexpected events or unusual events arise ...
    Sun in Pisces and Jupiter in Aquarius: Flair or intuition which can be revealed in the field of finance than in that of artistic creations or mystical impulses ...

    Jupiter dans les 12 maisons (extrait du livre « faites votre horoscope vous-même » Olenka De Veer)

    Jupiter in Aquarius in house 1: Beautiful altruistic and selfless nature. Can achieve great inner peace or spiritual evolution. Human warmth which attracts him sympathies, friends bring active help ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in the 2nd house: Selfless and shares what he has with others. Makes many donations or charities. Unexpected returns and luck with Jupiter in good aspects to Uranus…
    Jupiter in Aquarius in house 3: Above all, wants to feel useful. Very attracted by studies, original ideas, new theories, discoveries or inventions ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in the 4th house: The family is always ready to give support or hospitality. The best bonds are formed with his own. Very active end of life ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in the 5th house: Special gift for attracting sympathies and friendships. The feelings and the sensitivity can be transposed in a literary or artistic field ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in house 6: Very humanitarian, always seeks to help those who work with, or for him ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in the 7th house: Gift of eliciting sympathies or devoted allies. Can experience great happiness in marriage. ..
    Jupiter in Aquarius in the 8th house: Flair regarding speculation or stock market blow. Facilities obtained by friends or protections ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in the 9th house: Very idealistic. Breadth of mind and humanitarian leanings. Real goodness. Gifted for philosophy, the higher sciences, inventions or new theories ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in the 10th house: Extraordinary career, where the unforeseen plays an important role. Realizes new theories or original ideas. Succeeds through discoveries or inventions ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in house 11: Meeting of personalities of high value in the philosophical, religious or occult field who do a lot for its moral or social evolution ...
    Jupiter in Aquarius in the 12th house: Finds joy in helping or philanthropic works, or in hidden activities, especially with the ascendant in Pisces ...

    These good influences will depend on the aspects received by Jupiter to promote beneficial returns. But since an influence is not static over time, dissonant transits sent to Jupiter can overestimate the prognosis.

    Jupiter in retro phase in the natal can lead to distortions in the sense that the expected searches do not come in the expected direction, but by other circuits favoring a reorientation in the choices. The retro phase of Jupiter will bring another challenge more turned towards an authenticity of being apart from social worldliness. In retro Aquarius Jupiter will have a goal of creating another society more aligned with human, social, ecological priorities. In this retro Jupiter in Aquarius may want to break the rules to create others outside the diktats imposed by liberticidal laws, contrary to the energy of Aquarius.

    What hinders the intention of Jupiter in Aquarius is his compatriot Saturn who himself plays his influence in Aquarius of which he would be the first master before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Saturn plays a role of maintaining existing order with Uranus in Taurus as a counterbalance to antagonize him? You might believe it!

    As much for Jupiter as Saturn in Aquarius are mutually in their Last quarter of the cycle with Uranus, we are in a started phase of social reorganization and with the vagaries on the way.

    12 years with Saturn and Uranus before the new conjunction in Gemini
    3 years with Jupiter and Uranus before the new conjunction in Taurus
    2022 with Jupiter and Neptune before the new conjunction in Pisces

    This is a waning phase for Jupiter with a peculiarity of being in its 12th phase of its cycle with Neptune, which could be a lucky factor, on the contrary Neptune not helping immediately. So a bit of patience and wisdom. Everything happens to those who know how to wait ...

    Another view of the mind, Saturn in Aquarius is a sign oriented towards the progress of humanity, therefore oriented towards the future, and Saturn towards traditions systematically overshadows Jupiter, the bearer of hope for a better world. So the solution is to use this energy in a strategic and productive development of our long-term ideals and to dissociate oneself from the immediate which has no solution proposed to us. Aquarius is oriented towards the future and the friendly relationships they can form throughout their lives. Friendship relationships often show opportunities for a return of confidence to new perspectives, even if they cannot be seen at the time. So the role of Jupiter, even if we do not yet perceive it, prepares the ground for us, is to keep "confidence", the wheel will turn when it is most convenient. Jupiter phase 12 to Neptune, is of great inner strength, keeping faith can cause miracle + retro phase of Jupiter to provoke charitable spirits ...

    Article written in French on my blog, the news of Lunesoleil on April 1, 2021

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    Default Re: Jupiter moving into Aquarius

    you know im not interested in your contradictions, so this pretence of sharing is just deception..

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