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Thread: Star watching

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    Default Star watching

    As a space geek, I wonder how fast we'll have rails, trains, and all that stuff on Mars? I mean, is there even a possibility to have proper trains on this planet? Since the launch to Mars was announced Musk said that they will be spectating Mars from SpaceX and camera cubesat software which is going to be cool to see because, in theory, we will spectate it too. The first satellite of this system was launched back in 1969, and Skynet 6A will be the 15th satellite in the series. With the launch of this satellite, the transition to a new network architecture with upgraded terrestrial systems and another satellite contractor will begin. The cost of the updated program is about $ 700 million. Going forward, the Skynet 6A satellite will use its own propulsion system with a partnership of caiman imager to enter geostationary orbit, where it is expected to operate until the 2040s. So I bet that by 2040 we will have the first train on the planet. What do you think?

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    I would say it will be before 2040.

    Unofficially we have been toing and froing from Mars for quite sometime. We likely have people that are genetically adapted for Mars doing the groundwork. Although it appears we may have originated from Mars.
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