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Thread: This Pivotal Moment [Documentary] Part One

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    Exclamation This Pivotal Moment [Documentary] Part One

    • This Pivotal Moment [Documentary] Part One!

    The proposed global rollout of Vaccine Passports has nothing to do with your health. Vaccine Passports are a Trojan horse being used to create a completely new type of controlled and surveilled society in which the freedom we enjoy today will be a distant memory. It's time to stop this plan in its tracks.

    Subtitles are now available in Brazilian and European Portuguese, Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Vietnamese. Thank you to all those who have independently decided to translate the text of this video so that it can reach a wider audience.
    • Transcript:
    We all know that we’re living through challenging and troubling times.
    We are in the midst of a pandemic,
    cities and whole countries are being locked down for months on end.
    People are losing their lives, their jobs and their businesses.
    Mental illness and suicide are on the rise
    and the debt that is being built up will take generations to pay off.
    Censorship and polarisation seem to be the new norm
    with nuanced debate and mutual respect giving way to a
    pro vs anti, with us or against us, mentality
    that has a chilling and deeply divisive effect on our previously open and tolerant societies.
    But far more disturbing that any of these troubling things
    is that we stand on the brink of a civilisational change
    that so far reaching in its consequences,
    and so profound in its implications,
    that few are able discern the imminence of the danger,
    or to fully comprehend the Rubicon that we are about to cross
    and the dystopian world that awaits us on the other side.
    How is this fundamental change being ushered into being, you ask?
    Through sleight of hand, through misdirection,
    and through the introduction of the seemingly benign ‘vaccine passport’.
    Such a claim seems extraordinary and you would be right to be skeptical,
    but please allow me explain.
    Most of us living in democratic societies today have been born into freedom;
    we've simply never known anything different.
    Now Liberal democratic societies are certainly not perfect,
    but we are essentially free to live the lives we chose,
    go where we please, and behave as we wish,
    except where are actions expressly prohibited in law,
    such as stealing, committing acts of violence or taking another’s life.
    But we have not earnt the freedoms we’ve enjoyed.
    They've been handed down to us by successive generations
    who wrestled them from the hands of monarchs and tyrants,
    who campaigned, fought and died
    so that we could enjoy the freedoms that we now possess
    to live the lives we chose.
    Yet today, we stand on the brink of having these priceless,
    hard fought freedoms stolen from us as we look the other way,
    of relinquishing them without resistance or debate,
    because we are told we have no choice but to accept vaccine passports
    if we want to get some semblance of our old lives back.
    At first glance, accepting vaccine passports into our daily lives
    may seem like a trivial change,
    after all, many of us have already become accustomed
    to scanning QR codes as condition of entry into restaurants and shops.
    But do not be fooled,
    the universal adoption of vaccine passports is not a trivial change.
    It is no less than a fundamental inversion of what is meant by freedom in democratic societies
    and will facilitate a radical restructuring of our civilisation.
    No longer will your personal freedom be expansive,
    constrained only at the periphery by long established and mutually agreed laws.
    Instead, what will remain of your freedom will be limited to those things
    that you have been given explicit permission to do
    by some unseen, algorithmic power,
    mediated through the screen of your smartphone,
    one green tick at a time.
    Let me say this again, for it is critically important to understand.
    Today, we are essentially free to do anything we chose
    except where our actions are prohibited in law.
    However, after the introduction of vaccine passports,
    that concept of freedom will be consigned to history,
    replaced by a completely new system
    in which you will only be allowed to do the things
    that you have been given explicit permission to do.
    This is what I mean by a fundamental inversion of freedom.
    Almost overnight, our enshrined and protected freedoms
    will become mere privileges, temporarily granted to us
    for compliance and good behaviour.
    Can I go into this restaurant, this concert, this sporting event?
    Can I get on this bus, this plane or in this taxi?
    Can I go into this this shop, this doctors surgery, or even into my place of work?
    Participation in such trivial, day-to-day activities
    will be contingent on permissions granted to us via our smartphones,
    permissions which themselves will be liable to change from one day to the next.
    And don’t think for a second that because you are now double vaccinated this won’t apply to you.
    Australia, a country of under 26 million people
    has recently signed contracts to secure a further 195 million vaccine doses,
    on top of the millions of doses already purchased.
    That’s about a booster shot, every six months for the next 4 years!
    So in a couple of years from now,
    if you are two days late getting your booster shot for the latest COVID variant,
    you might as well forgot that dinner with friends at your favourite restaurant,
    those privileges will have been automatically revoked.
    And it won’t stop there.
    Vaccine passports are just a trojan horse.
    Behind the seemingly benign functional facade lays a Digital ID scheme
    built on a software platform that is designed to be extended over time.
    Today, you’ll just get the simple binary green tick or red tick cross
    indicating your authorised inclusion or exclusion from everyday society,
    but tomorrow you’ll be rated on every aspect of your life,
    points added for behaviour deemed supportive of the government and big business,
    points subtracted for anything deemed to be
    divergent from the required norms.
    So how many times did you inadvertently break
    the 1.5m social distancing rule today?
    What about that mildly critical post on social media about some government policy?
    What about that video you shared with a friend raising legitimate questions about the current approved narrative?
    Watch your social credit score tumble and as it does,
    your access to the services essential for everyday life revoked,
    one privilege at a time.
    This sounds extreme but this social credit score is already a reality in China
    where people can’t even board a train if their score falls below a certain threshold.
    Make no mistake, this is coming, soon,
    and to the entire world
    and it’s coming hidden in the Vaccine Passport trojan horse.
    Whilst such a world may seem implausible to us,
    if we stop and reflect for just a moment it becomes clear that
    COVID-19 has already given us a taste of a world where what is permitted,
    and with it the boundaries of our freedom,
    changes on a day-to-day basis.
    The desensitisation has already begun.
    Although this vision of our imminent future is shocking enough,
    the true dystopian power of such a scheme only comes into view
    when we situate the Vaccine Passport / Digital ID platform in the context
    of the high tech, highly surveilled world we already live in.
    It’s no secret to anyone that the global tech giants monitor and record our every online action,
    with each post liked, every article shared, ad clicked,
    and video watched used to build detailed profiles on us.
    These big data-generated psychographic profiles are not only used to determine what products we may want to buy
    but also, more chillingly, to infer our political preferences, our opinions, attitudes and beliefs
    and even our innermost drives and fears.
    It really can be argued that, armed with big data, A.I. algorithms and near infinite computing power,
    Google, Facebook and Amazon really can know us better than we know ourselves.
    Furthermore, after Edward Snowdon’s revelations
    about the NSA’s illegal and ubiquitous surveillance programs in the US, working hand-in-glove,
    as they did, with their Five Eyes partners in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand,
    most reasonably informed people know that governments collect and store
    vast quantities of data on their citizens,
    including almost all telephone calls, texts messages and emails.
    Every aspect of our lives today is monitored, scrutinised and profiled
    as part of the national security apparatus of the state
    or the for-profit apparatus of big business.
    To date, the Faustian bargain that we have made with big tech
    seems to have resulted in little more than a gentle nudge here and there from an online ad
    or an eerily accurate Amazon recommendation to purchase something that we didn’t even know we wanted.
    However, this will all change, and change forever, if we allow the vaccine passports to roll out.
    • Why?
    Because the vaccine passport,
    and the social credit system it will rapidly evolve into,
    is the final missing piece
    in an automated architecture of total surveillance and social control.
    George Orwell has made us all familiar with the ‘watching and monitoring’ aspect of surveillance.
    And we all intuitively know that the act of being watched puts pressure on us to confirm to certain rules and norms.
    Think speed cameras on the roads and CCTV cameras in shops and town centres.
    But there is another aspect of surveillance that,
    apart from the occasional speeding fine, few of us have experienced,
    and that is the disciplinary aspect of surveillance;
    the punishment for non-compliance that is received
    at the sharp end of the surveillance architecture.
    Until now, that piece of the puzzle has been missing.
    But with the advent of vaccine passports the mechanism to automatically discipline those
    who do not submit to the prescribed norms and mandated rules
    will be carried in everyone’s pocket, every moment of every day.
    There is a term that is used in academic discussions on surveillance known as ‘turnkey totalitarianism’.
    This is the idea is that the surveillance infrastructure for a totalitarian system has been constructed around us
    but it has not yet been switched on;
    the machine is ready but the key has not been turned.
    Vaccine passports are the last part of that infrastructure,
    the last cog in the machine.
    They are the disciplinary sharp end of the totalitarian system of surveillance and control.
    Once we allow this final, critical part of the infrastructure to be slotted in to place,
    once we accept it as just a normal part of daily life,
    the key will be turned,
    the Rubicon will have been crossed, and there will be no going back.
    There will be no space for dissent, no opportunity for debate
    and no room for deviance from the prescribed norms or mandated behaviours.
    And as the crucially important space for debate, difference and nonconformity disappears,
    so too will the possibility of ordinary human beings
    collectively steering the direction we want our societies to go in.
    The machine will be on,
    eternally and automatically watching, profiling and scoring,
    guiding our behaviours and, where necessary, punishing.
    We will be, forever, at the mercy of our masters,
    those with the key to the machine,
    those who keep score, and those who set the rules,
    those who decide if we are deserving of a green tick or a red cross,
    those who decide whether we can be included in society
    or pushed to the precarious margins of existence.
    If we allow this to happen it will be, as Aldous Huxley termed it, the Final Revolution.
    There will be no coming back from it.
    Freedom, as we have known it all our lives and for generations before us,
    will be extinguished, forever,
    for all but the privileged few at the pinnacle of the pyramid.
    In time, maybe in a generation or two,
    we will be so conditioned by the continuous gaze of surveillance
    and the rewards and punishments that it will automatically issue,
    that we’ll simply police ourselves,
    self-monitored, self-censored and submissive.
    The freedom we enjoy oday, even the very idea of freedom
    as we conceive it now,
    will become all but unthinkable forour children
    and all the generations that follow.
    It is said that “Totalitarianism is, first and foremost, the extreme focusing of surveillance devoted to securing political ends”.
    Under the cover of OVID-19, without debate, discussion
    or informed consent,
    we are about to let a new totalitarian world of total surveillance,
    control and compliance be ushered in,
    welcomed by many in the name of ‘doing their part’ in the battle against the virus.
    It is tempting to think that those of us living today in our high-tech, media-saturated world
    are far too informed and far too smart to have such a trick played on us.
    Yes, people may have fallen under the spell of fascism and totalitarianism in the past
    but we are simply far too sophisticated to fall into such a trap.
    But is that really true?
    Are you sure?
    Look around you.
    Look at the censorship.
    Look at the how little deviance there is
    from the approved narrative on the Mainstream Media.
    Look at how fear is being used to corral and control us.
    Look at how we are becoming divided around the ideas of masks, vaccines and lockdowns.
    Look at the ingroup-outgroup mentality that’s beginning to form.
    Look how far we have come in less than 2 short years.
    When the scales are peeled from your eyes,
    the propaganda and control become all too clear,
    the destination laid bare for those willing to see.
    Given the gravity of what I am suggesting, I ask you now to pause for a moment and consider this.
    For centuries, perhaps millennia, the torch of freedom has been passed from generation to generation,
    often paid for with blood,
    the flames of that torch fanned by the hands it has passed through.
    Those of us alive today, who are fortunate enough to live in democratic societies,
    now hold that torch.
    Now imagine yourself looking into the eyes of you parents,
    your grandparents, and all the generations before them stretching back through time.
    Look at all those who gave their lives so that we might live free,
    who fought, who campaigned, who protested, and who faced down despots
    so that individual liberty could be secured for them and for their descendants.
    Are you willing to look them in the eyes and tell them
    you let that torch go out, forever, because of a virus?
    That you let the flame die because you were too fearful,
    too apathetic, too trusting or too easily manipulated
    to stand firm, stand tall and keep the flame alive?
    Now imagine yourself looking forward in time and bring to mind all your descendants,
    your children and your grandchildren, be they living or yet to come,
    and all those generations that will follow us.
    Look them in the eyes and tell them that the gift of freedom was handed down to us
    but we allowed it to be taken from us, and hence from them,
    because we didn’t see the sleight-of-hand trick that was being played or,
    if we did, we did nothing to stop it.
    Can you feel the weight of the responsibility that rests upon your shoulders now?
    Will you be able to you live with the shame of knowing that you were one of those that stood idle,
    locked down, cowered in your home, as the precious gift of freedom,
    through sleight of hand, manipulation and misdirection,
    was stolen from you and from all future generations to come?
    It should not matter where we find ourselves on the political spectrum,
    what are views are on masks, vaccines and lockdowns,
    whether we are rich or poor,
    or even if we are in the police or the military.
    We may disagree on many things, but surely we can all agree on this.
    That the freedom we enjoy today is the most precious of gifts,
    that it has been passed down to us
    and it must be cherished, nurtured and defended at all costs for the generations to come.
    It should be clear by now that the vaccine passport,
    covid pass, green pass, or however they choose to brand it,
    has absolutely nothing at all to do with your health,
    and despite how it’s being sold to us,
    its global rollout is not the way we will get our old lives back.
    In fact the reverse is true.
    Vaccine passports are the perfectly engineered gateway for creating a completely new type of controlled and surveilled society,
    the likes of which we have never seen before.
    Therefore, under no circumstances,
    no matter what pressure is applied to us,
    must we allow vaccine passports to be introduced.
    Make no mistake, we stand at a pivotal moment in history,
    like the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae,
    or the young men and boys on the beaches of Normandy.
    The true scale of what is at stake cannot be overstated.
    But this is not a message of fear and division.
    This is a message of hope, and it is a message of unity.
    I share this as my way of sounding the alarm;
    of calling attention to the imminent danger we all face.
    We are born free sovereign beings on this beautiful Earth,
    we are all brothers and sisters,
    we are one human family regardless of colour, creed or nationality.
    No weapons need be forged,
    no ramparts stormed,
    no buildings razed.
    We simply need to stand up,
    to stand united and say ‘Enough is Enough’,
    we’ve seen through the tricks,
    we see the plan clearly now
    and we will not allow our freedom to be taken from us.
    The torch of liberty will not be extinguished,
    not now, not ever, and certainly not on our watch.
    Our moment has come to defend it for all future generations,
    to fan its flames, and pass it on intact, and invigorated,
    to the generations that follow us.
    To our descendant we must say, in unison, we will not let you down.
    If this message resonates with you
    I ask you to share it with your family and friends,
    for the time to act, is now.

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    Lightbulb Re: This Pivotal Moment [Documentary] Part One

    • Tyranny Exploiting the Unfounded Fears of the Uninformed Hypnotized Ignorants serving Agenda 2030
    • Pushed narratives predicts what the next narratives will be, step by step more and more authoritarian dystopian "solutions" serving Agenda 2030
    • “There is nothing about this (assumed) pandemic that justifies this level of authoritarianism.”
    • If people in Eastern-Europe turn on the news they know it's propaganda, if people in Western Europe turn on the propaganda they think it is the "news"
    • Alternative Media pointing at Mainstream Science Reports MSM willfully ignores as it does not serve their Agenda 2030 narratives!
    • Is it true that our natural ADAPTIVE immune system is compromised the moment you take part in mRNA injection experiments?
    • [sarcasm]: "The worst part of a seven days lockdown is the first four months"
    • Factors robbing the Quality of Life on so many levels, decreasing life-expectancy >>> not counting how many commit suicide because of it ...
    • Tyranny is never to be justified, especially when using lies & weapons of mass deception techniques. Believed Lies >> the corrupt currency of #Agenda2030
    John Kuhles aka 'ExomatrixTV'
    December 8, 2021
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    Default Re: This Pivotal Moment [Documentary] Part One

    In 2007 (and much earlier) it was all settled. Indeed, a deal was then made from the corrupt WHO on which 194 countries worked (and must work). Quarantine, travel restrictions and mandatory vaccinations and more. The blueprint for genocide was already ready then, I published the step-by-step plan at the time, but few people could believe it then...

    See also the book Fowl! Bird Flu: It's Not What You Think by Dr. Tenpenny, there (especially in chapter 10: 'Mandatory Vaccination: Is it Possible') the whole structure for what we are going through is also described there! In fact, she describes how SARS (note: "a member of the Coronavirus family"...) in 2002 is the 'warm-up dance' for what we see now... Also check the Biodefence and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Act of 2005, google BioShield 2 (total 'immunity' and no liability for the vaccine manufacturers, no immunity for us...). And see the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 ("the groundwork has been laid for mandatory vaccinations," Dr. Tenpenny wrote in her book Fowl! and she too was proved right)...

    In case you wonder why the Netherlands is so well-behaved... we are one of those countries! This plandemic is also (just like the bird flu/Sars/Mexican versions) 'predicted' by the undersigned.

    The bad thing is, this isn't that hard at all for those who want to see and who have done (really!) independent research. And as long as we don't stop this staged chaos... a lot of 'variants' and 'pandemics' will pass in review, with many sick and dead as a result...

    Because of the 'side effects' (read: effects) of the vaccines understandable! And because of the 'shedding' phenomenon, many vaccinated people will infect many unvaccinated people. But hey: long live free choice, right?
    • Sheep are less dumb than sheeple trusting government selected authorities by MSM protected puppet politicians serving #Agenda2030
    • Main reason why we aren't allowed to speak truth is, that there are always (corrupt) authoritarians misrepresent what you actually said!
    • Time for Risk Assessments How Authoritarian "Risk-management" is used to push/force Tunnel Vision Narratives "Justifying" Unjust Dystopian Mandates & Edicts (Rampant Tyranny).
    ⚠️ tinyurl.com/30-Covid-Facts-MSM-ignores 🦜🦋🌳

    John Kuhles aka 'ExomatrixTV'
    December 8th, 2021
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    Default Re: This Pivotal Moment [Documentary] Part One

    No need2follow anyone, only consider to broaden (y)our horizon of possibilities
    Dutch/English 🇳🇱 🇧🇪 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 🇨🇮 🇨🇦: whynotnews.eu

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    Default Re: This Pivotal Moment [Documentary] Part One

    Thales advertisement

    Digital ID Wallet - Thales
    The only place a perfect right angle ever CAN be, is the mind.

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