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Thread: Old UFO story

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    Default Old UFO story

    Concerning recent Pentagon Ufo/UAP (Lue Eliz., etc) videos, testimonies, documents release, here is an interesting story from other side of former Iron Curtain.

    Story is placed in Europe, today territory of Republic of Montenegro and Republic of Croatia.

    The story is being told by retired air force general of former Yugoslav Army, Zvonko Jurjević, his testimony was recorded by journalist Goran Šarić, and the link is below. I apologize for there is no English subtitled translation so I will outline a few very interesting points:

    -during beginning of extensive military air force trainings conducted by JNA (Yugoslav army) from military airport in Titograd (today Podgorica, Montenegro) an unidentified flying objects started to occur in the military restricted airspace.

    - UFOs always occurred during night flights and they were depicted by pilots like glowing bright objects sometimes light changed color from white, red to orange. UFOs were sometimes detected on radar, moving extremely fast (best described as instantaneous position change) in all directions, defying every known aeronautical performance. (in some cases UFO speed exceeded M7 all the way up to M10, with altitude flight of 80km, as reported during 1977 Pan Adria incident)

    - UFO occurrence was not erratic but a pattern was determined, they started to appear over restricted airspace exactly 50 min from beginning of military exercise flights. (50 min after first military plane would take off).

    - Military tried to establish visual/close contact but training jets (N-60 galeb and J-21 jastreb) were just to slow even at full throttle. No plane managed to get closer than 10 km. UFOs maintained permanent distance from observed aircraft at all time.

    -knowing the occurrence pattern of UFOs, military decided to set a trap by sending slow training jets in the air while pair of MIG-21 interceptors waited 50 min deadline. After expected appearance of UFOs MIGs were scrambled but even at supersonic full speed UFOs could not have been intercepted. Moreover, UFOs managed to keep enough distance from MIG’s radar range so that AA rocket could not have been fired. Rocket on MIG 21 at that time could not have been blind-fired but needed target acquisition. Acquisition was never achieved. UFOs always appeared from direction of the Adriatic sea where they also disappeared. (transmedium travel was not mentioned in video, my guess is because of lack of technology to detect it, and probably because it was never even considered).

    -Described UFOs were not sighted only by military pilots and radar operators but on February 12, 1975 (last UFO occurence and sighting in that area), there was a mass sighting (ground crew, pilots, overall more than 100 ppl) when single UFO arrived and hovered over main military airport and base in Podgorica. That was the only sighting that was "initiated" by UFO and not by previous military air force activity.

    -general conclusion was that origin or purpose of UFOs was never detected and they (military high ranking officers) just decided to ignore the phenomenon. UFOs never showed any hostility only reconnaissance like behavior. General opinion of Military officials was that UFO visitations only occur during large military activities.

    -finally yet importantly, the most interesting fact is that this testimony describes series of events that occurred from 1975-1977, 40+ year ago! Bear in mind that in the same period increased number of UFO sightings were reported in former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe.

    So, what do you think, how different is today’s PENTAGON - UAP story from described above? Are we being told an old story only to be written on new paper?

    Link: https://youtu.be/TMl95fN0cck

    new link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcIBLYp2BCo

    Croatian television, Edge of science show, same story...additional info
    ...some pilots who witnessed the phenomenon, stated that they had the impression that UFO knew what they were communicating with flight control

    ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by-3-E4GI38 (subtitles)

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