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Thread: Mainstream Media Threat to Freedom and Sanity?

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    Exclamation Mainstream Media Threat to Freedom and Sanity?

    "The New Normal" ... Normalizing Insanity 24/7

    John Kuhles
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    Default Re: Mainstream Media Threat to Freedom and Sanity?

    >> Mainstream Media Threat to Freedom and Sanity?

    Yes, but I don't see that conditioning wearing off easily.

    Here's an example: some good news for Ukraine and Reuters gave us a little picture so we can see a piece of it.

    But look, the quality of reporting is so bad it's a total joke. Still works well for those pulling the strings as an influencing method.

    source twitter link

    The 'certainty' that the talking heads peddle, it is seductive and addictive. The talking heads give us our conversation menu. Its like their total certainty of facts is an implied threat against any other point of view (risking social isolation). It can be very hard for people to kick the habit ...the news/media/mainstream is a glue that feeds day-to-day, superficial chit-chat. For some people a broad range of superficial chitchat IS their life, or a large part of it, or parts of their life they're not ready to give up yet. War and forced vaccination have become the conversation menu.

    I think most people don't know the Reuters article has a picture of paintballers, or if they did they wouldn't even care, and still wave the Ukrainian flag because it's a huge item of conversation on their conversation menu.

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