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Thread: Try to help people even if it is in 1 minute video.

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    Default Try to help people even if it is in 1 minute video.

    Hello my friends I start to make shorts videos in YouTube. I am very upset because this week I just figure out that good channels and video like Projeto Camelot and alternative media for most part in YouTube is rare like gold now. In 2009 -2012 use to be other YouTube. Now my plan is to help with words in short videos, try to put some seeds about meditation, alternative medicine and all good themes in those videos. I choose to be more modern kind of lofi hip hop I made all the music so I will put some healing frequency too. I want some tips and quotes if u guys have let me know. For now watch the video and tell me if can help people that never stumble in alternative media subjects!! Thank you so much guys and have a great week!!!

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    Default Re: Try to help people even if it is in 1 minute video.

    Thanks, atmagaia,

    I'm listening to your gold frequency video right now. Love it.

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