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    Default 2022, Year of the Water Tiger

    A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to a rather interesting analysis of trends for 2022 based on Chinese Astrology. The patterns observed can of course be interpreted in different ways (I get the vibe the author is more left leaning, but they at least didn't let that aspect become too overbearing in the article).

    A Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering


    -Liu Ming
    道 – Dào/View
    Birth is the cause of death. Everyone ages, falls ill from time to time, and eventually dies. Old age and illness, however, are not the cause of death but simply a natural unwinding of the polarity (yīnyáng) that temporarily holds together human jīng (substance) and qì (energy) as shén (experience).

    Ming once said - death is a fish returning to the water after a leap into the air and is a natural returning home. It is neither tragic nor mistaken. For although death can appear gradual (as an illness) or sudden (as an accident), no one has ever died from illness or injury – they died because they were born. The experience of our “life,” in fact, is a constant alternation of birth and death, like inhale/exhale, awake/asleep.

    Everything that comes together comes apart, and all rivers return to the Sea. And just as the Sea, again, becomes the rivers – death is not permanent, nor is it a “stop.” How could it be?

    The “story” of death in traditional cultures often sounds like a journey, one that starts with an end and ends with a start (as in re-birth). As such, life and death alternate in an endless circle. Everything flows, carrying momentum from start to finish and from finish back to start.

    To hear this story of endlessness may sound like a punishing wheel (samsāra, full of ignorance and suffering) but it is also a nameless and incomprehensibly permissive Reality, animated with endless presence. In Chinese Astrology, the “story” of this endlessness, the immortality of our presence, the complex interaction between life and death, is called “Fate,” 命, and Fate is a “possession.” We are all possessed.

    Possession is an accepted “cause” of illness in all forms of traditional medicine throughout the world. But what is possession?

    Human beings have common and distinct characteristics of internal integrity, which we call “health.” Health is the maintenance of this internal integrity through normalizing patterns of relating, eating, breathing, circulating, and moving. When our integrity is compromised, “gaps” appear, and these gaps can be “possessed.”

    But what possesses us? Foremost our ANCESTORS – dis-embodied human impulse/memory called, guĭ, 鬼, ghosts, or the “unsettled” dead. Predisposition for illness, addiction, and abuse in this case are a kind of internal possession – patterns that modern medicine calls “genetic.”

    This sort of illness/possession contains a causal factor or constitutional predisposition that is present in our basic ancestral body, which we inherit at birth. The illness may be seen as the uncomfortable/painful “story” or conflicted mental/emotional state of the ancestor who died physically but was unable to complete the process of death emotionally. These unresolved emotions and thought patterns, are called ghosts, and they do not “stop” in death. Rather, they lose the body/mind/qì context that generated them, and without the reference of human embodiment, they lack the capacity to resolve, and so seek embodiment to “finish.”

    An ancestral ghost can “possess/visit” a descendant and take them towards or through the ghost’s incomplete death, attempting to re-live and resolve these conflicting emotions that are stuck out of time. This may cause illness or temporary or chronic compulsive addictive behavior that is not ordinary for the living person.

    Another form of possession occurs as the result of SHOCK and trauma, which causes us to dissociate from the body. This breach in our integrity comes because of a sudden, excessive, or consistent grievous challenge to our integrity. This may come in the form of fright – fear at a level that seems fatal, or more subtly from conceptual fear created by the constant ways we disassociate, leak, and squander our energy.

    In this case, very strong emotions tear at our integrity, and one of many possible “spirits” enter the gap as a result. Humans possessed of such spirits may also consistently abuse other humans and create new patterns of cultural, social, and ancestral illness. In this case, a person’s dis-integration is less “physical” and is expressed through “locked” and inappropriate emotional states. These emotional states often do not respond to logic or ordinary change in circumstances but follow conditioned patterns of emotional attachment and aversion.

    Traditionally, spirits are said to reside in places that humans reject – graveyards, battlefields, swamps, deserts – true wilderness areas, etc, but they are also loose in the wilderness of the Mind – the rejected, unintegrated, transpersonal recesses of the psyche. Spirit Possession takes the form/flavor of Six Realms – hell, ghost, animal, human, titan, and god. And today, these spirits are loose in the wilderness of the media; they come to us through television, smart-phones, and the internet, through the rhetoric of ideas, beliefs, information, advertisements, movies, and social media. But most importantly, they are loose in the ocean of unresolved ancestors at work in our deeply traumatized/confused culture.

    Whatever you have not finished is the ghost you will become. The coming Year offers a profound capacity for exorcism and catharsis - a Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering. But it also presents a gale force of fear. The Water Tiger asks – what possesses you? What possesses us? Do you have the courage to let go? Or will you be swept up in the current?

    Liu Ming once asked his teacher what could be done to exorcise the ocean of illness and injury related to possession; he looked slyly and said: “Kindness.” We can all take responsibility for the unevenness of life by being as kind and gentle as we can.

    The big picture here reminds us that creating and maintaining an orderly society, lacking selfishness and aggression in our relationships to each other, is good for our health.[1]

    [1] This section adapted from Liu Ming’s teachings on Sleep, Dream, and Death
    Rén Yín, 壬寅– Year of the Yáng Water Tiger
    Welcome back to Rén Yín, 壬寅, Year of the Yáng Water Tiger, the “Roaming Tiger,” which begins officially on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022! As always, I must remind you that Astrology is not fortunetelling. Divination is a dance between Fate and Freedom via the medium of symbols, symbols which describe the cyclical flowing dynamics of nature itself. There is nothing other than an immortal present – no past or future can be found. But the eternal Now has a multi-directional flow, called Qì, which can be interpreted (loosely/playfully). For what we perceive as the future is broad and unfixed, yet once you pass through it, the future can become a narrow door.

    Before I begin, I must admit that I am more hesitant to write and publish this than ever before, and this may be my last New Year’s blog in this format. Public discourse and opinion are so divisive that if I am to offer my opinions freely, or mention anything about the *unspecified virus of unknown origin*, I risk alienating half my audience and provoking a deluge of argument and disagreement between pro or anti this and that. And I have no interest in this.

    However, I cannot interpret these symbols without at least some commentary on the world as I see it, and timid is not the Tiger way. Tigers are brave. So, I offer the following as a daring, bold, and creative re-visioning of things, and I encourage you to take it with a grain of salt. I will keep the political comments to a minimum. These are, of course, my interpretations and reactions based on my unique conditioning, education, and personal experience, and it should also be said that this commentary is aimed at the USA.

    Please just remember to be kind and remember – nothing is established in the way that it appears. There is no “real world” and no “abiding self.” What we call a self and world are a kind of mirage created by the conceptual mind. Things only have a relational or contextual existence, while being “empty” of any kind of independent existence apart from their inter-relational context.

    I am excited to write this review of the Water Tiger because I am a Fire Tiger (hence the name Tiger's Play). As a Tiger, I am closer, more intimate with this Qì than with any other (although Water and Fire are the most different of Tigers). Therefore, this cannot help but be more personal than my previous blogs, so bear with me if I get emotional, lol.

    The Yáng Water Tiger is a profound and powerful symbol. The Qì of this Year is not for the faint of heart. Water Tiger is something like a tidal wave or tsunami propelled by a hurricane or volcano, or perhaps even a nuclear bomb. It is a force of nature, so grab a surfboard, strap on a helmet, and get ready because things are about to get wild.

    Metal Ox Reflections

    Before delving into the Water Tiger, we should take a moment to reflect on the Year of the Metal Ox, which we are now exiting. I encourage you to re-read my blog on last year and reflect…how’d it go? We are each pre-disposed by our Character and Fate to digest each Year differently, so experience will vary widely, but the themes are consistent if you zoom out.

    Metal Ox and Water Tiger make for a strong contrast, and the two balance each other out in an interesting way. Think of Metal Ox as a mighty dam and Water Tiger as a powerful river, potentially overflowing and bursting the dam. If the dam is well built, the water powers the dam. If it is poorly built…!

    You may have noticed that while it seemed like a lot happened in the past year, not much really happened. We seem to be stuck in the same predicaments, but a lot of work has been going on. It is hard to say what this work has or will accomplish, but such is the work of the Ox…a field has been plowed, but no harvest is yet available.

    The Metal Ox is a rather boring symbol – it is a slow, sturdy, containing energy that seeks to build, establish, and continue/uphold a foundation – boundaries, borders (like the Berlin Wall built in the last Metal Ox year/1961), rules, regulations, timetables, etc, that represent deep and broad social values like duty, responsibility, loyalty, and self-sacrifice.

    Metal Ox has a strong, overbearing, and authoritative tone. Last year I warned that Ox Year would have an “Orwellian” overtone to those uncomfortable with authority (Americans, lol, Protest-ants). Metal Ox is like a stern father figure telling you what to do because it builds character, because it is good for you, which for children is a hard pill to swallow.

    I also suggested that the rules, mandates, and structures to come were, believe it or not, impermanent and represented a natural unfolding of the cycles of Time. I suggested that perhaps there is a natural wisdom to these impulses and that collectively, it would behoove us to, for the time being, admit our ignorance and lack of control, give authority the benefit of the doubt, submit to a few well-meaning rules and mandates, and refrain from rebellion, even if we disagree with the rules. Not because you believe the people in power are perfect and know what they are doing, not because you blindly trust that scientists are infallible and make all the right decisions, but for the Qì of cooperation and for the timing. With this broad view in mind, a self-sacrifice for the “greater good,” (and not narcissistic martyrdom) even if it means putting yourself at risk, is a temporary act that creates a fertile soil for future growth, expansion, and diversity. This view requires some degree of selflessness and insight into the fundamental emptiness of our situation.

    There is a time to follow orders/cooperate and a time to rebel. The wise know when to wait and plan. The View of Astrology here suggests that if we go with the flow of Time and follow the above Metal Ox themes, then when the natural push of rebellion, growth, and renewal we call Spring (now in the form of the Tiger) comes, it will be productive, and the passive Yīn work of the Ox (Winter), will have tilled the soil for new growth. We will have built a solid dam that now becomes a source of power. However, if we are petulant and impatient, if we exhaust our energy struggling against the boundaries of the Ox Year/Winter, creating a premature rebellion, then our dam will burst. Our seeds will not take root and grow. Our sprouts will have burst through their husk into barren soil. Our revolutions will ultimately fail and make a mess of things.

    So, regarding how we as a culture are responding to the *unspecified virus of unknown origin*, I put this forward as something to contemplate. We are of course, split/divided. Many people are willing to cooperate, and many are not – hence the news. We’re all at the mercy of our media conditioning, left to discern between many arguing narratives. Many are understandably impatient. Many are howling like ghosts, desperately trying to figure things out and justify one narrative or another about what is happening and so are spinning their wheels endlessly in a situation out of control/beyond understanding.

    Science is, of course, flawed. The processes by which we determine what is true and false in our society is deeply flawed. But the rapid, emotional way that misinformation spreads in our culture is tearing it apart. It appears often that feelings are immune to facts. The complexity behind this is, of course, too multifaceted to analyze here, and I am not qualified to do so. I merely offer these as symbols of a larger context to reflect upon.

    The Ox symbol is deeply rooted in Confucian teachings on social harmony, stability, and convention through relationship and responsibility. The Ox teaches us that for a society to function, especially in the face of Winter/Death, which is where we are energetically, we must work together, cooperate, and sacrifice some degree of personal safety, comfort, and autonomy to ensure our survival. If the foundation of a society is everyone for themselves, it is doomed to collapse in times of hardship when we must rely on others. If we are to live with others, then we have duty towards them, and the “strong” have an obligation to protect those who are vulnerable.

    In conclusion to the Ox Year, then, I offer this for contemplation – never attribute malice or evil to that which can be adequately explained by ignorance, lack of information, neglect, stupidity, or incompetence. This is called “Hanlon’s razor.” Goethe wrote similarly in 1774, “Misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. At any rate, the last two are certainly much less frequent.”

    This heuristic is a useful tool for intelligent cognition. Applying Hanlon’s razor in our day-to-day lives and to the political/social situation at large allows us to better develop relationships, become less judgmental, and it improves our rationality. Hanlon’s razor allows us to give people, of whom we are otherwise critical/judgmental, the benefit of the doubt and have more empathy.

    I say this because if I were to pick out the most glaring themes of this year, they would be that of personal liberty in a pandemic (where that liberty has the potential to harm others via a contagious illness) and the distrust of authority. The sheer force of people’s conflicting emotions in reaction to these are overwhelming. As far I see it, how we deal with these emotions moving forward is a key factor in Ox turning to Tiger, and I fear that people will warp the Water Tiger’s image into more American rugged individualist "free-thinking" nonsense and bemoan the Ox year as people being herded/lead to the slaughter, which is ridiculous.

    Therefore, I opened this exploration with a traditional view on death and possession because it appears that we have all become quite possessed! My social media feeds have become a parade of Six Realm possessions, full of people proudly and unapologetically turning their internal trauma fixations inside out – Hell Realm delusions of persecution, blame, and anger at authority, Ghost Realm paranoias, fears, and inadequacies, Human Realm pride full of assumed knowledge and attachment to ideas, Animal Realm tribalism, laziness, and ignorance, Titan Realm competition, domination, and belittlement, and finally, God Realm beliefs that everything is part of a perfect divine plan, collective awakening, or providence under a saintly ruler.

    So, let’s apply Hanlon’s razor. Let’s not attribute malice to that which can be adequately explained by ignorance, neglect, or incompetence. Going forth, without being naïve (b/c obviously the world is full of greed and corruption), let’s assume that scientists are doing the best they can, trying to form reasonable consensus with the information they have, which is constantly changing, and that most people in positions of power are trying to make the most informed decisions they can so that they can benefit the most people. We’re making mistakes; things are messy, but everyone’s trying their best. Assume that what appear to be sinister motives may just be ignorance, and don’t be so quick to assume you have the right answers. Because it is likely we’re just as ignorant, lol. This is called the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and it's everywhere – the cognitive bias where people with little expertise or ability assume they have superior expertise or ability, an oversimplification that occurs from not having enough knowledge to know that you do not have enough knowledge.

    Why must we deal with these projections of malice? Because the Water Tiger is coming. The Water Tiger is the supreme launching forward energy! For better or worse, this next Year is going to propel us all forward, and if the foundation we have built for the Tiger’s rebellion is based on the anger, fear, and attachment, then this rebellion will be a disaster and could even turn violent. If approached with basic sanity, the Water Tiger is a vessel, a life raft in a flood, so let’s hope it’s seaworthy.

    To fully understand the life raft available in the Water Tiger Year, we must look to its symbolism, Qì dynamics, manifestation, and applications.
    象 – Symbolism
    The Chinese love the Tiger, but it is in many ways the antithesis of China. It therefore holds a special place in Chinese Cosmology. For the Chinese have always welcomed chaos because no healthy society can function without destruction and renewal. This is called passing the torch to the next generation.

    In my last blog on the Metal Ox Year, I mentioned that the Ox is a symbol of China as it represents the virtue of the heroic preserver, the continuity, stability, and convention of Tradition. The Tiger is, then, a symbol of rebellion against everything the Ox stands for, energetically speaking, just as youth always rebels against authority with each new generation. If the Ox represents the stability, continuity, and consistency of Yīn Earth, then the Tiger, whose nature is Yáng Wood, represents a forceful breaking away from all these qualities, for Wood eats/destroys/controls Earth in the Five Element Cycle.

    Historically, the Tiger is the most successful predator of humans, and conversely, humans are the only successful predator of Tigers. At one point, there were hundreds of thousands of Tigers in Asia. Many of the earliest recorded human remains have been found with the bones of Tigers, which has puzzled archaeologists for years. They’re not sure who killed whom.

    In the Han Dynasty, the number one cause of death among peasants listed in medical records (besides war) was Tigers. They roamed freely and would wander into villages at whim, eating anything that came in their path. In short, Tigers disrupted the day to day functioning of orderly society.

    The Han Government waged war on Tigers, and in less than a century they used the military to systematically hunt and kill thousands of them. This trend continued, which is why the Tiger came close to extinction in Asia, although it has recently been coming back. Famous Generals were depicted wearing Tiger skins as a symbol of their fearlessness in battle, and killing a Tiger earned you the title “Tiger.” The symbol of the fearless general riding first into battle, inspiring the troops, and then going off into the mountains as a hermit to write the Art of War is a classic metaphor for Tiger Qì. There and back again – to leave the world and return with wisdom is the Tiger way.

    The Chinese character for Tiger’s Earthly Branch, 寅, depicts a bow drawn and about to fire, implying a long history of hunting Tigers. Energetically, the drawn bow represents the tiger stalking its prey, waiting, crouching in the tall grass, ready to be unleashed.

    We can call the early religion of China “Animism,” which later became Daoism. Rural and tribal religion was officiated by Animist Priests who were great arbiters of the Spirit World. Today they are known as “Red Hat Daoists.” “Black Hat Daoists” are the later Orthodox Priests who uphold the more official/orthodox lineages. Liu Ming very much started as a Black Hat Daoist in his early years, but later shifted toward a much more animist or Red Hat View.

    Alive, Tigers presented a great threat, but dead they were considered the most powerful of spirit protectors. Part of the war on Tigers, then, was to “put them on the other side,” so to speak. After the systematic hunting of Tigers, Daoist priests would then work to command Tiger Spirits. Zhang Dao-Ling, the founder of Orthodox Daoism, is depicted riding a Tiger, symbolizing this command of the Spirit World, in control of the uncontrollable. Similarly, the second Patriarch of Chán is always depicted sleeping on a Tiger.

    This trend is also found in Tantra, for Tigers were just as common in India, and great Tantric Masters and Deities are often depicted sitting on Tigers/ Tiger skins, wearing Tiger shawls, using Tigers as pillows, and so on. This symbolizes that a practitioner has conquered their fear and impulsiveness. Tiger Qì is considered the Wisdom of Fearlessness and the Victory over Danger, and Tigers have long been associated with the great Yogis/Yoginis of the Non-Dual Meditation Traditions. As a symbol of Wisdom, in contrast with the gentle Guān Yīn image of the Ox, the Tiger represents the fierce, cutting, and wild/crazy wisdom of the great Mahāsiddhas.

    Still to this day, it is common in China to write the Chinese symbol for Tiger, 虎, on doors or amulets to ward off fire, theft, illness, and possession. The Tiger is a symbol of exorcism, dispossession, power, and warriorship. In many Martial Art traditions, the Tiger is depicted with the Dragon in a Yīn-Yáng Symbol, in a push-pull battle for dominion of Heaven and Earth.

    When we look at the actual animal, the first thing we see is that the Tiger is striped, and this is, perhaps, the key to understanding the symbol. Tigers wish they could be lions or panthers (i.e., one color), but they cannot; they have stripes. And as the saying goes, a Tiger can't change their stripes, and this symbolizes a fundamentally dual nature, which Tigers seek their whole lives to reconcile. So, perhaps, the most important thing we can say about Tigers is that they’re striped. This will be explored in more detail, but first, we must get behind the Qì dynamics of this Year to understand what makes the Water Tiger tick.

    For an extensive study of the Tiger symbol in Chinese Cosmology, please see this masterful work by one of my teachers, Heiner Fruehauf

    氣 – Qì Dynamics
    To understand Water Tiger Qì, we must understand its Native Element, Yáng Wood, and its relationship to Yáng Water. What is Water Element and how does the Water Tiger differ from other Tigers?

    Yáng Wood is the first element in the cycle, which is why the Tiger Moon coincides with the Chinese New Year and the season of Spring Begins. The Tiger is, therefore, the symbol of Spring, representing the impulse of birth arising out of death, the raw force of the sprout bursting through a seed, or a chick breaking open an egg.

    The force of Yáng Wood is the fresh, dynamic, naive, innocent, pliant, new, unformed, spontaneous, impulsive, and forceful arising of movement from complete stillness. Yáng Wood is invisible, pure; it represents birth, initiation, renewal, potentiality, creativity, and adaptation. Force arising from stillness—this is the Tiger. Imagine a cat, still and unmoving, then pouncing on their prey.

    Tiger Hour is from 3-5am. Here, we emerge from the dreamless state of Ox Hour to express wild, symbolic, creative, and fearless dreaming. This is when we can fly and visit other worlds; this is when we are most likely to have “weird” dreams, the kind that make no sense whatsoever. Tiger dreams are a pure expression of the creative impulse of the unconscious.

    So, beneath this year is the primal impulse of movement, and the Tiger Year, like the Tiger Moon, is the first great push forward in the Cycle. Although the Rat and Ox come before it, they are retrospective, evaluating the past and planning/working for the future. The Tiger, however, is done with all that and impulsively, impatiently, and unapologetically lurches forward. Therefore, we can say that this Year is the first real “start” we have had since 2014 (Wood Horse). Everything since then has been a negotiation. And with tidal force of Water behind it, it is one hell of a start.

    水生木 – Water Generates Wood

    This is a Water Tiger Year, so what does that mean? Water is the “mother” of Wood in the Five Element cycle, meaning the energetic direction is generative, supportive, and nurturing. It is forward moving and unconflicted about this. Watering the soil gives birth to new sprouts. Seeing as there is no conflict or control in this dynamic, there is a naturalness and ease to the Water Tiger’s display, which is an exaggerated and bigger than life version of the Wood Tiger. For it sits behind the impulse of Wood, paradoxically representing the force of Death that implies Life. The Water Tiger is the bridge between death and re-birth, the transitory states, what Tibetan Buddhism calls the Bardo.

    Water is the Wisdom of old age and contains the memory of the whole elemental cycle. Yáng Water represents return, resolve, completion, and death. It is the force of death that is beyond reckoning (terminal), and Yáng Water is the fear of death that causes us to rage against it (do not go gentle…rage against the dying of the light).

    Water Element is the falling apart aspect of our experience, the collapsing of things into undifferentiated soup. If things did not end, nothing would move; there would be no room for anything new. The constant dissolution of our experience constantly makes way for the impulse of Wood, for newness/freshness. Associated with winter and blue/black, the image of Water Element is like water itself, describing the flowing, liquid, malleable, interconnected, fluid nature of life.

    Water Element is the recognizable, dramatic experience of change. Usually, we do not notice change until things collapse and dissolve. Water Element is therefore associated with drama and emotion. But nothing can end permanently, so dissolution naturally generates the impulse to manifest again, for nature abhors a vacuum. So, Water being the mother of Wood, which are both contained in the Water Tiger, offers a powerful beginning.

    Water Element adds drama, emotion, sensitivity, generosity, and scale to any Year. The main themes of the Tiger, then, – courage, will power, enthusiasm, imagination, competition, dedication, honesty, luck, dignity, and generosity (on the positive side), and – restlessness, impulsivity, moodiness, stubbornness, egotism, rebellion, indecisiveness, sensitivity, pride, and vanity (on the negative side), are all blown out of proportion and exalted to a grand, profound, magnanimous, hyperemotional, almost uncontrollable scale.

    While the Qì Dynamic of last Year had an atmosphere of heavy wet snow that was slow and sleepy, like plowing through the mud, this Year’s dynamic is forceful, fast, and frenetic, like suddenly getting knocked down by a wave at the beach, forced under the water in a flurry of bubbles, simultaneously being dragged down by the undertow while being propelled forward by the wave. Yáng Wood is the direction of outward expansions, while Yáng Water is a forceful contraction inward.

    Furthermore, as we will now discuss, the Wŭ Yùn Lìu Qì, or “weather patterns,” of the Year have a very strong influence of Excess Wind, which drives the force of Wood/Water like a hurricane. And remember, we are talking about this dynamic in the form of a Tiger, an 800lbs predator capable of eating half its bodyweight in a single day.

    五運六氣 – Wŭ Yùn Lìu Qì

    The Wŭ Yùn Lìu Qì, or “Five Movements and Six Climates,” is said to govern the distribution of the annual Qì as weather patterns and their effects on living beings as resultant illnesses. While the effect of the Tiger Symbol is broad and can be applied everywhere, the effect of Wŭ Yùn Lìu Qì is much more “physical/medical” and for students of Chinese Medicine, it is worth studying. We can apply this prediction to weather and potential natural disasters and as an influence on disease. What follows is only a brief discussion of potential patterns; for a more personal assessment – see your local Chinese Medical practitioner!

    Annual Yùn - 太角 Tàijué ‘Major Wood-tone’ - Excess Wind

    The annual Yùn is determined by the yearly heavenly stem and is said to influence the climate over the entire year. The Annual Yùn for this Year is, 太角, Tàijué ‘Major Wood-tone,’ which is said to produce excess Wind element.

    The terms 太 Tài ‘Major’ and 少 Shào ‘Minor’ are notes of the Chinese pentatonic scale are traditionally used to represent the movement of Qì. Yáng stem years (like this year) are called 太过 Tàiguò “Excessive” and are associated with more violent climate changes from the host damaging the controlled element.

    Here the overall tone of the Year is Excess Wind. In Chinese medicine we say that “wind is the captain of the hundred diseases.” My CCM teacher Bryan McMahon on Wind, “Take a quick moment to bring on an experience of wind. Don’t only imagine with your mind but try to experience the sensations in your body as well. How would you describe its essential nature? I think we would all agree that while it can’t be seen or held, it can certainly be felt. Chinese medicine summarizes wind as pure movement without shape or material substance. It can range from a gentle breeze to a howling tempest, making it both the most powerful and unpredictable force of nature. In the body, wind is the dynamic force that keeps all life activities churning, from the cellular level of gene expression and energy generation to the systemic level of heartbeat and blood circulation.”[1]

    This blood circulation is deeply connected to the Juéyīn system of the Liver and Pericardium. If our blood is deficient or weak in substance, then wind fills the vessels in its absence. Internal wind creates chaos and dysfunction in the body and mind. It agitates and becomes destructive, creating strange symptoms with sudden onset and changes, like skin rashes that come and go, restlessness in the body with twitching and muscles spasms, restlessness in the mind that causes insomnia, anxiety, and poor focus. If the blood is healthy, then the Liver stores and clarifies it, and emotional excess is soothed, calmed, and then released by the pericardium.

    If the relationship between nutritive and defensive Qì is weak, then external Wind, which is increased this year, can invade the body, the joints, the lungs, mixing in the various seasons with cold, damp, or heat, creating all kinds of discomfort. As the Tiger is a Symbol of the Lung, it is likely that this excess in Wind Wood will overact on the Lung and exacerbate respiratory illnesses.

    Appling this overarching influence of Wind in Excess to the symbol of the Tiger, we get a strong pattern of unpredictability, chaos, and change, the kind of change that cannot be seen or detected but comes out of nowhere and from any direction. Wind spreads seeds far and wide, so the influence here is pervasive and extends beyond the ordinary. The possibility of contagion spreading is, unfortunately, increased, but so is the possibility to extending treatment, testing, and supportive endeavors.

    Guest Qì - 少阳 Shàoyáng –Ministerial Fire & 厥阴 Juéyīn – Wind Wood

    The Guest Qì is better understood as the Climatic Factors or Atmospheric Influences. It is determined by the year’s Earthly Branch and represents meteorological changes in upper and lower halves of the year. The Host Qì of each Year progresses naturally as Seasons starting in Spring with windiness (February – March), followed by imperial heat (April-May), ministerial fire (June-July), dampness (August – September), dryness (October-November), and coldness (December-January).

    The 主 Zhǔ or “Host” of the natural season hosts the 客 Kè “Guest” Qì, which descends from above during the 1st half of year and is then joined from below in the 2nd half of the year.

    So, the first half of this Year is governed by 少阳 Shàoyáng – Gallbladder/Triple Burner Ministerial Fire and the second half is governed by 厥阴 Juéyīn – Wind Wood, all within the context of the 太角 Tàijué ‘Major Wood-tone’ - Excess Wind, interacting with the natural progression of the above Seasons.

    In Chinese Medicine, Ministerial Fire is a synonym for our basic vitality. Created by the Heart and Kidneys, it is an overflow from our deeper vitality called Imperial/Sovereign Fire. The fire that overflows from the Heart/Kidneys is catalyzed by the Gallbladder and circulated throughout the body by the Triple Burner, so that it can assist and support the day-to-day function of all the organ networks.

    The pathology of Ministerial Fire is associated with disharmonies of the Liver/Gallbladder, especially in cases of Kidney and Liver Yīn deficiency, which causes Liver Yáng to rise and Ministerial fire to become hyperactive. Hyperactive Ministerial Fire is generally associated with patterns of “constrained heat.” Li Shi Zhen on Ministerial Fire, “anger is created in the qì level, illness develops, producing irritability and fullness with qì counterflow, hiccupping obstruction, chills and fever resulting from injury by external cold and deep lying fever.” In the first half of the Year, then, we can expect patterns of constrained heat, anger, irritability, and so on, to be stoked further by the power of excess Wind.

    The second half of the Year is identical to the overall theme of the Year, Juéyīn – Wind Wood, so these symptoms of Wind can intensify and grow in intensity as the year progresses. In other words, the Year will get more intense as it goes along, and the destructive aspects of wind may be worse going from Summer into Autumn and Winter.

    Yún Qì 岁会 Suìhuì meets - 同天符 Tóngtiānfú

    Just like 2020, this Year the Heavenly Stem creates what is called Tōng Tiān Fú, 同天符, which means that Qì has the generally tendency to become excessive, so there will be greater changes in weather, more acute diseases, and the overall tendency of the Year will be somewhat forceful and chaotic. We can expect the recent tendencies of extreme weather to intensify further, and the likelihood of natural disasters is also increased this Year (evidenced by the recent eruption of an underwater volcano followed by a Tsunami that hit Tonga). So too is the tendency for all matters of public discourse and action to go to chaotic extremes.

    [1] https://www.thewanderingcloud.com/th...lming-the-wind

    Dynamic Opposites

    Finally, it is worth mentioning that if we take the signing of the Declaration of Independence as the “birth” of the United States, July 4th, 1776, then the USA is a Yáng Fire Monkey, and this Character can be said to govern the growth, activity, and conduct of our country. Well…the Fire Monkey is the diametric, 60-60, opposite of the Water Tiger. Water Tiger is, therefore, antithetical to the United States. Not only are Monkey and Tiger opposites, but Fire and Water make for an explosive, albeit important, controlling cycle. Water controls Fire, so in this case the Tiger is in control, but the Fire Monkey is still a wily adversary, and we will likely see it do everything in its power to squirm and evade the Tiger’s pounce.

    Opposites in Chinese Astrology are not considered bad but rather mirror like. And mirrors can be very uncomfortable to look at it. The relationship of opposites can be extremely revealing, for they show to us what we do not normally see about ourselves. The relationship of opposites is usually mutual and creates very strong attraction, but without self-honesty and reflection, they can easily turn to repulsion, because what we hate most is usually something unintegrated within ourselves. Opposites create passionate, wild, romantic relationships that have an equal potential for growth and/or disaster.

    I bring this up because this relationship of opposites creates the possibility that this year above all others could be explosive for the USA in a way that brings our country a kind of reckoning. It could exacerbate the violent potential in the Tiger image, and the dynamic of opposites will likely expose/reveal a lot of deep underlying problems in our culture, you know…more so than usual, lol. However, as this energy is antithetical to the USA, the results could be positive, pushing to rectify systemic problems that plague our culture. I hope that it isn’t an issue, so this is a word of warning…things could get weird, for the Tiger-Monkey dynamic is a powerful one.

    形 – Manifestation/Character
    Before, I delve into my specific “predictions,” let’s explore how the Water Tiger Character manifests in people—what about babies born in this or any Year of the Tiger? (I know of a few in the making). This year, these characteristics are more available to everyone! Try to imagine what these qualities would be like applied to the whole world, what if we’re all a little more “Tigery?”

    We must first understand that Tigers feel the full force of primal hunger energy with startling intensity, and this creates the impulse to break free, innovate, create, destroy, jump headfirst, etc. This impulsive lurching often causes inconsistent and unreliable behavior, which confuses others. This impulse is always present, even when still, like a cat about to pounce, waiting for the right moment.

    This behavior is often perceived as aggressive because the Tiger is a predator that needs to hunt. But really, Tiger Qì is in a constant intimate interaction with its surroundings, deeply sensitive, drawing all other energies into it, alert to minute changes, moods, emotions, ready to pounce in an instant. Even when resting, Tigers are like a loaded weapon. Without challenges, they can be champion loafers, lazy housecats, but they are always primed to jump and knock things over.

    Tiger Qì is very physical and embodied. By nature, Tigers possess strong constitutions and boundless energy, which can express complete stillness, meditative equipoise, alongside an immense physical capacity, vitality, and endurance. Tiger Qì is fully present, ready for action, but it is also naïve; Wood Element is always naïve. Liu Ming told the story of a Tiger running through the jungle, leaping over obstacles—suddenly, the Tiger leaps off a cliff. Halfway down, the Tiger realizes—oh, I’m falling! In other words, Tiger Qì lurches, jumps eagerly into danger, and often doesn’t realize its mistakes until too late. It does this because it is king of the jungle and assumes it’s on top of the game.

    This stripiness and impulsiveness makes Tigers difficult for others to understand. The stripes denote a powerful need to act, to connect, to be in the world, to love, and at the same time to run away, to hide, to be still, and to hide alone in their cave. For Tigers are solitary animals. They are independent and need huge territories in which to roam. In the wild, Tigers mate and then go their separate ways. If there are too many cubs born, the parents may kill a few as not to encroach on their hunting territory.

    Tigers are pillars of strength and capacity, but then they disappear. They can be the life of the party, and then you may not see them for months. They often jump full force into things, and then abandon them before completion, and then they must abandon their abandoning, and so on.

    Yáng Wood is spontaneity, creativity, and innovation. Tiger Qì may not be reliable, but it can change things, break the mold, think outside the box. Tiger Qì rebels against everything no matter what; it hates to be confined, and it hates expectations and answers to no one. This rebellion is impossible to control and can only be handled with self-discipline. Tiger Qì must see outside itself and choose self-discipline. The Tiger finds its Qì power when fear becomes transparent, and their power turns to natural discipline and then fearless leadership.

    With training, Tigers make tremendous warriors, soldiers, fighters, shaman; they are heroic and noble defenders. Without training, the impulsive force of the Tiger can be disastrous. Violence is the available in the Tiger (also in Dragon, Horse, Pig, Rabbit, and others), for some of the Characters must be willing to fight, and all people born in the year of the Tiger need to recognize this part of themselves and accept it to be whole.

    The influence of Tiger Qì is powerful; Tigers have a magnetic, hypnotizing quality, and they are often charismatic, dynamic, and innovative leaders and great orators. Their inconsistency and unreliability, however, dictates that they should not be in charge. Tigers are meant to inspire, dazzle, and then disappear. They are exemplars of power, action, and creativity.

    Out of all the animals, Tigers, Goats, and Monkeys are considered the most creative and artistic (of course everyone can be artistic). Yáng Wood as imagination creates an immense appetite for knowledge, information, and expression, so Tigers are always seeking creative outlets. Tiger Art is very “Jackson Pollock,” very modern. The impulse to splatter paint on a wall and call it art to break convention is a Tiger impulse. And of course, once this becomes convention, the Tiger would happily return to the classics to break that convention.

    Because of their stripes and impulsiveness, Tigers are seen to have a great capacity for self-destruction. The alternating quality of their stripes and their forceful internal impulse can cause inner conflict and turmoil, and they can be their own worst enemies. It is hard for Tigers, with their unpredictable, impulsive creativity and strangeness, to find a place in the world, to accomplish anything and remain consistent, which goes against the grain of ordinary culture that expects them to get a job and be the same person all the time. Tigers rebel, and without the proper environment and support they self-destruct.

    Tigers need unconditional acceptance, love, and tolerance. Therefore, Pigs are a great support, for they are the most tolerant. Others need to know that Tigers will always “let you down” if you expect consistency from them. It may sound harsh, but the only way Tigers can be in relationship is if others manage to not need them. They will do their best, but they will most likely show you their stripes, and as the saying goes, a Tiger can’t change their stripes.

    Because of the Tiger’s dual nature and tendency towards inner conflict and self-destruction, they tend toward great spiritual awakening. Many Tigers become mystics hell bent on the spiritual path, seeking the reconciliation and union of their opposites. Many Tigers become famous spiritual teachers, many of which have been an inspiration to me. My personal favorites—Alan Watts, Thomas Merton, Walt Whitman, Namkai Norbu, and my teacher Dharmabodhi to name a few.

    So now we get to the Key Words. The first are courageous, daring, brave. Tiger Qì, again, represents fearlessness, a kind of Samurai mentality, hurling into danger, charging into the unknown, seeking adventure. This courage comes from a deep flirting with death in the core of their being, for Yáng Wood emerges from death (Yīn Water). This courage lends to being strong-willed, seeking to conquer the fear of death, and despite our impulsiveness, Tigers have famously terrifying will power, usually to accomplish or study strange and unusual things.

    Tiger Qì is energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic. The force of Yáng Wood is both physically and mentally expressed in the Tiger. Physically active, even hyperactive, Tigers can be balls of energy, freely expressing themselves in all kinds of uncontrollable ways, which is why they need self-discipline early in life. Discipline forced upon them will most likely be rebelled against.

    Mentally and energetically, this unstoppable energy bubbles forth as enthusiasm and dedication. Tigers usually get really, really into things and champion what they love. Once they love something, or someone, they become incredibly dedicated. However, this dedication rarely leads to mastery.

    Tiger Qì is competitive. Tigers are always looking for opportunities to demonstrate their strength, mostly to themselves. The Tiger’s motivation often derives from inner conflict, however, from their dual nature, as a need to prove something to themselves. So often, they compete with themselves and test this competition through others.

    Tigers are honest due to their naivety. Yáng Wood does not have maturity or discretion, so Tigers tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They usually don’t make very good actors, due to an inability to be anything other than what they are (or, like Tom Cruise or Bill Murray, play the same character in every movie). Because of this they can be incredibly vulnerable. As Cubs/kids, Tigers are very vulnerable, and if traumatized they can get stuck in arrested development.

    Tigers are often very dignified in their expression. Imagine a big noble jungle cat. Or just look at any house cat that spends all day cleaning itself. This dignity lends to what Ming called the “Awesome Deportment,” and Tigers often find great value in cultivating and expressing a powerful or impressive image. Places, things, skills all must have power, meaning, and significance to add to the Tiger expression, otherwise they’re not interested. Tigers can treat people this way too; they love everybody, but to get them really interested, they must be mesmerized and impressed.

    Finally, Tigers are considered lucky and generous. Luck is a very Chinese idea, and some Characters are considered to have it more than others. Luck is defined by being in the right place at the right time, which is usually a matter of Fate. At their best, Tigers are gregarious pleasure seekers who love sharing their luck with others.

    So now we get to the flipside of all this—of course, this is about self-reflection, so we must admit to the depleted qualities of Tiger Qì.

    As I have already mentioned, their impulsiveness can turn to a profound restless/rebellion. All Yáng Characters are prone to be restless, but Tiger restlessness is scary and goes hand in hand with feeling confined, stuck, in need of exploding out of your situation. If Tigers do not have problems/obstacle, they often create them to have something to rebel against, something to break out of, something to pounce on. Tigers are rebels without a cause, their own worst enemies. Tigers, especially Water/Fire Tigers, can be risk taking landmines of passion and emotion. Uncontrolled drama and half-baked scheming can make their lives calamitous. Something usually becomes a “savior,” whether it is a teacher/mentor, a partner, a child. Tigers need to be regulated, so family is good for them if they can settle down. At their worst, Tigers are indecisive, always second guessing, so having others take over, a strong partner for example, can be a blessing.

    Often, Tigers are so busy generating problems that they are inconsiderate of others. At their best, Tigers are incredibly generous, and part of their path is to learn to give, let go, and see outside their own problems to a bigger picture. Tiger inconsiderateness can come from being self-involved, morose, negative, and moody. Tiger Qì can become very dark, but it always comes back to the light.

    Tiger restlessness can lead to a unique kind of stubborn egotism, thinking and being utterly convinced they are right (Ox, Horse, Dog, and Goat do this famously as well). Tigers are unchallenged in the wild; they have no natural predators. Tigers get flustered, confused, and bewildered when challenged, for in the end, Tigers are sure they’re right, and they’re going to do what they want. It is difficult to convince Tigers otherwise unless they can adopt things as their own idea. Because of their strength, Tigers usually want to dominate situations, be in charge, which can come across as aggressive, egotistical, and overbearing.

    Finally, the Tiger’s dignity and deportment can lead to tremendous vanity and pride. Tigers can be very concerned about their appearance and the opinions of others, although they’ll never admit it. Tigers are very sensitive to criticism and rejection and can be wounded deeply by others if they do not possess a strong sense of self-love/self-possession.

    The Water Tiger is the also called the Roaming Tiger, for they are the “most” of all these qualities. Fire Tigers are close second but burn out more quickly in their expression and lack the Water Tiger scale of influence. The Water Tiger is the most dramatic, moody, morose, and cathartic of all Tigers. They are perhaps the least able to control their impulses. But they also possess the greatest potential for wisdom through transcending their fear of Death, which propels them in life to “Roam” far and wide in search of victory over their deepest fears and insecurities.
    器 – Synthesis, Application, and “Predictions”
    Okay, so, what’s going to happen this year!? I have no idea! No one does! With everything I have written so far, the potential here may sound a bit scary. I will admit, I’m a tad worried (but generally optimistic). However, we should not jump to conclusions or project fearful fantasies. There’s enough of that going around, and I do not wish to add more of this nonsense.

    As always, the goal of this blog is to present the symbols and enough about the different dynamics at play for you to make your own interpretations and apply them to your own life. What follows is my playful interpretation based on everything I have written so far.

    In general, Tiger Years are explosive, bold—a time of extremes when life is experienced on a grand scale with drama and excitement. The classics say — expect political rebellion and military coups, lol.

    If there is one major theme this year it is (eek!) DRAMA, and it is UNPREDICTABLE, big forward moving change, upheaval even, and it could come quicker than we expect. The Qì is like a sudden urge to move after sitting for a long period of time, like cabin fever, like a welling up inside so strong that you can’t sit still; it causes you to roam (hence the name Roaming Tiger). I think it is fair to say we have personal and collective cabin fever, and the likelihood of people rebelling against stagnation this year is so strong that some upheaval is likely.

    Rat and Ox Year were, again, a preparation – the Rat is an accountant that analyzes and evaluates the past, and the Ox takes that information and works to build a foundation for the future. The Tiger now propels us forward – it leaps off that foundation (whether sand or stone) into the future, boldly going where no one has gone before. The Tiger leaps, often without looking, for it is on the hunt, and it is hungry.

    With the inception of Spring this year, initiated by a Water Tiger Moon, and with the overwhelming strength of the Wind element and its power of distribution, the Water Tiger could arrive like a tsunami. The question is – are we ready? Have we built a stable foundation?

    Remember, the Tiger is striped, so in all the following considerations, the possibility is “maybe.” Things are very either/or this year, and decisions/actions could take us in wildly different directions, personally and collectively. If things are going well...wait! If things are going poorly...just wait! Don't get attached to outcomes because they are all likely to change dramatically.

    This is the year to lurch, to make sudden/dramatic change. Anything big you’ve been planning for, waiting for, hoping for, afraid to do, hesitant to act on, unsure if you should reach out – this year is the time to do it, and you may even be compelled for better or worse. When in the Year to act is, of course, on a case-by-case basis, but new beginnings, initiations, fresh starts, big moves, bold risks, wild adventures, passionate romances, and so on, are all supported by the Water Tiger. If you have taken such action in previous years, it is likely that the results were mixed. Now they will still be mixed, lol, but the impulse/force behind them could be much stronger and somewhat unavoidable. Is this good? Maybe.

    This Year, we are on the hunt, possessed by our ghosts, our unfulfilled desires, our frustrated plans, our deepest longings/yearnings, our primal hungers, and we are compelled to act on them. Results could be disastrous, or they could be wonderful, and both could happen simultaneously, such is the Tiger way. Fortune favors the bold, as they say. Our bravery is enhanced and our capacity to wait, to hold back, to stop, to not make leaps of faith is hindered. If Metal is restraint, Water is release, and there has been a lot building up behind the dam. Metal and Earth Tigers are good at restraint, crouching in the tall grass, waiting, but Water Tiger is the maw of the death drive, eyes rolled back, sinking its teeth in.

    It is very easy for Water Tiger to leap over its own experience in a leap of faith. So, self-awareness before rash decisions or compulsive action is advised. However, this is the kind of year where you are likely to say, “**** it,” and just go ahead anyways. Then, when you’ve made a mess, you’ll have to deal with the consequences. Water is, again, the element of drama. And there could be a lot of drama and consequences this year.

    I mentioned last Year that these two years were ruthless in their “Waking Down” quality. Metal Ox offered a sober, harsh, and potentially bleak look at hard truths because the force of the coming Water Tiger may possess us so strongly, that without strong basic sanity, we will likely be forced to learn things the hard way after we make a mess of things.

    Our capacity for creativity, invention, re-invention, innovation, and thinking outside the box is greatly enhanced, and Water adds a depth of wisdom, maturity, and sensitivity to these endeavors. Our ability to take risks could lead to bold innovation on all fronts. Again, they say fortune favors the brave, and Tigers are brave. So, use your imagination; we could make radical new decisions and introduce new ways of thinking, for better or worse. The question is whether community has been established so that our innovations become inclusive, because if it hasn’t, then our actions are likely to be selfish/delusional.

    1962 Revisited...The last Water Tiger Year (1962) was packed with Drama; we saw the first man in space (launching a rocket into space is very Tiger), extensive worldwide nuclear testing (178 detonated! the most of any year), massive floods like the North Sea Flood or the great flood of Hamburg, major Civil Rights riots with landmark reform, the Cuban Missile Crisis (which brought us to the brink of nuclear war), which was stopped by President Kennedy, who was then out to create world peace, making bold, radical decisions (in Tiger fashion) to end the Vietnam War, splinter the CIA, and fracture the military-industrial complex. Then next year, in very sneaky Water Rabbit (1963) fashion, he was murdered for this (his assassination was probably the most Water Rabbit thing to ever happen), and the Vietnam War then started for real, and the military industrial complex took hold of the USA for good.

    So, new policy, new law, the rise of new (or old) charismatic political leaders, explosive foreign policy…if there was a year to go to war, this is it. This is a kind of wild card year. The last wild card year was 2016 in the form of the Fire Monkey, and we all know what that got us. Tiger/Monkey are very similar in that they offer radical change but in different ways. The Monkey is a kind of trickster that gave us a trickster politician who forever changed the face of politics.

    Since the USA is a Fire Monkey, 2016 was kind of emblematic of our culture. As America’s opposite, Water Tiger Year offers the possibility of something revolutionary and completely antithetical to the American norm, like JFK out to create world peace in 1962, but anti-American revolutionaries can be a mixed bag as people like JFK, MLK, and Malcom X unfortunately found out.

    Many Americans foam at the mouth at the prospect of participating in a revolution and can be easily persuaded with the rhetoric of patriotism. Everyone wants to be a hero on the right side of a battle between good and evil like in all our movies, and there are a lot of hell realm fantasies out there blaming big faceless evils for our problems. Ox Year had the aura of being called to war and Tiger Year is like the charge into battle, and we could see more people storming, charging, and rallying the troops to fight in various crusades. Expect protests; expect fighting.

    Again, (talk about Drama) the last Water Tiger Year brought the world to the brink of nuclear war with the Cuban Missile Crisis. The possibility of tension between world powers and increasing standoffs between the USA, Russia, and China could be in the works, as we are already seeing in Ukraine. We could see all out conflict, the toppling of regimes, and major upsets in voting and voting rights, which are seriously under threat (such as in the 2022 mid-term elections). Internal tensions in the USA could be at their highest, and if there was year to initiate civil war or for states succeeding, this is it.

    In terms of culture, I would expect across the board breaking away from convention, “influencers” pushing new trends/products, challenging you to redefine yourself with new looks and skills and goals and so on. Most of what is marketed in this regard is absolute nonsense, and you should probably ignore it. But the feeling of freshness, newness, and moving forward with appeals to emotion will be very compelling. With the added Water element, definitions, labels, categories, and the like, will be very fluid and malleable.

    Like the first human in space, this is the kind of Year where sci-fi/fantasy becomes reality (let’s go James Webb Space Telescope!). Romantic escapism, “subverted expectations,” and people who say they “think for themselves” or “do their own research” (lol) will be empowered and push worldviews that either make them feel heroic and defiant or that push huge universal messages of love or apocalyptic messages of doom. Products, advertising, and media may try creative new spins with big, sappy emotional appeals with the same kind of universality or fear mongering.

    Hopefully, we will see more creativity in movies and televisions rather than the creatively bankrupt re-hashing of old franchises, endless re-boots, re-makes, and so on. As a culture, we will want/demand new stories, new ideas, and new heroes, hopefully with well written, meaningful, and powerful characters. Nostalgia is out this year and will not have the same effect – we must let the past be and try to come up with something new to inspire us.

    The kind of art we are capable of this year is transcendent, of a depth and power normally hidden, so I highly encourage individual artistic endeavors. While the last year was flat and inspiration may have been hard earned, there is a well of imagination available to those capable of tapping it. Meditation and contemplation can make profound use of the imaginal and bring to life radical visions. But please add a dimension of play and ease, for the feline disposition is one to chase string between naps in sunbeams. Let poetry, music, visual art, dance, and so on, express the ease and delight of a cat in the present moment with the past/future providing nothing other than a canvass.

    In terms of economics, I would expect radical fluctuation, potentially even collapse. This is the kind of year where people bet everything and either win big or lose big. The tendency to put everything on the line is encouraged, and all kinds of wacky investments, testing the market for new giz-widgets like virtual reality or ideas even weirder and stupider than NFTs, things that defy convention like cryptocurrencies, all get a push in Tiger Year. And the emotional investment behind them is personal and operatic.

    In terms of politics, we have the possibility of real forward-thinking change, as we have the possibility of making new decisions that benefit future generations. However, we also have the probability of waffling back and forth, crippled by indecision, only to make last minute compulsive decisions with disastrous consequences. The fear of death and the madness that overtakes people at the prospect of annihilation is looming this year, and we could be frozen in terror; we could run around like chickens with their heads cut off, or (hopefully) we could be brave like Samurai and able to make clear decisions in battle. Again, we must ask – have we created a foundation for change? If so, then we can implement it, if not, attempts will likely be met with frustration, competition, and fighting.

    If there is a theme to the power of Wind this year it is (re-)distribution. Wind picks up seeds and spreads them to germinate. Everything has the power to spread far and wide this year, and it is my great hope we realize that our power to create an equitable society is in the redistribution of the abundance we already have. If this year is to be antithetical to American culture, then undermining the selfish, everyone out for themselves competitive threat of capitalism is an imperative, one that will be met with a lot of resistance because Tigers are also very competitive. So, the tension between cooperation and competition is a major theme, and the outcome is largely influenced by our compassion and inclusion.

    Generosity, however, is an important Tiger virtue, and Water represents an overflowing of the cup. Metal Ox generosity is like a soup kitchen, a little bit of the same meal for everyone. Water Tiger generosity is about the grand gesture, and the re-distribution of land, wealth, profits, food, healthcare, and shelter is important and could come in the form of big donations or the founding of philanthropic organizations. Ultimately, Tiger Year is about breaking away from rigid ways of thinking, and just as important is the distribution of things like respect, voice, belief, safety, and status, for it is our ideas that govern our culture, and systemic problems are not solved with stuff. We must change out thinking, and this year we can.

    Okay, word of warning…I want to talk a little about the *unspecified virus of unknown origin*. If the pandemic of the Metal Rat/Ox Year revealed anything, it was how we live and behave under stress and with the possibility of never going back to “normal.” It asked the question – do we have patience? What is your lowest common denominator when **** hits the fan? For this reveals your true spiritual maturity. Patience was a huge virtue in the past year. Patience is very difficult in a Water Tiger Year, so my suspicion is that things could get wildly out of control and force a messy resolution.

    First, with the power of the Wind element to spread things far and wide, as we are already seeing with Omicron, we could see the rest of the Greek alphabet with more highly transmissible variants with infection rates skyrocketing. Most virologists tend to agree that the virus will follow a similar evolutionary trajectory to the four endemic coronaviruses that cause the “common cold.” Although virologists seem to be uncertain as to the timeline of this process, models suggest that the quicker people get exposed, the quicker we get to that mild state. My uneducated suspicion is that a lot of this process could happen this year. I also suspect that we are going to see growing rebellion against rules and mandates, but I think it will be mut, because the influence of the virus will be pervasive/unescapable but get milder to survive. Okay…that’s all I have to say.

    In terms of physicality, this is a very energetic, embodied, active year. So, get moving! Tigers must use their body, and for them, work is play! Tigers also alternate between extreme rest and activity, so both are important. Tigers are very good at alternating between action and inaction, so learn to go with the pivot. When the urge for action comes, act, and the same with rest. Tigers don’t do all that well with structure unless they choose it, so choose it. When Tigers get dedicated, they are unstoppable.

    In terms of mental health, there is a huge potential for moodiness. Water Tiger is a bit gloomy and dramatic, and the potential for Qì stagnation/frustration and operatic emotions are very high. Remember, the Tiger is striped, so both anxiety and depression are in the works, so it is kind of manic/depressive year. Fear and frustration, desire and isolation, hope and despair…emotion comes in opposite pairs and the flip flopping back and forth may create tensions and indecision.

    The desire to be social could alternate – both companionship and alone time are needed. Friends may come and go. People may be in your life only to disappear for months. You may feel a heightened desire to seek solitude followed by fomo. Explosive emotions could split friendships or causes rifts at work. Opportunities and options may be ruined my moodiness. Family relations could be shaky. But, fun and adventure with deep meaningful connection and shared passions/interests are elevated. Follow and champion your passion and others will participate!

    In terms of romantic relationships, this year supports wild, passionate, romance, and/or unconventional relationship, casual sex, poly-whatever, ethical non-monogamy, and it undermines more traditional relationship norms. In the wild, Tigers mate and part ways, and often the female tries to kill the male after, lol, so there may be high divorce rates/breakups. Infatuation, love at first sight, meeting the “one,” charging into partnership only to have the honeymoon bubble burst is likely to ensue. This is a year for the old “spice up your relationship” trope, so take trips, go on adventures, up the excitement in the bedroom, and so on. Committed partnerships could be strained by boredom, familiarity, and comfort.

    Spiritually speaking, this year is potent for sleep, dream, death practice, and dispossession. Tigers are a symbol of the meditation and Yoga of the Mahāsiddhas. This means a serious and very personal approach to spiritual matters is auspicious and fruitful this year. “Responsible Citizen” doesn’t work at all in the Water Tiger year, as you will be driven to crawl into a cave. Forget sorting out the Sangha’s business and head for the hills. It is a year in which you may rely on the spirituality inherent in your own heart – no doctrine, just a direct and extreme approach works.

    While, the past year emphasized impermanence and aging, the Water element this (and next) year represents death and dying. The Water Tiger drive for awakening is in response to death. How does your ego react when confronted with annihilation?

    Last year, I suggested The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind (impermanence, suffering, karma, and precious human birth) as a great Ox Year contemplation. This year, I suggest dispossession/exorcism through an exploration of the Six Realms – the six major categories of possession (hell, ghost, animal, human, titan, and god). I also highly encourage the cutting clarity of Buddhist Logic and Emptiness teachings as they are a primary antidote to conceptual confusion, which plagues our social media driven society.

    There is a lot of confusion about being a “free/independent/individual” thinker, so let me save you the trouble – no one is, lol. All thinking is conditioned, and there are no isolated/independent individuals. All your thoughts are constructed with language and ideas that are communal. We do not need independent thinking, we need inter-dependent thinking - self-aware, clear, logical, and equanimous thinking, thinking conditioned toward the Dharma rather than toward solidifying an abiding self. To do this, we must be dispossessed.

    As I already mentioned, the character for Tiger is used as an amulet to ward off possession. So, what possesses you? Look at your own mind. Look at your dreams. Look at your narratives and beliefs; how do you create and justify the stories in your mind? Where did it all come from? Look to the stream of birth and death you come from. In Chinese Astrology, your Fate is the result of your Ancestors. Are your they (you) angry victims howling for sovereignty, autonomy, and recognition? Are they paranoid and fearful of persecution? Are they full of despair, doom, and nihilism? Are they fearful of others, diversity, and difference, attached to the safety of certainty, unable to hear anything but what they already know? Are they full of greed and competition, ableist, convinced of survival of the fittest and afraid of weakness/vulnerability and cooperation? Are they unable to deal with pain, hardship, or loss, unable to look at/acknowledge their own suffering or the suffering of others? How are you playing out these patterns in your thinking and behavior?

    Spiritual awakening this year comes in the form of feeling and death. It presents as overwhelming chaos and catharsis. It is about realizing the interconnectedness of all beings/things, what is indivisible and inexpressible – profound universal inspiration. This Year presents the tumultuous path of acceptance and rejection, adaptation by overcoming the fear of illness and death, releasing generations of burden, liberating our ghosts, and feeding our demons.

    Remember, everything is a dream. Tiger Hour, from 3-5am, represents our most wild and creative state of dreaming. During this stage of the night, our true symbolic potential is unleashed. Our unconscious and subconscious mind flow together like rivers bringing forth wildness, merging ideas and feelings into symbols that morph language and image, place and time, color and texture…if you record these dreams, you are likely to find them full of strangeness too brilliant to put into logical wake world order. And this rules the year.

    Dream practice of all sorts is heightened over the next two Water Years, and Tiger Year brings forth our fearlessness, for you cannot be harmed in a dream. In Tiger dream, you are limitless and your mind unrestricted, free for you to work out all the scattered pieces of your reality with abstract strangeness, only to wake and forget it. For reality is truly strange. When we lock our minds into flat, grey boxes with lifeless limited views of our humanity, beaten into us by consensus reality, we take for granted how absolutely bizarre we psychotic apes truly are, honking articulate nonsense noise at each other, making ourselves mad with incoherent strings of scribbles scratched into paper, staring at swirls of light coming out of electric rectangles, in a frenzy to amass a pile of numbers, rub our genitals together, all while eating life and ****ting death in a violent beautiful multiverse of madness.

    Finally, please remember that you’re going to die, and that death can come at any moment. Ask yourself – if I were to die right now, what would I regret? You possess nothing, and the only thing you take with you in death is a final moment of mind. There is no reincarnation, only rebirth – no “you” survives death. What is reborn? Your bad habits. You cannot truly grow up until you contemplate and accept death. Until you do this, you will continue to hurt people trying to establish and protect a self that doesn’t exist. If everyone in our culture did their death work, the world and the current situation would look a lot different.

    So, that’s my take. What do you think is going to happen on this dirtball inhabited by psychotic apes? Will it be destructive madness, or will we boldly go where no one has gone before, launching into a creative vision for the future? Don’t know!

    With all the possibilities this year, we will need a lot of forgiveness towards ourselves and each other. So, give people a lot of territory to roam. Give your heart a lot of territory to roam. Choose kindness, and when forming opinions, opt for collective wellbeing, err on the side most compassionate. And remember, never forget how swiftly this life will be over, like a flash of summer lightning! Live brave, live bold, and take plenty of naps!
    12 Animal Forecast
    Outer Elements:

    Water Signs (+++): your outer element matches the year; you flow and adapt more easily

    Wood Signs (++) child of water: generative/supportive relationship; you are empowered and bolstered

    Metal Signs (–/+) mother of water: you support and uphold the dynamic, but this could be draining

    Fire Signs (–/+) water controls/extinguishes fire: you may feel stifled, but this could be good b/c you should probably calm down anyway, lol

    Earth (+/–) earth controls/contains water: contrasting energetically, but you are in control and able to stay grounded/equanimous
    Rat: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 – Auspicious/Neutral – Potentially a good Year if Rat can avoid negativity and doomsaying. Rats expect the worse, and the worse could happen. Generally, Rat and Tiger are a supportive pair, for the Rat’s attention to detail and frugal practicality help to ground the Tiger’s brashness, and Tiger’s boldness empowers the Rat’s timidity. All Rats share the element of Yáng Water, so they share a fundamental wavelength with the year. Rats are at home in chaos and assume the ship is sinking. So, in a Year like this, Rat Qì is needed to help manage resources, account for the details everyone is leaping over, and encourage people to work together to right the boat. Tiger enjoys Rat’s wry and observant humor, and this Year it goes a long way for levity. If Rat goes too far into the ship is sinking, panic mentality, or gives into fear, then they can go off the rails and start hoarding for the apocalypse. Avoid isolation; do your best to create/be with community. Express your precision with art and lean into the fruitful contemplation of death. Structure and planning help a lot to smooth out the unevenness of the Year.

    Ox: 1949, 1961, 1973,1985, 1997, 2009 – Neutral – Could be a tough year but Ox probably won’t notice because it is their nature to just keep plowing forward. Tiger’s work mentality/ethic can rival Ox if they are dedicated, so big projects demanding lots of work could call Ox to contribute. Watch out for gloominess as to not sink too far into depression. Your routine will keep things normalized but watch out for resentment of the rut. As Tiger represents a rebellion against the Ox, Ox could be offput by the ensuing chaos or disruption of the norm. Everyone will look like an idiot, you know, more than usual, so keep the judgment to a minimum and offer constructive feedback. You can accomplish a lot this Year as you can use the Tiger’s strength but without getting caught up in the drama/competition. Lot’s of people will look to your solidity and attempt to jump on your back, so be prepared for a heavy load.
    Tiger: 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 – Very Auspicious/Very Inauspicious – The auspice of this Year for Tigers all depends on how you have made peace with your stripes. Tigers have a dual nature, an inner conflict between action and stillness. This Year will embolden all your best and worst tendencies with an added dimension of emotionality. So, all the things that people criticize your for will likely come at you hard. This is a big Year for self-reflection and growth and possible a watershed year in the overall path of your life. This year has all the lurching, impulsive energy you yearn to unleash but are always holding back due to indecision or because society tells you you’re too much. The problem is going overboard with excitement/enthusiasm. You may very well make big decisions/changes that land you in hot water. Things could either go very well or very poorly. So, restraint is recommended for Tigers above all, but also don’t be afraid to go for it – it’s your Year. Lean into your light stripe and bring out all the Tiger virtues. You may be called upon for bravery, and now is your time to shine.

    Rabbit: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 – Neutral/Inauspicious – Rabbit is the natural outcome of Tiger Qì, but the force of Tiger is a bit much for Rabbit, who could misinterpret the Tiger as a predator out to get them. Danger and drama rule the day, and Rabbits will do their best to hide and play it safe. Rabbit falls between Tiger and Dragon and contain the heart of both. However, without safety, the Rabbit hides their power. So, this is a year of strategy. Prepare for unevenness and unpredictability by securing the nest. Get your home, finances, job, relationships, and so on in order and learn how to use Yīn power – wield it from behind the scenes, delegate, distribute, and give orders. Rabbits make excellent bosses because they are bossy, and Tigers need orders to follow, otherwise they make a mess. Just wait, for next year is your time to shine.

    Dragon: 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 – Auspicious/Inauspicious – Similar to the Tiger, this Year could either go either way for Dragons, depending on their capacity for self-reflection, humility, and generosity. Tiger and Dragon are very similar, and they are competitive with each other, hence the classic depiction of them fighting over the ring of power. Tigers are considered terrestrial Dragons; the only difference is that Tiger’s dark stripe gives them a kind of restraint that Dragon lacks. But it also means that Tigers make mistakes and Dragons do not...couldn’t be bothered. Dragons, therefore, feed off the strength and force of the Year and this empowers their bigness and bravado. Dragons will feel the call for adventure and excitement, and without reflection, their impulsivity could go off the charts with operatic drama and destruction. This is the kind of Year Dragons could ruin relationships, jobs, or finances, unaware of the consequences of their actions. Dragons are notoriously aloof and self-centered but also capable of magnanimous social influence. Like the Tiger, if they have self-awareness and think carefully about others before acting, then this is also the kind of year where they could have landmark success on all fronts. Think, wait, plan, then act – learn to feed off the energy of the year without letting it drive you.

    Snake: 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 – Neutral – The dark stripe of the Tiger is very similar to the Snake disposition. Snakes feel at home in a Year as gloomy as this and have no problem lying still while all the drama just washes over them. Snakes are capable of great precision, “striking force,” with their keen intellectual observation. Tiger’s striking force is like a freight train, while the snake is like a scalpel. Carefully timed, well calculated actions and decisions go very well this Year. The potential for spiritual insight and transcendental experiences is off the charts. Snakes can slip into trance, vision, or penetrating insight without precedent. The danger this year is depression and nihilism. The closeness of death and the potential for darkness can lead to crippling inaction, laziness, or despair. Snakes do well to have some goals and go with the alternating quality of the Year – rest when at rest and go all in when in action. Solitude can be wonderful in a year like this, so don’t feel guilty for shutting the doors – learn to contribute from behind the scenes.

    Horse: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 – Very Auspicious – You are the royalty of the year. As part of a Trine of compatibility with Tiger and Dog, Horses are the most able to benefit from the Year. It’s time to gallop and run off into the sunset. Horses get the wind in their sails, for this is the most energetic and productive Year in a long time. Horses love to be independent and self-reliant and should find that all their aspirations, goals, projects, and creations go well this year. Others will look to you for your strength and skill and run after you. Horses would do well to just get busy and ignore bumps in the road. There is a danger of jumping over your own experience, but you’re going to do that anyways, lol. Sometimes, you must run wild, so go for it. Plan/do something big.

    Goat: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 – Neutral/Auspicious – the last year and this one could be a bit frustrating for Goats (don’t worry, next year is much better). Coming out of your opposite year, a year with such an uncompromising bottom line, you may feel a bit flustered/frustrated at the world, as it seems to lack your elegant and refined ideals. Goats want to change the world, but they want everyone at the table for negotiations. Tiger wants to change the world too but is willing to smash things, kill/eat sacred cows, tear down walls. Goat can get behind destruction if it aligns with their ideals, so this is a year to speak up, plan some coordinated mayhem, get active, get your voice out there and bring people together. Goats (not Ox) are the true herd animal and have the best, most egalitarian, fair, balanced sense of what is best for the collective. If chaos ensues this year, we will need you to be a voice of reason and inclusivity to broker treaties and forge alliances. This is a great year to practice what you preach and empower and uplift others. You are a bridge. However, if things don’t go your way, if the revolution is a bad one, then Goats could get cantankerous.

    Monkey: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 – Inauspicious – Monkey and Tiger are opposites, so this could be a rough year for Monkeys. I maintain the view that the mirror relationship is spiritually beneficial but potentially uncomfortable, and in my experience, Monkeys have the hardest time looking in the mirror (sorry Monkey friends, I love you all). Monkeys may feel attacked by the energy of the Year, like it is hunting them, out to get them, creating heightened anxiety, paranoia, or feelings of persecution. Last Year was tough but good for maturing/growing up, and this Year will require a lot of self-reflection because the hard lessons could continue. Monkey and Tiger are very similar; they are risk takers and creative revolutionaries. While Tiger is charging headfirst into danger, Monkey is doing everything they can to escape danger. Monkey fears consequences and will do whatever they can to avoid the seriousness and heaviness that can follow in the wake of their antics; their instinct is to escape/run away, joke about it, re-direct the attention, but Tiger Qì can be unrelenting in its pursuit. Lots of hard work and risk-management will be required to stay afloat this year, and perhaps a little self-honesty. Look in the mirror. Take stock of your life and everything that’s happened in the past few years. Eat bitter and face up to any problems you’ve caused for yourself or others. This is a year to hide, rest, heal, and reflect, so stay put and don’t jump for any new branches/go looking for new fruit. Your playful, curious nature will serve you well this year because it will be hard to escape the seriousness, so go ahead and pull the Tiger’s tail and run back up the tree but do so with caution, lol.

    Rooster: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 – Neutral/Auspicious – Like the Rat, Rooster precision and focus benefits the Tiger’s strength and power, and Tiger strength bolsters the Roosters competitive bravado, which is often just hot air. In Gōngfu, the Rooster represents the precise crane that balances the heavy paw of the Tiger. Roosters have the key to make use of the thoughtless impulsive energy of the Tiger year. To make use of this year will require all your skills and powers of observation and precision. Focus is key. Exact is key. When chances arise, and they will, strike hard when you have insider knowledge. Roosters may feel more competitive, argumentative, challenging, and critical, so relax, and don’t start too many fights. Your ability to dominate/rule the roost is heightened, so productivity and progress in your personal and professional life is available. Step into positions of leadership and help steer the ship.

    Dog: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 – Auspicious – As part of a Trine of compatibility with Tiger and Horse, Dogs are very apt to do well this Year but with a few more conditions than Horses. We all know that loyalty is very important to the Dog, but Tiger’s loyalty is unreliable. If relationships and life structures are in order/solidified, then the productive, forward moving strength of the Year goes very well, and Dogs run happily alongside Tiger/Horse with tails wagging. If you are looking to make new alliances, form new bonds, find a new job, etc., then the year could be challenging due to the unpredictability. However, it is also possible that a true friend, partner, or leader to follow may show up, so be on the lookout and sniff appropriately. Like Tigers, Dogs can have a lone wolf/solitary nature and may only trust a select few. They may be pushed this Year toward solitude/individuality or display their weird, highly personal, artistic side – think Freddy Mercury, Prince, and David Bowie (all Dogs). So, find creative new projects and let your unique personality shine. You do a lot of work for others, and this year you could get some recognition.

    Pig: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 – Auspicious – Pig and Tiger are a Confucian pair that greatly benefit one another. Pig resiliency and adaptability make the Tiger Year auspicious, and the strength of the Tiger brings out Pig’s more serious hard-working side. You will feel more focused and productive in your humanitarian efforts. This is a tremendous Year for accomplishment and completion. The key is to be less distracted and indulgent and more financially/personally responsible. As always, you will be greatly needed and called upon to help, and your tolerance and acceptance will be deeply appreciated by others. We need your empathy and compassion; we need you to remind us of our humanity. So, throw parties, brings snacks, and remind people that they can enjoy their lunch, even if the sky is falling.
    I wish you the all the best in this New Year!

    Thus, the Buddha launched the ship upon the sea of the sufferings of birth and death. Unfurling its sails of the three thousand realms on the mast of the one true teaching of the Middle Way, driven by the fair wind of “the true aspect of all phenomena.”

    Every harmful action I have done
    With my body, speech, and mind
    Overwhelmed by attachment, anger and confusion,
    All these I openly lay bare before you.
    While circling through all states of existence,
    May I become an endless treasure of good qualities--
    Gathering limitless pristine wisdom and positive potential.
    May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.
    May they be free of suffering and the cause of suffering.

    May all beings remain in boundless equanimity, free from attachment and aversion!

    Sarva Mangalam!!!

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    Arrow Re: 2022, Year of the Water Tiger

    We associate the “Tiger” with the sign of Aquarius, it is not for nothing, it is the revolutionary in the cohort of Chinese signs.

    It is an unruly sign, so if you examine Uranus and even Mars in the birth sky of this animal, you will certainly be surprised to see a correspondence with its totem animal the Tiger! They say he is always in revolt against the system, against his own family, against his own country? A leader of men who can lead you to disaster if you don't regulate him, ready to rail against what he thinks is his enemy, like a tiger in the jungle with any other animal that passes by there, when it's time to sit down to eat.

    The Tiger has a pronounced taste for risk, even if he is reckless, he still has the means. The Tiger hates to obey but likes to be obeyed and when things don't go as he would like, he can easily get angry. He should think before he acts, but still not for too long or he might miss opportunities. We often find him violent, fiery fighter and besides that, he is able to devote himself to a cause until death. Should this cause not become a refuge for not really taking your life in hand. Obstinate and processive, he is sometimes found petty, in conflict with something or someone and it can become exhausting to live with a Tiger, because he can become exhausting. He is a rebel against recognized authority, the hierarchy and conservatives. In fact, it is often the fault of others and he may find it difficult to question himself.

    He wants to be the best in everything, it can make a military leader, a business leader who will spend the time fighting either with these soldiers or to save his business from bankruptcy. He can become a formidable gangster if only for the taste of the perilous exploit. It will be the same for tiger women becoming feminists of the “Femen” genre out of a taste for challenging themselves or the risk that you encounter in a combat posture. The Tiger needs to take action and can invent fights if not to take action directly due to a lack of personal affirmation? We see the Tiger as an animal full of resourcefulness and even craftiness. The fetish phase of the Tiger "the end does not justify the means" or "Who wants the end wants the means"

    The Tiger would be endowed with exceptional destinies or even facilitated by unexpected situations, but after having taken full advantage of them, does he continue on this path or is he angry with the whole world for having withdrawn this right from him after got the opportunity? It is said of him, that he would be a sensitive, emotional warrior and brought to meditation on a world that he does not always understand. Because if by nature the Tiger is considered a warrior, it is because we melt on his own, he has not found peace, to go on a crusade against everything that gets in his way.

    He's capable of a lot of love, but it seems the exchange isn't fair?, passion can devour him, for teaching a warrior to lay down those weapons is like telling a mother to lay down her child. The tiger woman will have many adventures, but be careful not to turn into a scapegoat by default.

    The Tiger will get along well with the honest Horse, with the Dragon who will bring him strength and courage, with the dog who will always be at his side to defend common causes. On the other hand, the Tiger will have to avoid the Snake who will not understand and the monkey too clever for him. He will have to be wary of the formidable Ox who is too strong and risks losing these warrior defenses. With the Cat who can scratch him from behind. A popular belief says: that to annoy the tiger, the cat will climb in a tree where the tiger, heavier will not be able to follow it… Depending on whether the Tiger was born by night or by day will direct its destiny. Born at night and around midnight, the Tiger would be safe from pitfalls of all kinds and his life will be less hectic than if he were born after sunrise and especially at noon... The Tiger is considered the man luck and it seems to have a tiger at home would ward off the three calamities: thieves, fire and evil spirits... I said one tiger and not two...

    The book that inspired me: Chinese Horoscopes by Paula Delsol

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