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Thread: Facebook Allows Calls for Violence against Putin

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    Default Facebook Allows Calls for Violence against Putin


    This on BBC Today 11 Mar 2022 :-


    "The owner of Facebook and Instagram will allow users in some countries to call for violence against Vladimir Putin and Russian soldiers.

    Meta says it has temporarily made allowances for some violent speech, like "death to the Russian invaders," that would usually break its rules.

    However, it says it won't permit calls for violence against Russian civilians.

    In response, Russia called on the US to stop the social media giant's "extremist activities".

    The announcement came after Reuters news agency said it had seen internal emails outlining the policy shift.

    "In light of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, we made a temporary exception for those affected by the war, to express violent sentiments toward invading armed forces," a Meta spokesperson told the BBC.

    Under the amended policy, users in countries including Russia, Ukraine and Poland will also be able to call for the deaths of Russia's President Putin and Belarusian President Lukashenko.

    The emails reportedly said calls for the leaders' deaths will be allowed unless they contain other targets, or included a location or methods.

    Could Putin be prosecuted for war crimes?
    Calls for violence against Russians are also allowed when the post is clearly references the invasion of Ukraine, the emails reportedly said."

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    Default Re: Facebook Allows Calls for Violence against Putin

    What is an example of dehumanization?

    Dehumanization can occur discursively (e.g., idiomatic language that likens individual human beings to non-human animals, verbal abuse, erasing one's voice from discourse), symbolically (e.g., imagery), or physically (e.g., chattel slavery, physical abuse, refusing eye contact).

    ..................................................my first language is TYPO..............................................

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    Default Re: Facebook Allows Calls for Violence against Putin

    Russia to brand Meta an extremist entity and ban Instagram
    The US tech giant is reportedly now permitting posts on its platforms that call for the killing of Russian soldiers in Ukraine

    Quote The Prosecutor General of Russia has asked a court to formally designate Meta Platforms, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, as an extremist organization, Russian news agencies reported on Friday. The request came after reports that the US-based social media giant had revised its policy and is now allowing posts that call for violence against Russian citizens, amid Moscow’s military offensive in Ukraine.

    Earlier, some Western media reported that Meta had decided to allow “posts on Ukraine war calling for violence against invading Russians or [for Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s death”.

    The Russian embassy in Washington called on the US government to “rein in” Meta’s apparent embrace of “extremism.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the news reports were “hard to believe.”

    “This information actually requires very careful verification and study,” the official told journalists on Friday. “We will hope it to be not true, as otherwise a most vigorous action will be required to stop the activities of this company.”

    Embassy responds to Meta permitting hate speech against Russians
    Read more Embassy responds to Meta permitting hate speech against Russians
    Russian media regulator RKN said on Friday it has demanded from Meta either a formal confirmation or denial of the reports about its hate-speech policy reversal.

    The Prosecutor General’s office decided not to wait for a confirmation, however. In addition to seeking a court order to label Meta an extremist entity, it ordered RKN to block access to Facebook and Instagram in Russia.

    The statement said the platforms also allowed posts calling for mass rioting by Russian citizens in response to the ongoing Ukraine campaign, which also made restricting access to them necessary.

    Commenting on the news, Russian officials said Russian citizens using Meta apps in good faith would not be at risk despite the company’s expectant status as an extremist organization. For instance, using the Meta-owned messenger WhatsApp would not be considered an act of extremism, said Ekaterina Mizulina, a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, a body that advises the Russian government on civil society issues.

    Senator Andrey Klishas, the chair of the committee for constitutional law in the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, assured that Russians who used various tricks to circumvent RKN attempts to block the Western platforms would not be sanctioned either.

    Last month, Facebook revised its policies against dangerous individuals and organizations, and it then allowed posts praising the Azov Battalion, Ukraine’s National Guards unit, which incorporates ultra-nationalist troopers, including many who openly adhere to neo-Nazi ideology and other forms of extremism.
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