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Thread: Eternal AI Dictatorship in China?

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    Exclamation Eternal AI Dictatorship in China?

    The following is my interpretation of a possible scenario of how China and Xi could be dangerously playing with fire that could result in the eternal AGI (artificial general intelligence) dictatorship on the global population - the political entity that could not be overthrown. Please ask questions, disagree, etc., if you'd like.

    Authoritarian rules have been China's mode of social control for thousands of years since Qinshihuang in 200BC. It has successfully evolved throughout history and remained so. As the majority of the Chinese population is accustomed to this mode of social control, Chinese people would exchange individual privacy and freedom much more for stability and security than the rest of the world. Even though the modern-day PRC is founded from a revolution, over time, the CCP becomes again just a skin of the authoritarian traditions of China. So if the CCP were replaced by another mode of a political entity, the likelihood of the latter being authoritarian again is high.

    One of the largest issues people around the world have on China is the fact that the CCP has been spreading its control under the cover in many areas throughout the globe, quietly taking individual privacy and freedom in their choices. With the authoritarian regime in China probable to continue, large state policies can roll out with the support of its 1Billion + population and its 120Trillion + economy. The ultimate goal of the ruling class of the CCP has always been to revive the Chinese dream (even though the fight between the Shanghai Jiang faction and the ruling Xi faction is ongoing, both want this to happen), the time when China was the absolute dominant power on earth thousands of years ago. Therefore, the wide adoption of big data and AI to collect, interpret, and help decide important geopolitical decisions are part of the means to achieve that. For example, nationally, surveillance cameras, successful rollout of the physical lockdowns and virtual firewalls, the Skynet system; internationally, state acquisition of foreign IT companies and their user data - Tencent acquiring discord, among others, etc.

    The chess game between Alpha Go and Lee Sedol demonstrated that AI is capable of making strategic decisions itself. At the current rate of investment and growth in the AI sector, as well as the wide adoption of those technologies in China - If Xi is to centralize all the big data interpretations in an AI system, while it seems that Xi is getting what he wants, perhaps the scenario of the terminators would start in China instead of the US as the film showcased. This could be more dangerous than the current human authoritarian control on the CCP, because (a) human rulers have a lifespan and they will die while AI does not, and (b) the AI is and will increasingly be more capable of understanding humans than humans ever can, and (c) the AI would be in the position in ruling the human population and continuing the stability in the society because it is created by the ruling class of the CCP for that purpose. This is a future that I and you probably would not want, because having the constant inquiry to understand how existence works, as well as finding the purpose of our lives to expand the human consciousness, would be at odds with what an eternal AI dictatorship wants.

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