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Thread: Eugenics Abuse of Children whistleblower testimony

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    Default Eugenics Abuse of Children whistleblower testimony

    Hello Project Avalon longtime no see friends,

    In the 2011 to 2013 timeline I was a regular and active member here. I had come forward here, on my own blog Artemesia Speaks, along with my work with Duncan O’Finioan a d Miranda Kelley and Randy Maugans of Off Planet Radio, along with my dear friends Sara Stanga and Khris Neal, to reveal my own personal experiences as a survivor of the huma genetics/eugenics agenda and medical abuses as a child. After Khris Neal’s murder in March of 2013, after a longstanding battle with gang stalking that Sara, Khris,
    Myself, Duncan and Miranda and Randy had experienced sourcing from ‘Former White Hat’ who was revealed to be Michael Hemmingson, and was associated with the SRA group Temple of Set, I was forced to pull my blog, drop all online presence, and go deeply into hiding. By October of 2013 after months of incredibly intense attacks, I was taken into multiple facilities and held against my will involuntary, forced onto psychotropic meds, and had to lie low and undetected for over 5 years before I could re-awaken and get off the drugs and away from the abusers all over again.

    Here, now nearly a decade later, the war over
    Consciousness rages on and the eugenics abuses against humanity and in particular the Earth’s children, is extreme and full scale wide open for all to see.

    In my ongoing mission to help expose this agenda and work with the higher frequency forces to hold the usurpers of human genetic code architecture responsible for the terror and trauma they have caused myself and countless millions of other beings, human and animal, I recently utilized the existing 3D structures of the University of California, Irvine, whistleblower reporting office and their Office of Research, which provides “oversight”
    For their extensive human subjects testing they practice at their academic institution on multiple fronts.

    I filed my report with their offices in June of 2022, to coincide with ‘Juneteenth’, and finally received a reply on August 1, 2022, after the Office of Research reviewed the records and conducted their own investigation of my claims.

    In the interest of full transparency, and in the hope that there may be some other folks here (not the black ops peeps who I know are in here too skimming for data, you beings can move along and ignore this and go find your own spiritual deliverance back to Source Light) who wanted to know what kind of response the ‘ordinary channels’ have when survivors bravely come forward, may be inspired or at least informed by this work. Maybe you will feel to contact the offices listed below yourself, maybe you just reading this will help energetically anchor in the gravity of what has transpired, I leave it open to you to engage with this information as you see fit, and hope for the highest capacity of exchange for the intent to help the project of Planetary Liberation for humanity and our beloved Earth and all her natural kingdoms from these dark forces of tyranny and oppression from whom we are now fully capable of freeing ourselves from entanglement and entrapment in their inorganic structures.

    Below I will attach the series of email exchanges I had with UC Irvine, including the report of abuse I filed, which is of course incredibly abbreviated and is only a small fragment of the experienced I endured. Towards the end you will find their recent and totally lackluster reply that in effect states, ‘nothing to see here, move along’ and claims there were no protections in place in the 1980s or 1990s for child human research subjects despite the post WW2 Nuremburg trials having dealt extensively with the development of the concept of ‘informed consent’ after the heinous Nazi medical experiments were uncovered and examined.

    As I have said before, for people new to this terrain, those freshly awakened and brave enough to begin looking into the vast shadow of what has been done to humanity, I applaud your courage. I hope that my humble attempt to share my small but deeply personal grain of sand in this hourglass of the timelines related to the eugenics abuse that has gone on gives you a glimpse into what it takes to face this morass on a daily basis for survivors. May you come to stand in neutral compassionate witness for for understanding the incredible burden some of us have had to carry, largely alone, often in hiding, as we continue to rise to face our abusers with self soverign power to stand in our own light and say no, not now, not ever again, will you harm the children of the Earth or steal our genetic s for your own selfish gain. It is an act of strength that I live, breathe, sleep and know every waking moment of my life. I wouldnt wish it on anyone, and yet I know it is my sacred service to walk in the truth of what I have lived and come to know, that it may never happen to another being again.

    Thank you for your time, attention and compassionate witness,

    Annalie a/k/a Artemesia Speaks

    Email Exchange with UCI Whistleblower office to follow:

    From: Annalie Cummings
    Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 1:52 PM
    To: "skaplan@uci.edu" <skaplan@uci.edu>
    Subject: Medical Ethics violation and UCI police report

    Dear Director Kaplan,

    Earlier I spoke with your assistant.

    The report filed with the UCI police regarding medical ethics violations occurring at UCI, by a UCI researcher, which included illegal and non consentual human subjects testing on a minor child, and neglect and mind control torture carried out using UCI funding is filed as report


    The statement of report I was asked to file in addition to this is as follows:

    June 15, 2022

    Statement of Incidents

    The purpose of this document is to clearly state the truth of my experiences as a survivor of illegal human subjects testing and abuse and neglect that occurred, in its relation to University of California Irvine human medical genetics research and experimentation projects. The intent of this document is simply to state the truth of these experiences, that they may be recorded, documented and clarified

    My name is Annalie, born, to Moyra Smith, MD PhD and UCI human medical genetics researcher. To facilitate the flow of this report, I will utilize a title and bullet system to simplify events as they occurred.

    Illegal Human Subjects Testing and Non-Consentual Medical Experimentation Upon a Minor Child

    Beginning in 1984, my mother, Moyra Smith, would come into my bedroom while I was asleep, usually early in the morning on a weekend, pull my arm out from under the covers, and draw a blood sample from me. I would awaken to this screaming in pain and shock, and she would tell me it was, “just a little prick,” because she needed my blood to run as a cross-sample in her experiments. My first memory of this occurring was at age 8, in 1984, when we then lived on Banbury Cross Road in Tustin, CA.

    Use of my blood in experimentation continued and was a regular practice of hers, particularly in 1985 to 1986, when she was on sabbatical at the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC, during the Fauci Directorship years, doing fetal alcohol syndrome testing. On multiple occasions we would go to her laboratories there on a Saturday when no one else was around, and I would be locked in the conference room with no way to get to a bathroom, call for her, and no food, while she worked. She would periodically come in to see me and would often take blood samples for me to run as cross tests against her aborted fetus samples. I was not allowed to say no to this, and she would disappear again afterwards for hours as she ran the PCR tests, leaving me alone, traumatized, with no help.

    Genetics Conferences Abuse and Neglect

    In the years of 1986 to approximately 1993, my mother was asked to attend numerous conferences, paid to attend and travel to with UCI monies and in the capacity of tenured researcher, all over the world. These included the American Society of Human Genetics Conference, International Human Gene Mapping Symposiums, World Health Organization conferences, and also included trips to the laboratories at Los Alamos, New Mexico as well as family genetics studies and blood collection trips to Utah, Arizona and other US States. Travel worldwide was to the countries of Japan, England, and France, multiple cities in each of these countries spanning many years. During all of these conferences I was taken along with Moyra Smith, in her official capacity, and repeatedly told to stay in hotel rooms alone, with no extra food, no way of contacting her as she often did not have a phone number available and this was long before the advent of personal cell phone usage. I spent hours at a time, often in foreign countries where I did not speak the language and could not ask for help, alone in hotel rooms wondering if I would be completely forgotten. I was not allowed to ask for help, call the front desk, and was told to keep the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door so no housekeeping staff would discover a child left alone in a hotel room. She would eventually and/or periodically return from wherever she was and insist we go out to eat in public places or go to local museums, but after hours in trauma induced terror and freeze/flop states, going out was simply an additional challenge. All of these trips occurred utilizing University of California funds to pay for hotel rooms involved. This neglect and abuse occurred on many occasions in the hundreds, in full awareness of her colleagues at these events and at UCI, and no one ever questioned her. In a culture of implied acceptance for neglect of children, while simultaneously touting one is doing ‘important research of behalf of children’ in the field of pediatric genetics is grotesque and absurd. It made no sense, and was clearly a fully accepted practice by all adults that I had any access to, and so I did not report this situation for years as it was implied to be normal. It is not normal, it is torture, and it all occurred in full awareness of UCI personnel and using UCI funding.


    At this time on the planet, it is clear that those of us who have long held secret hidden truths about the profoundly deleterious impact of human medical experimentation and in particular the genetics/eugenics agenda on human subjecs, as it has been played out in full awareness by large academic institutions such as the University of California Irvine, need to come forward to reveal what we have personally lived and endured.

    As a researcher, Moyra Smith is repeatedly touted in her own publications and on UCI media and publications as an expert in medical ethics. Her work to develop ‘informed consent’ materials to get minor children to allow medical testing when it is clear to any sane person that a minor child is in no way capable of informed awareness about how their own genetic and body materials will be used by people and institutions that are not accurately or truthfully revealing their underlying purposes and agenda for these tissue samples, is obscene. It is clearly based on her decades on experimentation upon myself, as her child and someone she had enormous power over as she was my only means of survival in the world, and now she is extrapolating this illegal non-consensual research into methods to further manipulate other human children into supplying the medical agenda with their necessary genetic and living tissue material to further their own purposes. This is not normal human behavior. This is not even human behavior. This is not ethical behavior. This is not just behavior. This is not ‘medicine’. This is torture. It is abuse. And it is being called out, by me, here on Earth as a survivor of these mind control and medical abuse projects, here and now.

    May humanity finally know the truth, and exercise our own power of sovereignty and liberation.

    Herein decreed in neutrality and in full self sovereign God power to stand in my own truth,

    June 15, 2022 ***

    *** ‘Juneteeth’ is acknowledged in the United States as the day purpoted to be the date when the last of the slaves were emancipated. Many of us are aware that slavery on Earth still exists in every way possible, and that emancipation has not yet occurred. For ALL survivors of trauma, particularly the Medical Genetics Eugenics Agenda as practiced in the State of California for over 100 years, and as it is ongoing on the UCI campuses and properties, may this document stand as part of the continued efforts to expose the ongoing suffering, abuse and trauma humanity still endures today. The emancipation is still in progress….

    On Jun 22, 2022, at 10:49 AM, Kathie B. Allen <kballen@uci.edu> wrote:

    Sent on behalf of Kirsten K. Quanbeck, Vice Chancellor, Equal Opportunity and Compliance, Whistleblower Locally Designated Official

    Dear Ms. Cummings,

    The UC Irvine Whistleblower Office is in receipt of your concerns. It appears that you were an unwilling participant in a research study beginning in 1984. The UC Irvine Office of Research, Institutional Review Board (IRB) will review this matter. An IRB representative may contact you if they have any follow-up questions. Upon completion of the review, you will be notified of the outcome.

    The University of California, Irvine, takes very seriously all allegations of wrongdoing. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

    Yours sincerely,
    Kirsten K. Quanbeck, Vice Chancellor
    Equal Opportunity and Compliance
    Whistleblower Locally Designated Official


    From: Annalie Cummings
    Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 3:56 PM
    To: Kathie B. Allen <kballen@uci.edu>
    Subject: Re: File #17196 - Medical Ethics violation and UCI police report

    Thank you very much for this acknowledgement, it is greatly appreciated and valued, to know someone is at least willing to listen to me after decades of silence and dismissal. The UCI police report is now complete and is filed as:

    UCIPD police report, DR-22-1157.

    I do hope to hear from your review board at some point.



    File #17196 - Medical Ethics violation and UCI police report

    Sent on behalf of Kirsten K. Quanbeck, Vice Chancellor, Equal Opportunity and Compliance, Whistleblower Locally Designated Official

    Dear Ms. Cummings,

    Thank you again for reporting your concerns.

    In the 1980s and 1990s, parents were allowed to consent for treatment or research procedures on behalf of their children. The Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects or the “Common Rule” was first published in 1991. With the passage of time, the law has changed to generally require child assent and parental permission for participation in research.

    The allegation in your complaint that relates to human subjects research, if substantiated, may constitute a violation of UCI policy under current policy and federal regulations. Those policies and regulations, however, were not in effect during the period outlined in your complaint.

    Your concerns regarding child abuse have been forwarded to the UCI Police, and I understand that they have referred you to the appropriate jurisdictions to address your allegations.

    We appreciate your notification and the information you provided. With your consent, we would like to share your experience anonymously with the appropriate administrators.

    The University of California takes very seriously all allegations of wrongdoing. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.


    Kirsten K. Quanbeck, Vice Chancellor
    Division of Equal Opportunity and Compliance
    Whistleblower Locally Designated Official


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