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Thread: Comedian Discriminated Against For Being White

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    Default Comedian Discriminated Against For Being White

    Great interview here with the hilarious Tyler Fischer and the guys from Triggernometry.

    Tyler has been losing out on career opportunities because he's white. This isn't something implied or hinted at by his employers - they're just flat out saying it openly.

    After hearing the same line over n over again ("we're not looking for white guys right now") he finally decided to sue, and he's in the process of doing that right now.

    One of the shows hosts,Konstantin Kisin, also a white guy and a comedian, went thru the exact same thing in England, where he said most white comedians don't even give it a second thought when they're rejected for being white...it's just taken for granted that that sort of thing goes on there!

    This is "equity" in action folks, and it's what myself and many others have been warning about for some time.

    It's a heavy subject but all these guys are comedians so it's fun and entertaining to watch as well.

    1hr and 16mins long:
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