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Thread: Major New Exoplanet Discoveries of 2022 - 3 Hour Video

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    Lightbulb Major New Exoplanet Discoveries of 2022 - 3 Hour Video

    • Major New Exoplanet Discoveries of 2022 - 3 Hour Video:

    • 0:00 Discovery of Proxima D - a New Planet Around the Closest Star to Us
    • 8:37 Oldest Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy Orbiting Ancient White Dwarfs
    • 17:55 Can a Planet Become Intelligent and Evolve Its Own Mind?
    • 29:49 Exotic Planets Could Remain Habitable For Billions of Years
    • 38:43 First Ever Planet Orbiting Three Stars at Once
    • 48:36 A Planet With an Extremely Weird Orbit
    • 58:08 New Interesting Ways to Look for Distant Exoplanets
    • 1:09:05 Discovery of a Planet in a Completely Different Galaxy
    • 1:18:40 Even More Habitable Planet Found, But Could They Host Life? What About Kepler 442b?
    • 1:32:13 An Actually Egg Shaped Planet Confirmed
    • 1:42:04 Planet Forming in a Strange Way Proves Disk Instability Theory
    • 1:59:20 Scientists Simulated Arrakis From the Dune to See If It's Habitable
    • 2:11:23 Something Collided in a Distant Star System Creating a Huge Cloud
    • 2:20:14 Strange Effects From Hot Jupiters on their Home Stars
    • 2:29:59 Strange Eggshell Planets - New Type of a Planet
    • 2:40:50 Study on Ancient Planets Discovers Many Were Extremely Exotic
    • 2:50:32 Unusual Radio Signals Coming From Stars Are Probably Caused by Planets
    • 2:58:56 Hundreds of Rogue Planets Found Hiding Nearby
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