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Thread: *ast* David Icke, the soul of genius

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    Default Re: *ast* David Icke, the soul of genius

    David Icke is a visionary. Genius is an earth bound label based upon bs standards that are completely irrelevant to those living. Outside the construct. Stop with the labels. David Icke is all and everything that there ever will be. As are we all are if we can pull our heads out of the programming that confines us.
    “The World is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
    Albert Einstein

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    Default Re: *ast* David Icke, the soul of genius

    I am not sure why are people triggered by D.Icke being called a genius.

    exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

    He went on national TV in the early 90's with claims that Queen is a reptile.
    Thats genius allright!
    Is every mind connected to form a peer to peer network that creates the illusion of a shared reality, making the appearance of material reality a simulation created through shared beliefs?

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    Default Re: *ast* David Icke, the soul of genius

    Mod note from Bill:

    Dear All, please see this new post on the RECORD of MODERATOR ACTIONS thread. The simple prefix of *ast* in Astrology thread titles like this may help prevent a lot of misunderstanding about what the thread is actually intended to be all about.

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    Default Re: *ast* David Icke, the soul of genius

    Quote Posted by Arcturian108 (here)
    Quote Posted by Tintin (here)
    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    No, she's a Libra. (See this Masha's Birthday thread )
    As is Vladimir Putin also (Born: 7 October 1952 (age 70 years), Saint Petersburg, Russia)

    Amazing info: In Chinese astrology Putin is a Fire Dragon, the most powerful sign of their zodiac. The following is some description of a Fire Dragon taken from the internet:
    Note I made an error about 1952 being the year of the Fire Dragon.
    It is the year of the Water Dragon, much milder in personality. So please ignore the rest of this post except for informational reasons only.

    "This Dragon is a leader who does not rely on anyone: everything will be checked, everything will be taken into account, everything will be appreciated. He tries not to fail, because he always enters the position of others, helps, advises, instructs. This attitude to others, in the compartment with honesty, diligence, brings him additional dividends in the form of willingness to go after him for any business. Sneakiness and isolation prevent him from fully revealing his numerous talents and abilities.

    Fire Dragon — the fairest and most cheerful of all, loves to compete more than others. But, despite the exactingness and aggressiveness, he is endowed with inexhaustible energy and has much to offer people. The problem is that he is the personification of superiority and power, so people are afraid or embarrassed of him. He is a capable leader, but he often wants to be treated as a messiah, and thus spoils everything. The fire makes the Dragon unusually purposeful and endows him with the dictator’s habits. The Fire Dragon presses upon others even when they do not resist.
    For those who want to know the qualities of a Water Dragon, I found this online:
    Smart, easygoing and amiable, Water Dragons never allow an opportunity to pass by them. The difference between these Water natives and other Dragons is that they are patient to wait for results rather than wanting to see them right away.

    In mythology, the Dragon is a strong and impressive creature, so the people in this sign are the same. You can easily notice how forceful and smart they are too.

    Confident and able to do anything, most Dragons are creative intellectuals. In Chinese astrology, the Dragon is the one who inspires awe. Those who are born under this sign will be lucky with money their entire life because they are hard workers and intelligent creatures who love doing business.

    Not to mention they’re energetic and intense enough to invest efforts in what’s worth it in life. You’ll rarely see them making a mistake or getting burned. It seems like they can always get out of any nasty situation.

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    Exclamation Re: *ast* David Icke, the soul of genius

    Quote Posted by Arcturian108 (here)
    For those who want to know the qualities of a Water Dragon, I found this online:
    Oh dear, are you doing it on purpose or what? , how did you read Bill's last post?, this thread is about David Icke and not about Putin which I had linked to in the Ukraine discussion. You can create a new discussion in astrology on poutine and I will gladly answer it, thank you

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