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Thread: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

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    Default Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations
    Whistleblower Alexandra Bruce of Forbidden Knowledge has started her own news compilation.
    Given the excellence of her work thus far, I think this deserves a thread of its own.

    December 3, 2022

    "• The Konnech voting software case has likely revealed that the CCP and the Chinese military already have the keys to the entire United States infrastructure and to every moving part of your daily existence. Already, NOW.

    • Sam Bankman-Fried is a con man who stole billions of dollars from millions of customers in a historical fraud. He is currently on a corporate media tour, receiving sympathy, praise, and applause.

    • The Global Communist movement never stopped and Brazil is its current target.

    Just the News reports that Twitter suspended the account of Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West on Friday. The action came at the end of a tumultuous 48 hours for Ye, after he appeared on InfoWars with Alex Jones to say there were “a lot of things” he loved about Adolf Hitler, whereupon Parlament Technologies announced that it had terminated a deal for him to buy the Parler social media app, although they later said it was “mutual”.

    Ye said he loves everyone but that Jewish people are pushing pornography and scamming him out of contracts. He then went on to claim that Hitler invented the microphone and that the Nazis “did some good things. We gotta stop dissing the Nazis all the time.”

    After Ye said “I like Hitler,” InfoWars cut to commercial break.

    Ye had been suspended from Twitter earlier this year before Elon Musk took it over and he restored Ye’s account last month. Shortly before he was booted, Ye posted a photo if a swastika intertwined with a Star of David and suggested it would be used as the logo for his 2024 presidential campaign. Elon called this an “incitement to violence” and terminated his account.

    Personally, I don’t think Ye should have been de-platformed for posting this image, which is actually the symbol of the Raëlian UFO Cult and is not anti-Semitic.

    On a recent podcast, investigative journalist, Whitney Webb said, “We should not be feeding the rhetoric about, ‘Ha ha! Kanye West is so insane!’ Blah, blah, blah. There is obviously something that is using this for very, very sinister ends and we should be bringing attention to that information and into those agendas, because it’s intimately tied-up with the efforts to completely eliminate Free Speech in the United States, particularly online first and then, usher in what they have been trying to do for decades, now: a ‘pre-crime’ system.”

    There is speculation that these outbursts are evidence of MK ULTRA mind control, especially after Ye revealed last month that his “trainer”, Harley Pasternak had threatened to drug him and to have him institutionalized.

    Speaking of mental illness, Sam Bankman-Fried stole billions of dollars from his customers in a historical fraud, funneling tens of millions of dollars to Democrat candidates in the 2022 election (Elon tweeted on Saturday that it was more like $1 billion), officially becoming the second-biggest donor to the DNC. And somehow, he hasn’t been arrested yet. Instead, he is on a corporate media tour, receiving sympathy, praise, and applause.

    Matthew Tyrmand was on with Steve Bannon a couple of days ago with this excellent overview of what’s going on with the stolen election in Brazil and how the Global Communist movement never ended and how their current target is Brazil.

    Matthew’s insights here are spot-on. The only piece he’s missing is how China went from being a miserable backwater in the midst of a starvation crisis 35 years ago to become this technocratic juggernaut intent on devouring the entire planet and snuffing out all human rights. And the answer is that the bankster elite created this monster by having us deliver our entire manufacturing base and all of our intellectual property to them.

    Similarly, the Communist Revolution in early 20th century Russia was financed by Wall Street, as documented in Professor Anthony Sutton’s 1993 book, ‘Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution’, in which he wrote that, “One of the greatest myths of modern history is that the Communist Revolution in Russia was a popular uprising of the downtrodden masses against the hated ruling class of the Tsars.”

    What we find instead, is that the planning, the leadership and especially the financing of the Revolution came entirely from outside of Russia, mostly from financiers in Germany, Britain and the United States, led by Jacob Schiff, head of the New York investment firm Kuhn, Loeb and Company. He was also a major contributor to Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign and an advocate for passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

    This was the same cadre of central bank-tied agents who also financed Hitler – and that are now protecting Sam Bankman-Fried.

    Similarly, Black Lives Matter, the Marxist organization claiming to fight the power on behalf of the powerless is backed by the most powerful corporations on Earth. In July of 2020, one hundred of the largest companies in the US committed to donating over $1.6 billion to organizations “fighting racism and inequality”.

    So, when we look at what’s happening throughout the Americas and the world today, we can see that many of the destabilization tactics being used against us are at least a century old and they were deployed by the same financial elite group to create the Soviet Union and that BLM and Antifa are instruments of the descendants of these same invisible trillionaires.

    Brazil’s Lula da Silva is the corrupt, thrice-convicted felon who was sprung from prison and whose election was stolen for him by the Globalists using the same voting software that is stealing elections worldwide. Lula barely even campaigned, just like Joe Biden, who belongs in prison (or worse) and whose 2020 election was stolen the exact same way.

    Like Biden, Lula ran on a “climate action” agenda and he’s a little darling of the World Economic Forum and the Globalist press. The only people these Globalists want in office are these totally blackmailed, controlled, criminal dead men walking, like Biden, Lula, Tedros and Zelenskyy.

    They are thugs and they’re stealing the world out from under us. Just ask the Dutch farmers, 3,000 of whom are about to get their farms stolen from them by the Dutch government in order to comply with a bogus EU Global Warming mandate.

    The World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, whose father was a Nazi and who represents the most powerful of the global elites admires Vladimir Lenin so much that he has himself filmed with Lenin’s bust prominently displayed behind him.

    Globalism = Communism = The Great Reset = The China Model = The New World Order. These guys play the long game and all of this stuff has been scripted decades in advance. We are watching a movie.

    In an important Substack post by Gus Quixote, he says that Michigan State University is Ground Zero in the CCP’s unrestricted warfare campaign against the United States – which has been very much enabled by the US Government and military over the past 35 years.

    He goes on to say that Eugene Yu did NOT build Konnech on his own from the ground up, as he has alleged. Indeed, he hardly built Konnech, at all. Gus Quixote documents how the software was developed by one Lionel Ni, with grants from the Hong Kong-based Xinhua Group, led by Dr Jonathan Choi, who’s been photographed with all the usual suspects, like Dubya, Kissinger and Netanyahu.

    Lionel Ni came to America as part of China’s earliest iteration of their Thousand Talents Program, which should be renamed “China’s Exfiltration of American Intellectual Property Program”. Lionel Ni was a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University from 1989 until 2003 and he developed a product called the “EMIP-1 Internet Emulator,” which became a critical component of data servers and cloud computing and which was always manufactured exclusively in Mainland China, although he always maintained his Research & Development facility in MSU.

    In 2002, this EMIP-1 Internet Emulator was co-opted into Eugene Yu’s products and rebranded into Konnech. Gus Quixote laboriously tracks the technological developments of Lionel Ni while at Michigan State University and the monstrous number of US Government-backed and CCP/PLA-linked grants, gifts, and awards, including received by his department at MSU, including:

    Five awards from Microsoft Research
    Twelve projects from the United States Department of Justice, including the FBI
    Nine grants from the National Institutes of Health
    Two grants from Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)
    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) had two projects; The United States Armed Forces clocked in with 18 grants
    and the National Science Foundation may have funded the entire school with a whopping 79 estimated significant grants, gifts, or awards, some of quite considerable contributions.
    Nearly ALL of this funding was for networking, bio/cybersecurity, genomics, machine learning, big-data, nanotechnology, social engineering, agriculture/aquatics, or biomedical technologies and many of them also included K-12 education add-ons.

    Gus Quixote then suggests that through MSU, we may be looking at a digital infiltration of the United States that is the Chinese equivalent of Russia’s Solar Winds hack, the largest hack in history, in which 425 out of 500 of the top US corporations were hacked, all of the US Government was hacked, all of the military, the CIA, the NSA, DHS, CISA and which is actually ongoing.

    Gus Quixote then asks, does that then mean the FBI, DOJ, US Military, Facebook, Amazon, Google, National Science Foundation projects since Konnech’s plugging-in are all susceptible to having personal data leaked to Chinese servers and networks?

    He continues:

    “Eugene Yu claims that no Konnech products are involved in any way with the registration of voters. This is a manipulative play on words. PollChief does, in fact, touch voter registration databases on the county level. The PollChief software integrates directly with the EMS, regardless of what the scope of the services provided may entail and draws data directly from county databases, regardless.

    “Another Konnech product, Abvote, provides voter services such as online registration, ballot delivery, and a voter information platform. It was licensed to another company, Votem in 2015, but is indeed a Konnech product.

    “Konnech also has online voting applications such as Votedge that connect wirelessly to a user’s phone which gives them the ability to cast ballots remotely.”

    Based on his meticulous research, Gus Quixote believes that Konnech, the CCP and the Chinese military likely already have the keys in their hands to the entire United States infrastructure, and to every moving part of your daily existence.

    Meanwhile, LA County’s charges against Eugene Yu were dropped by LA Superior Court Judge Anne Hwang on November 23rd, on grounds that they were not prepared to move forward with the case at the time.

    Harry the Greek at NewsOthersMiss.com reports:

    “There is no transcript from Tuesday’s evidence hearing. The court reporter, Lauren Engel, was told not to transcribe it. Instead, the official court record, imaged here, says:

    “The Court and Counsel have a discussion off the record.’

    “Five minutes later the defense attorney is walking out of court with a box containing a 350-terabyte storage device. It contains the voting records of all the verified and fraudulent voter registration profiles in the country. Those profiles can fix elections in over 1,000 Election Boards across the country. They use Konnech election software, according to LA Prosecutor Eric V. Neff.

    “Bjorne E. Dodd was the Los Angeles Prosecutor. He is the Deputy District Attorney of their Public Integrity Division. Dodd was there to prosecute Jianwei “Eugene Wei” Yu for conspiracy and embezzling $2,640,000 from Los Angeles County, California.

    “According to the court record, the Dodd never objected to surrendering the Konnech storage device. It was as if Dodd was representing the defendant, the Chinese spy, Eugene Yu.

    “Dodd’s boss, George Gascon, works for George Soros, rather than the people of Los Angeles. Defense attorney, Alexis Wiseley, walked out of the courtroom in disbelief and a smile from ear to ear. The case was over before it started.

    “Konnech CEO Eugene Yu never had an arraignment or plea hearing.

    “Konnech partners with the United Nations Carter Center to help write certification results in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Democrats use Konnech voting machine systems software to maintain a majority in the US Senate. Again. Like in 2020.

    “There was Another evidence hearing today. The Prosecution has been ordered to return his cell phone, the one Yu left behind while he was trying to flee the country from the airport in Lansing, Michigan.

    “He said he didn’t want to be tracked, according to the Ingham County Prosecutor in Mason, Nicole Matusko.

    “This transcript verifies that the LA Prosecutor made no attempt to object to returning the evidence seized in Michigan at the home and business locations of Konnech, their CEO, Eugene Yu, and another Chinese spy, and his wife, Donna Wang.”

    Wang was a Professor at Michigan State University for 25 years, before she abruptly resigned last month and Konnech’s US headquarters in East Lansing, Michigan was closed on October 14th.

    Their whereabouts are unknown, according to Harry the Greek.

    LA County’s dropped case provided enough evidence to establish for certain that everything housed by Konnech and/or Michigan State’s computer science department — and possibly the entire university research system — is at dire risk.

    Is this the last we’ll be hearing of Eugene Yu?

    The COVID hoax is what the central bankers are using to cover-up the implosion of the US dollar, as Ed Dowd explains here.

    We’re in an information war and it’s basically impossible to know what’s really going on. Like, is that really Joe Biden acting as the current president of the US or is that a rubber-masked actor – or is it 4 different rubber-masked actors – composited with CGI *playing* Joe Biden, as alleged by many, including a former CIA Director of Operations, who publishes the Spookd blog and who claims that Joe Biden has been in the Walter Reed morgue since January of 2021 after he died of a stroke.

    Everything I’ve discussed up to this point is 100% solid and verified and meticulously researched. But now, I’m going to go off-road. And I’m not saying that I agree with what I’m about to say or that I endorse the people who are saying it. I do not. I’m putting ideas out there as artifacts of the information war that we’re in and how we really don’t know what’s going on.

    So, some of you watching this now are aware of SGAnon and he was actually on AMP with James Grundvig, that got a ton of views. So, SGAnon has claimed that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are working together with Trump behind the scenes to take down these central bankers who are the Deep State.

    So, how would his story square with the unprecedented protests in China, calling for Xi Jinping to step down?

    Mike King at Realhistorychan.com agrees with SGAnon, that Xi is Trump’s ally in a fight to save humanity from these genocidal Deep Staters. Now, I personally think that Mike King is horrifically anti-Semitic and I don’t support those views but I’m sharing his statements on Xi and these protests because they align with SGAnon.

    Mike King says that what’s happening in China is a fake “spontaneous uprising”. It’s a “Color Revolution” with what he calls the usual corny party theme – in this case, blank sheets of white paper, which he says is being staged by the corrupt anti-Xi, coastal establishment, the “Shanghai Clique” and their western Deep State allies.

    He says that Shanghai is the “epicenter” of both the brutal Covid lockdown policies and the emerging protests. And that the same way we saw the Democrat governors, like Cuomo, Newsom and Whitmer tyrannically shut down their states and impose mask mandates, etc. and how we also saw the same EXACT thing in Brazil, where the Leftists governors and mayors tyrannically imposed lockdowns, while President Bolsonaro refused to take the Death Shot and refused to mandate it and Bolsonaro actually passed a law that would make doing so an act of discrimination, which is why the Globalists needed to get rid of him. So Mike King says this is what we’re also now seeing in China.

    He says:

    “The regional Shanghai-connected bosses throughout China imposed these horrible restrictions on their own initiative and the purpose was to incite a rebellion which they hope to steer into the overthrow of Trump’s powerful ally, the ‘authoritarian’ ™ Xi Jinping. See the trick? It won’t work of course, but hopefully more of China’s traitors will be smoked out and rounded up by Xi’s White Hats, as was the case after the “spontaneous” uprising in since-pacified Hong Kong — the ‘Umbrella Revolution’.

    “There are many sincere but ignorant mouthpieces from Conservative Inc. now seizing upon these fake protests for the purpose of supporting their all-along opposition to lock-downs and ‘anti-Communism.’ Ignore these provincial clowns, who are so lacking in intuitiveness and inquisitiveness that they fail to take notice that they are making common cause with the Soros fronts and The New York Times.

    “Then there are the CIA-affiliated disinfo specialists who convincingly dwell amongst us on the quote ‘far right,’ but whose true purpose is to target Xi. The fast-growing Epoch Times — with its bizarre anti-China / anti-Xi obsession — falls into this category. Ignore these types as well.”

    So, I’m not saying that I believe this or that you should believe this. I’m just illustrating how we’re in an information war and that we really don’t know what’s going on and how you shouldn’t believe anyone, including me (although I do my best) and that verifying information is now everybody’s full-time job. "

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v1vxcik/?pub=ijro7
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    December 17, 2022

    (Hyperlinks in the article not embedded here.)


    Ron DeSantis seeks to wield the power of state government, rather than federal and to pursue criminal liability, rather than civil to go after Big Pharma in his petition of the Florida Supreme Court to form a grand jury to “investigate crimes and wrongdoing committed against Floridians related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

    DeSantis also announced the establishment of a Public Health Integrity Committee, which he’s calling a “shadow CDC”, that seeks to hold the federal government’s health bureaucracy accountable.DeSantis told journalist, Jordan Schachtel, “There were a lot of fraudulent representations made” by the government health institutions, citing claims by Dr Fauci, the CDC director and many others who marketed the shots as providing immunity and blocking transmission, saying that the vaccine mandates were “based on premises that turned out not to be accurate.” So the fight in the Florida Supreme court will be “broader than” just Big Pharma, and will also target federal overreach.

    Citing the 2005 PREP Act, a bill passed in 2005 by Congress that clears the drug companies of virtually all civil liability, Governor DeSantis said of the Big Pharma protections, “They’ll go into federal court and try to squash anything that we do, but that liability does not include criminal. We’re going to do our process with the grand jury. We will have more heft than a congressional committee would anyway, because it’s a criminal process, not just civil.”


    Perhaps the biggest story Thursday was Trump’s announcement about his plan to Reclaim Free Speech in America, although some feel that he’s day late and a dollar short. He talks about issuing an Executive Order as soon as he is sworn into office in January 2025, which assumes there’s still enough democracy to enable Trump to actually BE elected or that there will even BE country left in 2025.

    One wonders why he didn’t do this back in 2018, when there were numerous Congressional hearings with Big Tech leaders about their tyrannical CCP-style censorship.

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans have since lost their lives and millions more have been permanently injured because of the egregious censorship of lifesaving information from the beginning of the pandemic. Tens of millions more have lost their jobs, their businesses, friends and even family because Trump failed miserably to curb the censorship that allowed the nightmare of the past several years to steamroll over American citizens. Moreover, Trump has yet to condemn the bioweapon shots.

    Throughout this nightmare, mysterious representatives of the “White Hats” have told us that “it had to be this way” and that “you can’t tell the people, you need to show the people,” which some may argue implicates these White Hats as accessories to genocide, to say nothing of election theft. Can you say Operation Trust?

    Still, former Trump administration members, like Darren Beattie and Kash Patel praised Trump’s statement as the most comprehensive strategy to combat censorship in history and they said they do believe that Republicans can move on some of Trump’s anti-censorship initiatives, as soon as they’re in control of the gavels next month.


    We’ve heard for years about corrupt US politicos “selling us out to China”, like the Bidens, the McConnells, etc but Gus Quixote reveals the shocking degree to which this is so and how the tip of this iceberg was revealed in LA County’s case against the election software company, Konnech – which, of course was dropped by Soros agent, LA County DA George Gascón.

    In his latest mind-bending Substack, Gus Quixote announces that there are no longer boundaries between the United States administrative state and the Chinese Communist Party and that this is the true meaning of Globalism.

    He reminds us about how we were alerted nearly a decade ago to the sprawling American surveillance state’s data collection and spying programs by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden and how many overlook the research that built those programs and the actual researchers who pioneered these systems into being.

    The currently circulating allegations of private citizens’ personal data being exported to China to reside on Chinese databases are only a symptom of the academic and government structures that worked in tandem (whether spoken or unspoken) to achieve it.

    In the span of at least a decade, the United States and the People’s Republic of China exchanged academics, intellectual property, research, and co-mingled businesses across moral, regulatory and jurisdictional lines — whether they admit it or not.

    They have proactively moved in conjunction to corral and centralize every citizen on the planet’s personal data for at least a decade.

    These are the receipts.

    Gus Quixote goes on to chart the 25-year program between the US and China to develop the artificial intelligence, biometrics, autonomous data collection, human-robotics integration, nanotechnology, biomolecular and genomic software processing and censorship algorithms, in order to create the technocratic prison through which the Globalists would control the world.

    This AI and social engineering research has recently swayed three elections, as we are now learning from Elon Musk’s #Twitterfiles.

    Along this 25-plus year timeline, Konnech, Michigan State, and the United States government — specifically the Department of Justice, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation — all in tandem with the PRC government, funded each other’s research, performed each other’s research, and shared each other’s research. There remains no doubt of that.

    It has never been a secret. It has always been swept under the rug, however.

    If Chinese servers house American PII through Konnech and Fulgent Genetics, then it is far more than likely that those servers house the FBI’s data too…and the DOJ…and DHS…and the NSF who started and perpetuated the entire ordeal through Chinese researchers, funneling intel and intellectual property back to the PLA and PRC.

    The only question remaining from all of this is, “For what?”

    I say it’s for Globalism, where human rights, to say nothing of Constitutional rights are obsolete – and the human population is reduced by 95%.

    Some of you may recall the hushed-up Special Forces raid, in the immediate wake of the 2020 Election, involving Scytl servers and Chinese technologists at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, that was referred to by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert and the rumors about how then-CIA Director Gina Haspel who was present at the vote theft operations at the Frankfurt Consulate was injured by gunfire? Remember?

    Well, there’s a “Frankfurt, Germany” node on the Konnech-related CASIC network, used for “intelligent manufacturing.”

    Gus Quixote asks, are we already past the point of no return, meaning that the globe’s data is already and forever inextricably linked?

    He says, it’s odd that China always moved to expand their programs in American presidential election years, in which a change of hands in executive power was imminent. China also moved to fortify those investments in American election years in which an incumbent was running for reelection.

    Gus Quixote mentions that a Scytl patent was incorporated into this Konnech patent, which reminds me that Scytl software was developed by CENTCOM and 100% transferred to the Spanish corporation, then acquired in 9/20 by Paragon (UK).

    The DOD, FBI, DHS, DOJ, CISA, etc, etc are overseeing the wholesale export of all US IP and citizen data to the CCP so they can build the CBDC that will enslave us in their social credit system. The military is not going to save us, they are selling us out!

    Finally, Gus Quixote asks, was it worth it for the Chinese to take these mortal gambles? Or were there really ever two teams?

    I believe the answer to that question can be found in the equally marvelous Substack from anon_fa_mous threads. Check them both out!


    The Gateway Pundit reports that a judge in Maricopa County has ordered that Kari Lake’s petition to inspect ballots in the county from the 2022 mid-term election be granted.

    The Lake campaign will have to designate a ballot inspector and provide the court with contact information for them by Friday at 12pm. The inspection would begin on December 20, 2022 at 8am.

    The judge however denied the request which would have allowed the inspection of fifty randomly selected early ballot envelopes, though it’s unclear how envelopes would violate any secrecy as the envelopes are separated from ballots and therefore cannot disclose who they voted for, but simply verify their signature as having voted, which is public record.

    To me, what this demonstrates is how completely subject to fraud that mail-in ballots are.

    In any case, this order is dependent on Kari Lake’s petition surviving the motions to dismiss that will be filed over this weekend. Katie Hobbs’ Motion to Dismiss was submitted Friday and it is still pending a ruling.


    The Washington Post, which has lost 500,000 subscribers in the past year has announced that layoffs are coming to the paper.

    And now, for your moment of Zen: this cellphone footage of the “All-Employee Town Hall” shows denizens of Fake News crying about their imminent unemployment: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/wap...ing-hot-tears/

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v1yeysy/?pub=ijro7
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Masters of the Universe?
    Forbidden Knowledge TV
    Alexandra Bruce

    "• When your taste in music is this bad, you need to be disbanded, for the sake of humanity. The World Economic Forum met in Davos this week, with low attendance – meaning that those who DID show up are hardcore Globalists. We’ll take a look at some of these hardcore Globalist members of the American delegation.

    • And the same Deep State that installed Brandon now needs to remove him, so they can get a head start on rigging the next election in 2024. Who will replace him?

    • Pfizer claims they did not defraud the government with false clinical trials. They claim that they performed the fraud that the government ordered.

    The Masters of the Universe have been gathered at Davos this past week but apparently, something is rotten in Switzerland, as it’s been reported that 50% of those invited did not show up, which is good news for us plebs.

    I’ve heard through the grapevine that some of the billionaires boycotted the event because they don’t like the programmable Central Bank Digital Currency.

    So when we see members of the US delegation who did go to Davos this week, in spite of the fact that its members have been implicated in the COVID-19 global PSYOP and the fact that their zero carbon agenda is destroying the economy and destroying peoples’ lives, throwing the world into chaos – on purpose – and how their ESG investment guidelines are taking gas cars off the road and railroading us into electric cars, which are neither energy efficient nor ecologically-friendly – at the same time that they are taking electric power plants offline – what it all really means they don’t want us driving, period.

    Actually they don’t want us alive, at all.

    So, the first thing the World Economic Forum wants to do is to stop free speech. Because the more people understand that it is these oligarchs who are ruining our lives and that there are many more of us than them, it’s Game Over for them.

    So when we see members of the US delegation who did go to Davos this week, in spite of the fact that the WEF has been outed and now more people understand that what they’re up to is genocide, when we look at the American attendees, we know that we’re looking at the hard core and it’s very instructive of how they are not our friends.

    For example, we saw West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin breaking his Oath to support and defend the Constitution and the 1st Amendment against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    We saw FBI Director Chris Wray confirming the revelations of the Twitterfiles and freely admitting that his agency uses big tech to violate the civil and Constitutional rights of Americans.

    As Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit writes, Wray is famous for running a coup against the sitting president of the United States and lying about it to Congress. Wray also ran operatives in his FBI-planned-and-funded the fake kidnapping against the Michigan Democrat Governor. We also now know that Chris Wray was running FBI operatives in the Trump crowds on January 6th in Washington DC.

    And we know through the Twitter Files document drops that the FBI was illegally censoring conservative voices through Twitter.

    The FBI later attempted to discredit the journalists who released this information, saying, “It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency.”

    Yet there was Chris Wray on Wednesday, telling the Davos audience that the future of national security involves a partnership between the government and Big Tech.

    So, despite the stunning revelations about illegal online censorship from the Twitterfiles, which confirmed our worst fears, where we saw our laws being broken by our most powerful law enforcement agency, we can see here that they have no intention of stopping.

    We also had other Americans there, like Richard Edelman, CEO of the world’s largest PR firm talking about doubling down on censorship and advocating for the legal tactic of corporate censorship and advertising boycotts.

    This censorship regime is not going away, unless we literally go to war over it.

    In my opinion, the House should resolve to condemn the World Economic Forum and declare it and its participants at odds with American interests. Which is, sadly something that they won’t do.

    On the upside, we do see some renegade billionaires, like Elon Musk and Peter Thiel out there pushing back against Davos.

    Musk has been tweeting against the World Economic Forum all week and last November, PayPal founder, Peter Thiel delivered a keynote speech at the Stanford Academic Freedom Conference, in which he warned that we must never underestimate the danger of a One-World, totalitarian state and how the political slogan of the Antichrist is “peace and safety” and how perhaps we would do well to be a little bit more scared of the Antichrist and a little bit less scared of the Armageddon that these Globalists are always harping on.

    But perhaps the best news of the week, especially as it relates to the WEF is the fact that their little princess, Jacinda Ardern, the former Young Global Leader resigned this week, just as the Globalist confab was in full swing.

    Wall Street insider, Ed Dowd thinks that part of why she’s stepping down has to do with the number of her fellow Kiwi citizens who she killed with the genocide jab.

    Brandon has spent nearly one third of his presidency at his home in Wilmington, Delaware but the Brandon Regime is claiming that there are no visitor logs for Brandon’s private home, which is a lie, because the Secret Service logs this information as a matter of course.

    Hunter Biden paid his father $49,910 per month rent to live at his home in Wilmington. And because Hunter paid Brandon $49,910 per month, he had access to the home and to all of those classified documents that have since been found strewn about the house, because Joe never did anything to secure these documents.

    But despite the fact that Hunter Biden was paying him $49,910 per month, Brandon’s Tax Return from 2017 only listed $19,800 in rents received. There is also an application for a background check that Hunter Biden filled out in 2018, on which he claimed that he owned the house but that Brandon simultaneously claimed on his Tax Return belonged to him.

    As a way to discredit Donald Trump, the Brandon Campaign website had proudly posted Brandon’s tax returns. However, three weeks prior to the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, the tax returns were removed from the website. What does that tell you?

    It tells Zak Paine aka RedPill78 that the Brandon Regime and the people within it were very aware of these classified documents that were being haphazardly stored everywhere and they knew that this information about Hunter’s hush-money payments, the money-laundering payments to Brandon were probably going to come out. So, ahead of time, they removed the Tax Returns from the crucial years of 2016, 2017 and 2018 from the Brandon campaign website and they attempted to cover it up.

    As Wayne Allen Root says, the same Deep State that installed Brandon now needs to remove him, so they can get a head start on rigging the next election in 2024. Enter Brandon’s mishandled classified document scandal.

    Suddenly documents just happen to be found in both his University of Pennsylvania office and his Delaware garage. Who found them? Why would corrupt Democrats decide to publicly report them? Why wouldn’t they ignore them, or cover-up the scandal, as usual? Why indeed. Because they want Brandon out.

    Think of all of Brandon’s crimes. Ukraine. China. Bribery. Extortion. Hunter’s laptop. The rigged and stolen 2020 election. Open borders. The 5 million people who have illegally entered our country in the past two years and the 100,000 Americans dying yearly from fentanyl. All the deaths from Biden’s vaccine mandate, The humiliating retreat from Afghanistan.

    And after all of that, Brandon will be forced out for classified documents in his garage? What? For Brandon, the end is near. Soon he will either be impeached, indicted, or forced to resign in disgrace.

    Wayne thinks that the Obamas are behind this and that Obama has been running Brandon’s presidency behind the scenes from the start and he thinks that this is to make room for Michelle Obama as the Democrat’s presidential candidate for 2024, which would actually be the fourth and fifth terms of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Others believe that Gavin Newsom is being groomed for the role of administering the final death blow to the US and it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    On the other hand, for all of this talk of “getting rid of Brandon”, the FBI have still not done any searches or interviews regarding the classified documents.

    There have been no pre-dawn raids with CNN news crews, after four sets of illegally-obtained classified documents were found in three personal locations, at least one set moved at least two times – and kept for 6 years – and covered up for two months – and also, Brandon admitted he knew he had the records next to his Corvette.

    In an interview from earlier this week, Sasha Latypova told Dr Jane Ruby that the DoD tried to pass off a few trays of the vials of the experimental shot – the zero-liability EUA version – they tried to pass them off as the so-called “FDA-approved” Comirnaty®, to overcome the Servicemembers’ resistance, because EUA – Emergency Use Authorized – version cannot be mandated.

    But Sasha has the receipts, the shipment information from Pfizer, right down to the zip codes and no Comirnaty® products have been shipped.

    So the military pretended they had the Comirnaty® shots but it turns out they mislabled them and tried to pass them off, because they were that desperate to inject and to injure Servicemembers.

    We saw similar levels of profound, systemic treason in the Konnech “voting software” (datamining) case, which revealed that the CCP and the Chinese military may already have the keys in their hands to the entire United States infrastructure, and to every moving part of our daily existence – with the support and the blessing of the US Military and the Federal Government.

    As has long been evident to those with the eyes to see, the US Government and the US military do not represent or defend the People of the US, they do the bidding of the central bankers; the Globalists.

    America was too big and too powerful to be invaded from without, so it had to be invaded from within. Other countries all over the world have been similarly captured from within and this is the horror that we are living today.

    The good news is that we are now waking up to this, which is the first step to stopping the crime."

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v23v0wm/?pub=ijro7
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Blame It on China?
    Alexandra Bruce

    "• The US Government suddenly wants to blame China for the COVID pandemic
    • There’s evidence that Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband have been laundering Sinaloa cartel bribes through fake deeds and mortgages since 1997
    • What’s worse is that the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, China, the CIA, the DEA, DHS – our government – are all working in concert together in what has basically become a narcostate, undermining our liberties and our freedoms.

    Suddenly, we see departments of the US Government announcing that COVID-19 was the result of a “lab leak” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    This, after promoting a narrative that COVID came from so-called “zoonotic spread” and that somehow, bats in a Chinese cave managed to infect the global population. The Federal Government told Big Tech to de-platform millions of people around the world who questioned this narrative and they marshaled the entire fake news industry to call these doubters “racists” and “Conspiracy Theorists” but even some Liberals who weren’t totally braindead had a hard time swallowing this propaganda.

    On Wednesday evening, the Democrat-controlled Senate voted unanimously to pass a bill calling on the Biden Administration to declassify “information related to the origins of Covid-19.”

    So, what has sparked DC’s sudden, dramatic anti-China shift? Many people are asking this question, like Jordan Schachtel, who on his Substack notes that this rapid narrative- and policy transformation seems related to China’s recent commitment to aid Russia in the war in Ukraine. He says that it’s fascinating to observe this radical narrative departure from the not so distant past, when the Uniparty Standard was to do everything possible not to offend the Chinese Communist Party, and to even engage them as a potential partner on the climate hoax and other power grab campaigns. Here’s a good example, watch.

    Schachtel says China could do no wrong but now, suddenly, everyone in DC seems to agree that China can do no right. So what changed? Why take this action now, several years after the first reported outbreak in Wuhan, China? One possible explanation is China’s behavior concerning the war in Ukraine. After all, the DC Uniparty has already “invested” well over $100 billion in taxpayer funds into the Slava Slush Fund. Despite these “investments,” the regime in Kiev continues to lose battle after battle and is currently in retreat from Bakhmut, once declared a “stronghold” city by Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

    When Zelensky went to Congress last December, he presented them with a flag from soldiers he said were fighting in Bakhmut. “The fight for Bakhmut will change the trajectory of our war for independence & freedom,” Zelensky said. Now, the fall of Bakhmut will serve as a massive strategic and moral failure for Kiev.

    Making matters exponentially worse for Ukraine is the possibility that China will take a more active role in this conflict. China is increasingly considering arming Russian forces, and it’s noticeably setting off alarm bells in Washington. China’s economy is ten times bigger than Russia’s, and counteracting the support coming in from DC would serve as a significant boost for an already progressing Russian military campaign.

    On Tuesday, Secretary of State Tony Blinken demanded that China take this idea off the table, saying, quote: “We did very clearly warn China about the implications and consequences of going through with providing such support. We will not hesitate, for example, to target Chinese companies or individuals that violate our sanctions, or otherwise engaged in supporting the Russian war effort.”

    And earlier Wednesday, the White House press secretary labeled TikTok a “potential national security risk,” opening the door to a ban of the social media platform. More broadly, the China quarrel is about much more than the DC Globalists’ once-unchecked campaigns concerning Ukraine. The CCP seems no longer afraid of the repercussions of upsetting the people in charge here. Over the past few years, they’ve become much more aggressive on the political, economic, and military fronts. And their statements vis-a-vis Russia may have been the political straw that broke the DC camel’s back.

    So now, they want to blame it all on China, when it was the US Government that gave the Chinese this bioweapon technology, as Dr Andrew Huff, the former Vice President of EcoHealth Alliance, the company contracted by Anthony Fauci to perform Gain-of-Function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and needless to say, he has a unique perspective on the entire COVID fraud. He gives his analysis of the US Government’s abrupt narrative shift with regard to the “China lab leak”.

    Blame China. Right. Shall we blame China for the US Government policies that paid doctors and nurses to murder innocent patients and who faked COVID cases and deaths, who denied safe early treatments, murdering millions of innocent people and for the mandates that forced genocidal vaccines on the world? Was that China’s fault? Shall we blame China for censoring anyone who shared life-saving, early treatment information and anyone who warned about the dangers of the COVID vaccines?

    No! Governments all over the world willfully committed crimes against humanity. The Pandemic was created and orchestrated fraudulently by a Global Criminal Cartel led by Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Drosten, Schwab, Rothschilds, BlackRock, Rockefeller to control and to inject the world with COVID Vaccines. The U.S. Department of Defense along with Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Moderna, Pfizer, FDA, CDC, WEF, CIA and others willfully and criminally engaged in racketeering, illegal advertising, fraud and mass premeditated murder of millions of innocent people worldwide and we don’t need to waste millions more Tax Dollars for the Government to investigate itself and try to say that China did all of this.

    Attorney, John Thaler recently shared the findings of his team that many Arizona politicians have been corrupted by Sinaloa drug cartel money and that their money laundering activities now affect 20 states. The preliminary findings of his years-long investigation were entered into the public record on February 23rd during a jaw-dropping presentation on February 23, 2022 by his lead investigator, Jacqueline Breger at an Arizona State Senate and House Joint Committee on Election Oversight, in which she detailed a multi-state racketeering and the complete infiltration of parts of the US Government by the Sinaloa Cartel (which in turn, is controlled by the CIA).

    These investigators have obtained financial documents showing that Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband have been laundering Sinaloa Cartel money through 11 fake deeds and mortgages since 1997 and as recently as September 2022.

    Other names on the list include Senator Kirsten Sinema, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, Adrian Fontes, everyone in Mesa, Arizona (the Mayor, the City Attorney, cops, etc) 3 of 5 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors members, assorted judges, plus two of the principals at Runbeck Election Services. Actually, Thaler and Breger describe the City of Mesa is a “racketeering organization” as that term is defined in 18 USC Section 1961.

    Breger also testified that the Sinaloa Cartel has hacked into Arizona government databases, so they can delete documents and add forged documents at will. Several hundred such falsified documents have been uploaded since 2015, including falsified default judgements, criminal restitution orders, child support orders, all of these used in “swatting” activities on individuals posing a threat to their racketeering activities.

    This reminds me of the claims of former US Senate candidate for Maryland, Jon McGreevey, who said that the murdered DNC employee, Seth Rich who had unknowingly stumbled onto a similar scheme when he downloaded data from the DNC server. McGreevey said he doesn’t know whether Seth leaked to WikiLeaks or if that was his intent but he claimed that corrupt Federal officials operating out of the Baltimore office of the DOJ, which was led for 12 years by Rod Rosenstein, they had been tampering and altering the DNC’s emails throughout the course of the Obama Administration, in order to control its members. They had also been getting dirt or manufacturing and planting dirt against all the top judges and they had been spying on Hillary’s private server, in his words, “almost as soon as it went live”.

    McGreevey said Rosenstein feared the DNC email breach would reveal what his office had been doing, so he hired his crooked DEA and ATF operatives (not MS-13, as has often been claimed) to murder Seth Rich and to take his thumb drive containing the DNC server data that they knew, from spying on him, that he always carried on his person.

    So, the Sinaloa Cartel had similarly penetrated the University of Arizona databases, such that they can make someone appear to have taken courses that they didn’t take, they can award academic credentials to non-existent “phantom” people, in order to flesh-out their fake identities and these phantom identities are then used in these money-laundering schemes.

    Although most Americans are unaware of this, we appear to be living in the final stages of the Communists’ “Long March” through our institutions. There have been Communists operating in highest levels of our government since the early 20th Century.

    From Alger Hiss, to Leon Panetta to John Brennan to Barack Obama, the State Department, the CIA and the DoD are crawling with Communists who have trained for decades at overthrowing governments all over the world and they’re now using all of their finely-honed skills to overthrow the United States. It is not the CCP that is our main problem, it is the enemy within that installed them and allowed them to extract our wealth and who are running this Color Revolution to administer the Death Blow to our Republic.

    And what is Communism, exactly? They’ve claimed that they were about uplifting the working man but as we’ve seen over and over, that this is not what they’re about. They’re about destroying whatever power structure is in place, stealing those assets and distributing those assets to their own new, controlled elite, centralizing power – and repeatedly – committing mass genocide.

    Communism didn’t come from China, it came from the West and if we look deeply at how Communism was installed in China and how the CCP was allowed to become the power that it has become, we find the same entities behind the World Economic Forum and the central banking cartel that has now resolved to kill over 90% of us with the Death Shot.

    These are the entities Trump has called “The Invisible Enemy”. But over the past few years, they’ve become visible – and they can’t win when they’re visible."

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v291xi6/?pub=ijro7
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations


    (Take note that James O'keefe of Project Veritas is implicated in this expose.)

    "Last week, we saw the tip of the Deep State’s narcotics trafficking iceberg in the testimony of Jacqueline Breger before the Arizona State Congress. The rest of the iceberg is being revealed here.

    Australian dissident, Brendon O’Connell interviews whistleblower, Mike Gill, who he says has uncovered the headquarters of the Deep State’s drug-trafficking, pedophilia and money-laundering operation in New Hampshire.

    Brendon says, “New Hampshire is the clearing house for all of the United States’ criminal activity. Literally. That’s why Ghislaine Maxwell ran there, that’s why Bill Shaheen was good ol’ Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer after she was arrested.”

    Brendon continues:

    Mike Gill exposed the Mena, Arkansas of New Hampshire, and has paid dearly. James O’Keefe, Corey Lewendowski, Roger Stone, General Flynn, Patrick Howley, Donald Trump – they ALL knew and used the mass of evidence Mike Gill had gathered to blackmail Governor Chris Sanunu to support Trump during the 2018 Midterms.

    It was all arranged – Mike was then handed a contract to walk away and be paid $50 million dollars. In the “release” was anyone and everyone including banking, IRS, lawyers, even the therapist treating Mikes wife. IN WRITING. No ifs and no buts. Mike would also get to keep his $300 million dollar businesses and net worth.

    Mike Gill refused the money – he wanted the drugs and corruption to stop flowing. That’s what Trump was for, wasn’t it? To “clean out the swamp”? When he refused the cash, it put everyone against him. He was cast to the wolves by the Trump team and is homeless, in fear for his life, lost his fortune and this is a 24-part Netflix series.

    This is an interview with Mike Gill on the largest drug and money laundering operation in history. It is run out of New Hampshire, USA, it includes both sides of politics; Democrats, under Jeanne Shaheen and her husband, Bill and RINO Republicans, like Chris Sununu. It has links all the way back to Ukraine. It is the bombshell news, in detail of this century, and I mean that literally, and I’m not click-baiting. We have no t-shirts and coffee mugs to sell.

    In some ways, like banks that are too big to fail, we have criminal cartel stories too big to break – but we’ll do it, anyway.

    In 2006, the US Attorney’s Offices in Illinois, Idaho and Indiana investigated the laundering of drug hotel management through a complex series of single-family home purchases in those particular states.

    We are seeing the final linking of the Pandora Papers and the vast drug money-laundering operations in the trillions that are operating throughout the world.

    We have law enforcement in Florida coming forward, rock solid, ex-military, fully in-the-open interview to come…

    High-level Republicans and others are now following Mike and we have their attention. This interview was done hastily on February the 25th, 2023, as I finally grasped and then gasped at the size and audacity of the criminal operations in New Hampshire.

    The interview was set out into chapters with descriptions Below, in detail, so you can get to the information you want.

    The next video after this one will describe how Donald Trump ordered Corey Lewandowski, his recently-sacked Chief of Staff to bypass the Boston FBI and get Mike Gill into a face-to-face interview with the Top Dog prosecutor of Massachusetts, US Attorney Andrew Lelling with absolute document proof and recorded calls. Wait for that, it’s coming up next.

    In that coming video, you will hear a corrupt IRS Criminal Division agent, Jeremiah Devlin panic when he realizes President Donald Trump is now pushing Mike Gill past the FBI and DEA defense system and straight to the Top Dog, who passed it to the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff sessions who I was and when I walked into his office he met me in person in camera under witness so this is you ready the soft dog has given me, through a 91a the the record. Indisputable. Wait for it, it is a complex web with flying names, dates, places and events.

    We will deconstruct and order it for you. To the large channel alt media stars ignoring this incredible news event, who are lining up with James O’Keefe, from Roger Stone’s buddy, Patrick Howley, you will realize soon enough you have picked the wrong side.

    It is with great dignity and professionalism I convey this message to the multi-millionaire frauds out there, exposing the pre-planted Drag Queen Story Time, polarizing narratives and you know the Woke Left, private military, intel-funded- and coddled destructive news cycle; it’s all scripted it’s all meant to shock. It’s Shock Jock stuff and they’re avoiding these giant incredible stories.

    The containment of this vital information has to stop. You have to force it out there. So let us, with full dignity, with full integrity attend.


    00:00 Voice over introduction.

    04:59 Mike Gill expresses thanks for all support. The main players and the absurdity and brazeness of the New Hampshire Cartel Operation.

    10:57 Reading from the Timeline, where did it all begin? Three main drug dealers – Andy CREWS, Bill GREINER, Dick ANAGNOST – protected by Bill SHAHEEN for over thirty years.

    14:10 Explain who Bill SHAHEEN and Steve GORDAN are. Took over Governorship, appointing Judges, controlling lawyers, appointign Attorney General, Banking Commsioner (preventing auditing). Bill SHAHEEN was recruited and controlled by the FBI. SHAHEEN was the day to day protector of Dick ANAGANOST, Bill GRIENER and Andrew CREWS.

    17:06 The methodology of not just controlling a state, but controlling a president under the guidence of a foreign power. All roads lead to the Central Banking Cartel, East India Trading Company. Bill SHAHEEN was Ghislaine MAXWELL’S lawyer when she ran back to New Hampshire and was arrested there.

    18:25 Reading from the Timeline. It all started in 2006 when THEN lawyer for Mike Gill, Bill SHAHEEN, told Mike if he kept exposing his Ponzi Scheme he would destroy him. It led up to Bill GREINER being investigated by Aaron DAY and James O’KEEFE in 2014 looking for political leverage. Mike was asked by O’KEEFE and DAY to work with them to “expose the corruption” in 2016. Once they got what they wanted – political leverage and SUNUNU in, they packed up and left. Mike was meant to take the $50 million dollar settlement and no one was to know any different. But Mike did not take the money.

    26:27 Mike goes over time line, line by line.

    51:05 Erik Prince, Israel, Bannon v Murdoch and Kissinger

    1:20:31 Conclusions and round-up."
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Quote Posted by onawah (here)

    (Take note that James O'keefe of Project Veritas is implicated in this expose.)

    I listened to this, but I confess I felt it was badly presented and not at all easy to follow for someone who wasn't already familiar with the many names and positions they held. Many of the people featured I'd never heard of before. If anyone reading this can summarize the entire thing in maybe 3-4 paragraphs, I'd appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Total Narrative Collapse--Forbidden Knowledge news compilation
    (Another post from Alexandra Bruce of Forbidden Knowledge which is a testament to what a lot of work she puts into her updates. )

    Quote Posted by onawah (here)

    "Trump sued Stormy Daniels and won. She signed an affidavit saying that she never had an affair with Trump and she still owes him for his legal bills for the lawsuit she brought against him. Stormy’s lawyer is now in prison for fraud and extortion. But Trump is the one getting indicted?

    I’m going to run you through a little timeline, here. On Thursday of last week, that’s just over a week ago, Manhattan DA Alvin responded to demands by House Republicans to force his testimony and to turn over all documents and communication on the case, wrote in a letter to Congress that quote, “Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and his lawyers reportedly urged you to intervene.”https://thehill.com/regulation/court...ential-arrest/

    Then, this past Wednesday, it was widely-reported in the Mainstream Media that the New York grand jury being used for a criminal investigation of Donald Trump would be adjourning for a month and that this would delay any potential indictment until at least late April.https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/29/trum...onth-off-.html

    This was two days ago. I know, it feels like two millennia ago, because a lot has happened since Wednesday. And then on Thursday – that’s yesterday, one day before Trans Day of Visibility and four days after a trans-identified woman massacred 3 children and 3 adults at a Christian school in Nashville – Joe Biden released a statement saying that “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul.” https://www.nbcnews.com/nbc-out/nbc-...lity-rcna76814
    Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that afternoon doubled down on those remarks in a White House press briefing.https://thepostmillennial.com/breaki...campaign=64483

    The Regime refuses to recognize that the majority of mass shootings in recent years that were not gang-related have, indeed been carried out by trans-identifying people. The Regime refuses to categorize what happened as a Hate Crime against Christians and the FBI refuses to release the mass murderers’ manifesto, because it would likely prove that this WAS a Hate Crime.

    The Regime claims, instead that the many bills going into effect across the US to prohibit child sex changes and the genital mutilation of minors are “discriminatory” laws that are quote, “targeting transgender youth, terrifying families and hurting kids who are not hurting anyone.”

    The statement did not mention that lifelong dependence on carcinogenic drugs, sterilization and a lifetime without sexual satisfaction result from this so-called “gender-affirming” care.

    The statement further claimed that there’s “an epidemic of violence against transgender women and girls, in particular women and girls of color, has taken lives far too soon,” which, as Libby Emmons at the Post Millennial says:

    “Is a made up epidemic, pushed by trans activists and trans-centric not-for-profits that claim those who are transgender who suffer tragic deaths are targeted by transphobic individuals, where the vast majority of the under-40 trans persons who were murdered in 2022 were due to domestic violence, violence stemming from sex work, or violence stemming from the drug trade.”

    Biden mentioned the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado last year, neglecting to mention that it was carried out by a non-binary identified person, and of course, did not mention the mass murder carried out by a trans-identified person on Monday, or, indeed that the majority of mass shootings in recent years that were not gang-related have, indeed been carried out by trans-identifying people.

    Biden has engaged every federal agency to help push transgender ideology, including the Department of Education, Health and Human Services and many others. But then, what happens? The Nashville Shooting happens. A trans mass shooter, coupled by a series of “Transurrections” became a trainwreck that meant they needed a narrative shift. Suddenly, it was time to indict Trump.https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/tru...pecial-guests/

    So, what we need to understand is that all of this – from the trans cult to the imminent Trump arrest – is 5th Generation Warfare psychological operation that, as Alex Jones said the other day, “It is the dark alchemists of evil and their science of human destruction” that is the source of all of this.

    You need to understand that a lot of these people are pawns in this 5th generational war and that they are not your enemy. Their mental illness is being weaponized for the Globalist agenda.

    There’s an abusive tactic commonly used by abusers, both intentionally and unintentionally, that goes by the name “DARVO.” DARVO is an acronym that means “Deny, Attack, Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender,” and it is very common with narcissists, psychopaths, and borderline personalities.

    A huge amount of Woke Marxist activism and Theory is DARVO, which is why the Satanic inversion – or what James Lindsay calls the “Iron Law of Woke Projection” – is constantly deployed by these people.https://newdiscourses.com/2023/03/darvo/

    One good thing to come out of this is that the Trans Day of Vengeance event scheduled in DC tomorrow has been Canceled.https://www.newsweek.com/trans-day-v...ton-dc-1791705

    So, the long-anticipated indictment of President Trump, the first-ever criminal charge ever brought against a US president, has arrived. As Mike Davis says:

    “We are under assault by the Marxist Left. This is not our parents’ or grandparents’ Democrat Party, these are not Liberals who love America and just disagree with Conservatives on the best way to get there. These are Marxists. They hate America. They hate equality, they believe in equity. They hate due process, they believe in #MeToo. They hate Free Speech, they believe in censorship. They are trying to kill us. They are trying to destroy us.”

    But don’t forget that the Trump indictment and arrest are actually great, because we need this precedent to haul all other former heads of state and all members of the Executive Branch into court and prosecute them like common criminals. Barack Obama, Hillary, George W Bush are all now fair game and this indictment will hopefully be the boomerang of all boomerangs.

    We need to always question what these big news stories are a distracting us from? The RESTRICT Act, one of the worst Bills ever to be put forward in US history was sponsored earlier this month by Virginia Democrat Senator Warner.

    National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan is a Communist, so Jake Sullivan loves the RESTRICT Act.https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-...-restrict-act/

    The RESTRICT Act would make the use of a VPN to access a banned website, such as TikTok a criminal act, with a minimum penalty of 20 years and a minimum fine of $250,000 and up to $1,000,000 if you knowingly did so to access banned content. So, it’s basically the Patriot Act Part 3 and it removes the few remaining rights we had left from Parts 1 & 2 and it would turn the US into Communist China with the stroke of a pen.https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/us-...nce-great-usa/

    The RESTRICT Act presents itself as a ban of TikTok, the pernicious, CCP-controlled social media website and presents itself as being geared towards quote “foreign adversaries” but as we’ve seen with the Patriot Act and and with the new growth industry of censorship in the Military-Industrial Complex, these programs masquerading as being geared towards foreign adversaries are really geared against us. John Bowne made this video that explains what’s at stake. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/the...-pure-treason/

    It looks like maybe Lindsay Graham and others hadn’t read the Bill and that tyrannical, Globalist language is being sneaked into our legislation that we cannot allow.

    I need everybody seeing this right now to call your representatives and tell them to stop the RESTRICT Act and to DEMAND that your representatives OPPOSE this Trojan horse of tyranny!

    • Call the White House Switchboard at: (202) 456-1414
    • Call the US Capitol Switchboard Operator at: (202) 224-3121
    • Go to Rand Paul’s petition at: https://www.chooseliberty.org/stop-restrict-act/

    So, what else are they distracting us from? Well, one of the DNC’s largest campaign contributors, Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the failed cryptocurrency platform FTX, was charged with allegedly paying $40 million in bribes to one or more Chinese government officials, according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday. Manhattan federal prosecutors charged Bankman-Fried with directing money to Chinese authorities to unfreeze more than $1 billion in accounts from his hedge fund, Alameda Research.https://justthenews.com/nation/crime...ign=newsletter

    After the alleged bribe payment was sent around November 2021, the accounts were unfrozen, the indictment obtained by Reuters states. Bankman-Fried is now facing 13 charges, including ones related to money laundering and wire fraud.

    What else is going on? Well, the entire January 6th narrative is falling apart. Jacob Chansley was released from prison Thursday, due to the evidence that he was not the violent ringleader of a government overthrow, as claimed by the DOJ, quite the opposite, as seen in the thousands of hours exculpatory evidence from the CCTV cameras shared on national TV by Tucker Carlson.https://www.npr.org/2023/03/31/11673...elease-reentry

    Also, The Epoch Times reports that a federal prosecutor made a rather explosive filing on Friday, admitting that three police officers helped instigate parts of the crowd on January 6th. The case, which is before US District Judge Rudolph Contreras, involves a defendant named William Pope who is seeking to uncover the videos in question. Prosecutors are none too happy about that, arguing that “unmasking” the videos would put police officers at risk.

    The federal prosecutor admitted in court papers that three DC Metropolitan Police Department undercover officers acted as provocateurs at the northwest steps of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/new...-fbi-in-panic/

    And more January 6th footage is leaking and the latest shows that DC Metro Police were dressing up like Antifa.https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/new...-in-the-crowd/

    And now, for your Moment of Zen.https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/janet-yellin-is-a-blackmailed-oompa-loompa/"

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v2d48j8/?pub=ijro7
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    April 2, 2023
    (Many hyperlinks in the article not embedded here.)

    "Mike Gill joins Michael Jaco to discuss the depth and the breadth of the Deep State’s narcotics trafficking and money-laundering operation that is headquartered in New Hamsphire.

    We began to see the contours of this thing in the testimony of Jacqueline Breger before the Arizona State Congress, where we learned about her years’-long investigation into multi-state racketeering and corruption that uncovered the Sinaloa Cartel’s complete infiltration of parts of the US Government, complete with financial documents showing that Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband have been laundering Sinaloa Cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages since 1997 and that others similarly involved with the Sinaloa Cartel include US Senator for Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, 3 of 5 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors members, assorted judges, plus two of the principals at Runbeck Election Services and everyone in charge of Mesa, Arizona, which is described as a wholesale “racketeering organization”, as this term is defined in 18 USC §1961.

    We’ve also seen Brendon O’Connell’s work with Mike Gill who has revealed how high-powered New Hampshire attorney, Bill Shaheen is the architect of this racket. Shaheen also happens to be married to New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Gill says that together with their cronies, Dick Anagnost, Andrew Crews, Bill Greiner, Maggie Hassan and Chris Sununu, the Shaheens run a very tight racketeering operation, which was partially revealed by the Pandora Papers.

    On the 27th of October 2021, New Hampshire Business Review journalist, Bob Sanders wrote an article entitled, ‘What the Pandora Papers have to Say about New Hampshire’. https://www.concordmonitor.com/What-...shire-43206928

    $932.5 billion.

    That’s the value of assets under management by a rapidly growing trust industry ostensibly based in New Hampshire. They have increased by more than a quarter of a trillion dollars in just the last year, and it’s not a complete total.

    The past year’s infusion is triple the amount reportedly going into South Dakota, where several trusts have been scrutinized after the release earlier this month of the so-called Pandora Papers.

    Those papers — the latest of a series of massive leaks — document and expose the movement of nefarious money shielded by foreign trusts by people looking to avoid taxes and scrutiny. Some of that money came from politicians, kings and billionaires and was used for questionable, if not criminal, purposes. Lately, that money has been coming to the United States in trust havens, notably South Dakota, whose loose rules and regulations rival the most notorious offshore jurisdictions.

    In coverage about the Pandora Papers, New Hampshire has been mentioned as a place where it is easy to form trusts, but in some ways, the state has overtaken South Dakota as the premier place to secretly stash foreign assets, both in trusts and in relatively new and even less regulated family law foundations.

    Mike Gill told Brendon that 97% of the deposits at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) were giant New Hampshire drug money accounts in the billions. SVB recently merged with Boston Private Bank and Trust, which is actually a New Hampshire Corporation whose previous directors include two attorneys general of the State of New Hampshire, Joseph Foster and Michael Delaney, who Gill claims were placed there by the Shaheens and who were running for cover for the Cartel.

    Gill goes into fine detail, here about how crime has become the biggest business in the US and how the criminal enterprise that is the State of New Hampshire is the model for turning every state in the US into a massive racketeering operation that also involves the IRS. Gill gives the toenail-curling details of how it all works."

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v2d8m4k/?pub=ijro7
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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    It's often the case with articles from Alexandra Bruce of Forbidden Knowledge that she is covering a lot of territory and it's not easy to follow.
    Her articles are usually filled with hyperlinks to other articles (which I don't always embed since they are so numerous, and, it takes a lot of reading and concentration to get the whole picture.
    I don't think 3-4 paragraphs would really do the job!
    But you have to give her credit for being very thorough.

    [/QUOTE]I listened to this, but I confess I felt it was badly presented and not at all easy to follow for someone who wasn't already familiar with the many names and positions they held. Many of the people featured I'd never heard of before. If anyone reading this can summarize the entire thing in maybe 3-4 paragraphs, I'd appreciate it. [/QUOTE] )
    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Quote Posted by onawah (here)

    (Take note that James O'keefe of Project Veritas is implicated in this expose.)

    I listened to this, but I confess I felt it was badly presented and not at all easy to follow for someone who wasn't already familiar with the many names and positions they held. Many of the people featured I'd never heard of before. If anyone reading this can summarize the entire thing in maybe 3-4 paragraphs, I'd appreciate it.
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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    April 7, 2023


    "The Dems have opened up Pandora’s box. The gloves are off now and we can see what life will be like under continued one-party Democrat rule, one where local DAs and the federal DOJ are weaponized against conservatives.

    To put it plainly, they want total authoritarian power over us all. If President Trump can be charged for “falsifying business records” and hiding relevant information from voters in the 2016 election, then 51 people from the intel community, who signed a letter stating the Hunter Biden laptop is fake, can be charged for hiding relevant information from voters in the 2020 election!

    Or how about everyone else who suppressed and lied about the Hunter laptop story which withheld information from voters in the 2020 election!

    Or what about charging Hillary Clinton, who paid for the fake Steele Dossier with her campaign funds, that the Deep State and MSM used to create the Russia Collusion Witch Hunt! What about Bill Clinton, who paid several women he had sex with to keep quiet?

    Or how about this story, that is getting insta-memory-holed, about how $21 million was funneled into Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign from a Malaysian financier fronting for the CCP through straw donors in the US, because foreigners are not allowed to contribute to US campaigns.

    Or how about the investigations coming out of James O’Keefe’s new venture O.M.G., that have uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations to the Democrats being laundered through peoples’ names and addresses. James O’Keefe had discovered a slew of cases in Maryland and now a new team of citizens in Southern California, empowered by OMG have discovered many more. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    And if Donald Trump broke the law, why didn’t they mention what law he broke in the indictment?

    Will anybody ever be brought to justice by our corrupt, one-party legal system?

    And speaking of the indictment, former CIA contractor, Tore Maras says that April 4, 2023, is going down in history, because not only was a former President of the United States indicted but it was the first time that an AI prosecutor indicted a human!

    She says was able to determine this by uploading Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Donald Trump into a program that was created to detect AI-generated content. This program can be accessed through a website called GPTZero, where you can upload the text of Alvin Bragg’s indictment and see what it says for yourself.

    In addition, her sources tell her that Alvin Bragg’s office used a custom version of another AI called COMPAS, which stands for Computational Offender Management Profiling Sanctions. This is a software used for bail and sentencing decisions. Her sources tell her that a customized version of this was used to “find something” on Trump and more importantly, to select the most Trump-deranged jury possible, that would be the most likely jury to convict him.

    She recently wrote:

    “The courts in DC use AI-driven software with predictive analytic algorithms to help prosecutors select a jury pool that is most likely to provide the verdict they seek. This software was not only used in DC to select Roger Stone’s jury but a NY State version of that software was also used in the selection of the Grand Jury in the case of Alvin Bragg’s attempts to seek an indictment against President Trump.

    “With the use of such AI-driven software, the odds are already in favor of the prosecutor from the beginning, as AI and quasi quantum algorithms crunch immense amounts of data to ensure that the state or federal agency is most likely to win. In fact, with the help of AI, Bragg got a document together that was not entirely legally sound or coherent but had a Grand Jury pool that AI selected that was most favorable to indict anything that involved President Donald J Trump. This means that AI is essentially ‘practicing law without a license’.

    “In summary, in this case, the prosecutor was essentially an AI, as Bragg’s team fed millions of documents that President Donald J. Trump furnished over years of harassment and the AI selected the general pool of jurors that would most likely return an indictment. The ODDS are ever in the prosecutor’s favor.

    “The question is whether the judge reviewed the document and executed their duty under NY State law to review the evidence, as he is required to do. There is no regulation in the use of such technology and has not been challenged or addressed in the courts. Is this legal?

    “This is the REAL story and should concern everyone. You never know when you might need a job, a loan, or even find yourself in the crosshairs of a prosecutor for something as simple as a car accident or an honest mistake. Unfortunately, from the moment you step into the courtroom, you’re already at a disadvantage with a jury and prosecutor who are already ‘programmed’ to ensure that you’re found guilty, regardless of whether you’re innocent or not.

    “It’s scary to think that an AI can access John Doe’s social media, banking, texts, emails, calls, voice transcripts, videos, biometrics, health records, and anything else that government and consumer agencies are already documenting, and use it to prosecute him for anything. Every single one of you can be placed in a box. And with the power of quantum computing, the odds will be stacked against you, and your chances of winning are slim to none. This is a horrific assault on our justice system, and the future of our nation looks bleak if this is the normal practice of people in power to persecute those they don’t like.

    “Our nation has been usurped by very evil people with the help of AI. However, there is a glimmer of hope, in that we now have a precedent. We have a precedent for impeaching a President who is no longer in office, as well as a precedent for indicting a former or current President.”

    People need to understand that the Great Divide in America is not between Republicans and Democrats, per se. It is between a ruling elite that controls both the Democrat and the Republican Parties against anyone who threatens their rush to a technocratic One World Government and a programmable Central Bank Digital Currency.

    Think about it. The people who are 98 trillion dollars in debt – aka the Deep State – want to give YOU a social credit score?

    The Biden Regime, in conjunction with the intelligence services, the National Security apparatus and their allies in the Fake News media are determined to cancel the Constitution – and to ensure that they never relinquish their power through a fair, honest, transparent election, ever again.

    Donald Trump poses an existential threat to them, especially now that he’s learned that the only way to save this country is by dismantling the entire apparatus of the Deep State.

    And a major way that they have managed to stay in power is through control of the dinosaur-gaslighting-fake-news media – and by censoring and de-platforming all of the non-brainwashed people off of social media.

    Last Friday, Elon Musk released the source code for Twitter’s recommendation algorithm, posting it on GitHub. Soon afterwards web developer, Steven Tey announced that he had examined the code and found a mechanism that permits the US Government to “intervene” with this code.

    Tey tweeted, “When needed, the government can intervene with the Twitter algorithm. In fact, Twitter Engineering even has a class for it – ‘GovernmentRequested.'” And Tey linked to those specific lines of code on GitHub.

    Tey’s discovery of this “GovernmentRequested” intervention option follows similar revelations from the Twitter Files, which showed how the company took orders from the FBI, DHS, the State Department, as well as local state authorities to censor and to de-platform users and how it used information portals to update Twitter frequently with instructions on which accounts to block.

    Dr Shiva joined Steve Bannon yesterday to explain that it’s actually way worse than this. He says it’s not a matter of a few lines of code in Twitter’s algorithm. It’s the unholy alliance between Silicon Valley and Congress that resulted in the creation of CISA, which resulted in the creation of this backdoor “Partner Support Portal”, which allowed VIP access into Twitter and he says allowed them to de-platform a US Senate candidate – namely, himself – and which he says his lawsuit was the first to uncover.

    Dr Shiva says he discovered a “playbook” created by Harvard University’s Belfer School, which was step-by-step manual on how to silence US Citizens if they “went against the government”. This manual was revealed in court, which, in turn revealed that this was not just a portal but quote, “An ecosystem of government and non-government officials, a rotating door of people that had gotten together at Harvard Belfer School with my defendants, which included Twitter, which included the Government of Massachusetts and a whole array of people to create a silencing infrastructure, which today, the grifters are calling the ‘Censorship Industrial Complex’.”

    Dr Shiva says he was also the first to expose the Stanford University Internet Observatory’s “Long Fuse Report”, which details not only Twitter’s “Partner Support Portal”, not only the government and non-government actors but it also details the fact that The Intercept founder, Pierre Omidyar, the Murdochs and other billionaires had contributed to create the non-governmental NGO called CIS, the Center for Internet Security, which served as the laundering mechanism so government would send their requests to silence someone to this NGO and then the NGO would tell Twitter, Facebook, etc. Dr Shiva created this diagram to illustrate how it all works.

    Dr Shiva describes the revelations of the Twitter Files as a “limited hangout” for damage control. He says it’s been basically a plagiarism of his lawsuit but only a small fraction of it. He says Musk is not there to fix the crime scene, he’s PART of the crime scene and he says that Mike Taibbi and the other journalists publishing the Twitter Files are Musk’s lap dogs, feigning transparency.

    He told Steve Bannon yesterday, “Musk is really the Devil, here and conservatives are being sheepled back into thinking that he’s solving Free Speech. In fact, what he’s done is created an environment where it’s essentially the death of Free Speech 2.0.”

    Pandora’s Box is coming in hot. Two GOP senators who have been investigating alleged Biden family corruption for years have stepped up their efforts. Republican Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg noting that in October 2020, quote, “when the New York Post published articles based on evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop, many news and social media organizations inappropriately rushed to censor and discredit the initial reporting and falsely labeled it as ‘disinformation.'”

    “Whistleblowers have also alleged to Senator Johnson that local FBI leadership instructed its employees not to look at the Hunter Biden laptop immediately after the FBI had obtained it,” the senators noted further, going on to say that Americans “deserve to know whether the FBI used Facebook as part of their alleged plan to discredit information about Hunter Biden.”

    Hunter Biden’s problems continue to get worse. Eric Schwerin, a key business associate of Hunter Biden has been cooperating with House Republicans as they continue to investigate deals involving him and his father, President Joe Biden, regarding business deals with members of the Biden family and foreign entities.

    Eric Schwerin is not only an associate of Hunter Biden but he also had dealings with Joe Biden’s business and tax affairs and he is “cooperating” with a key House committee’s investigation.

    According to emails found on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, which was turned over to the FBI in 2019, Schwerin, a business executive at Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca investment firm, had a close relationship with both Hunter and Joe Biden during the majority of the elder Biden’s tenure as Vice President and his son was involved in international business deals, the outlet noted.

    One such instance involved Schwerin’s involvement in reviewing and facilitating Hunter Biden’s business transactions with the Chinese energy company CEFC. This relationship has raised questions about whether the Biden family has been compromised by communist China, as the emails indicate that they received an expensive diamond and a multimillion-dollar, no-interest, forgivable loan.

    House Oversight and Accountability Committee recently received information that Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, who is the brother of the President, are not planning to disclose all the information that they have requested regarding the Biden family’s foreign business transactions, which earned millions of dollars from China to Ukraine.

    As a result, Comer has announced that his committee will not delay any further and will begin issuing subpoenas right away, Just the News noted, saying, “We all know that this family was involved in influence peddling. And this administration is doing everything in its ability to try to block oversight.”

    Although both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have refuted any wrongdoing by the Biden family, Hunter Biden is being investigated by federal authorities for tax-related matters.

    Another report this week exposed that Hunter Biden business associate, John Robinson “Rob” Walker appears to have visited the White House at least 16 times when Joe Biden was vice president.

    House Oversight Committee Republicans subpoenaed Bank of America and obtained records which revealed that members of the Biden family received more than $1 million in payments from accounts related to Walker and their Chinese business ventures in 2017. James Comer says that at least three family members received lucrative payments from a bank account belonging to Walker, who worked with Hunter, President Biden’s brother Jim, their business associate James Gilliar and Tony Bobulinksi in a failed joint-venture called Sinohawk Holdings, which was meant to be a partnership with now-bankrupt energy firm CEFC, a Chinese Communist Party-linked company.

    On Sasha Latypova’s Substack, she reports that Brook Jackson’s case against Pfizer under False Claims Act was dismissed on March 31st, which was disappointing but not unexpected. Jackson is reportedly planning to appeal.

    Sasha writes, “As I explained numerous times before, Pfizer’s agreement is an OTA “Other Transaction Authority” and therefore not subject to Federal Acquisition Regulations or FDA regulations, the judge points it out here, agreeing with the defendants (Pfizer, etc):

    ‘With respect to the first element, Defendants argue that the Government did not condition payment on compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements or FDA regulations because Federal Acquisition Regulation does not apply to contracts, such as the Project Agreement. The Defendants claim that due to pandemic-related exigencies, the Project Agreement was not a standard federal procurement contract but rather a ‘prototype’ agreement. Such agreements are executed under the DoD’s ‘Other Transaction Authority.’

    The benefit of this trial is that it puts in writing, by a judge, confirmation of everything that Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt have been saying about these products being counter measures delivered as a DoD prototype, not as a standard pharmaceutical product governed by a different set of regulations. Of course, that was never disclosed and seems that the thing that should be the focus of the lawsuits is the lack of disclosure.

    So we can surmise what this means is that the DoD can concoct any prototype and deliver it as a counter measure, not just to the military but to all American citizens as it sees fit, to any threat it chooses to target.

    Sasha writes, “While I knew this was coming, it is nonetheless heartbreaking and infuriating as all of us receive this slap in the face. Brook brought this case on behalf of us, the regular people who are the victims of this crime. The crime is ongoing. All of us, and especially the injured, and the survivors of the murdered continue to be victimized, including by this decision of the court.”

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v2eathu
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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    From what I have been reading , Obama just made a statement he was going to Kenya for a year starting in June, perfect timing. From what I'm also reading it's getting very close to matinee time to grab some popcorn and watch the show as the events about to take place will be indeed finally cleaning up the swamp. Nice job onawah tracking these stories.

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Quote Posted by pyrangello (here)
    From what I have been reading , Obama just made a statement he was going to Kenya for a year starting in June, perfect timing ...
    That is quite disconcerting, can you post a link? Obama has spent millions refurbishing his primary home and his vacation home on Martha's Vineyard. This leads me to wonder if things are getting out of hand (i.e., escalating beyond and faster than his understanding of the plan) and he is escaping before it is too late. I wonder if his kids are going with him.
    Happiness comes from within, nowhere else.

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Quote Posted by Vangelo (here)
    Quote Posted by pyrangello (here)
    From what I have been reading , Obama just made a statement he was going to Kenya for a year starting in June, perfect timing ...
    That is quite disconcerting, can you post a link? Obama has spent millions refurbishing his primary home and his vacation home on Martha's Vineyard. This leads me to wonder if things are getting out of hand (i.e., escalating beyond and faster than his understanding of the plan) and he is escaping before it is too late. I wonder if his kids are going with him.
    Not true — it was an April Fool's joke.


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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    April 15, 2023

    "The current US military is run by 5th columnists who are committed to destroying this nation. They push “White Rage” and Diversity Equity and Inclusion. They’ve poisoned the troops with deadly clotshots and have demoralized them with tranny PSYOPs. They left $85 billion in equipment in Afghanistan, they gave all their ammunition to Ukraine and they can’t keep sensitive intel from leaking to the enemy.

    Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t just cut out the middleman and nuked us, already.

    So now, we’re supposed to go fight their forever war against Russia in Ukraine? And now, we’re supposed to send 10,000 sailors in the 7th Fleet to the bottom of the South China Sea, after they’ve handed the enemy our manufacturing base, financed them and given them our technology, after they’ve armed them with our latest plane and aircraft carrier designs? And given them all of the details of our country’s digital infrastructure and all of our citizens’ Personal Identifying Information?And now, they expect us to believe The New York Times and The Washington Post identified the Pentagon leaker, all on their own?

    A 21-year old using a videogame chat app might have just prevented World War 3, so of course, the government and their media puppets are trying to paint him as some nefarious Russian double agent.

    Many feel there is an exactly 0% chance a 21 year old Air National Guardsman got his hands on top secret war plans about a war we aren’t supposed to be in. Not on his own. Others remind us of Chelsea Manning and say that the sloppy handling of classified information has gotten 20 times worse under Brandon. Still, many are having a hard time swallowing this story about Jack Teixeira, who was seen calmly sitting on his back porch reading a book at the exact moment of the raid. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...ts-arrest.html

    It seems all-too-scripted. I mean, who doesn’t look up when a chopper is hovering right over their head, especially an Airman in the National Guard? Many truthers on social media believe this leak operation was contrived to bolster the RESTRICT Act and to take over the internet by criminalizing Free Speech.

    On his Substack https://www.racket.news/p/the-crackd...utm_medium=web journalist Matt Taibbi writes:

    You’ll read a lot in the coming days about the dangers of apps like Discord, or of online gaming groups, which counterintelligence officials told the Washington Post today are a “magnet for spies.” The Leaker tale will also surely be framed as reason to pass the RESTRICT Act https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2023/0...e-data-privacy the wet dream of creepazoid Virginia Senator Mark Warner, which would give government wide latitude to crack down on “communication technology” creating “undue or unacceptable risk” to national security…

    When civilians or whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange (in jail for an incredible four years now), Reality Winner and now the “Discord Leaker” bring leaked information to the public, the immediate threat is Espionage Act charges and decades of jail time. When a CIA head or a top FBI official does it, it’s just news. In fact, officials talk openly about using “strategic leaks” https://www.wired.com/story/leaked-p...raine-discord/ as a P.R. staple. In a world where media currency is becoming the ultimate power, these people want a monopoly. It’s infuriating.

    Watch how this thing will be spun. It’s going to get ugly fast.

    Deep State whistleblower, Dr Jon McGreevey posted on TRUTHSocial https://truthsocial.com/@Johnheretoh...98042025091923 that what he’s hearing from investigators on the inside is that after the Chinese balloon fiasco a few weeks ago the Air National Guard conducted their own investigations separate from the Brandon Regime to determine what could have been accessed from the base in Massachusetts. That’s when they discovered that Teixeira was sharing info with his friends. And the Regime stepped in and took over to use this kid as a scapegoat for all of the classified information the Chinese balloon collected over the US. There are reports the ground was communicating with the balloon and it was shot down to cover that up.

    McGreevey says this unit at the base in Cape Cod did not have any need to know – whatsoever – for the information they are saying this kid had access to. End-product, real time CIA NSA DOD reports? Going through the Massachusetts national guard? No. It would not be going through there.

    McGreevey truthed, “I’m sure the dod CIA NSA all send their final product intelligence up to the national guard in Massachusetts before it goes to their office.” Yeah, right. He says, “If anything goes wrong overseas, Ukraine, etc. It wasn’t this administration’s fault, it wasn’t the Chinese balloon, it was this kid. They now have their permanent scapegoat.

    We’ve been lied to about everything and we no longer trust anything anybody says anymore. Like when Anheuser-Busch claims that a rogue marketing team did the transgender marketing disaster without their knowledge and are calling it “a mistake”. Nobody believes that.

    Brandon terminated the COVID emergency a few days ago and it’s like nobody believes that, either.

    And speaking of Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry just published a list of key figures involved in the US-Ukrainian biochemical weapons program. The documents confirm the involvement of Hunter Biden’s Metabiota, Pfizer’s chief scientist and president of the International Research Division, the former director of US Defense Threat Reduction Agency or DTRA, Kenneth Myers and the former head of the CDC, Thomas Frieden, among others and that Hunter Biden’s $2.4 billion Metabiota fund was involved in financing the Pentagon’s military biological program in Ukraine.

    A report by TheExposé.uk https://expose-news.com/2022/04/13/u...aine-nov-2019/ that shows how publicly-available information on a US Government website corroborates this Russian Government report, that the COVID Virus was made in a Ukrainian biolab and that Fauci, Bill Gates and Moderna are all responsible and that Brandon profited personally through his son, Hunter, who helped to finance Metabiota.

    United States Government data show that the US Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract on the 12th November 2019 to Labyrinth Global Health Inc for “COVID-19 Research”, at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially named “COVID-19”.

    The contract awarded in November 2019 for “COVID-19 Research” was not only instructed to take place in Ukraine, it was in fact part of a much larger contract for a ‘Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’. Labyrinth Global Health has been collaborating with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance out of Wuhan, China and Ernest Wolfe’s Metabiota since its formation in 2017.

    ‘USA Spending’, is an official open data source of US federal spending information shows that as of 12th April 2021 the US Government has spent a mind-blowing $3.63 trillion “in response to COVID-19” and within the ‘Award Search’ section of the site are details on a contract awarded by the Department of Defense to a company named ‘Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp’.

    There is one Sub-Award that stands out among the rest, and it is was awarded to Labyrinth Global Health INC for “SME Manuscript Documentation and COVID-19 Research”.

    An award for Covid-19 research isn’t exactly shocking when the world is allegedly in the grip of a Covid-19 pandemic, but considering the fact the sub-contract was awarded 12th November 2019, at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19, the award for Covid-19 research should come as a shock to everyone.

    Founded in 2017, Labyrinth Global Health is allegedly a “women-owned small business with deep expertise and a proven track record supporting initiatives for scientific and medical advancement.” They describe themselves as “a multicultural and international organization with offices in four countries and a team of experts with diverse backgrounds…” and blah, blah, blah, something something, Diversity Equity and Inclusion.


    If you’re wondering why all the major transnational corporations are relentlessly shoving this tranny PSYOP down our throats, it is because they are the victims of World Economic Forum Executive Blackmail, according to Helena Glass’ blog. (https://helenaglass.net/2023/04/10/s...a-esg-metrics/ )

    She writes:

    The Credit System ranks a business according to its diversity training and equity scores. The more blacks and LGBTQ employees by ratio, the greater the score. Two week CRT training camps are also utilized to measure a companies credit worthiness. Budweiser caved because if it didn’t the “SYSTEM” would shut down their credit and force them into insolvency-bankruptcy!

    Nike, American Express, Budweiser, General Motors, Walmart, Target, etc… have become victims of the WEF Executive Blackmail. In 2020, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon went so far as to prostrate himself before CRT and BLM pledging $30 billion in shareholder funds to CRT, diversity and equity training. But he isn’t alone, PNC Bank, Bank of America, Lowes, Truist Financial Corporation, Coca Cola, Disney, etc.. race to the inclusive credit ranking lest they be subjected to ‘the punishment’.

    Scores are accredited via the International Business Council a subset of the World Economic Forum.

    In 2020, the IBC identified a set of core ESG Metrics which were delivered to major corporations and banks across the globe. Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics were ‘required’ to be built into the operating mechanism and the solicitation of all employees to comply or be fired was implemented. The IFRS Foundation is tasked with measuring each corporate score. The standards are incorporated into the “International Accounting Board Standards” and audited annually. Trustees of the foundation make all decisions and include Chairs from Finland, China, London, and KPMG Accounting/Auditing. Other trustees come from: Denmark, MIT, New Zealand, Germany, Nova Scotia, Japan, India, London School of Economics, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK, Moody’s, the EOCD and World Bank.

    KPMG audits the credit scores. Moody’s ranks the company accordingly.

    Incorporated in the UK, IBC’s 2022 Revenues were $48 million with 64% going to the Staff, 3% to Trustee’s, 27% to operating costs, and activities … just 6%. In other words, they exist to exist for themselves. They utilize Barclays to determine ESG investments in Blackrock, Jupiter Ecology, Janus Henderson Global, and the Royal London Sustainable Leaders Trust. Luxury goods, lithium batteries, chemicals, pharma, electricity and natural gas are common investments and considered ESG friendly. The fact that these commodities ravage the landscape and utilize child labor and slavery would seem to be allowable ESG initiatives. No one wants the Wrath of CHINA!

    Companies that do NOT comply with the WEF Sustainable Development criteria per a KPMG audit are heavily fined, their Moody’s rating lowered, and their ability to garner bank loans is quashed!

    Companies are required to state on their websites and all promotional materials their sustainable initiatives, provide CRT training, create a Diversity Director position, hire quota’s, offer a guaranteed minimum income – which is the federal minimum wage – vote democrat or rhino, and cater to BLM.

    These entities still remain a test case of sorts before widespread forced compliance will be generated. Smaller businesses and smaller banks are much more difficult to track, however it is ascertained that by 2030 all banks will be under the stewardship of the Big Five. And ‘credit’ will be the only allowed viable means of purchasing. In this scenario physical gold and silver are worthless.

    MSCI Inc. is a finance company in New York City that provides analysis of a companies ESG Metrics so that it can achieve the required ratios and avoid ‘punishment’ via a KPMG audit and an IBC Blacklist. In addition, investors who are aligned with the WEF can invest in companies that are in compliance – without getting ‘punished’.

    Everything the WEF, the CIA, the NED, CSIS, USAID, etc… control is a feed based on reward – punishment. If a country does not comply with their sovereignty being usurped thru western colonization, then their country is destroyed. If they comply, their leaders are promised vast wealth as long as their citizens fall into dire poverty.

    In essence this New World Government is a conglomerate of Marxism AND Communism AND Fascism – pulling those specific ideologies that will achieve the desired end result – a Global Mafia Monarchy.

    And in their permanent 5th Generation Warfare model, everything is a distraction from a distraction from a distraction. So, you should always be asking yourself “What am I being distracted from?”

    The RESTRICT Act would federalize the Internet, according to former CIA contractor, Tore Maras, who recently posted that a tyrannical government would want to this for the following top 3 reasons.

    1) Control: Federalizing the internet would them greater control over the flow of information and the ability to censor or restrict content that they deem to be a threat to their regime. This could help them suppress dissent and maintain their grip on power. Did you know that every STATE in the USA has NO DIGITAL SOVEREIGNTY? In fact, in 2019, all states handed over their IPS to the DHS to monitor, mine, and quote “protect”. How do you think they rig elections?

    2) Economic control: Federalizing the internet could give them greater control over the economic benefits that come from online activity, such as advertising revenue, e-commerce, and online payments. This could help them to consolidate power and resources within their regime. (#DigitalCurrency Hello?) In fact, the bill has an undertone of the Government owns all data and then we will resell it to Consumer Markets, after we determine it’s ok to resell. They don’t want foreign nations to capitalize on DATA (the new GOLD). It will also assist them to ensure they hire people who OBEY.

    3) Surveillance: Federalizing the internet allows them to easily monitor and surveil online activity, including the online activity of political opponents or those who are critical of their regime. Helps them identify and suppress dissent before it becomes a threat. Ever seen the movie Minority Report? You should. We already have a PRE-CRIME unit at the DOJ being fed mountains of DATA all day. No American should be OK with this, no matter what your politics. In fact, such tyranny is spoken about in the Constitution – but they could never have fathomed the invisible chains and prisons like the ones we have now.

    And speaking of criminals, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson says the Chinese-American financial institution, Cathay Bank has given Senate Republicans records showing millions of dollars going from Chinese companies to President Biden’s son Hunter Biden. We’ll talk more about that when we come back.

    Republicans and others started raising concerns during President Biden’s successful 2020 White House campaign, if not earlier, that Hunter Biden used the family name and influence while his father was vice president to make millions in overseas business deals, which also could have compromised US National Security.

    Johnson told The Washington Times, the records show the Biden family involved with the now-defunct CEFC China Energy, which had connections to the Chinese Communist Party. The firm gave $1 million to Hudson West III, which was a joint venture owned by Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong, who is a business associate of CEFC’s founder and chairman, Ye Jianming, reportedly according to the bank records. Johnson said, “In my mind, it’s the Chinese government telling Joe Biden, ‘We got the goods on you, buddy. And we’re willing to dish it up.'”

    Also, this week, Former Obama White House stenographer, Mike McCormick claims then-Vice President Biden used American taxpayer money to enrich his family and says Jake Sullivan a “conspirator.” https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/for...is-a-criminal/ He also claims that he went to the FBI but they ignored him.

    As attorney, Tyler Nixon tweeted yesterday https://twitter.com/realTylerNixon/s...83573343010817
    “What more evidence is needed to indict Joe & Hunter Biden & Jake Sullivan, at minimum, for epic corruption at the highest levels of federal power? This is not only evidence of corruption but also conspiracy to obstruct justice, implicating the FBI & DOJ. But then again, who do you call to indict the FBI, DOJ, the President, his son Hunter and the National Security Advisor to the President? Who do you call to arrest the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Who do you call to arrest the entire Brandon Regime Cabinet and the heads of the CIA, FBI and DHS?

    Where is the House GOP?https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/202...t-us-attorney/ Where are the Jan 6 Videos? Where is the real January 6th Investigation? Where are the Fauci Files? Where is John Durham? On May 1, 2019 Lindsey Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, promised investigations on how the Mueller probe started. But Lindsey Graham lied. Lindsey Graham is a fraud. Lindsey Graham has scheduled NO COMMITTEE HEARINGS on Deep State, FBI, CIA, Spygate, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mueller, Stefan Halper, George Papadopoulos, Tom Fitton, Sidney Powell, Joe diGenova, John Brennan, James Comey, Chris Wray, etc.

    Governments throughout the world have been infiltrated and are now controlled by World Economic Forum-trained fifth columnists intent on destroying our countries’ sovereignty in order to usher in a Corporo-Communist-Technocratic One World Government.https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/you...at-reset-doom/

    One of their main avenues to achieve this is via the WHO’s 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), which are legally binding and supersede the United States Constitution and all other constitutions in the world. https://www.who.int/health-topics/in...ions#tab=tab_1 All 196 countries in the world are automatic signatories to this, by dint of our countries’ UN membership.

    This is how the COVID hoax was pulled-off and how governments around the world agreed, in lockstep to crash their economies, to force-inject their citizens with lethal poison and how they now plan to cut off our energy and water supplies and to starve us to death. We’ve been talking about James Roguski efforts to raise awareness about and he’s been on our network several times and the hubbub that James created has single-handedly resulted in these amendments being voted down twice, so far. However, this same verbiage keeps rearing its ugly head and getting snuck into different legislation, over and over again!

    The only answer is to exit the WHO – or better yet, to de-fund and dismantle the United Nations, altogether (to say nothing of NATO).

    Anti-Communist activist, Reggie Littlejohn of the Sovereignty Coalition is behind WEXIT, which is the movement to exit the World Health Organization. This has now become imperative, because we’ve just learned that their malign Pandemic Treaty was basically already passed in the 2023 Pentagon budget!

    The NDAA is voted on at the end of every year by Congress in order to fund the Department of Defense. Reggie says the 2023 NDAA was over 1,772 pages long and on page 950, they snuck in the PREVENT Pandemics Act, which “obligates the US to comply with and adhere to other relevant frameworks that contribute to global health security,” which means that the Senate and the House will never see whatever is agreed to at the WHO, because it’s already been pre-approved.

    I suggest you go to her website, SovereigntyCoalition.org https://sovereigntycoalition.org/ and sign the American Sovereignty Declaration to #ExitTheWHO and follow their prompts to contact your representatives and tell them to work for their constituents instead of the international Trotskyite planetary banking cartel, who are trying to kill us!"

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v2fqlka/?pub=ijro7
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations



    Why Kim Dotcom Connects The DNC Email Leak To The Murder Of Seth Rich (Updated)

    Last week we learned a new fact about the DNC email leak in 2016 and of the events that likely led to the killing of Seth Rich.

    A quite aggressive Wikipedia page discusses the Murder of Seth Rich:

    The murder of Seth Rich occurred on July 10, 2016, at 4:20 a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Rich died about an hour and a half after being shot twice in the back. The perpetrators were never apprehended; police suspected he had been the victim of an attempted robbery.
    The 27-year-old Rich was an employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and his murder spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories, including the false claim, contradicted by the law enforcement branches that investigated the murder, that Rich had been involved with the leaked DNC emails in 2016. It was also contradicted by the July 2018 indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence agents for hacking the e-mail accounts and networks of Democratic Party officials and by the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion the leaked DNC emails were part of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. Fact-checking websites like PolitiFact, Snopes, and FactCheck.org stated that the theories were false and unfounded. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post wrote that the promotion of these conspiracy theories was an example of fake news.

    Well, that is not what really had happened.

    Yes, Seth Rich worked as IT administrator for the Democratic National Committee. He was a fan of Bernie Sanders. During the 2016 primaries DNC functionaries did their best to work against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary Clinton. To make that public Seth Rich collected an archive of all DNC emails, copied it onto an USB stick and looked for someone who would publish them.

    UPDATE 20:00 UTC

    The former British ambassador Craig Murray said that he was given the USB stick by an intermediary of a disgusted Democratic whistleblower and brought it from Washington DC to Wikileaks which eventually published the emails. The data involved were not only from the DNC but also from Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta:

    WikiLeaks made the DNC messages public in July and the incriminating emails from Podesta were published in October. The messages predominantly showed that DNC officials were bent on sabotaging the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. Murray insisted that the information was leaked and not hacked by Russia.
    “Neither of the leaks came from the Russians. The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks…leakers were motivated by disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders.”

    /End Update/

    Craig Murray did not mention Seth Rich. Up to last week we did not know if Seth Rich really made contact with Wikileaks.

    But we did know that the DNC was never 'hacked' by anything Russia. The date/timestamps of the leaked files were consistent with local copying and inconsistent with an internet transfer. The company Crowdstrike which was hired to protect the DNC's networks and which did an investigation into the case never observed an actual 'Russian' hack or any data exfiltration from the DNC network. As ITwire wrote in May 2020:

    The controversial American security firm CrowdStrike, which was called in to investigate the alleged Russian hack of DNC servers in 2016, had no proof that any emails from the system had been exfiltrated despite public assertions that this had occurred, according to the transcript of an interview released by the US Government a few days ago.
    The transcript was from an interview conducted with CrowdStrike's president of services and chief security officer Shawn Henry by the US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in December 2017, but only released to the US Special Counsel Robert Mueller who conducted a two-year inquiry into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential poll.

    While the exfiltration of emails from the DNC server has been accepted as a proven fact, Henry's answers to queries from committee members make it clear that this was definitely not the case.

    In one typical exchange, Henry was asked, "What about the emails that everyone is so, you know, knowledgeable of? Were there also indicators that they were prepared but not evidence that they actually were exfiltrated?" To this Henry responded, "There's not evidence that they were actually exfiltrated. There's circumstantial evidence - but no evidence that they were actually exfiltrated."

    PolitiFact, Snopes and FactCheck.org are, unsurprisingly, wrong with their assertions.

    But how did the emails find their way to Julian Assange at Wikileaks. Assange has never explained that. But Wikileaks set out a $20,000 reward for finding the killer of Seth Rich. That made it obvious that there was a connection between them but no one gave further explanations of it.

    It took until last week for the world to learn more about what really happened. On April 21 some rather pungent NAFO activist, Pekka Kallionniemi, launched a Twitter thread with an attack on a person well known in IT circles:

    Pekka Kallioniemi @P_Kallioniemi - 10:09 UTC · Apr 21, 2023
    In today's #vatniksoup, I'll introduce a German-Finnish entrepreneur, conspiracy theorist and propagandist, Kim Dotcom. He's best-known for his illegal online activities and projects, for his hate towards the US, and for his unwavering support for Putin's imperialism.
    In 2017, Dotcom claimed that he worked with Seth Rich, a US citizen and employee on the Democratic National Committee who was murdered during a suspected robbery.His death spawned..
    ..several conspiracy theories stating that he was a whistleblower who had leaked documents damning Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta. The hack-and-leak operation was actually conducted by Russian intelligence service GRU's hacker group called Fancy Bear.

    Who is Kim Dotcom you might ask:

    Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz; 21 January 1974), also known as Kimble and Kim Tim Jim Vestor, is a German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur and political activist who lives in Glenorchy, New Zealand.
    Dotcom is the founder and former CEO of the defunct file hosting service Megaupload (2005–2012). In 2012, the United States Department of Justice seized its website and pressed charges against Dotcom, including criminal copyright infringement, money laundering, racketeering and wire fraud. Dotcom was residing in New Zealand at the time; at the request of US authorities, New Zealand police raided his home in 2012 and arrested him. Dotcom posted bail and has been going through legal proceedings ever since to avoid extradition to the United States.
    In 2017, Dotcom played a role in spreading conspiracy theories about the murder of Seth Rich.
    In May 2017 the Washington Post wrote:

    When Seth Rich’s Gmail account received an alert this week from Mega.com, attempting to start a new account on a website created by the New Zealand-based Internet businessman and convicted hacker Kim Dotcom, his family knew that something was off.
    Over seven frenzied days, Dotcom had become a leading purveyor of the theory that Rich, a staffer at the Democratic National Committee who was shot dead near his home in Northeast Washington last summer, had supplied DNC documents to WikiLeaks and was killed as a result. Multiple security analysts and an FBI investigation have tied the release to hackers with ties to Russia. D.C. police have said repeatedly that they think Rich was slain in a random robbery attempt.

    According to experts and Rich’s family, the emailed invitation from welcome@mega.nz appeared to be an attempt to gain access to Rich’s email. Joel Rich, who monitors his late son’s Gmail account when new emails come in, did not click the link. Dotcom had not worked at Mega itself for years, but he was promising on Twitter to prove that the younger Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks — and Fox News host Sean Hannity was telling his 2.37 million Twitter followers to be ready for a ­revelation.

    Hannity had invited Dotcom to appear on his show for what he said on Twitter would be a “#GameChanger” interview. The implication: that Dotcom would finally offer evidence of his claim that Rich had sent internal DNC documents to WikiLeaks before his death.

    All that began to unravel Tuesday afternoon when Fox News retracted a story that had claimed the same Rich-WikiLeaks connection, telling readers that the article was “not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting.” Fox News did not respond to a request for comment, but Dotcom wrote on his website that he would not speak further about his allegations.

    Since then little on the issue was heard from Kim Dotcom. There was no explanation why he was involved in the Seth Rich issue in the first place.

    But after Pekka Kallionniemi's attack was widely retweeted Kim Dotcom contested it:

    Kim Dotcom @KimDotcom - 0:41 UTC · Apr 22, 2023
    🧵 NAFO bullying exposed

    I’m responding to an attempted character assassination by NAFO troll @P_Kallioniemi who prides himself with having attacked over 150 “pro-Russian actors and propagandists.”

    His problem is that he picked the wrong guy for his cyber bullying.

    Who is Pekka? A research fellow at Tampere University in Finland and a self-proclaimed disinformation expert. Ironic because most of the claims in his attack against me are false. I’m tagging the Dean of Tampere University @SaariJuho to make him aware of Pekka’s NAFO bullying.

    First of all I’m in good company because some of the people Pekka has bullied on Twitter are @ggreenwald, @mtaibbi, @rustyrockets & @jimmy_dore. None are “Russian propagandists” or “grifters looking to make some easy money” as Pekka claims. They are truth-tellers, like myself.

    False claim 1: Kim was deported from Thailand to Germany.<

    Truth: I was never deported from Thailand. I left voluntarily.
    False claim 6: Dotcom claimed that he worked with Seth Rich.

    Truth: Seth Rich contacted me and offered information about the DNC. I rejected receiving the data personally and forwarded him to someone close to Wikileaks. That’s how Wikileaks got the DNC and Hillary Clinton leaks.

    False claim 7: The (DNC) hack and leak operation was conducted by Russian intelligence.

    Truth: A forensic analysis of the leaked DNC data by former US intelligence officials proved that it wasn’t remotely transferred. The meta data shows that the files were transferred locally.

    The bold part is significant as it is first time that we learn:

    That there was a direct connection between Seth Rich and Wikileaks.
    Why Kim Dotcom had involved himself in the Seth Rich case after Rich had been killed.
    You may say that the first claim is not new because many had presumed that. But no one involved had ever actually publicly made the claim. Dotcom's assertion of this connection through him is new.

    After contacting Kim Dotcom Seth Rich was pointed to someone else near to Wikileaks. Eventually Wikileaks asked Craig Murray to fly to DC and to bring the files to Wikileaks. The Clinton server emails were published by Wikileaks in March 2016. The DNC emails were published in June and July 2016. The Podesta emails were published in October 2016.

    I hope that Kim Dotcom will one day write down the complete sequence of events that are related to Seth Rich and the publishing of the Clinton, Podesta and DNC leaks by Wikileaks.

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    June 16, 2023

    Source: https://www.brighteon.com/embed/8883cc2d-a1c2-4419-a640-e29d2feb583d

    "In Donald Trump’s remarks at Bedminster, NJ following his arraignment in Miami on Tuesday, he addressed the 800-pound gorilla in the room and he articulated something very important to all of us.https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/tru...-nj-6-13-2023/

    I’ve been waiting for over 7 years for a clear statement like this from someone with influence and to get it from none other than Donald Trump was a great gift to us all, because knowledge is power. As Donald Trump said and later posted to Truth:

    “This persecution is being done by the same weaponized agencies that for 7 years have been running illegal psychological warfare campaigns against the American people, much as if they were trying to de-stabilize a foreign country!”

    We have endured the past 7 years of being relentlessly strafed by psychological operations deployed by bureaucrats in our government – whose salaries we pay – and by their agents in the state media.

    These are the same people who have expertly executed Color Revolutions and overthrown governments worldwide and now, they’re doing it here, to us, to you, with the tax they take from the sweat of your brow – and they’re not stopping.

    Their primary weapons are informational, cyber, algorithmic and psychological. While they’ve been doing this to us, similar 5th Generation Warfare models have been deployed in most other countries around the world.

    We are in a global, covert world war, using 5th Generational Warfare tactics. These Trotskyite agents of the planetary banking cartel scream about the “Rules-Based Order” and about “Our Democracy” but in reality, they are criminal thugs who hate free elections and who seek to impoverish, to enslave and to kill us.

    The most challenging part of this is getting your head around it and achieving situational awareness, especially because very often, the enemy is not just domestic but it has parked itself inside your head – or inside the heads of your loved ones – with false assumptions and beliefs stemming from the unceasing propaganda and mass mind control, such that perhaps you, your friends and family, have already been conquered by the enemy and are acting on behalf of the enemy, without even knowing it.

    In order to win this war, we need to understand the enemy, the theater and the arsenal.

    The Administrative State of Federal employees, these Careers in the bureaucracy, especially in the State Department – these are your enemies. They are overthrowing the United States as if it were Iran, Congo, Guatemala, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, Iraq, Syria – or Ukraine.

    They’ve gotten good at what they do over the past 80 years – and here’s what Steve Bannon and Ultra Maga Party had to say about it. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/ban...ty-of-treason/

    It’s great that Michael Flynn released his book about 5th Generation Warfare, because the more we are able to identify and name what’s being done to us – WHILE it’s happening – the less power these information operations will have. https://www.amazon.com/Citizens-Guid...ps%2C84&sr=8-1

    We need to understand that the military-grade orchestrated gaslighting and psychological operations to which we are being subjected by our demonic bureaucrats at the DoD, FBI, HHS, CDC, FDA, DOJ, FBI, DHS and CISA and behind the January 6th Committee, in concert with the Fake News media are a scaled-up version of a torture technique developed for interrogations described in a manual published by the National Defense Intelligence College in 2006, entitled, ‘EDUCING INFORMATION – Interrogation: Science and Art’, in a chapter called “Alice in Wonderland: The Power of Applied Confusion”. https://web.archive.org/web/20080227...llege/3866.pdf

    “Alice in Wonderland: The Power of Applied Confusion The aim of the Alice in Wonderland or confusion technique is to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the interrogatee. He is accustomed to a world that makes sense, at least to him: a world of continuity and logic, a predictable world. He clings to this world to reinforce his identity and powers of resistance. The confusion technique is designed not only to obliterate the familiar, but to replace it with the weird…[and] as the process continues, day after day, as necessary, the subject begins to try to make sense of the situation, which becomes mentally intolerable…[and] he is likely to make significant admissions, or even to pour out his story.”

    This manual cites an earlier 1963 torture manual entitled, “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual”, which was based on CIA research, much of it conducted through the MK ULTRA program but some of it going all the way back to the Spanish Inquisition of the 1300s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._A...ls#CIA_manuals

    In other words, what we’re being put through is literally torture. The purpose of this technique is not just to obliterate the normal but to replace that which is normal with the mindbogglingly bizarre, so that the person goes into a state of deep trauma that is so awful, they would rather give up their secrets and return to a reality that makes sense, than to continue with more of this.

    The unrelenting #FakeNews, the Mueller Investigation, the fake impeachment, Christine Blasey Ford, Jussie Smollett and the media crucifixion of Nick Sandmann were illogical orchestrated psyops, together with the transgender putsch are designed to badger everyone into agreement, in order to just make it stop.

    We’ve understood that this was unconventional warfare but knowing that it’s called the “Alice in Wonderland technique” empowers you to identify it when it’s happening, to help you distance yourself from the fragmentation and cognitive dissonance that it is attempting to induce with this ceaseless encroachment of your boundaries. We need to understand that, for example shoving the trans thing down our throats is not an organic thing that is springing-up within the populace, it is an influence operation, it is psychological warfare, it is meant to confuse children and to de-stabilize our society, like this.

    And while the Biden Regime is doing that to American children, the Chinese Communist regime is doing this to their children. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/kil...ign-in-school/

    Understanding the manipulations will help you assert your cognitive boundaries and will help you to protect yourself from these incessant 5th Generation Warfare attacks, because it’s not going to stop. We may be living like this for the rest of our lives, so we need to learn how to survive the jive and to power through.

    Let’s run through some of the top stories of the week, including the various oversight hearings and the analyses of the experts, starting with departing CDC Director Rochelle Walensky testifying before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and then the reaction of Dr Naomi Wolf. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/dr-...e-of-efficacy/

    And here’s FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate at the Senate Judiciary Committee stonewalling Senator Ted Cruz – and getting hammered by same. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/sto...up-for-bidens/

    And here’s Senator Josh Hawley yesterday accusing the DHS of facilitating the slavery of illegal migrant children – and then Alex Jones putting things in proper perspective; that the DHS isn’t facilitating anything – it is actively running the largest human trafficking operation in modern times.

    Senators Hawley and Cruz and others have performed these amazing oratories at these hearings over the past couple of years and it’s also nice that Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and others are moving to impeach Joe Biden but there’s more than enough evidence showing that many members of the Biden Regime have broken hundreds of laws that they should be arrested…but of course, who’s going to do that? Our entire Federal Government is hard at work at destabilizing and collapsing their own country.

    For over two years, Darren Beattie at Revolver.News and journalists at the Gateway Pundit have been trying to get the FBI to release information about the January 6th pipe bomber, who was caught on video planting pipe bombs near the headquarters of both the Republican and Democrat Parties on the evening of January 5th. https://www.revolver.news/2023/06/st...ing-admission/

    The pipe bomber has thus far managed to evade the so-called greatest intelligence agency in the world. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/202...former-fbi-dc/

    Spurred by whistleblower disclosure from a senior FBI official who claimed that the FBI was withholding information on the investigation, Representatives Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs and Bill Posey sent a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), demanding an update on the case of the J6 pipe bomber.

    And now, former Washington FBI field office chief, Steve D’Antuono has admitted that the FBI could not use the phone data of one provider on January 5, 2021, because it was “corrupted”. How convenient.

    D’Antuono also admitted in the letter that the bombs were inoperable. In other words, it appears that black ops erased the digital trail left behind by the unknown federal agent who acted as the J6 Bomber. As The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft commented, the pipe bomber was “likely just a propaganda operation used to attack Trump supporters,” and “another assault on conservative Americans.”

    The Halderman Report on the Dominion voting machines in the State of Georgia were finally released after corrupt Obama judge had put them under seal. The report confirms that votes can be altered in the Dominion voting machines and that the Dominion software can be hacked. But corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, of course, has no plans to do anything about this because he wants to be able to hack the voting machines. Raffensperger’s brother, by the way is a high-up executive at Huawei who lives in Shenzhen, China.

    In other news, JPMorgan-Chase reached a tentative $290 million settlement with sexual abuse victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

    The government of the US Virgin Islands is managing Epstein’s estate and it was they who brought the lawsuit against JPMorgan, who in turn claimed that the former First Lady of the US Virgin Islands, Cecile de Jongh had assisted Jeffrey Epstein in trafficking young women and girls to the territory for an annual salary of $150,000.

    There are reports from Rudy Giuliani and confirmed by others that the Burisma whistleblower was both the top accountant and the wife of the former owner of Burisma, Mykola Lisin and that she was found dead before she could testify, after Mykola, himself had also passed away under mysterious circumstances.

    Earlier this week, Dr Steven Greer held a bombshell event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, in which he introduced whistleblower, Eric Hecker, who had worked for a Raytheon contractor at the South Pole Station in Antarctica and Greg Reese created this excellent video about his revelations.
    https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/whi...e-earthquakes/ "
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    “WE NEED TO IMPEACH ALL OF THEM — NOW!!!”Collapse of the Corruptocrats

    "This week, the various House Republican oversight hearings featured many incredible, dramatic moments. I'm not sure how fictional drama is supposed to compete with these incredible show trials happening in reality! No wonder the Writer's Guild is on strike!

    You've probably already seen a lot of the highlights but a few moments stood out as very worthy of mention. First, Robert F Kennedy Jr, of the celebrated Democrat political dynasty testified before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about the extreme censorship around the origins of COVID-19 and the experimental vaxx that was and still is being exerted by the "Censorship Industrial Complex"

    He also described how he was "dragged, kicking and screaming" into his vaccine safety advocacy by the mothers of vaccine-injured children, which he half-jokingly says was "the worst career decision I have ever made."

    In other words, it was a bad decision because of the endless disparagement that he's since endured at the hands of the complex of Big Pharma corporations, Federal agencies, NGOs and social media companies (and now, his own party), who have de-platformed him and who take your tax dollars and profit off of the violation of the First Amendment rights of hundreds of millions of Americans.

    For decades, the Kennedys were considered the royalty of the Democrat Party but today, we see the Chairman of the DNC claiming that Robert Kennedy's candidacy is actually a "Right Wing" plot!

    For the record, RFK’s campaign manager is Dennis Kucinich, the Far Left former congressman from Ohio. All of Kennedy's positions remain solidly Democrat - or what used to be called Democrat, before the party was completely overwhelmed by Marxist Globalists and Chinese agents who are trying to collapse the United States.

    But before Kennedy could even open his mouth at the hearing, the first thing all of the Democrat House members at the hearing did was to order a vote to shut down his testimony and to turn off the cameras and to take the hearing behind closed doors.

    They literally voted to censor RFK Jr during hearing on censorship!

    By the way, the so-called disparaging comments RFK was accused of by Debbie Wasserman Shultz – and also, by the entire international Fake News complex, from the UK Guardian to NBC – refers to an NIH study entitled, "ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity", which Kennedy had cited at a dinner table conversation that was filmed without his knowledge and then posted online, causing all of this bogus outrage about him now suddenly being a "racist".

    It's an obvious PSYOP. In the surreptitiously recorded comments, Kennedy was referring to this study's findings about the ACE2 receptors of different genetic groups and how those groups possessing the ACE2-K26R mutation had a decreased electrostatic attraction with the SARS-CoV-2 virus – and therefore lower infection rates.

    The study notes that this ACE2-K26R mutation is "most frequent in the Ashkenazi Jewish population". The mutation is also frequent in East Asian populations and in Finland, which Kennedy had mentioned, as well.

    The study also found that other mutations seen in other ethnic groups increased this electrostatic attraction and infection. Quoting again from the abstract of the study, "Those variants are most frequent in East Asian, South Asian, African and African American, European, European and South Asian populations, respectively."

    Needless to say, RFK was pissed off by this outrageous slander.

    Then, Breitbart News Politics Editor, Emma-Jo Morris testified Thursday morning before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about the censorship of her reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden's "Laptop from Hell" shortly before the 2020 presidential election.

    Emma-Jo broke the Hunter Biden laptop story while she was the Deputy Politics Editor at The New York Post and she burst out laughing at the hearing, as she recalled how Politico published the open letter from 50 former US intelligence officials, claiming that Hunter Biden's laptop was "Russian Disinformation".

    This bogus letter was then used as the excuse to de-platform millions of Americans on social media for even discussing Hunter Biden's laptop, in one of the most egregious episodes of censorship and election interference in United States history.

    Prior to her positions at Breitbart and at the Post, the Montréal native was a producer on 'Hannity' for three years. That she has managed to do all of this by the age of 32 is remarkable and it will be fascinating to see where her career takes her next.

    We also had the big reveal of IRS agent Joseph Ziegler, a second IRS whistleblower and a self-described gay Democrat who stepped forward Wednesday, alleging a coverup in the criminal investigation of President Biden's son Hunter. Ziegler worked on the investigation since it opened in 2018 and was joined by his supervisory agent Gary Shapley, who oversaw the probe since January 2020.

    Ziegler revealed that Hunter Biden did not report any of his income from Burisma Holdings in 2014 to the IRS and that Delaware Attorney General David Weiss deliberately allowed the Statute of limitations to expire on that case. Therefore, Hunter will never have to pay the millions in back taxes that he owes from his criminal income.

    Then, to cap off a brilliant day, Chuck Grassley released the infamous FD-1023 form, the Confidential Human Source reporting document that revealed that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden allegedly "coerced" Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky to pay them millions of dollars in exchange for their help in getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the company fired. Grassley said he released the document so that the American people can "read this document for themselves without the filter of politicians or bureaucrats."

    Friendly reminder: Bill Barr knew about everything going on in the Hunter Biden investigation and that he did nothing about it.

    Wayne Root hit another one out of the park in his screed on Friday, responding to these crazy events unfolding before our eyes. He writes:

    It's all out in the open now. Everyone can see Joe Biden is the most corrupt human to ever sit in the White House. He stole tens of millions of dollars as Vice President. He extorted and accepted money from companies and countries around the globe…his son Hunter was the bagman…Joe was "the Big Guy" who got a large piece of every dirty deal, every bribe…and then like Al Capone, he cheated on his taxes.

    Biden hid the money in twenty shell companies…and in offshore bank accounts…and paid little or no taxes on all that dirty money. Biden makes Al Capone and the Gambino Crime Family look like amateur pickpockets.

    But you're missing the real story

    What did Obama know and when did he know it? Obama was President when all this went on. Obama was in charge when Biden was robbing us blind. Obama oversaw all this crime, corruption, extortion and tax fraud.

    Obama was president when his Vice President's son ran around the world on a one-man crime and sex spree. When Hunter Biden acted like he represented the United States government, while snorting coke and smoking crack off hooker's backs…while having sex with underage girls…while filming it all and putting it on his laptop…opening the entire United States to blackmail.

    And you think Obama didn't know about any of this?

    Obama was oblivious to the crimes being committed by his Vice President? Obama didn't know about the nonstop extortion racket going on right under his nose? Obama didn't know about Hunter’s escapades and the blackmail danger he was putting our country in?

    No one in the Secret Service told Obama what they were seeing?

    Not one of Obama's aides noticed that his Vice President was crooked? Or that his son was a one-man gangster and sex fiend representing the USA all over the world?

    Obama never heard a word about Burisma? Obama didn't know his VP's son was on the Board of a foreign company while Biden was extorting the President of Ukraine by withholding $1 billion of U.S. foreign aid, in order to force him to fire the prosecutor investigating his son's company? No alarm bells were ringing in the White House? No one in the DOJ or FBI ever warned Obama about what was going on with his Vice President?

    His Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was also selling out the United States all over the globe…selling her influence…using her offshore Clinton Foundation to launder bribes…also paying no taxes…and recording all her crimes, along with classified documents…on an illegal personal server…where she also communicated to her boss President Obama.

    Obama never noticed any of this? No little birdie whispered to him about all these crimes being committed by his two most important underlings?

    Both Hillary and Joe Biden were protected from prosecution by Obama's DOJ and Obama's FBI…and Obama didn't give the orders to look the other way?

    And when the Obama administration decided to spy on Trump and his presidential campaign, no one told Obama? No one asked for Obama's approval before committing treason by wiretapping the Republican presidential nominee?

    Folks either you believe Obama is a fool, the dumbest and most clueless moron to ever occupy the White House…and Obama knew nothing…Obama saw nothing…Obama heard nothing…Obama is a clone of Sgt. Shultz on "Hogan's Heroes."

    Or you're starting to understand that Obama was the mastermind …Obama was "the tutti di capo"…the ultimate "Big Guy"…the boss of bosses…

    And all this crime, corruption, extortion and treason was carried out with Obama's approval and permission…all these world-class criminals, traitors and useful idiots were working for Obama…were following Obama's plan and carrying out Obama's orders…and were protected by Obama's DOJ and Obama's FBI.

    And it's Obama right now, still giving the orders. Biden is a brain-dead puppet with dementia and diapers. Half the time this half-wit doesn't know where he is…or who he is. The CEO of Burisma said Hunter was dumber than his dog. Where do you think Hunter got that from? He's a chip off the old block. Hunter is as dumb as a box of rocks, simply because his father Joe is as dumb as a box of rocks. Two useful idiots.

    You don't have to be a genius, or a brain surgeon, to figure out IABO- 'It's Always Been Obama.'

    Obama was the mastermind then. Obama is the mastermind now.

    What did Obama know and when did he know it? He knew everything, because he was the guy giving the orders.

    I agree with Wayne Root up till this last statement. I think Obama is an administrator of the Deep State, which by definition means that he is a puppet of the people in Europe at the Bank for International Settlements, who control the emission of currencies worldwide and who currently want to microchip you with their new Central Bank Digital Currency, just like Aaron Russo told us all, back in 2007.

    But it's true that Obama appointed about 8,000 Communists to work in our bureaucracy and to destroy our country from within and the first thing Trump is going to do when he gets back into power is to fire and/or prosecute them all. Time to brush off your résumé because the US Government is going to need to hire Patriots.

    The way that these Globalists' plan has worked over the decades was by us not knowing about them or their plan. The most important thing to do now is to expose their lies that they use to control us, starting with their most important lie about "climate change".

    On his Substack, the 2nd Smartest Guy in the World reported on the recent declaration that has been far too long in coming by over 1,500 scientists, many of them Nobel Prize recipients, who have all signed the World Climate Declaration. Hopefully, it's better late than never...

    He writes,

    Readers of this Substack appreciate that in 1968 the One World Government created The Club of Rome. This technocratic node, along with the WEF, UN, CFR, Rockefeller Crime Syndicate, and various captured governments would promote the climate fear project in order to convince humanity that they are responsible for all things weather. By duping the population into believing such anti-science nonsense, society would live in an perpetual state of self-loathing and fear. This would allow for all those that Trust the Psyop to be far more easily controlled (think "pandemic," DEATHVAX™, child sex reassignment surgeries, etc.), and have a far greater propensity to not reproduce.

    The World Climate Declaration reads:

    There is no climate emergency

    A global network of over 1501 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.

    Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming

    The geological archive reveals that Earth's climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recentlyas 1850. Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming.

    Warming is far slower than predicted

    The world has warmed significantly less than predicted by IPCC on the basis of modeled anthropogenic forcing. The gap between the real world and the modeled world tells us that we are far from understanding climate change.

    Climate policy relies on inadequate models

    Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as global policy tools. They blow up the effect of greenhouse gases such as CO2. In addition, they ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial.

    CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth

    CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential to all life on Earth. Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.

    Global warming has not increased natural disasters

    There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent. However, there is ample evidence that CO2-mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly.

    Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities

    There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050. If better approaches emerge, and they certainly will, we have ample time to reflect and re-adapt. The aim of global policy should be 'prosperity for all' by providing reliable and affordable energy at all times. In a prosperous society men and women are well educated, birthrates are low and people care about their environment.


    The World Climate Declaration (WCD) has brought a large variety of competent scientists together from all over the world*. The considerable knowledge and experience of this group is indispensable in reaching a balanced, dispassionate and competent view of climate change.

    From now onward the group is going to function as "Global Climate Intelligence Group". The CLINTEL Group will give solicited and unsolicited advice on climate change and energy transition to governments and companies worldwide.

    That this group has come forward is perhaps the best news of the year and the most important message of our times. Hopefully, their efforts are not too little, too late.."

    Running Time: 30 mins

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v2ywbn6/?pub=ijro7
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Quote Posted by onawah (here)

    The World Climate Declaration reads:

    There is no climate emergency

    A global network of over 1501 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.

    Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming

    The geological archive reveals that Earth's climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recentlyas 1850. Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming.
    Link to the The World Climate Declaration

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    July 24, 2023

    (This comes across as sensationalist misinfo, but Forbidden Knowledge's Alexandra Bruce is a reliable source, so I am going on faith that she has vetted this info and found truth therein.)

    "Pete Santilli explains how the CIA and Google are behind Hunter Biden’s Metabiota investment in the Pentagon’s biolabs projects in Ukraine and in Wuhan and how he has a source who is in possession of ALL the data, which he acquired from this Black Budget facility at 10530 Riverview Rd in Fort Washington, MD, which is where supercomputers are located, loaded with the HAMMER and Scorecard signals collection and election theft software developed by Dennis Montgomery.

    Pete says:

    “The Twitterfiles have, in a certain portion of them released information about the internal workings of James Baker to suppress all the information about ‘The Reaper’ getting this information out.

    “James Baker is the one that stole the six disks that showed that Barack Obama was surveilling and blackmailing the top intelligence services on Planet Earth; the Mossad, co-opting intelligence services worldwide. Barack Obama did. And we have all the evidence. And the world shall be set free! And all these people are going to be rounded up and will be swinging from the gallows…

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s all documented! The CIA was behind the worldwide release of SARS-CoV-2. It was manufactured by them! They’ve been extracting the DNA…Look up the woolly mammoth research. They’re extracting the DNA. Why are they doing this? Why are they behind Metabiota? Why are they behind destroying humanity?…

    “I’m going to let you listen to just a very, very brief excerpt, OK?…It was probably one of the most important broadcasts…Mary Fanning put out, she put together, as the producer of John B Wells…Remember, General McInerney was talking about Hammer & Scorecard…

    “Remember, the Generals, right now who are reviewing Mike Lindell’s plan on August 16th and 17th – this is big! – have said that it’s locked down. They added one thing and it’s coming on August 16th and 17th: Military generals. Colonel John Mills will be on the stage. Kari Lake and Mike Lindell will be your masters of ceremony.”

    Pete then plays a short excerpt from a podcast with Mary Fanning saying the following:

    “It’s important to understand the information that Matt Taibbi put out in Twitter Drop 8, he proved that James Baker – FBI Counsel James Baker – then at Twitter is the one who censored our articles on Hammer and Scorecard, our éxposé that showed that – this was just before the 2020 Election – that they came in to censor our work, to hide it from the American People.

    “Now, if you think that the guy was was the FBI General Counsel, who accorded immunity agreements to [Dennis] Montgomery and then went to Twitter to censor our work, if you think it’s not true – yet they went to this extent to censor our work, so people didn’t understand what Hammer and Scorecard is – that only tells you how important it is.”

    Pete continues:

    “Mary Fanning’s not at the center of all of this. All of her articles were great but it was all Mike Lindell’s receipt on January 9th of all that information. Mary Fanning dug into a lot of that information. She published articles. It was all suppressed.

    “There was a small group of people, as you remember, Mike Lindell was doing ‘Absolute Proof’…Mary Fanning was involved in a portion of the documentaries Mike Lindell spent millions of dollars to produce, she was part of that. So she knew that…James Baker – who received that data when he was Senior Counsel for the FBI went to Twitter and was suppressing all this information. It can’t be stopped anymore.

    “Now, a Federal Judge has said that…[Dennis Montgomery] – now, don’t go look him up, because he’s been so disparaged, let’s just call him ‘The Reaper’. Don’t focus on the CIA’s propaganda…Just know that The Reaper now has a federal judge that’s compelled him to testify about the data that he took and blew the whistle on: that John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and this entire Cabal that took power, as a result of the assassination of JFK, that they’ve been using Fort Washington, Maryland to rule the world through crimes against the United States of America.”

    Between the House Oversight investigations and over a dozen Federal whistleblowers, the Twitterfiles, Hunter Biden’s laptop, government and banking records, the Russian Ministry of Defense – and now, Dennis Montgomery – all of the data from these sources triangulate and corroborate each other.

    On March 31, 2022, the chief of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection force, Igor Kirillov, gave a news briefing about documents that had been seized by Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, including correspondences between Hunter Biden and figures involved in biological research in Ukraine, who were financed by his investment firm, Rosemont Seneca.

    The documents revealed an intent to create a “Central Depository of Especially Dangerous Microorganisms in Kyiv,” according to Russian MoD spokesperson Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov, as well as ways to distribute biological agents via drone.

    Kirillov showed signed contracts between US government agencies – Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the Pentagon, the Department of State – and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, as well as the specific facilities inside Ukraine. The Pentagon spent more than $30 million for biological research at just one Ukrainian facility, the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health, according to the Russian military.

    According to Clandestine on his August 4, 2022 Substack post and not reported whatsoever in the West, Russia claims that the US Democratic National Committee, together with big pharma are intentionally causing pandemics to win elections.

    Russia have now DIRECTLY accused the DNC Globalists of:

    Creating and releasing new variants of Coronaviruses, and now Monkeypox, intentionally, for the purposes of political control and world domination.
    Using non-consensual experimentation on citizens of the world to create genome specific biological weapons for ethnic cleansing.
    Creation and usage of narcotics, such as methamphetamines, on Ukrainian forces to dehumanize them in order to carry out heinous crimes against humanity on civilians in Ukraine.

    Russia just confirmed my overall narrative; that the war in Ukraine is backlash for the Deep State’s creation and usage of C19. We are already in WW3 and C19 was the first weapon fired.

    In a December 29 2022 post, Clandestine wrote that Russia had exhausted all the formal diplomatic channels in their attempts to hold the West accountable for their biological genocide in Ukraine and they began naming names. Here is a passage from General Kirillov’s more recent briefing:

    “We have previously presented materials confirming the involvement of Hunter Biden and his Rosemont Seneca Foundation, as well as other US Democratic Party-controlled entities, in funding the Pentagon’s main contractors operating in Ukraine.

    “It has been shown how deeply the son of the current US president, Hunter Biden, is involved in funding the US DoD-controlled company, Metabiota.

    “However, some participants in closed projects remain in the shadows, although they are key players in Ukraine’s military-biological programme.

    “They include former DTRA Director Kenneth Myers, Executive Vice President of the CIA-controlled In-Q-Tel venture capital fund Tara O’Toole, former head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Thomas Frieden, former the National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, former Battelle Memorial Institute Executive Director Jeffrey Wadsworth, Chief Scientist and President of International Research, Development and Medicine at Pfizer, Michael Dohlsten, Fort Detrick Commander Anthony McQueen and many others.

    “All of them, in one way or another, are beneficiaries of the Pentagon’s biological projects and are linked to the US Democratic Party, whose leaders act as the masterminds of military-biological research and the creators of covert money-laundering schemes to benefit a narrow circle of US elites.

    “It is these people who should be asked why taxpayers’ money is being spent on illegal military-biological research in Ukraine and other countries around the world.”

    As Clandestine points out, if you are wondering why the Left began their heavy anti-Russia campaign in 2015 and 2016, this is why. This is why the Left says that everything from Russia is “disinformation”, because they knew this was coming.

    Russia has directly accused named individuals, including former NIH Director, Francis Collins, along with his the co-conspirator, Anthony Fauci as behind the cover up of the origin of COVID 19.

    Here’s what General Kirillov said about Fauci:

    “Despite formal bans, the US budget is being spent on dual-use research. In this connection, the Republican Party has initiated an investigation into the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Fauci. Public funding through an intermediary organisation was confirmed for experiments to enhance the pathogenicity of viruses, including coronaviruses, the incidence of which was not widespread until 2019.

    “The investigation found that Fauci openly lied and deliberately concealed US government involvement in the research programmes.

    “At the same time, his collusion with social media management to manipulate public opinion on the causes of COVID-19 was revealed.

    “Such revelations raise legitimate questions for the US about the causes of new human-caused pathogens and the patterns of pandemic spread.”"

    Source: https://www.rumble.com/video/v2zk3bu/?pub=ijro7
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Forbidden Knowledge News Compilations

    Quote Posted by Ewan (here)
    Quote Posted by onawah (here)

    The World Climate Declaration reads:

    There is no climate emergency

    A global network of over 1501 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.

    Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming

    The geological archive reveals that Earth's climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recentlyas 1850. Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming.
    Link to the The World Climate Declaration

    Well, I sit in Dane Wigginton's court asking how these scientists can declare this without having at very least a statement of acknowledgment, if not of impact, of the ongoing geoengineering around the world? Perhaps even manipulation of the earth-sun interaction.
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