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Thread: Sheeple Sheared, News at 11.

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    Default Sheeple Sheared, News at 11.

    IN case you weren't aware, all money token systems, since the dawn of thievery, have been scams to cheat and rob.

    At no time in history has any money token system kept proportionality with the marketplace of goods and services.

    Any money tokens NOT created / emitted by laborers and or businesses that generate goods and services, are scams - including bitchcoin, federal reserve notes, euros, and even gold / silver coin.

    Scarce metallic coin is especially bad - and unable to keep proportionality with the economy. This STRANGLES trade as money becomes more and more in demand, and hoarded (taken out of circulation - which defeats its purpose).

    BUT it drives the demand for borrowing money at usury (interest) and that suits the banksters of the world.

    The function of any money token is to facilitate trade when BARTER is insufficient. In other words, it is a means to transfer "value" to a future trade.

    Money madness is the belief that the money token has an intrinsic value, independent of the marketplace of goods and services. Money (wealth) is not prosperity. A billion billion ounces of gold are worthless if there's nothing in the marketplace to trade it for (Gilligan's Island scenario).

    Nor would "redistribution of wealth" spur production. Frankly, if everyone had "all the money they could ever use," why bother working or selling one's property for more money?

    The scam of money madness requires both scarcity AND instilled demand for it.

    But even "free money" is not the key to prosperity.

    Prosperity is the prodigious production, equitable trade and enjoyment of surplus usable goods and services. Doing more with less so more can enjoy is the recipe for happiness. Doing less with more so few can enjoy is the recipe for misery. Money madness is the throttle on prosperity, as shown by unemployment, closed factories, and unmet demand - all which are blamed on "no one has enough money."

    Yet, we're constantly told that "inflation is too much money chasing too few goods!" Who has all that money bidding up the price for milk and cookies?
    (Shhhhh- don't look behind THAT curtain, little girl. The Great and Powerful OZ will smite youl.)

    P.S. - Congress has no power to "print money." Art 1, Sec 8 states that Congress can "coin money" (stamp bullion) or "borrow money." If Congress could create new money, why would it need the power to borrow it? No Congress can create bullion. Neither can any bank.

    Can you guess what is really being "printed"?
    (See Title 12 USC Sec 411, if you're curious)

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    Default Re: Sheeple Sheared, News at 11.

    I still live in an area where bartering is a useful tool for trade... Many times goods and services are traded for fair values.. But people are stopping this practice for fear their "balance sheets" will not line up at the end of the month, and they may get in trouble for doing such things. What a sad state of affairs the world is in...

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