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Thread: Rene Barjavel

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    Arrow Rene Barjavel

    Climate emergency, resources, pollution… Never have the warnings about the future of our planet been so alarming. However, already in the 1960s and 1970s, researchers, intellectuals and politicians conveyed these same messages. Sort of visionaries. René Barjavel is one of them, he was already worried in the 70s about the consequences of pollution and overpopulation, leading us according to him to the end of our civilization.

    Tell me if you have access to the translation on youtube, thank you

    Rene Barjavel (wikipedia)

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    Default Re: Rene Barjavel

    Most climate crisis stuff is inaccurate. The scientists who claim serious danger are rewarded with funding and the ones who disagree are not. they cannot get their findings covered by the media in the same way because there is big money in the climate crisis.

    carbon is good for the earth and all life. . We are actually carbon depleted today compared to the distant past when plants and animal life was huge.
    Darpa even creates carbon creators for greenhouse production, pumping carbon in, not taking it out.

    im not a fan of this entire movement as it is by and large dishonest, and unwilling to have an even straight up debate without funding as a factor. Greta is a hired mouthpiece. Climate lockdowns are coming for a control agenda , not climate concern
    Bill gates is buying up all farmland, food plants are being lit on fire and destroyed, all with an agenda, none of it with concern for people. Nitrogen is being denied farmers for their land and being forced out of business. This is sickening .

    I had the pleasure of sitting privately with the dean of curriculim at priceton university Dr William Happer over the summer. he confirmed all this for me and more.
    btw, the planet isnt going anywhere, perhaps humans are.
    my opinion of course
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