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Thread: How the Internet was Stolen (Documentary)

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    Default How the Internet was Stolen (Documentary)

    "A 17th century Englishman was living in a house built with monopoly bricks, with windows ( if any ) of monopoly glass, heated by monopoly coal, burning in a grate made of monopoly iron. He slept on monopoly feathers, did his hair with monopoly brushes and monopoly combs. He washed himself with monopoly soap, his clothes in monopoly starch. He dressed in monopoly lace, monopoly linen, monopoly leather, monopoly gold thread and his trousers were held up by monopoly belts, monopoly buttons, monopoly pins. Food was seasoned with monopoly salt, monopoly pepper, monopoly vinegar and mice were caught in monopoly mousetraps."

    Historian Christopher Hill

    How the Internet was Stolen

    Then & Now - Dec 20, 2022

    I look at the history of the internet, from ARPANET & NSFNET, through privatization, to Tim-Berners Lee, Yahoo, Netscape, Google, eBay, and Facebook, examining Microsoft's antitrust court case and their battle against Open Source and Free Software, Bill Gate's Open Letter to Hobbyists and the leaked Halloween Documents. Then we take a look at the emergence of Surveillance Capitalism, and how platforms like AirBnb & Uber coopt the idea of the community and lobby politicians. Finally, we take a look at some alternatives.


    00:00 – Introduction to the History of the Internet
    04:06 – Building the Net
    20:37 – The Browser Wars (Microsoft vs the United States)
    44:35 – The Californian Ideology (eBay, Yahoo, Google and the Libertarian Mind)
    01:07:26 – The Raiding of Privacy (Surveillance Capitalism)
    01:18:05 – Facebook
    01:26:07 – The Theft of the Community (Airbnb & Uber)
    01:40:31 – No Place (Utopian Dreams)
    01:49:38 – Open Source vs Microsoft
    01:59:24 – Conclusion: Politics, Policy, and Alternatives
    ..................................................my first language is TYPO..............................................

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    Default Re: How the Internet was Stolen (Documentary)

    Most of the internet infrastructure is privately owned by corporations or state authorities (which is backed by corps. anyway). When they claim that Zero trust for example will be required in the near future in order to access or do anything on the internet, I say: well, is there rights to claim such a thing, we are the users of the internet, we never contributed for creation of the infrastructure (we did on content/data and they harvested that pretty quickly without our consent.. of course they did), DARPA did and many others.. it was never owned by us, but by them, we were trapped in it since its inception, hence nothing was stolen. It is just my opinion by the way.


    Mesh network without been connected to a central backbone (off the grid networks owned by peer(people)), just peer connected to peers, it can be accomplished by only owning a router and a signal repeater, it can be deployed in small as in large areas, it could possibly connect entire areas taking into consideration enough number of peers participating in the networking. The solution already exist and it is as old as the internet is.

    The question is, are all these people willing to leave their "social enslavement" behind? I guess not, most will just deep themselves more and more into all of it, until there will be a point of no more returning. VR already exist, it is in the dawn of a new world of technologies emerging, I would say in few years we will hardly recognize this new world that is rising.

    There is a great interview with William Gibson (No Maps For These Territories), it was on YT a while ago, but I could not find the full version anymore. I have the video here, I could share if anyone is interested.

    Here it is:

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