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Thread: Healing at Sacred Sites

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    Default Healing at Sacred Sites

    Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

    "Did you know that a low magnetic sacred site can help you let go of your old baggage,
    but can also temporarily mess with your short-term memory?
    Many more tips on how you can use earth energies
    to heal and awaken and ease ascension symptoms.

    Over my lifetime I have learned a lot from Mother Earth and sacred sites. Even as a child, I could find special spots which I now realize were vortexes. I have learned the differences in the energy they emit by feeling them and paying attention. Everything we feel while we are inside of a sacred site or a naturally occurring earth vortex is a clue to how we are being effected by it. Not all sacred sites are the same. Each one is unique in it own way.

    We know that magnetics hold memory in technology, but our human body is also effected by magnetics. Some sacred sites emit low magnetic energy. When we are in a low magnetic sacred site, we can feel spacey and floaty, and we will lose track of time. In fact, time will do all kinds of weird things, like stretch or shrink, etc. It will feel very otherworldly, and yet strangely familiar. Low magnetic sites are a great place to let go of the past and let go of outdated programs, wounds, and traumas, and anything else you might want to release. The letting go can be effortless in these sites. Nothing really sticks to us in a low magnetic site, except all things that are native to us, as we are stripped down to our pure essence.

    Then there are sacred sites that are high frequency or high magnetic sites. It is always interesting to bring an old school compass to sites like these because they will act strange around stones or energy lines that are anchored with higher frequencies or higher magnetic energy. We might feel really buzzy like we drank too much coffee, and our hearts can race. Sometimes we can get a weird pressure headache if we stay in the site too long. It's always good to take these sites in doses. These sites will bring up all our shadows, our unfinished business, but also our ancient memories. It brings these things to the forefront but they are also surrounded by a brilliant clarity in which we can can gather wisdom. These are the sites that, when we return home, we tend to make big changes in our lives.

    Then there are the sacred sites that hold both energies. These sites are rather hard to explain. They feel like a bridge between dimensions. Not only do they feel otherworldly, but we can also gain incredible clarity regarding anything that might be holding us back from our divinity. The trick of any sacred side, of course, is to listen to everything going on inside yourself. We don't do sacred sites, the sites do us! This is important to remember, because they may be in ruins in the physical reality, but the energy is still very present and alive. If we pay attention to all the shifts and changes in our bodies and minds, we learn what the site is offering us. I always say that in sacred sites, everything is a clue. Don't judge the negative thoughts, don't let the ego get inflated with personal insights. . . just be a witness.

    There is no way to predict the energy we might feel in a sacred site. Energies can flip from one day to the next. This complicates things if we are traveling with our logical heads and there is nothing logical about a sacred site. But if we listen with our hearts, follow our intuition, arrive with gratitude and offer our love and respect, these sites will open up to us and offer us just what we need in that moment in time.

    At one point our group had a really powerful otherworldly experience in a Mayan site called Bonampak. We could hear the echo of the music of the spheres. It was so powerful that we shifted our schedule and decided to go back the following day, and the energy was flat. You never know when we are going to hit the magic in a sacred site.

    We also had an eye-opening experience in Callanish on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. The first day we arrived we couldn't feel much so we explored and took photos. We all agreed the next day we would shift our schedule and go back again. On this day we were able to dive really deep and begin to understand the message of these incredible stones. Speaking of Callanish, we still have space in our pilgrimage in July. Browse here to see if it calls to your heart. https://www.alunajoy.com/scotland-tour-2023.html

    All sacred sites all over the world are synced to Mayan calendar days. The Mayans calendars were not created by the Maya. They were brought to earth from the star people and taught to the Maya people. Many Maya are still keeping these traditions in spite of the conquerors' attempts to destroy this wisdom. Â The calendars linked to sacred sites may or may not be understood in all of the Mayan sites or other sites all over the earth. Although in Guatemala highlands, the Maya people know a quite a few sacred sites and what Mayan day sign they are connected to. Speaking about the Maya World, the New Mayan Calendar 2023-2024 is now posted as well as Mayan Time Converters in two calendars. All are in downloadable pdf files. Enjoy https://www.alunajoy.com/calendars.html

    I ran across this post about the Egyptian Ben Ben pyramid stone. It is really interesting because it emits positive electromagnetic energy that people can actually feel. Positive ions tend to strip away our psychic protection and this makes us feel vulnerable. But with less protection we're able to perceive more subtle energies. But interestingly, there are places on the earth that do this as well. There are natural areas on earth where there are environmentally based energies emitted that can help us awaken and heal. They are either positive ion or negative ion areas. Unlike sacred sites, their energies stay rather constant. One teaches and the other heals.

    Donations are appreciated or send your gratitude through the ethers.
    They help cover energetic and monetary expenses for getting these messages to you. Donate Here

    We can use nature to heal ourselves! Negative ion areas protect us and makes us feel safe, warm and fuzzy, but also create a challenge to tune into subtle energies. If we are feeling ungrounded or traumatized, it's better to be in a place with negative ions until we find our balance again. This is why I find Palenque, Mexico, and the surrounding area so incredibly healing. Not only is it remote, the energy is very alive, but also very nurturing. I go home feeling rejuvenated.

    Negative ions and protective environments would be places with high humidity, waterfalls, being in a thunderstorm and being near the ocean as well. These are places that will cushion our sensitivities and give us a place to heal. One enigma I have discovered is the isle of Iona in Scotland. Even though it is surrounded by pristine ocean, it is also extremely high frequency. Probably one of the most unique places I've ever been.

    Sedona, Arizona began to be known as a spiritual center back in the 1970s. It emits powerful positive ions. Many people can't handle it here and come for small doses. If you're feeling confident and grounded, being in a positive ion area facilitates a lot of incoming messages from spirit, remembrances, insights and downloads. It's easier to hear our spirit guides in a positive ion environment. I theorize this is why Jesus went to the desert for 40 days to face his inner demons and clear them out. Deserts have positive ions. I feel this is why it's so easy for people to receive guidance and messages in Egypt. Because it is completely saturated in positive ions. The temples there are simply an open book to me. But I also go home tired. Â Places with positive energy would be dry desert areas, volcanic areas, mountain tops, etc.

    To tie star people wisdom with positive ion energy, we have this enigma called the Ben Ben stone pyramid in Egypt. I guess I'll have to go check it out again this October, because I find myself rushing by it each time I've been to this museum! And now I understand why.

    The Ben Ben pyramid has puzzled scientists and they are unable to solve its mystery. The pyramid is made of black stone, but its components are not found on earth. The black iron stone is only found in space in space meteorites. Another puzzle is it is a very hard iron stone and difficult to carve, but it is also easy to break! So how was it cut with such accuracy? How was the face polished with such precision? Very delicate inscriptions on the sides of the pyramid are impossible for any tool, old or new, to carve these inscriptions except with a laser. But the most interesting thing to me is this iron meteorite has a positive electromagnetic charge transfer that makes everyone who approaches it feel psychologically uncomfortable, as it affects the human body. Positive energy strips away our natural, psychic protection, so we feel vulnerable.

    When we know a little bit about sacred sites and natural environments we can consciously travel to different areas depending on our needs. But to be honest, I think these sites and areas actually call us at different times in our lives for our benefit. All we have to do is pay attention and listen and the magic will happen."

    Aluna Joy Yaxk'in A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England, Scotland and Wales) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: www.AlunaJoy.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/feelthelove2012
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    Default Re: Healing at Sacred Sites

    Sacred Sites Need Rest Too
    Aluna Joy Yaxkin

    "Sacred sites need their rest like we do. When there is an onslaught of unconscious tourism in a sacred site, it drains, or at the very least distorts, the energy. The more “tourists” in the site, the more drained the energy becomes. Even though most sacred sites in the world are built on powerful ley lines, energy grids, or nodes where ley lines cross, the energy can still get depleted and the universe will find creative ways to shut them down for a rest.

    This became very clear to me when I was living on Mount Shasta in the 1980s and 90s. There was one winter where an avalanche was so big that it shut down the road, so we could no longer reach the sacred area called Panther Meadows. But I thought, well, I’m a local, not a tourist, so I can go. So I hiked past the avalanche area and went to sit in the snow-covered Panther Meadows to meditate.

    To be honest I went up there because I needed healing. I had been going through a pretty tough dark night of the soul in the late 80s, and going up on the mountain was one way I could clear my energy of any alien influences. Removing alien energy simply means any influence that has nothing to do with what we truly are. We all collect energy. And at times we need to clean our inner house, and we also need to clean house 🙂 What we do on the outside we also do on the inside and, vice versa.

    So, I had hiked past the avalanche and was up on the mountain and was sitting there, and I strongly felt the need to get off. So I hiked back down and left the mountain and I didn’t try it again until the road was officially opened. The mountain needed a rest. When I returned to the Meadows, it was glorious. It had rebooted to a higher frequency, and everyone who made the trek up there was being upgraded as well by simple resonance.

    And of course, during the 2020/2021 debacle, all the sacred sites of the world got a long rest. Everything shut down. During these rests, these sacred sites reboot their energy, much like we reboot our energy when we sleep at night. Sleep isn’t a luxury, it is an absolute necessity. I was in Palenque, Mexico, during the first day the site was shut down, and you could already feel the shifting. The energy was rebooting profoundly.

    We were lucky that our hotel bordered the park line of Palenque, and you could really feel the inflow of new frequencies, but if I tried to tune into them, there was absolutely nothing I could grasp that I could put into words. But it was calling me so strongly, and there was no way to enter. I’m so glad to be going back this March for equinox.

    So, I’m sharing this with you today, to ask not only myself, but everyone reading this, to be mindful. When we travel to sacred sites we need to be conscious about it. Ask yourself, is it a good time to ask for energy, help and assistance, or is it a time where we should be of service and offer our love and our hearts to the sacred site. Are we there just to pick the fruit, or to fertilize the soil? I find when we travel to sacred sites it is a little of both. A cosmic symbiotic relationship.

    But it’s always important to give first. What we give to a site is directly proportional to what we will receive from the site. When you give your love and appreciation and gratitude, then the sacred site will also fill you up with glorious energy and most of all, unconditional love. We felt this very profoundly in England last July in 2022.

    What we give, is what we receive. . .
    When we give, is when we receive. . .
    How we give, is how we receive. . .

    Since the recent shut down ended and now as the world begins to reopen, I’m painfully aware of the need to approach sacred sites in a much deeper and more humble way than ever before. Humanity has been traumatized, and if we have been traumatized, so has the earth. It’s important we enter these sacred sites to anchor our love, give our support and only then, ask for insights, healing and awakening.

    I find it interesting that there have been a couple of sacred site shut downs in the last couple months since tourism has started to ramp back up. Chichan Itza was shut down by strikers for political reasons, but has now re-opened. The sacred site of Machu Picchu in Perú has been shut down by political unrest as well, and just re-opened. And this is the thing that makes me understand something greater is at play here. There are a million ways to make a political statement, so why do they shut down Chichen Itza, or Machu Picchu? These are the two most heavily trafficked sacred sites in the Americas, no doubt.

    My feeling is that these sites attract an opportunity for downtime, and somehow or another, unconsciously people listen, and let them have the rest. This is why I always say, we don’t do the sites, they do us! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we learned how to let sacred sites have a rest without earth having to create an avalanche, or political unrest, which, undoubtedly only creates more karma.

    So now that we are starting to go back to sacred sites to do our portal work, now that we are able to get on a plane and go just about anywhere, I would like to remind not only myself, but everyone reading this, of the sacred responsibility of traveling to sacred sites. We don’t just go there to take our pictures and check it off our bucket list. We don’t just go there to pick the fruit without also fertilizing the soil. These are living energies in living sites.

    Just like human beings, they need being taken care of. And how we do that is to enter with respect, humbleness and most of all, the absolute giving of our love.
    This whole message was triggered by my dear friend Enrique, who asked me to share this message with you.

    “Dear spiritual family, greetings for all of you in this New Year.

    At the present time we saw how the pandemic first, and the social unrest around the world are affecting our lives, rocking us again, taking us out from our comfort zone, and finding in it something positive, we saw too how many sites around the world were cleaned so to say, when they were empty of visitors, left alone to rest.
    Now we see that it's not over everywhere cause the social situation continues in Peru, and here in Mexico, near where l live, in Chichen Itza, where the Mayan people claim to be included in the greatness of the site, and because of this, Chichen itza is still, quiet, waiting.

    It's very meaningful, since it's already the first katun of this XXl century, and the first 10 years since the 2012. It's getting prepared for our return, we the light workers, we the Mayas of the past returning in our present bodies, we who bring honor and respect to the sites, because Palenque, Yaxchilan and Bonampak are now ready for us, and we are ready for them.

    Bendiciones from the Maya lands dear family”.
    Enrique - Ich Ake Ch'an" "
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    Default Re: Healing at Sacred Sites

    ..these sites were built to align with the stars, notably the sun
    ...the aim being to align the celestial energies with the earth energies using the stones as conduit
    ..these alignments change throughout the grand cycle of axial tilt..different stars will channel during different eras, activating new energies from the stars
    ..the elite knew this through the priesthood/druids/shamans...they were crowned and buried at sites carrying certain influences through their CROWN chakra from above into the earth...they used the sceptre/rod to direct the energies

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    Default Re: Healing at Sacred Sites

    “When we know a little bit about sacred sites and natural environments we can consciously travel to different areas depending on our needs. But to be honest, I think these sites and areas actually call us at different times in our lives for our benefit. All we have to do is pay attention and listen and the magic will happen."

    This is so true. I’ve recently been quite focused on ley lines and my partner and I decided we will have a road trip to any that call us. When researching, we realised, completely unaware and unintentionally that our 3 favourite places where we visited and sat last year are slap bang on (several differing) ley lines. We even photographed the moments as it just felt ‘magical’.

    I think this is the energy we all need to be harnessing to raise the collective frequencies right now.
    💫 🌎 If you can see through the illusion,
    you are part of the solution 🌍 💫

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