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Thread: The importance of facing our emotions - shadow work

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    Default Re: The importance of facing our emotions - shadow work

    Quote Posted by Artemesia (here)
    Quote Posted by onawah (here)
    Ok, now I have it. Thanks. It's OffPlanet Radio, Randy Maugans,with Annalie Cummings, June 11, 2013
    Healing and Integration Q&A – Part 1
    OffPlanet Radio, Randy Maugans,with Annalie Cummings, June 11, 2013
    Healing and Integration Q&A – Part 2

    Quote Posted by Artemesia (here)

    So anyways yes the link works but you have to scroll down through quite a few other HK interviews to get to this particular interview.


    Not sure if anyone can figure out how to do a direct imbed of it… I tried but I am pretty analog so its kind of a miracle when I ‘make the things do the things’ in the digital realm at all.


    Thank you for your interest and persistence! However the whole HK thing played out in the 3D I will all ways be honored for the small role I played in helping this information find its way ‘out there’ into embodiment at this time as informational context, because if anything Steve’s work and these interviews really help to make the energetic concepts of the hologralnic nature of reality much more tangible in the sense of corroborating obtuse concepts with examples from lived experience.

    It was and is an honor to be part of this level of human consciousness advancement occurring at this time…

    Namaste to Steve Richards, Randy Maugans and Robin Ehlert (the HK practitioner who facilitated my sessions 10 + years ago) 🤍✨🌞 All is One in the Light.
    Much Love across the miles and time fields!
    Until we all find our way home… and the shadows are healed into wholeness.
    I could embed it if I had the direct link to the mp3.

    I've checked the site, here: https://www.metaholistico.com/hologr...inetics-media/ but only Part 1 appears available to listen to but doesn't provide a link url to an mp3 even when unlocking the page.

    No obvious sign of Part 2 either...
    “If a man does not keep pace with [fall into line with] his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” - Thoreau

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    Default Re: The importance of facing our emotions - shadow work

    Hmmm ok well here is how I am navigating to it:

    Metaholistico.com, then at the 3 horizontal bar menu tabnon the top right, scroll down to news & resources downward arrow tab. Then scroll to ancestral healing downward arrow tab, then scroll to HK official media. Once on that page scroll down and look for the automatic mp3 player icon that looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	67315B7D-493C-4279-92FC-826F918D2B8E.jpeg
Views:	5
Size:	109.0 KB
ID:	51650Click image for larger version

Name:	B9C52358-5F48-4ACA-A5FE-F11C0800C2E3.jpeg
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Size:	109.2 KB
ID:	51651

    Again, I cannot seem to directly grab the code for the mp3 from this embedded icon.

    Hope that navigational path helps

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    Default Re: The importance of facing our emotions - shadow work

    A Journey of 22 Years (Reflections on 9/11)
    Piercing the Veil of Reality
    Bernhard Guenther
    September 11, 2023

    "Twenty-two years ago – when it became very quickly clear to me that the official 9/11 story doesn’t make sense whatsoever unless you see the official story as a fairy tale when the laws of physics were suspended, and common sense lost its meaning – I tried to “wake up” others to see through this mother of all false flag attacks. It was when I started writing my blog and even gave out printed leaflets with my writings from door to door, at stores, and even at shows with my band – the good old days before social media.

    Back then, I was naive, for I thought a massive event like that would surely wake people to the truth, but I was mistaken. I learned a valuable lesson that was reinforced each anniversary over the past 22 years because the official 9/11 lie is still firmly in place in the consensus mainstream crowd, if you haven’t noticed. And the same applies to everything that happened over the past three years with this so-called “pandemic.”

    Don’t kid yourself that there will be a “collective mass awakening” anytime soon. Yes, for some people, it has initiated a deeper awakening, but many others have sunken more into delusion, and billions of people have taken the jab, which is also detrimental to their soul development (and future incarnations). The jab also gets them primed for the transhumanism take-over of body, soul, and mind, hence the “splitting of humanity,” as many esoteric traditions have foreseen.

    You can not and will never ever wake up people en mass via information alone, nor can you force information on people they are not ready for and didn’t ask for in the first place. It’s a violation of free will to give without being asked.

    Sure, you can sow some seeds of awareness, and some may blossom, but nothing will ever fundamentally change by information alone, nor will you or I ever understand what “the matrix” is on an intellectual, informational mind level alone.

    I’m referring to true awakening, i.e., self-realization and union with the Divine, not some intellectual awareness of the “matrix” and the lies and corruption in the world, which many people mistake for an “awakening” and keeps people only entrapped in the cave, distracted by the shadows on the wall as depicted in Plato’s allegory of the cave. In my current state of Being, I would never claim to be awake in the true meaning of the word.

    Hence, it’s also necessary to engage in the necessary inner psychological work, especially shadow and trauma work, so we don’t fall into the trap of spiritual bypassing and over-estimate our level of Being and “awakened state” or mistake all kinds of aspects of our conditioned and ego personality for the soul.

    Over the past two decades, I’ve seen many “truth seekers” retake the blue pill (like Cypher in the film) as they age because this path is not for everyone. Dealing with the isolation and attacks of the sleeping masses is far from easy, and the matrix temptations are too alluring – better to go back to sleep and be happy in the dream state.

    But I’ve seen people also getting lost In the conspiracy wormhole, becoming extremely paranoid and psychologically unstable, seeing traps and controlled opposition everywhere. There is lots of nonsense out there in the fringe conspiracy world with deliberate entrapments. They have become trapped in their minds, caught in the “2nd matrix” within the labyrinth of their confused minds, as Neil Kramer coined it.

    I’ve seen people take the New Age pill as a trauma coping mechanism, identifying as “star seeds” or “light workers” or as any kind of alien race just not “human,” which the wounded ego always likes to feed off in order to feel “special.”

    They still wait for the Galactic Federation of Light and aliens to save them and arrest the bad guys, or they still wait for NESARA/GESARA to give them free money and abundance. [That idea, by the way, originated from highly corrupted “channeled material” in the early 90s].

    And now we have a new trend of New Agers becoming “reborn” Christians and the rise of a very medieval dogmatic fundamentalist Christian movement that couldn’t be further from the real Christian esoteric teachings [before the church hijacked and distorted it and before even the bible was written [and edited over and over again.] It’s also a trauma response – the need to identify with a religion, teaching, or anything in order to avoid the pain within. It’s unconscious.

    There is also a new wave of young New Agers spouting “high vibration cosmic updates” nonsense on TikTok and IG; some of them weren’t even born when 9/11 happened or were just babies. I’ve heard and seen every little thing they talk about before in the 90s. It’s like a strange time-loop déjà vu. In time, they will learn their lessons too.

    I also had a little New Age detour in my 20s, so I see it with compassion, but God snapped me out of it quickly via tough grace. But I certainly didn’t take the religious “only Jesus saves” matrix savior trap based on corrupted religious teachings [some people never question the Bible either but take the written stories and phrases literally [as opposed to understanding the underlying esoteric metaphors] and as the “word of God” that can’t be questioned.] Organized religion has always been a mechanism for social control.

    Most people still externalize, seeing only evil externally in the world or waiting for someone to save the day, be it Jesus, Trump, Musk, Aliens, or whoever fits their projections and identifications. And that’s ironically how the matrix keeps itself in place, and that’s why not much has changed since that fateful day 22 years ago. I mean change in levels of being and consciousness.

    Only now, people’s attention span is even shorter due to social media, and the average IQ has officially dropped over the years, too. It’s always easier to control people who are dumbed down with distractions and information overload that enhance their ADHD.

    Not many people turn their vision within, confronting their own darkness, and in the process, connecting to their inner light and then acting, doing, and creating from that space in alignment with essence and the Divine. I’m not saying it’s easy, far from it. I’m not always connected and have my days.

    In fact, it’s brutal at times. Sometimes, there is dark despair and strong resistance when I’m being pulled into the depths of my being to bring down the light.

    Now I really understand why Sri Aurobindo said, “None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell” – the law of ascent and descent – a divine law mirrored in many other esoteric traditions. He’s referring to the internal process of transformation – the shamanic descent into the underworld to be reborn in the true Self as a conscious transducer for Divine Will.

    The internal battle is far more challenging than any external battle I’ve ever fought, and it’s very humbling. Even all the trolls, haters, and personal attacks over the past 20 years don’t come close to the internal struggle.

    But this is the way to transform the world, for nothing out there will ever change if your level of being [soul embodiment] doesn’t change. This work is a battle, for there are ancient occult forces in unseen realms that won’t give up their grip and control so easily. They tag right into every single human being, for the war is THROUGH us, always has been, and the matrix is a mind program.

    Free will is, for most people, an illusion, for there can’t be free will if you don’t know yourself [beyond your ego personality] and are not aware of your unconscious programmed and mechanical ways of behavior.

    As long as you are only externally focused, the matrix forces have you where they want you to be, acting as their conduit, distracted by the shadows on the wall, feeding the polarization of shadow projections between “two sides” as they feed off the generated loosh or people’s complacency of avoiding truth and the darkness within and without.

    Yet, the opportunity for a true awakening is always there, and especially now during this Time of Transition, Right here. Right now. We always have a choice, but no one can do it for you, nor can you do it for another.

    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: The importance of facing our emotions - shadow work

    Quote Posted by onawah (here)
    A Journey of 22 Years (Reflections on 9/11)
    Piercing the Veil of Reality
    Bernhard Guenther
    September 11, 2023
    Thank you for posting this onawah.  Lots and lots of gems in this complex topic i.e. a person must be truly self-aware in order for them to understand and accept the reality of what happened during 911, and then again with the plandemic (i.e. self-aware means they must have done shadow work).

    The article also did a good job reinforcing these tenets about shadow work:
    • Shadow work is both humbling and empowering at the same time.  
    • Shadow work is very difficult and painful.
    • Shadow work is a mandatory prerequisite to truly understand yourself and your place in the world.  
    • Shadow work is an internal process that requires the individual to take ownership of their life.  Said differently, victim-hood, blaming others, or expecting someone to save you are the antithesis of shadow work.
    • Shadow work can only be done by the individual, alone.
    Happiness comes from within, nowhere else.

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    Default Re: The importance of facing our emotions - shadow work

    How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks
    (Podcast at the link)

    "Bernhard and Laura talk about the reality of psychic attacks, how to identify them, how they can manifest, where they can originate from, such as occult entities, earthbound spirits, from other people, but also how they can come back around from our own minds according to the occult law of the “rebound effect.”

    They talk about their personal experiences and how to protect yourself from psychic attacks, anything from practical “first aid” protection measures to more advanced techniques. They also discuss why some people are more subjected to occult psychic attacks than others and much more."

    Show Notes Part 1:
    What is a psychic attack?
    The different sources of psychic attacks
    How to identify a psychic attack
    Is it coming from the outside, or is your own stuff triggered?
    The importance of self-awareness, knowing your psyche and different parts of your personality
    The importance of a consistent meditation practice and psychological knowledge
    Laura’s experience of mistaking her own stuff (anxiety, fear) for a psychic attack
    Paranoia and Narcissistic Wounding
    Diet and occult attacks
    Laura talking about a psychic attack she was subjected to recently
    Bernhard’s story of identifying a psychic attack
    The correlation between a psychic attack and a weakness within you
    What NOT to do when getting psychically attacked
    The best source of psychic protection
    The trap of blame (very low-frequency disempowering state)
    The most important point to understand regarding psychic attacks

    (Part 2 is behind a paywall)

    In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:
    How your own thought forms can become “entities” and come back around to attack you (rebound effect) psychically
    How to consciously process negative emotions/thoughts (especially anger) without projecting them or creating malevolent thought forms
    The trap of taking the New Age pill and suppressing negative thoughts/emotions or forcefully trying to think positive
    The positive aspects of anger for protection and boundaries
    How human beings create elementals that stay with them (in their aura) via their thoughts, feelings, and impulses
    The occult trap all black magicians get themselves into without their awareness
    Laura’s experience of countering a psychic attack from another person and how to deal with difficult emotions
    Four first aid tools in the middle of a psychic attack
    Six long-term and preventive protection mechanisms
    The most advanced technique for neutralizing psychic and black magic attacks
    Specific reasons why some people are more subjected to occult psychic attacks than others"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: The importance of facing our emotions - shadow work

    Eyes Wide Open/The Path Of Seeking Truth
    Piercing the Veil of Reality/

    From: bernhard@veilofreality.com via s2.csa1.acemsc4.com

    The Path Of Seeking Truth,
    The Attacks We Receive,
    The Lessons To Learn

    [Art: Android Jones]

    "The greater the sincerity with which we seek out the truth – and the stronger the voice we use to speak out about our discoveries – the more heightened in intensity the ‘push-back’ reactivity will be, and the attacks we receive shall arrive in ways that catch us completely unaware.

    Relationships are (by their nature) amongst the most difficult experiences for human beings to navigate (not just the romantic kind), but for those who are dedicated to truth-seeking and inner work, they can become even more emotionally and psychologically challenging.

    Does that mean that pursuing this path is a lost cause – that being part of a larger consciousness-raising movement within the global community is, paradoxically, a lonely and isolating lifestyle? Not at all.

    We have to understand (on a primal level) that we are far more powerful than we think we are; there’s a spiritual war underway, and the weapons we possess (in defense and protection of ourselves) are embodied knowledge, awareness, and our aspiration to the Divine - our true Nature - which is calling us forth to embrace this adventure of consciousness as spiritual warriors.

    In fact, the greatest deception can be found in occult entities, their human puppets, and the matrix forces fooling us into believing that we are fundamentally powerless and thus incapable of transcending their machinations.

    Let us look at this predicament from a different vantage point:

    The fact that you are being attacked (and attracting that kind of attention in the first place) shows that you are latching onto something – a larger truth – that is a threat to the Matrix Control System’s game plan, whether it be through the information you share, the ‘voice’ you possess, or perhaps it’s due to simply being who you are (as you shed layers of programming and trauma) and what you are here to do (but may haven’t realized what that is just yet).

    Being targeted can show you that you are actually on the right track. It doesn't mean that you "attracted" these interferences to you because of the over-simplified New Age distortions of the "law of attraction" and your "negative" thoughts, just like Neo didn't attract Agent Smith's attacks because of his "****ty attitude."

    But being "targeted" is also NOT an excuse for getting in victim/blame mode [self-pity] or martyr/savior mode [self-importance.] Many truth seekers fall into that trap and create more paranoia of being a "targeted individual" as the matrix forces feed into people's trauma and target all the blindspots and weaknesses within.

    As Montalk noted: "Attacks serve to identify our own weaknesses, thus providing focus for where to take the next step on one’s path of spiritual awakening."

    After all, all there is are lessons and EVERYTHING has a teaching function for your individual soul evolution and for the collective during this Time of Transition in this ultimate adventure of consciousness.

    So, activate your spiritual warrior essence, take self-responsibility, and stay grounded in your true Self in service of the Divine.

    The reality is that struggle and suffering are inevitable traits to be endured on the awakening path, for they reveal all that is "false" within you and in the world.

    The New Age has corrupted this truth by sowing the bypassing seeds of illusion, such as the extremely distorted ideas involving the "You Create Your Own Reality" solipsistic fallacy, so as to have you blaming yourself for your misfortunes.

    But it is not black and white, and there ARE moments in life where we do find ourselves in unfortunate situations and challenges that arise through our own blind spots, unconscious core beliefs, self-sabotage patterns, and unconscious behavior patterns due to past trauma, childhood wounding, or refusal to make our shadow conscious which then will act out in the external world as "fate" or we project it on others [as Carl Jung noted.]

    It takes a high level of self-awareness, self-knowledge, psychological/spiritual insights, and consistent inner work to know what is "yours" and what is not. This process and the insights gained should be utilized as lessons and reality feedback for your inner work, but there is way more to the ‘larger picture’ story.

    At the same time, we do need to be careful in unnecessarily attracting the attention and targeted attacks of "the General Law," which is the esoteric term for the "Matrix Control System" [Mouravieff/Gnosis]. Many truth seekers also fall into this trap of the "revolutionary mindset," as Gurdjieff called it, as the matrix forces trigger people's unconscious stuff to make them react mechanically. "Outrage porn" is a good example of that.

    "[..]But it is entirely in his interest not to show the new attitude which he has taken towards exterior life. The ‘World’ will be hostile to him [the seeker], because its own purposes are different; it is not in his interest to provoke this tendency, and even less to keep it alive. The day will come — if he remains in the same milieu — where, apart from rare exceptions he will be openly or secretly hated....

    This negative attitude is the result of the action of the General Law [Matrix], which, as we know, tends to keep man in his place. Not being able to do this directly by the action of Illusion, the General Law, when it loses its dominion over the man who ‘moves’, acts indirectly by the mediation of those around him [Agent Smith syndrome]....

    The more he progresses with his work, the more he becomes an object of hate. That is why it is said that: ‘no prophet is acceptable in his own country’ and also: ‘A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, among his own kin and in his own house.‘[...]"

    - Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis

    Blind revolutionary impulses (i.e., truth-seeking without grounding in sincere self-work and carefully-vetted inner knowledge) will transform a person into that which they had sought to fight against: the trap of the reactionary revolutionary mind, which is only focused on the outside world of our third-dimensional reality, locked in a vain struggle against the shadows projected onto the cave wall as we miss the deeper lessons during this Time of Transition.

    Hence, the inner and outer work always need to go together, for they are essentially one and the same.

    Bernhard Guenther"

    No podcast with this one, but there are many podcasts from this team here: https://veilofreality.com/the-cosmic-matrix-podcast/
    Each breath a gift...

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