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Thread: How to get social security in a different currency?

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    Default How to get social security in a different currency?

    What is the best way to arrange social security pmts. to be paid to you in a different currency?

    Will banks convert USA dollars to say, CRYPTO currency or silver or gold?

    Is it too soon to get that info. from your local bank?

    My bank has not offered any advice so far, and don't seem to have any answers.
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    Default Re: How to get social security in a different currency?

    I have a friend that uses paypal. His deposit gets made every month to the bank account associated with his name and account number and when it arrives he can draw that out in various amounts and send money to his other accounts in various countries or to his wife or son at his local bank there near him in any currency he needs it converted to. I don't have pay pal anymore but when I did use it to sell my handmade folding knives internationally it converted currency for me free of charge daily for years.
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