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Thread: Hi-Ren, by Ren.

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    Default Hi-Ren, by Ren.

    This is a live performance from a great musical artist, Ren, who I keep seeing on youtube and ended up subscribing to.

    This is a very powerful piece anyway and it works surprisingly well live, but what made it extra special for me was a little monologue he gives at the end (https://youtu.be/chr0eMNEatw?t=434). I have transcribed it here.

    "When I was 17 years old, I shouted out into an empty room onto a blank canvas, that I would defeat the forces of evil. And for the next 10 years of my life I suffered the consequences. The illness, psychosis, and auto-immunity. And as I got older I realized that there were no real winners and there were no real losers in psychological warfare, but there were victims and there were students. So it wasn’t David versus Goliath, it was a pendulum eternally swaying from the dark to the light, and the more intensely that the light shone the darker the shadow it cast. So it was never really a battle for me to win, it was an eternal dance. And like a dance, the more rigid I became the harder it got. The more that I cursed my clumsy footsteps, the more I struggled, and so I got older and I learned to relax and I learned to soften and that dance got easier. It is this eternal dance, that separates human beings, from angels, from demons, and from God. And we must not forget, and I must not forget that I am a human being. Thank you."

    It is fairly long, but it is quite moving - worth watching all the way through.

    -- Let the truth be known by all, let the truth be known by all, let the truth be known by all --

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    Default Re: Hi-Ren, by Ren.

    Anchor. This was great. What an unusual performer. I listened entire. Its something more to be witnessed rather than enjoyed

    perfect for the very climate we all live

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