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    Lightbulb The POST-TECHNOCRATIC era


    Technocracy as per definition:

    a government or social system that is controlled or influenced by experts in science or technology; the fact of a government or social system being influenced by such experts.

    "The History of technocracy" explanation by Derrick Broze:

    VIDEO (34minutes): https://derrickbroze.substack.com/p/...chapter-13-the

    Recently Iíve seen some people comfortably sliding in the fear & despair that positive societal change is not possible. This, I think, is because the real changes we can experience in one lifetime are not always very encouraging Ö

    History of changes in our societal structures

    Luckily we can look back in history to see that societal structures have already gone through loads of change. From living in tribes (where the chief held the power over the group) to the ďcivilĒization we live in now.


    So to state that it is ludicrous that our societal structures can change (because thereís not enough money going round) is a very narrow-minded, blinkered way of thinking, in my opinion.

    I think if we look back at history it is even more logical that (with current technological innovation etc.) there are even more & bigger changes to come.

    There are loads of factors contributing to the changes to come and being aware of those factors (challenges & opportunities) could help us make better choices in the direction we can take.

    The current types of systems that weíre dealing with are:

    Capitalistic systems (***mostly not pure capitalism, but mixed economic systems)

    Socialistic systems (***mostly not pure socialism, but mixed economic systems)

    Technocratic systems (emerging, like in China)

    Tribal systems (disappearing)

    ***Most countries have a mixed economy

    An economic system that allows for the simultaneous operation of publicly and privately owned enterprises.

    ***What Is a Mixed Economic System?

    A mixed economic system is a system that combines aspects of both capitalism and socialism. A mixed economic system protects private property and allows a level of economic freedom in the use of capital, but also allows for governments to interfere in economic activities in order to achieve social aims.

    Yet, even though the social and egalitarian aspects of those mixed economies have brought more prosperity and freedom, theyíve also brought about some new problems and challenges.

    For example: nowadays itís not possible anymore for many young couples (from people that have been born in the country: being white, or mixed race, or colored skin) to buy a house or pay their bills, even if they are working. For this reason young couples donít feel safe and supported enough to start families and birth rates amongst young couples in the West have declined so that they get no children or max 2 (mostly white people - White demographic decline - also due to cultural differences).
    Young couples can see no more future for them the way things are going and they donít get the help of the official services to make it better for them.

    On the other hand the people getting the most children around here are mostly those people who are new to the country. Due to being new to the country they get access to the social services (housing etc) much more easily.

    I strongly believe each human should get access to safe and healthy living conditions, but I do think the current system, in trying to be as egalitarian as possible, is blocking out a lot of people who need help.

    Thus I think current trends will result in more imbalance, tensions and unrest (riots etc.).

    People living in poor countries deserve better lives and living conditions and it is logical that they are looking for those conditions. There needs to be more balance one way or another.
    But the social system of each country is not an endless treasure chest of money and resources.

    Therefor I think weíd better look for an equitable system that is stable (and can not be sucked dry), but will provide people with the fundamentals for being able to live a free life and being the best version of themselves.

    Since places where the social system is better attract a lot of people, I think, it would be best to have an equitable system everywhere. (Or countries should need to stop accepting new people in their social systems, but that would not solve everything Ö)

    Anyway a more capitalistic system will not solve any issue either. It would only increases poverty and hunger for the many.

    Current social systems donít really solve the issues at their core and are not fitted for current challenges. And due to being connected to the monetary systems etc. are still quite unjust & hypocritical.

    Technocratic systems: Marked by extreme surveillance, and interference oneís life and freedom pose a threat to humanity with their grandiose dreams (of merging AI with humans etc.)


    Therefor I think we need a new system for everyone that solves the issues at their core, is accessible everywhere, and is stable enough to stand the test of time and change. A new system that is not about putting people up against each other but about giving each individual the opportunity to shine and contribute to a better world.

    A system that honors our differences in talent, expression etc, and that gives people back their innate rights to natural resources like land, water, clean air, possibility of growing own produce and keeping live stock, etc. for everyone, but also promoting personal development and education.

    World Wide Access to Education: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/sho...=1#post1566116

    New justice system (accessible everywhere for everyone): https://projectavalon.net/forum4/sho...=1#post1492918

    New type of ownership: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/sho...=1#post1447582

    A sort of post-technocratic system that creates more balance in the world and is accessible for everyone everywhere; where the technological implementations will only be in the best interest of humanity, the earth and our future.

    By using technology to help people reach their full potential (without merging AI with humans & without destructive wireless connections) we can thus take the deadly sting and dangers out of the technocratic road.


    Self-responsibility is a good thing and itís important that everyone takes on the responsibilities they can take on; not more and not less ...

    But self-development and personal growth are also important and I don't think itís a good plan to overburden people with loans & other responsibilities. It just creates a more predatory sociopathic and in essence stupid and weak society.

    All is one
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