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Thread: Tips How To Deal With People Having Occasional Anxiety Attacks

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    Default Tips How To Deal With People Having Occasional Anxiety Attacks

    • How Do You Deal With People Having (Occasional) Anxiety Attacks?

    • How Do You Deal With People Having (Occasional) Anxiety Attacks?
    Do you know you can use special "voice changer" software to make your voice go lower or higher in pitch? ... Even during live-streaming! .... Yes I have done it myself long time ago with "Creative Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 II" Sound card which at the time in 2005 costs me around 450 dollars! ... I used it to produce my Radio shows! ... Years later, more versions can do the same using USB2 sticks with special software you can buy nowadays for around 35 bucks.

    The difference between the real sound card (hardware) versus the cheap sound USB2 ones is >>>> that you can hear if you listen very closely, a small crackling distortion sounds similar when you use Skype and have not enough bandwidth back in the days.

    Now, am not sure if I am 100% correct, but it sounds like Col. Douglas Macgregor has lowered his voice a bit using altering software ... I could be wrong, but IF he did ... I wonder why ... Now there is a "psychological theory" that the higher your voice sounds during normal talking, the more chance you're overthinking too much (often mixed with anxiety) your energy is "in the head". When you have a (slight) lower than normal voice, it is often a sign you are more relaxed, more grounded. And with "normal" I do not mean normal for everybody but your own average "normal".

    If people worry too much (sadly enough: often unnecessary) their voices are on average higher pitched! ... This can be felt as "uncomfortable" to listen too ... As it is not a "natural state of being" ... Especially empaths may have issues with that because you feel their anxiety too, at a unconsciously level they want you to feel their worries to be CONFIRMED ... if you do not "go along" with that kind of vibes they may feel: "not understood" or: "not seen" or: "feeling ignored" which only accelerates their anxiety attacks :/ ...
    • That is why I ALWAYS speak out about it with a big question mark staying calm and centered ... asking the right questions without assuming am "all knowing" am not ... but to call it out >>> can be done in many ways >>> some are bad some are very helpful & constructive!
    All depends on how you get at it ... If you genuinely want to learn new things/insights with an open mind, not "jumping to conclusions" your energy is much different than if your mind is already made up and ask the same questions not to hear the answer but rather to judge with a judgmental condemning energy often combined with being highly irritated.

    That too can happen if you use the same questions I use, but it is from a different angle.

    So in short: YES people can have anxiety attacks, and you can make it worse depending on what your attitude is ... If you stay calm, grounded (centered) and have a sincere approach you HELP people better to describe what you think is happening with an open-minded question mark without being judgmental.
    • Always have an "antenna" open that things could be different than you "think" it is ... even if you deal with people who are (obviously) using "self-deception" rhetoric mixed with having way too many false assumptions.
    It is often not "the answer" you claim to have that really helps the person in need ... it is more about knowing what (better) questions you can share they have to work on themselves that did it! ... Most people want to "figure it out" themselves, not being told "what to think" or "what to perceive" <<< because that (in many cases) was the root cause of having so many problems to begin with >>> being way too sensitive "what others might think" thus "suggestions made by others" can be highly "toxic" and making things worse!

    So HOW do people learn/practice true (helpful) discernment skills? ... Is better understanding how certain psychological mechanisms work! ... Having deeper insights can create new attitudes that are much more constructive and helpful in the long run. Like not having an eternal victim mentality breeding mostly more victim reality.

    Back to: using a "lowered voice" ... which can be perceived as "more grounded" and some may even say: "more authoritative, in a good way" ... Less anxious, less annoying, especially when dealing with highly controversial topics
    • Is Col. Douglas Macgregor aware of all the above? ... or it is just a glitch and I see "ghosts" where there are none
    For the record: My mother studied psychology at the University in Maastricht when I was young of age ... She taught me how to question everything, even "authoritative psychology" ... She was also very active in organizing all kinds of protest marches and being in big newspapers / national radio shows. Doing very similar things, even producing my own Radio & TV shows in Amsterdam, years later, seems completely "normal" to me!

    Having a NDE ("Near Death Experience") when I was 5 years old also contributed to be different from any "average" person on the street ... to make it all even more weird am officially diagnosed having "Asperger Syndrome" ... Many things I do in life (especially complex psychological issues) I see as "normal" and "natural" like: breathing ... it literary goes effortless, then I realized that so many do not do that the way I handle controversial issues on any level ... That was the reason I decided to write more the last couple of years of my life.

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