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Thread: Jim Stone: Alive and Well

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    Default Jim Stone: Alive and Well


    ... Jim seemingly disappeared on June 16, 2023 with no clues about his whereabouts. He now is back along with his unique perspectives on things and events:
    This page was updated on August 25 2023. for the latest page click here.
    I have been offline since the incident with the cartel.

    I figured I would give up after that, but there are very compelling things lately that have to be posted about.

    I am with a new cell provider so I don't know how this is going to work out but at least I opened this page for editing. we'll see how far I get.

    I managed to get the cartel bug and claudia's bugs off my equipment, but I have confirmed via an app from amnesty international that everything is still infected with Pegasus and I can't remove it, maybe an update to their app might work . . . . . at least Pegasus is not a resource hog. My internet suddenly started lasting 5x longer, Claudia was eating a vast majority of my data.

    It is hard to decide what topic is most important now, Lahina or a recently released report by TASS which expressed extreme irritation in the Russian governmennt towards America for running biolabs and releasing diseases on purpose.

    First Lahina.


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