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Thread: WORLD CHANGING EVENT? Clif High and Dick Allgire discuss looming cataclysm

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    Default Re: WORLD CHANGING EVENT? Clif High and Dick Allgire discuss looming cataclysm

    I hope the communities mentioned are situated in safe zones.
    It seems very likely that there will be huge cataclysms by the end of 2040, (update: I meant to say the 2040s) caused by a regular, 12,000 year solar cycle of micronovas, and many currently inhabited areas will be under water.
    See the playlists and documentaries on the SuspiciousObservers website, where much credible scientific data from many fields of research ranging from astrophysics to archeology have been recorded and collated for quite some time now.
    (The info also tallies with predictions from Edgar Cayce (though he never provided clear dates) and his descriptions of the events from times past. Both have provided maps of what the planet will look like post-cataclysms.)
    This is a good starting point:

    Also see: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/sho...dgar+cayce+map
    It might be best to start at the end of that thread where this from Douglas Vogt is posted:

    (Vogt goes into much more detail about how and when scientists discovered the 12,000 year solar cycles, how the government has been trying to hide it, what to expect, and more. Article on his website:
    https://dieholdfoundation.com/the-polar-reversal.html )
    Also see: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/sho...=1#post1582314
    ..as the conversation also pertains to Trump and what he knew.
    Quote Posted by FractalEnergy (here)
    Quote Posted by Lilyofthestars (here)
    Quote Posted by FractalEnergy (here)
    I wanted to share an email correspondence I had with Penny Kelly back in April 2018:
    Nice email exchange here.. There seems to be one answer to surviving what will take place before 2030 - starting a micro-homestead for one's family and getting to know others who are doing the same. We are currently working on this and began preparations a few years ago by purchasing 5 acres. It takes careful planning. Reintegrating sustainable skills alongside the earth that humans have been doing for thousands of years is absolutely necessary. Bringing back old knowledge and realizing that the old ways were actually more fulfilling than everything we have in our modern world today. I understand not every one can afford this transition - but I do think it's manageable even on minimal resources. No matter where you are, learn to grow and save food. Learn to compost. Learn to tend to animals that can provide milk or meat (in my case our animals will have a forever home no matter how hungry we get.. we're only going to keep them for the milk and friendship). Learn to live alongside the earth and allow your heart to realize "this is enough". It takes years of deprogramming from the "prescribed path", if you were raised and educated in the city like I was.. Years ago I realized everything I had been taught was wrong. What happiness looks like, what "successful" fellow women should look/behave like, and so on.. Once you get through the lies you can begin looking to your heart for the memories of what we have sadly left behind. It takes time, but eventually it'll lead one's heart/soul/spirit back to the truth of true connection with our Mother...

    Time is definitely running out and there is no time like the present to begin reconsidering what one really needs to be happy in this world. The sooner people can transmute old ideas about human value through the current illusory structures, the sooner they will be prepared in spirit for when it all falls away. I've peered in on the "New earth" communities by total accident on multiple occasions and it's unlike anything I ever thought was possible. Technology as we know it was not wanted or needed any longer. These communities were unlike any current community I have ever seen.. I personally feel that after 2030-2035 the population is going to be drastically reduced and the world's governments missing in action. Survivors will need to learn how to trust one another without hidden agendas and manipulations, how to live alongside one another without arrogance and the superficial personalities of the old world... Some very special communities are going to be born of the ashes and they will have the protection they need to make it.
    Beautifully said. I also believe that special communities will be born out of this. This was also mentioned in the book Mass Dreams of the Future, which talks about Dr. Helen Wambach's work in the 1980s where she hypnotized over 2,000 participants and progressed them into the future. They all saw that the population had decreased over 90% in the 21st century, and that people who were living in self-sustainable "new age" communities, had the highest levels of happiness and longest lifespans.

    Your homestead sounds lovely; and we are also of the mindset that our animals will only provide dairy and eggs. Our focus of late has been primarily on perfecting root vegetables and a cold tolerant pigeon pea variety for protein. When we moved to the property, we formed a homestead group with our neighbors, and we meet monthly to discuss various topics on self-sustainability. This month, my husband is teaching our neighbors the art of making mini greenhouses out of pvc pipe and pallet wrap. Every day, we are problem solving, learning, growing, and creating real value in the world; so unlike our old lives in the cubicle doing a mindless job that really contributed nothing. As you said, we have to let go of the old ideas and create a new reality.
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    Default Re: WORLD CHANGING EVENT? Clif High and Dick Allgire discuss looming cataclysm

    I wanted to note that some very strange experiences have occurred over the weekend for me. Firstly, I've been choosing to deliberately not follow very much news relating to Israel/Gaza because I can only take so much of it at a time.. Before expressing what I experienced, I want to say that I have deeply considered whether or not what I experienced was anxiety from the news, subconscious projection, regular dream time, etc. The answer is really no to all after looking very closely at my experiences...

    I saw some people sharing on the Discord Acalon-chat feelings of foreboding and psychic "pains" of dark things to come. I too had experienced much of this over the weekend and initially did share my experience, but later deleted it concerned it wouldn't be taken very seriously. Since so many people have now said they experienced something similar this weekend, I'll go ahead and add it here instead of the avalon-chat.

    Because I ended up having a very intense vision this morning I decided it would be a disservice to not throw my hat into the ring regarding weekend psychic occurrences.

    Sunday morning I woke up cheery, happy, delightful as usual - I do a lot of hiking and outdoor expeditions and was set to hike yesterday.. Staying grounded in nature is my saving grace in life. I also am very healthy regarding diet, habits, etc... As I was making coffee and reached over to hug my significant other for the morning, I was hit with a tsunami of vibration/frequency - I almost fainted right there in the kitchen.. I laid down on the couch and it took a few hours to even recover... I understood right away this was psychic and not health as I'm no stranger to knowing things before they happen. My partner kept asking me if it was health related, but I knew it wasn't. Only at certain times in my life have I felt this specific bodily sensation with very unique subtitles - and that was when someone died close to me and I was able to confirm it a day or two later by getting "the call". This time, the same sensations swept over my body - I knew it was a planetary feeling and I could feel the world in the pit of my stomach rather than a specific person... All day I couldn't shake the feeling that something big was going to happen soon.. I got over it.. I thought it was over..

    At approximately 5am this morning I abruptly awoke from a vision where I was suspended above the earth - no body. My consciousness as large as the sky itself. I haven't had one of these since the "explosion" OBE I shared a few weeks ago. Instead of seeing something from the vantage point of someone else's body - I saw it from above the earth. There are many vibrational signatures which alert to me later that something was a genuine visionary OBE and not regular subconscious nonsense... It's also taken my entire lifetime to know/discern the difference. This was most certainly a real OBE into the future I feel.

    While suspended above the earth, I looked down at the beauty of the earth (not the first time I've been up there looking down)... I suddenly saw giant fires sweeping across the middle east. I could move my consciousness at will, a bit like having satellites for eyes - I zoomed in closer to see the fires up close. Explosions were spreading across the middle east and dark black smoke began to rise.. The "fires" spread all over the middle east, entire cities/towns going up into flames.. It was like the whole middle east was on fire. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with the precise name of towns and cities outside of Jerusalem in Israel. It appeared Gaza, Palestine, and many other areas were getting plummeted by enormous explosions/fires. I can only say the fires were popping up everywhere... I began to look to southern/eastern Europe to see what was going on and noticed explosions/fires were spreading there too. I recognized Italy/Greece experiencing explosions. Suddenly hurricane force winds picked up and the entire earth was experiencing the force of these winds at once... I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wondered how the entire earth could be experiencing winds of this force world wide simultaneously rather than it just being a regional thing. I suddenly thought "But what about America"? The black smoke had reached all over the planet, including here.. I saw trees falling everywhere from the winds... I watched people scramble and hide inside their houses.. The world went black. I awoke abruptly - sweating, terrified, panicked for the earth. All day today I've had stomach issues and I NEVER have stomach issues... It feels like my gut is talking to me loud and clear... After all, the gut is like a "second brain" they say.

    I'm not saying this is going to happen this year. I'm also not super knowledgeable on the bible, but it did remind me of "the three days of darkness" I've heard mentioned here and there over the years by others.. Various mystics throughout history have talked about these three days. I guess if something like this were to happen war would be a likely cause of it.

    I am still in shock that this many explosions all over the middle east and Europe could envelope the world in black thick bellowing smoke, but that is precisely what I saw. The hurricane force winds were a shocker, too. All day I've been meditating on it and I am sure this was not a regular dream stemming from anxiety or the news. I hope that this isn't to come for a while..

    ETA: Forgot to add these. Here's a few screen shots where I drew onto my cell (via stylus) exactly what I saw. I drew these within 10 minutes of jolting awake.

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    I am haunted by waters.”

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