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Thread: 23 Enigma

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    Default Re: 23 Enigma

    I learned of the 23 Enigma (or at least a version of that) reading Robert Anton Wilson's books - starting with Cosmic Trigger and others.

    Once I became aware of this, the number seemed to start following me around as well.

    I once paid for an entire romantic weekend in Las Vegas (left my Zion National Park summer job for the weekend with a new lady-friend also working there), putting my last, largest bet on one roll of the roulette wheel which hit number 23.

    Note: This author has appeared in a quote in my sig file all these years at Avalon.

    Quote The great modern classic of a brilliant rebel's personal exploration into the nature of consciousness
    Featuring a New Introduction by John Higgs
    "Cosmic Trigger deals with a process of deliberately induced brain change. This process is called "initiation" or "vision quest" in many traditional societies and can loosely be considered some dangerous variety of self-psychotherapy in modern terminology. I do not recommend it for everybody . . . briefly, the main thing I learned in my experiments is that "reality" is always plural and mutable." - Robert Anton Wilson from the Preface

    "Wilson managed to reverse every mental polarity in me, as of I had been pulled through infinity. I was astonished and delighted." - Philip K. Dick, author of VALIS, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Blade Runner) and other great books

    "A dazzling barker hawking tickets to the most thrilling tilt-a-whirls and daring loop-o-planes on the midway of higher consciousness." - Tom Robbins, author of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Jitterbug Perfume and other great books

    "One of the leading thinkers of the modern age." - Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

    "I have learned more from Robert Anton Wilson than I have from any other source." - Comedian George Carlin

    From the Author

    "Since we all create our habitual reality-tunnels, either consciously and intelligently or unconsciously and mechanically, I prefer to create for each hour the happiest, funniest, and most romantic reality-tunnel consistent with the signals my brain apprehends. I feel sorry for people who persistently organize experience into sad, dreary and hopeless reality tunnels, and try to show them how to break the bad habit, but I don't feel any masochistic duty to share their misery." -- Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the Illuminati
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    The present as you think of it, and in practical working terms, is that point at which you select your physical experience from all those events that could be materialized. - Seth (The Nature of Personal Reality - Session 656, Page 293)

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    Question Re: 23 Enigma

    What is the real reason why they made this super weird movie? ... Anyone?
    Walter Sparrow becomes obsessed with a novel that he believes was written about him, as more and more similarities between himself and his literary alter ego seem to arise.

    While Jim Carrey has firmly planted himself as one of the greatest comic actors of our time, there was a time in the 2000s when he pursued dramatic roles. While some of them would get loads of praise rightfully heaped onto them (Eternal Sunshine) there were others that didn't fare so well. And today's subject may have been the most brutal of Carrey's drama experimentation. One that takes his obsession with a certain number and makes an entire film out of it. So join us as we get into the numerical insanity of The Number 23.

    Jim Carrey claims to have been obsessed with The Number 23 long before being a part of the movie. His production company is called "JC 23 Entertainment". It was a coincidence that his father was an accountant, and he played the saxophone, like his character in the movie.

    Jim Carrey was paid exactly $23 million to act in this movie.

    The plot is largely based on the philosophical writings of William S. Burroughs, who came to believe that the number 23 held mystical significance after encountering it during significant moments in his life. Burroughs eventually wrote the screenplay "The Last Words of Dutch Schultz" around this concept, in which he used the deathbed ramblings of mobster Dutch Schultz as a springboard for telling a story based around Schultz's life - which, in Burrough's vision, revolved around recurrences of the number 23.

    The DVD contains exactly 23 chapters.

    (at around 48 mins) The telephone number for the King Edward Hotel (which is printed on the room keys) is 555-1232. Not only is there a 23 and a 32 (a reverse 23) in the second half of the number, but 5+5+5+1+2+3+2 is equal to 23.

    Other instances of the number 23 connected (sometimes very tenuously) with the movie:

    The last time Jim Carrey and Joel Schumacher worked together was in Batman Forever (1995). In that film, Carrey's character (the Riddler) also showed an obsession for numbers, which he used to represent letters of the alphabet in his riddles.
    • The numbers were 1, 8, and 5. Batman figured out that 1 and 8 were meant to be 18. 18 + 5 = 23.
    • The number 23 is a W, and in "Batman Forever" there is a scene of Carrey underneath a W (the gate outside Wayne Manor).
    • The dog in the movie is named NED. N is the 14th letter of the alphabet; E is the fifth; and D is the fourth. 14 + 5 + 4 = 23.
    • The numbers on Isaac's car is 023 5HJ, H is the eight letter in the alphabet and J is the tenth, 5 + 8(H) + 10(J) = 23.
    • The store front numbers that Fingerling is standing in front of while watching Fabrizia & Phoenix add to 23 (12, and 110).
    • The film was released in the US on February 23, 2007.
    • The number of Walter Sparrow's footlocker 85307 = 23 (8+5+3+7).
    • The PO Box that Carrey and his family mail the boxes to is "P.O.Box 977". 9+7+7=23.
    • His birthday is February the 3rd, 2/3, 23.
    • The DVD length is 1:41:08. 14+1+8=23.
    • (at around 41 mins) Walter Sparrow makes a connection for the Oklahoma bombing and the number 23 (the bombing took place on 19 April (4/19) 4+19=23. The al-Qaeda terrorist attacks took place on 9/11/2001 (9+11+2+0+0+1=23).
    • (at around 9 mins) When we first see the book "The Number 23" in the bookshop where Agatha buys it, the book is on the shelf facing out, not tucked in between any books. Because of this, 23 books are visible on the shelf behind it.
    • The hotel in the movie was The King Edward Hotel. King Edward VIII was born on June 23, 1894. In real life, the King Edward is near Jim Carrey's hometown of Newmarket, Ontario.
    • The number of letters in the 2 main actors names (Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen) is 23. (Elisabeth Shue was originally cast in the female lead, but had to decline because she was pregnant, so the part went to Madsen.)
    • There are 23 coincidences at the beginning of the movie.
    • In several countries this movie premiered 23 of March 2007.
    • (at around 23 mins) The apartment across from the suicide blonde is 959. 9+5+9=23.
    • IMDB list this movie as "The Number 23 (2007). 2+3+2+0+0+7=14, there are 9 letters in "The Number". 14+9=23.
    • Under "Nathaniel's Institute" on the wall placard, "Psychiatric Care Facility" contains 23 letters. On the side of the van, "Animal Control Department" contains 23 letters.
    • (at around 1h 19 mins) The park has a sign that states "The Steps to Heaven - Dedicated June 9, 1931". The numbers add up 23.
    • The car Walter drives is a 1976 International Harvester Scout II. 1+9+7+6=23.

    In real numerology, numbers are added together to form a single digit number that might have significance. The sum should never exceed 9, except for the "master" numbers 11 and 22. This is in accordance to the nine personality types, the nine planets in the solar system, and many other things. For example, Walter's room at the asylum was 318. When calculated in the movie it is suppose to equal 23, 31-8=23. However in real numerology the number would be added as 3+1+8, equaling 12. The sum would then be added again to create a single digit, 1+2 = 3. 3 would be the significant number here, and there are many sources on the Internet or in various numerology books that would define what significance that number would hold for the individual. As another example, the address of the bookstore would have more credibility as their sum does equal 23 (5+9+9=23). But another step would need to be taken to convert the sum into a single digit (2+3 = 5). Finally, birthdays and other notable dates in numerology are always factored with the year. Following the formula of February 3 (2/3 = 23) would be inaccurate. But December 12, 1975 (12/12/1975 = 1+2+1+2+1+9+7+5 = 28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1. Therefore, for a person born on this date, the number 1 should be the most significant.

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    Arrow Re: 23 Enigma

    Symbolism 23

     Represents “organizing principle 3, acting on the differentiation of
    world in spirit and matter 20, to precisely allow the incarnation of
    spirit in matter, 2 + 3 = 5", according to R. Allendy.

     The Roman Catholic Church has a total of 23 dogmas: twelve contents
    in the apostles' creed and eleven defined throughout the ages. The last one is
    that of the Assumption - 1950. The Virgin Mary, in her apparitions to
    Amsterdam in the Netherlands, from 1945 to 1984, however, prophesied that a
    the last "final Marian dogma" would be adopted by the Catholic Church which
    would proclaim "Co-Redemptrix, Mediator and Advocate", which would summarize and
    would explain Marian theology and “crown” Our Lady. This last
    dogma, added to the 23 others to give 24, would summarize the entire
    Doctrine of the Church.

     In 1878, Pope Leo XIII demanded that October 7 be made the feast of
    Our Lady of the Rosary and dedicates 12 encyclicals and 23 documents (including one
    was subsequently canceled) at the recitation of the Rosary.

     The Jewish legal system had two distinct Sanhedrins. A Sanhedrin,
    composed of 23 members, judged cases requiring the death penalty. The other
    Sanhedrin, composed of 71 members, judged cases in which
    implicated the head of state or the high priest, or offenses against
    the state or the Temple. The Sanhedrin of 71 could not judge the cases
    requesting the death penalty. It is probable that it was the Sanhedrin of 23 which
    Jesus judged.

     Kabbalists assert that, in today's times, a letter is
    missing from the Torah. This letter of the alphabet does not appear at all in
    our aeon and also does not intervene in the Torah. The divine alphabet
    primitive and the entire Torah would also be based on a series of 23 letters, and
    no 22, one of which has become invisible to us and will only reappear in
    a next earthly period. And it's only because this letter
    now missing everywhere that we read in the Torah of the precepts
    positive and negative. Every negative aspect is related to this letter
    missing from the primitive alphabet.

     Visuddhi-magga, meaning “path of Purity”, is the main work
    post-canonical Theravada, composed in the 5th century by Buddhaghosha. This
    text exposes the Mahâvihâra doctrine of the Pali school. It consists of three
    parts, comprising a total of 23 chapters.

     At the time of his assassination, Caesar was stabbed 23 times.

     The Earth's pole axis is tilted approximately 23 degrees relative to the
    ecliptic plane where all the planets move around the Sun.

     The circulation of blood throughout the human body takes place for 23 seconds.

     The number of joints in the human arm is 23.

     The 23 axioms of Euclid's geometry.

     Number of days of the “physical” cycle in the biorhythm. [28, 33]

     Both the egg and sperm are made up of 23 chromosomes.

     The minimum number of rigid rods of unit length required to
    bracing a square is 23.

     The factorial of 23, 23!, has 23 digits.

     Wedding anniversary: ​​clock wedding.

     The number 23 is used 14 times in the Bible, all 14 times in the OT.

     The words leper, dragon and blasphemy are used 23 times in the Bible.
    [13, 33]

     In the Apocalypse of the New Translation of the Bible, published by Editions
    Bayard, the Greek word "biblion", translated as "volume", occurs 23 times.

     We find in the NT of the TOB 23 references to impure spirits and 6 to
    evil spirits.

    Excerpt from the book: Numbers
    Symbolism and Properties
    of Steve Desrosiers
    English translation of a French edition

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    Default Re: 23 Enigma

    • The 23 Enigma (The Number 23) Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen:
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