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Thread: The Bitcoin Creation Mystery - Created By AI?

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    Default The Bitcoin Creation Mystery - Created By AI?

    Hey all you awesome beings

    I hope this finds you well where ever you may be. I am offering this for your contemplation. discernment and possible expanding of awareness. Of what has really being going on parallel to what we know for much longer than the narrative out there offers. I am pretty confident this answers some mysteries that, when you think about it. Very had to fathom can even be so this day and age. Seeing how hard it is to go up against the very powerful and established money system. So, it might be very challenging to accept. See what you get through. I attempt to employ some references, concepts to assist appreciating what has really been going on right before our eyes.....Is Bitcoin a creation of AI?

    ♾🙏 Bitcoin Creation Mystery, Sotoshi Nakamoto Ghost🙏♾
    ♾🙏 Courage to Accept Our AI World Now 🙏♾

    Bitcoin's Creation is A Great Mystery. Are You Ready To Know What Is Really Going On In Our World Now? So, We Can Then Have the Context To Truly Navigate It Successfully?

    Today i share with you what i feel my truth to be at this time. On answering some seemingly ridiculous mysteries related to Bitcoin. Something i have been across since close to its inception back in 2009. Thanks to my currency trading days. Which was extremely obscure and ridiculed variable back then.But is now a household name now worth a staggering amount.

    Why is it though we have no idea of how something that challenges the incumbent and enormously powerful money system. Was even able to magically make it through their stranglehold? To establish itself to the powerful force it is today? We have no idea of how it came about. Or the equally mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto? I feel i have worked it out. But, you need to be sitting down for this one.

    I just offer this to you if you are reading as a variable that you to can train your perception muscles also. I strongly recommend you do this, It will be an enormous ally navigating in these times. I would go to the length of saying it is becoming almost mandatory to master this in order to overcome everything now. As things unfold with no reference relative to what has been. With many variables absolutely not on our species side at present.

    I suggest you invest heavily in my recent releases if this interests you:

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    Thank you for your courage to be here and allowing me to be a part of your journey. Thank you also for being even willing to contemplate what has been offered. I hope this clears the way for you to achieve your Infinite Potential going forth as well.

    ♾🙏 Enjoy and Dream Big 🙏♾
    "Fraud and Falsehood Dread Investigation. Truth Invites It' - Thomas Cooper -
    My website latest creations - http://www.servantoftruth.org

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    Default Re: The Bitcoin Creation Mystery - Created By AI?

    Thank you for this post. I am yet to view the videos; my sentiment is that ‘bitcoin’ is wholly dependent on the electrical grid?

    If that is true, what happens if the grid goes down?

    Forgive me if that sounds näive - I have not studied this subject very well…

    Me? I like nice shiny silver (or gold) piece of metal in my hand. That’s pure wealth. Or food to barter.

    I will watch these videos. Just offering my initial thoughts out loud at this moment.

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