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Thread: UFO Coverup: The Wikipedia Secret Cabal

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    Default UFO Coverup: The Wikipedia Secret Cabal

    I found this podcast episode
    "The Good Trouble Show with Matt Ford" very intresting.

    Researcher Rob Heatherly joins us in exposing the evidence of a UFO coverup we never expected, a well-organized secret cabal of debunker editors organized by a California-based 501c3 Non-Profit who are rewriting what you see about UFOs on Wikipedia. We expose the targeting of Wikipedia pages of Pentagon whistleblowers Lue Elizondo and David Grusch, journalists Ross Coulthart and George Knapp, and academic scientists such as Dr. Garry Nolan...the list goes on!

    Here is a shorter summary 30 mins, instead of 3 hours long
    From VETTED

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