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Thread: The Royal Society and Poverty of the English Language

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    Default The Royal Society and Poverty of the English Language

    This is a critique of the English language based on the components going into it.

    This form of speech is not much older than the 1500s; you can probably understand some of what is called Middle English, and then Old English is unintelligible.

    The primary writing was of course the Bible, and, of particular consequence, is that the new English Bibles worked up starting around the 1580s are the vessel of Zionism. This is foreign to Latin and Greek Bibles; it contradicts them.

    There are no degrees of separation between Modern English and Zionism.

    Unfortunately, it comes with another "change the way you think".


    This came to my attention from a recent article by Matthew Ehret. He references a certain character who is very peculiar. I searched Avalon to see if anyone is on to this. It was mentioned in a stray quote ten years ago:

    "Crowley had told Viereck in 1915 that he wanted to help Germany in order "to exploit the stupidity of the British public."

    And we also see at the beginning of the website, a quote from Levenda on the Thule Society:

    Quote Crowley had gone to live in New York during WWI after being rejected for military service by the British government, and began writing "pro-German propaganda" for a magazine called The Fatherland, published by George Viereck. Crowley took over as editor. He later claimed that he had really been working for British Intelligence, because "his articles were so outlandish that the journal was reduced to absurdity, a caricature of serious political discussion, which would help the British cause more than harm it."

    Alright. Viereck is no secret:

    Quote Viereck founded two publications, The International (of which the notorious poet and occultist Aleister Crowley was a contributing editor for a time) and The Fatherland, which argued the German cause during World War I. Viereck became a well-known supporter of Nazism. In 1933, Viereck again met with Hitler, now Germany's leader, in Berlin, and in 1934, he gave a speech to twenty thousand "Friends of the New Germany" at New York's Madison Square Garden, in which he compared Hitler to Franklin D. Roosevelt and told his audience to sympathize with Nazism without being antisemites. His Jewish friends denounced him as "George Swastika Viereck", but he continued to promote Nazism.

    Unfortunately, Levenda is going to come back and double-dip the Nazi punch bowl:

    Quote The völkish movement itself was based in part on the ideas of Madame Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society famous for her books Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. She wrote that humanity was descendant from a series of imperfect races which had once ruled the earth, and which all had a common Atlantean origin dating back millions of years, culminating in the Aryan race, which had at one point possessed supernatural powers but had since lost them.

    She also romanticized about the occult significance of the swastika, of Lucifer, "The Light-Bearer", and of a cabal of spiritual "Hidden Masters" called the Great White Brotherhood, who guided human evolution from their abode in the Himalayas and who Blavatsky herself purported to channel during her many self-induced trances.

    That is absolutely untrue because the secret government comes from St-Yves the founder of Synarchy. It sounds like a disrespectful, loaded comment.

    Most of the rest of the article is decent because it is bulk information, although it does nothing to describe the Synarchy.

    I don't think any of these people have a very good grasp on anything when they write about it from the outside. If Levenda had any clue what HPB was like, he would correct those terrible mistakes. It sounds like he is regurgitating British Fascism. But I want to carry on to the point that the mind and psychology are limited by the inferiorities of the language and the material available in it.

    As if it were based on a set of major mistakes.

    This becomes evident in Ehret's prequel to Tesla:

    Quote One of the most shining examples of a scientific cutout prior to the more recent case of Nikola Tesla is none other than Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1726).

    In M. Kirsch’s extensive 2013 essay ‘Leibniz vs Venice: The Battle for a Science of Physical Economy’ the Royal Society (and typically Rosicrucian) handlers of Sir Isaac were outlined at great length- including, but not limited to, such names as Robert Boyle, Reverend Bentley, Isaac Barrow and Samuel Clark.

    The formation of the Invisible College run as an esoteric society of Rosicrucian Kaballists that took over control of the English government after the ill fated republican English Civil war (1640-1649) is another important consideration to hold in mind when trying to make sense of the vast influence that the British Empire and its Royal Society wields over the structures of scientific practice internationally.

    In Kirsch’s essay, and an associated documentary which this author had the pleasure of working on as art director in 2008, it was revealed how the groundbreaking discoveries of continental scientists like Johannes Kepler, Christiaan Huygens, Jean Bernoulli and especially Gottfried Leibniz were systematically plagiarized by the Newtonians of the British Royal Society. The re-purposed discoveries were carefully removed of their substance and turned into cold symbol-based husks of formulae devoid of any intelligible evidence of HOW those discoveries were made.

    Inspecting Newton’s vast array of surviving writings in 1936, none other than Lord John Maynard Keynes, said:

    “Newton was not the first of the age of reason. He was the last of the magicians, the last of the Babylonians and Sumerians, the last great mind which looked out on the visible and intellectual world with the same eyes as those who began to build our intellectual inheritance rather less than 10,000 years ago. Isaac Newton, a posthumous child born with no father on Christmas Day, 1642, was the last wonder-child to whom the Magic could do sincere and appropriate homage.”

    The discoveries attributed to this president of the Royal Society, and warden of the Bank of England, who barely spoke a word in public, nor defended his own views in any public debate, were all attributable to earlier discoveries made by real scientists using a method far removed from the radical empiricism promoted by “the great one” whom Keynes even likened in his text above to a new occult messiah.

    Kirsch himself makes the following observation of Newton’s leap into Rosicrucianism:

    “Newton’s real devotion to alchemy began in 1667 after returning to Cambridge and working with [Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge Isaac] Barrow. Newton began reading and making extensive notes in such Rosicrucian tracts as Themis Aurea and Symbola Aureae Mensae Dudecim, and The Fame and Confession of the Fraternity R.C. He adopted the Rosicrucian view, that if one followed the secrets of Rosicrucianism, one would become part of a superior race that could talk to angels, become immortal through discovering the secret elixir, and infinitely wealthy through possession of the philosopher’s stone.”

    From the discovery of universal gravitation removed of the harmonic principles of Johannes Kepler, to the discovery of the infinitesimal calculus of Leibniz (removed of its physical principles and replaced with ‘fluxions’), it is clearly demonstrable that all of Newton’s major discoveries as enshrined in his Principia Mathematica are unoriginal plagiarisms published by real scientists before Newton and in some cases, decades before Newton was even born).

    The revolving door between occultists of a Rosicrucian/Kabalistic persuasion as Newton and his Invisible College of handlers were, and the exoteric face of “proper Royal Society-approved” scientific practice is not contradictory, but a constant theme throughout this tale, and the figure of Nikola Tesla is again no exception to this rule.

    Rosicrucianism is not Kabalism, but, he is correct in a general way. Newton's quest was the Green Lyon. He was an Alchemist and Astrologer, that is, whatever he thought of as objective science was alive, was some kind of spirit or soul. His work was, in a sense, used against him, to re-compile a modern science against Leibiniz who involved the term "Monad" to deal with a living universe.

    We can easily make a thesis that the mechanistic reduction of Newton remains one of the most mentally-conditioning factors today.

    One of the last real Rosicrucians in England was probably Elias Ashmole:

    Quote ...an appreciation for the Rosicrucian roots of the Royal Society can be found in the earlier efforts by occultists like Robert Fludd, Elias Ashmole, Francis Bacon and John Dee in setting the stage for an occult takeover of England transforming the once-viable nation into the seat of a world empire.
    Actually it was the birthright inheritance of royalty that did that, but ok. Ehret has at least established that Newton was re-configured into a "cookie cutter" that stamped man's intellect through new systems of universities and in government.

    These, of course, were times when you could be burned alive for what you think. Or thrown in jail. The viciousness of Catholicism vs. Protestantism is not, for instance, known in the Orthodox countries. Kind of un-natural. Upon reflection, it seems their greatest men are not the sharpest tools in the shed. The human personality has a playground between these extremist religions and the arising of "man as dust" or a chemical person, to whom consciousness is a random accident and inherently meaningless experience.

    We are given the following interesting information that he thinks might represent "Establishment Mark II":

    Quote Tesla dedicated this poem to the world-famous occultist George Sylvester Viereck (1884-1962) with whom he shared the most intimate of relationships for over 25 years. As we will come to see throughout this essay, Viereck is not only a close associate of Satanist Aleister Crowley, but served as the principal Nazi agent of the United States during the 1920s-40s. He is also the mentor of conspiracy researcher Eustace Mullins- but that’s a whole other story onto itself.

    Here again, "Satanist" is not really the word that goes there. Even at this, it was his mom that called him "The Beast 666", because he was an out-of-control brat. Sheesh. What is more concrete here is Eustace Mullins. And the word is not "the mentor" but "a mentor" because it was Ezra Pound who explained to him how he could write Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

    They actually are all Fascists of some nature, however in modern times it appears to be only this group who understands Lawful Money of the State Treasury; it is correct that the Nazis implemented this. And so they actually do have a viable financial system which would be horrid, for, say, the Bank of England. And most of the wars are a pyramid scheme to centralize the international banking system, which is made of the corpse, so to speak, of Germany.

    Austria was disintegrated, and Germany was integrated.

    It is fairly simple, there was such a thing as conservative Nazis who were totally for German well-being, and, other members of the party who were really allied with French and British Industrialists, who more or less "used" the others.

    So, we want to make a point that Tesla and the moderns are standing on a synthetic, artificial platform. That is, at least from the discussion in English. Until modern English, Europe more or less had one book, so there is no depth of resources in the language's development. However, in the 1600s, the original Jesuit mission to China was peaceful and respectful. A great deal was discovered about Chinese customs and Confuscianism. When the Jesuits presented their understanding of Confuscianism to Europe, presto, that was the beginning of what is called Enlightenment.

    It's not English, or European, it is Chinese.

    Europe mentally changed from a one-book monoculture via its absorption of Chinese inspiration.

    On the one hand, Enlightenment is the basis of all Elected Government:

    Quote Politically, they asked what was the proper relationship of the citizen to the monarch or the state. They held that society existed as a contract between individuals and some larger political entity. They advanced the idea of freedom and equality before the law. Enlightenment ideas about how governments should be organized and function influenced both the American and French Revolutions.

    The Enlightenment is commonly associated with men whose writing and thinking combined philosophy, politics, economics and science, notably John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant, Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson.

    Okay. For example, the American, Thomas Jefferson, is not that much different than the rest of them. Nothing exceptional or special in anything he said. Early America was not necessarily about "elections", either, since about a third of the colonists would gladly have placed George Washington as King. Their anger had mostly been with the British Parliament, not the King, or the concept of Monarchy per se. Taxation was a primary concern but so was immigration.

    Enlightenment is not about "election", that is a subject that was developed by these men.

    To the contrary, England or Britain has never had an Enlightened Monarch:

    Quote Enlightened absolutists held that royal power emanated not from divine right but from a social contract whereby a despot was entrusted with the power to govern through a social contract in lieu of any other governments. The monarchs of enlightened absolutism strengthened their authority by improving the lives of their subjects. The monarch’s taking responsibility for his subjects precluded their political participation.

    Empress Catherine II of Russia sponsored the Russian Enlightenment. She incorporated many ideas of Enlightenment philosophers, especially Montesquieu...

    So, you have to see through it. Quite plainly, Montesquieu is the origin of that political discussion called Separation of Powers.

    He gives a 70-80% framework, to which people like Jefferson are working out the numbers. Most of the Constitutional sessions didn't deal with much of substance, but the details of how many senators, how many votes to pass laws, and so forth.

    Imperial Russia is based in the same core as the original United States.

    Seeing as how England remained a Monarchy, and, it has no claim on ever involving an Enlightened Monarch, the discussion or process seems to have deviated here.

    What I am getting at is perhaps echoed in a remark from the art world on Wright of Derby:

    Quote A key idea of the Age of Enlightenment—that empirical observation grounded in science and reason could best advance society—is expressed by the faces of the individuals in Joseph Wright of Derby’s A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery.

    That would be the opposite of what it means if they attempt to translate Buddhism as Enlightenment.

    It is more like a Declaration of Materialism.

    The point of the art critic is how this painter did an amazing job, in some cases superior such as with chiarusoco, and literally transferred the master craftsmanship formerly reserved for Olympians and Biblical figures, and given it to new science.

    Something happened to Newton's work in England by the Royal Society, and then there were also the Anglophile Encyclopedists.

    Something that could perhaps be mildly described as "too intellectual".

    The case study would be Carl Jung, who tried Buddhism for a number of years but did not "get it". And, of course, this person is tremendously influential ever since his time.

    Another issue is "superiority". Inside this morphing haze of materialistic science pitted against strong religious beliefs remains the man who says everyone like him is "above" the, usually dark-skinned, non-European inhabitants of other continents.

    An example of one is Cecil Bendall, who did a great favor for my work. He published the Nepalese Subhasita Samgraha, or "collection of sayings". This is useful because it was written around the 1200s when there was also an Indian book of the same title, which is much more widely-circulated and consists of about 25,000 quotes.

    That means in medieval India, the typical person could probably recognize hundreds if not thousands of names and associated quotes and not from one book. In fact, knowing what types of books there were, it is rather interesting.

    Bendall published the Nepalese text in an effort to show everyone how disgusting and blasphemous it is.

    That was around 1905. Part of a way to scare everyone into church I guess.

    Around that time, Eugenics resurrected the words moron and idiot.

    That represents Oxford and Cambridge and the American Ivy League.

    When I look at the expertise that has gone into the shaping of the language and the ideas it contains, it all seems to be going in directions I'm not trying to.

    Unfortunately the results of those directions are the situations in Ukraine and Israel. On one side, this continues to represent the development of the English language based on the ideas it contains.

    However, what I, for example, would have to tell them, would be an English translation of Alexander Dugin. Simple enough. Same language. Different ideas.

    Another thing that arose around that time was Economics. This "science" is the cold weaponization of mathematics deposited through a form of supremacy causing carnage.

    The value of "religious freedom" is particularly enshrined by the Puritans, who are for the most part the Gates of Zionism. Paradise Lost made a myth on this and resurrected "Lucifer". Puritans of the New World are still celebrated in the United States. You get a fairy tale and some food. I have nothing to do with these people. Surely they have something to do with the way language is expressed and the ideas it contains.

    These people live a series of religious conflicts based on beliefs I don't believe in, a reason which is unnecessary in places those beliefs are not present.

    We get a language limited by the narrow contents of those arguments, modernized by the transfer of violence through Materialism and Economics.

    It has no concept of a Spiritual Path. Anything like that is extraneous. So it cannot translate, for example, Sanskrit. Square pegs and round holes.

    Since it is relatively easy to show a practice of social engineering brought on by what we might call "departments", such as Economics, Psychology, Advertising, etc., all of which have the Royal Society at the root, in turn this essentially is the whole language itself. Or, the modernity of the language we use is undifferentiated from the applications.

    Meanwhile, it can just as easily be shown that the same "modern ideas" or Enlightenment in the Russian discussion took a very different character.

    One of the simplest examples is "Pogrom", which is defined as an 1850s loan-word into the English language from events that were then happening in Ukraine. In actuality, the Jews had been driven out of England in the 1300s by pogrom-events, and then they were driven out of western Europe. So Ukraine had an additional Jewish diaspora in the 1600s, around which time Oliver Cromwell took over England and installed Zionism on a perpetual basis.

    These days, the word would tend to be used out-of-context as an emotional buzzword applied to something else.

    Another is "Tyrant", which, like "Despot" or "Autocrat" is morally neutral. Through Greek history, you would in fact usually have been better off with a Tyrant, because it means the legal king was bad, and so he was overthrown. Such Tyrants often have a broad base of popular support. And so you get the principle that a King is bound by a social contract. It is not a divine right which is the Germanic tradition, and it is not the assertion that the principle of voting automatically leads to good results. Instead, there is the emphasis that the ruler's job is to protect the populace from a manipulative and predatory financial class. It appears that the Roman Empire buried and erased this awareness before English was spawned.

    Therefor England strongly lacks the principle that would help determine an Enlightened Monarch. Then there is the Bank of England which has been in a favorable position since 1694.

    It has led to a widespread identity crisis, and, an inability to dialogue with the Multi-Polar order.

    I would say that affects everyone on a very human level, so I thought a thread for re-considering the inadequacies of the language in light of the narrow and limited toolkit would be appropriate.

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    Default Re: The Royal Society and Poverty of the English Language

    I figured this would come out in a series--these articles are fairly good objectively, however, this writer has no control over the use of the word "occult". He perhaps should have titled the series as being about Social Tesla:

    To this author’s knowledge, there is no direct evidence that Tesla was engaged in the types of perverse rituals which appeared to have been the passions of Viereck or Crowley, and it is entirely possible that he may have been sexually abstinent his entire life.

    In other words, Tesla has no "connection", or any personal belief or practice, that would justify any usage of "occult" on him.

    That word is virtually identical to "color". Both terms have their root meaning in "to conceal". So, that would be more truly occult, if you were to investigate the reality hidden by Color.

    But, people want something sensational like rape or sacrifice, or making money out of nothing, which twists everything around.

    And so while Ehret is stumbling along, as most, with things wrapped in a superstitious shroud, he does manage to deliver some useful information.

    Quote Another point of interest, is that Viereck’s rise to fame in the realm of American poetry was made possible largely through the work of Robert Underwood Johnson, editor of The Century Magazine.

    At the time, Johnson was the only publisher willing to publish poems that embraced satanism, and this didn’t just win Viereck notoriety, but also introduced him to the highest echelons of the deep state, including Theodore Roosevelt himself for whom Viereck even campaigned in 1908.

    The photo below features Underwood Johnson and Tesla at Tesla’s New York lab in 1894.

    What kind of club is this?

    Quote Robert Underwood Johnson was also a close intimate of American conservationist John Muir and both men served as nature conservation advisors to Teddy Roosevelt before, during and after his presidency. Both Muir and Johnson co-founded the Sierra Club in 1892 and in 1908 launched the White House Conference on Conservation which used the model of British conservation policies in India during the 19th century to remove vast areas of the American west coast from all human development under the image of ‘protecting nature’.

    By now, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that Robert Underwood Johnson and John Muir had both been intimate friends of Nikola Tesla since at least 1894, and were frequent guests at Tesla’s lavish parties held throughout their lives.

    Even the pedophile rapist Stanford White (architect of the rich and famous) was a regular attendee to Tesla’s galas and was commissioned to design the building connected to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Long Island tower. After White was murdered by the husband of a woman he raped at the age of 16, Tesla was the only friend who attended his funeral.

    As shouldn’t be surprising, all of the Americans mentioned above (including Teddy Roosevelt) were also promoters of spiritualism, channeling, eugenics, and theosophy.

    There again, no, theosophy would be about a comparative study of ancient traditions, not a newfangled re-arrangement borrowing some of their language. Unfortunately, only a minority followed "the original", which certainly did not comprise many of the attitudes being shoved down its throat.

    Tesla aside, one should perhaps re-examine the Roosevelts and Mt. Rushmore.

    Here, he gets scarfed in to modern suppression of speech:

    Quote In 1911, Nikola Tesla, already then being hailed by the Underwood-Johnson/Hearst press agencies as a “modern prophet” delivered an interview to the New York Herald on the topic of flying machines where the great prophet of future technologies was asked about the future of the newly developed aeroplanes. His answer– It’ll never work.

    Instead, Tesla self-promoted his own mysterious technology that promised to fly passengers through the sky without propellers, wings or even using fuel, in objects the size of kitchen stoves.

    The timing for Tesla’s rejection of the possibility of airplanes was a bit strange, since in 1910 American illusionist (and enemy of the occult underground) Harry Houdini became the first pilot to fly a plane across a continent (Australia) and the excitement about humanity’s aviation future was in full swing.

    He's against "scientific progress"? Knew for certain that airplanes would just "fall out of the sky"? Well, if that's not enough, here comes another drubbing of the brain:

    Quote In the wake of H.G. Wells’ famous War of the Worlds published in 1898, a wave of “Martian mania” spread across the western world with channelers, mediums and psychics professing to have received communications from higher entities from outer space.

    Tesla may or may not have believed he received psychic communication with aliens (his assistant Arthur Matthews testifies that he did), but he certainly believed that he was receiving messages from Martians via wireless receivers that he had developed in Long Island and Colorado as early as 1898 financed by JP Morgan.

    In a February 1921 interview with the Albany Telegram, Tesla said:

    “I have a deep conviction…that highly intelligent beings exist on Mars. I believe they have reached a mechanical stage of civilization much more advanced than ours. However, it is quite likely that all racial distinctions and ideals have been extinguished there and life has become simply a desperate struggle for existence. The population may have been reduced to a few highly specialized individuals.

    Twenty-two years ago, while experimenting in Colorado with a wireless power plant, I obtained extraordinary experimental evidence of the existence of life on Mars. I had perfected a wireless receiver of extraordinary sensitiveness, far beyond anything known, and I caught signals which I interpreted as meaning 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. I believe the Martians used numbers for communication because numbers are universal.”

    Tesla had a very specific notion of the type of aliens that had evolved on Mars, and followed the exact same line of reasoning popularized by H.G. Wells who had detailed alien life as a more advanced expression of humanity.

    This characterization of aliens as the outcome of Darwinist forces of natural selection beyond current humans is the driving force of transhumanism– a term popularized by Thomas Huxley’s grandson Sir Julian Huxley in 1957.

    Writing in his his 1957 New Bottles for New Wine, Julian Huxley said:

    “I believe in transhumanism: once there are enough people who can truly say that, the human species will be on the threshold of a new kind of existence, as different from ours as ours is from that of Peking man. It will at last be consciously fulfilling its real destiny.”

    As we will soon come to see in part 9 of this series, both Nikola Tesla and H.G. Wells were both equally influenced by… Thomas Huxley, and especially leading figures of Huxley’s X Club.

    Before this, no one cared about Martians, etc., and now they simply won't go away. Sure, such a thing is a curious possibility which has never garnered adequate proof, but, many, of course, are as certain as Tesla that "it's happening".

    Tesla's idea of "boots on the ground" is equally unfeasible:

    Quote Beyond claims of communicating with Martians, the need for eugenics and the impossibility of commercial airplanes, there was very little that Tesla did not assert loud prophecies about throughout his long life ranging far outside of his field of expertise.

    Extending his super-human insight into the causes of wars, Tesla’s brilliance is once again shown to be slightly over-rated when he asserted that human beings, or intentions (see: ‘conspiracies’) can never be the cause of wars. The truly wise man, exclaims Tesla, knows that the cause of all wars is found in the mind-less mechanics of the solar system:

    “A war can never be caused by arbitrary acts of man. It is invariably the more or less direct result of cosmic disturbance in which the sun is chiefly concerned. In many international conflicts of historical record which were precipitated by famine, pestilence or terrestrial catastrophes the direct dependence of the sun is unmistakable.”

    Anyone reading Kaiser Wilhelm’s letters to his cousin Czar Nicholas II in the lead up to WWI would easily discover that the first world war was carefully orchestrated by leading strategists of the British Empire (just as the Balkans War, Sino-Russian War of 1904, the Opium Wars, Crimean War and U.S. Civil War). The evidence demonstrating these facts are available to anyone capable of using their powers of reason, and yet somehow the great penetrating genius of Tesla was incapable of fathoming how human agendas could cause wars?

    Perhaps, Tesla’s inability to recognize the human agency causing wars may have something to do with his close friendship with many members of the leading occult agencies who were orchestrating global wars?

    Kaiser Wilhelm wrote despairingly in August 1914: “England, Russia, and France have agreed among themselves… to take the Austro-Serbian conflict for an excuse for waging a war of extermination against us… That is the real naked situation slowly and cleverly set going by Edward VII and… finally brought to a conclusion by George V… So the famous encirclement of Germany has finally become a fact, despite every effort of our politicians and diplomats to prevent it. The net has been suddenly thrown over our head, and England sneeringly reaps the most brilliant success of her persistently prosecuted purely anti-German world policy against which we have proved ourselves helpless, while she twists the noose of our political and economic destruction out of our fidelity to Austria, as we squirm isolated in the net. A great achievement, which arouses the admiration even of him who is to be destroyed as its result! Edward VII is stronger after his death than am I who am still alive!”

    So, yes, that is very obfuscating, to re-package British Imperialism as "cosmic forces".

    Alice Bailey is a re-iteration of this; if her claims that a "small handful of adepts" were behind the formation of the United Nations, this would include Kermit Roosevelt and others who moved "Nazi Argentina" into the "world community". That was what was necessary to make sure it got started.

    This was done in tandem with the phrase "collective security agreement".

    NATO is then the direct outcome of repeating this "collective security agreement".

    If anyone can't see through that to find coldly-calculated Fascist intentions taking over the world, you may be unreachable.

    Our modern things such as "Capitalism" and "Transhumanism" were spun from works of fiction, and voluntarily applied by some, much like the "Martians".

    That simply contributes to an artificial, invented language, out of touch with everything except its own echo chamber.

    You can't really use English to "think around" it, because English is only devised to fulfill certain agendas.

    As to the possible equipment of Tesla's that may have been more useful than the heavy resistors we were given by Edison, I suppose we should reserve judgment. Here, I am less interested in the Tesla figure than in finding "Trans-Atlanticism" with the British principles taking over America. He seems to have had these types as friends, however, he is still a step shy of advocating "evil policies".

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