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Thread: Two interesting Fires today (Denmark + US)

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    Default Two interesting Fires today (Denmark + US)

    The first one in Denmark.

    „A fire ripped through Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange, one of the Danish capital's best-known buildings, on Tuesday, engulfing its spire which collapsed in a scene reminiscent of the 2019 blaze at Paris' Notre-Dame.“



    The spire was in the shape of twisted Dragon tails...HMMM. Why such a shape on top of a (former) stock exchange? Hmmm. And why did it burn down now? Sign o' the times?
    Note that the building is being renovated and draped for that reason (it is actually a beautiful old building if you look at pictures) so I'm wondering if the renovations had something to do with the fire. In the articles no connection between the two seems to have been made yet...

    And then we got this one:

    Fire breaks out at US plant producing shells for Ukraine


    (Only the first minute really speaks about the incident)

    I keep repeating myself: Hmmm!
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    Default Re: Two interesting Fires today (Denmark + US)

    Really, really interesting, particularly the fire in Denmark with the burning of the "spire", particularly with the twisted dragon tails. I have only recently become aware of the older buildings throughout history with these interesting and beautiful spires, so many were destroyed in mysterious fires throughout history.Or torn down as World Fair remnants???? Stories which become really peculiar if your begin to look at them in groups. The spires are even given the name of antiquitech.

    There are some channels on YouTube and possibly elsewhere that have put together the history of the building and destruction of the magnificent architecture mostly with spires and and the strange historical explanations provided for their interesting demise which are ridiculous when looked at by considering multiple stories. When the stories are assembled there are odd explanations of mysterious fires and then more fires in the same places that destroyed beautiful architecture, many with these interesting "spires".

    When I look at the over all picture, I see the destruction of the last culture, far greater then our own,(not to mention other greater cultures before the last one) then I see the last culture, our culture, if you can call it that. I will be kind when I say, we are circling the drain.

    When one looks back at the history of multiple huge fires, not to mention wars that destroyed so much of this interesting architecture but the spires as well. One might think that they would be replaced with even greater architecture but that was not the case. The architecture becomes uglier and more angular over time. It almost looks like we are devolving in just about every way. From the beauty and strange wonders of the spires to millions of "McDonalds", strip malls, and an assortments of other ugly buildings that are mass produced over the world but basically sell poison posing as food. One even see's it in the way most people begin to take on the unhealthy look of "western cultures", which at one time wished to be emulated.

    One can go anywhere in the world and find the same crappy buildings. almost always angular in design, anywhere with the wonder of the spires converted to some sort of 5G, with the great variety of different cultures and their original food replaced by McDonalds and other fast food outlets..( I know I am overstating my point here but,,,oh well.)

    Anyway, another lovely building gone, destruction of beauty and whatever connection they provided to a higher realm disconnected. Probably to be replaced by a some western corporate buildings in the quest to I don't even want to know where or what....

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