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Thread: The Jobs of the future: What skills should we learn now?

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    Default Re: The Jobs of the future: What skills should we learn now?

    Quote Posted by shaberon (here)
    Quote Posted by FractalEnergy (here)
    Plasma can also be used to grow food, as it has an intelligence that wants to bring things to homeostasis.

    That is exactly what I meant.

    In two ways, actually, since I found out that "homeostasis" is a medical term with a rather specific meaning. Here I am going to sing the praises of Cayenne. As it was said in major American publications of the 1820s and then removed. I had to get an operation for my goat. It was risky and there was a lot of bleeding. We gave him cayenne and it seemed to stop it up. But it will also loosen clots. It will decrease pressure where it is too high, and send the blood to organs that are wanting. This is the meaning of "homeostasis", it balances all the useful functions. Plus it takes effect fast. You should always have some.

    Plasma is a quite new-to-us way of doing similar things and more.

    On the other hand, it works great as a disinfectant.

    In fact, so many kinds of plasma have been determined, that old phrases like "cold dark plasma" used to describe the Kordylewski Clouds are no longer adequate, since both of those words have two or more meanings. It is so technical we just don't have standard names for the variety.

    There are liquid plasmas, and solid ones. One guy managed to levitate a ring in ordinary atmosphere with just something like a silicon plate and some distilled water.

    It is truly *not* the same as what is seen in Kirlian photography.

    It is not only inside you, it is not a great stretch of the imagination to say it *is* you.

    My guess is there is more future well-being down this avenue than others.
    I agree with you 100%. As Robert Temple stated in his book: A New Science Of Heaven, plasma should really be the 1st state of matter. It's what we are, and the applications are endless. I became interested in plant applications after seeing Dr. William Levengood's research of plasma vortexes in crop circles. Levengood discovered massive increases in yield and nutritional value from seeds found within these crop circles. I am personally working with plasma that I created using Mehran Keshe's CO2 Gans recipe. I had some minimal success with seed germination last year using the Gans solution, and this year I buried several small glass bottles in my garden bed next to a few plants to see if there will be any difference in the health/growth of these plants. I am still not fully sold on the Gans product, but we shall see. Thanks for the Cayenne tip! I will most certainly stock up on some.

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    Default Re: The Jobs of the future: What skills should we learn now?

    Abandoning any will to improve oneself further than hunting and skinning, with the pretext of the sticks and stones after WW3 (or whatever other disaster) makes no sense to me.

    Who will carry on the knowledge? How does it lose all its value? And what if it doesn't happen, or isn't as "fatal" as you believe it to be...

    Even if you knew you were going to die... It would still be good to learn.

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    Default Re: The Jobs of the future: What skills should we learn now?

    Quote Posted by DNA (here)
    Remember the Albert Einstein quote?

    I don't know how they will fight WW3 but I know how they will be fighting WW4...

    With sticks and stones...

    With that in mind what occupation would you choose?
    The "Jack of all trades - master of none." is starting to look better and better.

    Add in common sense and some good social skills and there will be value in evert situation.

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